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Ärî Mâdhavendra Purî

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Añadida el 08 de junio

Añadida el 08 de junio

Añadida el 08 de junio

Añadida el 08 de junio

Añadida el 08 de junio

Añadida el 08 de junio

Ärî Mâdhavendra Purî

During Nityânanda Prabhu's tour of all the holy places of India for the purpose of Purîfying them, by the will of providence, he happened to meet Mâdhavendra Purîpada somewhere in western India. When Nityânanda Prabhu saw Mâdhavendra Purî he fainted away in a swoon of ecstatic love and His transcendental body became completely still. Similarly, when Mâdhavendra Purî gazed upon Nityânanda Prabhu, he completely forgot himself and fainted to the ground.

Ärî Gauracandra used to repeatedly remark that, in relishing the mellows of love in devotion, there is no one to compare with Mâdhavendra Purî. When the disciples of Mâdhavendra Purî, headed by Isvara Purî, saw their spiritual master and the Prabhu fallen in a faint of ecstatic love, they began to cry. Gradually, Nityânanda Prabhu and Mâdhavendra got back their external consiousness. When their eyes opened and they again got sight of one another, they put their arms around each other's necks and cried tears of joy. Then they began to roll in the sandy earth carried by the waves of ecstatic love, while rending the sky with their loud roaring. As a river of love began to flow from their eyes, Mother Earth considered herself to be blessed in being flooded by that inundation. With the appearance of the transformations brought by bhava, trembling, tears, and standing of the hairs on end, it could be understood that their bodies had become a place of pastimes for Caitanya Gosai.

Nityânanda exclaimed, "Today I have received the fruit of all my travels to the holy places. In seeing the feet of Mâdhavendra Purî, I have received the treasure of love of God, and thus my life has become blessed."

Mâdhavendra Purî continued to embrace Nityânanda Prabhu tightly to his chest. He wanted to say something but his voice was choked up due to experiencing intense emotions. Isvara Purî, Brahmananda Purî and the other disciples of Ärî Purîpada present, became compeletely enamoured by Nityânanda Prabhu. Some other pilgrims were present at that place but due to being devoid of devotion, they couldn't understand what was going on and continued to converse amongst themselves. The devotees felt some sorrow to see the behaviour of those dullheaded brutes so they retreated into the forest to be rid of their company. When they were alone together again, their distress was destroyed and they continued to relish the mellows of Kèëòa-prema. In this way Nityânanda Prabhu and Mâdhavendra Purî spent some days together in the happiness of Kèëòa-katha.

Mâdhavendra Purî's love of God was very uncommon. Simply upon seeing a dark raincloud he would fall down unconsious. Day and night he imbibed the spirituous liquor of Kèëòa-prema, and thus remained intoxicated, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes raising a tumultuous hue and cry. Nityânanda also behaved just like a madman, falling down on the ground, his body agitated by waves of ecstasy. As lava belches forth from a volcano, loud laughter erupted from his mouth while his whole body, as if in the throes of a great earthquake, trembled violently.

Never before having seen such unprecedented displays of ecstatic emotions, Mâdhavendra Purî's disciples continuously remained engaged in hari-kirtana. No one knew whether it was day or night. Having become completely absorbed in the mellows of Kèëòa-prema, the days were passing though it seemed to them that not even a moment had elapsed yet. Whatever was discussed between Mâdhavendra and Nityânanda is known only to them and Ärî Kèëòacandra. Who else is capable of understanding such subject matter? Mâdhavendra Purî was unable to give up Nityânanda's company and so he continued to roam about, keeping Nityânanda with him.

Mâdhavendra Purî told his disciples, "Never before anywhere in all my travels to all the holy places, have I ever seen such love as this. I could understand that the Supreme Lord is merciful to me when I got a friend like Nityânanda as my close companion. Whenever one gets His association, that place becomes the sum total of all holy places and non-different from Vaikuntha itself. Whoever simply hears about Him will definitly get the association of Ärî Kèëòacandra. And whoever bears even the slightest enmity towards Him, though he may be a devotee, is not dear to Kèëòa." In this way, day and night, Mâdhavendra praised the attractive qualities of Nityânanda Prabhu.

Lord Nityânanda respected Mâdhavendra Purî as his guru and always behaved with him in that relationship. After travelling together for some days finally Nityânanda Prabhu set of in the direction of Setu Bandha while Mâdhavendra Purî started for Sarayu. Having lost contact with the external world neither of them was aware of his own body. In order to maintain body and soul together, they thus remained in these transcendental states of consiousness. If in external consiousness, they would cease to live. (C.B. Adi 9.158-192)

At the time of his departure from this world, Mâdhavendra Purî was completely absorbed in separation from Kèëòa and constantly repeated one sloka. This verse is considered by Gaudiya Vaisnavas to be the essence of expression of the mood of separation.

Among his associates and disciples were Ärî Advaita Âcârya, Ärî Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Ärî Nityânanda Prabhu, Ärî Isvara Purî, Ärî Paramananda Purî, Ärî Ranga Purî, Ärî Ramacandra Purî, Ärî Nrsimha Tirtha, Ärî Raghupati Upadhyaya, Ärî Sukhananda Purî, among others.

"Mâdhavendra Purî's body is totally imbued with divine love, as are his followers as well. He takes nothing other than the juice of the mellows of love for Kèëòa as his foodstuffs. Thus his body has become the place of pastimes of Ärî Kèëòa." (C.B.Adi 9.155)

His worshippable Deity, Gopalji, is presently residing at Nathdwar in Rajasthan, and is worshipped by the followers of Vallabhacarya.


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