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Murari Gupta (Varaha-lila of Lord Caitanya, position of Lord Nityânanda)

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Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

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Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Ärî Murâri Gupta (Varaha-lila of Lord Caitanya, position of Lord Nityânanda)

Ärî Murari Gupta used to worship Ärî Ärî Sita Ram. One day, Mahâprabhu suddenly arrived in Murari Gupta's house. Roaring in the mood of Varahadeva he picked up a water pot in His teeth, while Murari Gupta fell down on the floor to offer his dandavats, being dumbstruck with wonder at having seen this divine form. Then Mahâprabhu said; "Murari! Just sing some hymns in my praise." Then Murari recited some slokas at which Mahâprabhu became very happy and thus addressed him, "Murari! I am just speaking this truth to you. I am the essence of all scriptures. I have come to engage in Harinam sankirtan Myself, as well as to induce others also to chant My Holy Names. I cannot tolerate malice towards my devotee. If someone tries to harm my devotee, even if he is my son I will tear off his head. The proof of this is Narakasur." After telling Murari so many secret things about Himself, Mahâprabhu returned home.

During the time when Mahâprabhu exhibited for 21 hours His transcendental existence as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He was calling His various devotees and bestowing various blessings to them. He next called Murari:

"Murari! For so many days you couldn't recognize who I am? Just see My divine form." Then Murari saw Mahâprabhu as His most worshipable Deity, Lord Raghunatha, His body the colour of green grass. Sitting in the virasana, his legs folded beneath His body, and holding a great bow in His hand, Lakshman and Janaki were seated on each side of Him. In all directions the chiefs of the monkeys were reciting prayers and hymns. Then when he saw himself amongst those monkeys in his original form, he fainted straight away. Mahâprabhu called him: "Murari! Get up! Just see My divine form. Have you forgotten who set Ravana's Lanka on fire? It was you, Hanuman! Get up and gaze on the form of Laksmana, who is the very embodiment of your life. Offer your obeisances to that one for whose sadness you cried so much (Sita devi)."

Hearing Mahâprabhu's voice Murari regained his consciousness and seeing that form again he offered his dandavats again while crying in ecstatic love. Seeing this divine display of the Lord's infinite mercy towards Murari, the devotees filled the sky with the sounds of "Hari! Hari!"

One evening, Mahâprabhu & Nityânanda Prabhu were sitting in the courtyard of Ärîvas Pandit when Murari Gupta arrived there. First he offered his obeisances to Mahâprabhu and then to Nityânanda Prabhu.

Mahâprabhu told him: "Murari! You have made a mistake. You offered your obeisances in the opposite order."

Murari: "Prabhu! As you have inspired me, so I have done."

Mahâprabhu: "All right. Go home now and later you will be able to understand everything."

Murari Gupta went to his house and after having his meal, lay down to take rest. That night he saw a dream. In his dream he saw the chief of the Mahabhagavat; Lord Nityânanda, his cloth tied up behind in the fashion of a wrestler, proceeding in front. Above his head was a great, many-headed serpent. In his hands were a plow and club. Nityânanda Prabhu appeared just as Balaram. Following behind, with a peacock feather on his head, was Ärî Visvambhar. (C. B. Mad. 20.14)

Lord Nityânanda is none other than Haladhar, the manifestation of Anantadeva, and the greatest devotee. Now Murari could understand who is greater.

Mahâprabhu, smiling sweetly called him, "Murari! Now have you understood? If you breach proper conduct then how will it look?" Murari Gupta, in the depth of his dream began to call out "Nityânanda! Nityânanda!" with tears in his eyes. His wife then called out "Kèëòa! Kèëòa!" and woke him up. Murari Gupta could understand the greatness of Nityânanda Prabhu's position now. It is he who reveals Lord Gaurâôga. Without his mercy one cannot get the mercy of Lord Caitanya.

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ISKCON desire tree - Sri Krishna Kathamrita - Bindu 037

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ISKCON desire tree - Sri Krishna Kathamrita - Bindu 037

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