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Candraäekara Âcâryaratna

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Candraäekara Âcâryaratna

Ärî Candraäekara Deva or Candraäekara Âcâryaratna was the uncle of Mahâprabhu, the husband of the sister of His mother. According to Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, he was one of the nine Nidhis. Along with other residents of Ärî Hatta he came to live at Navadwipa, near the house of Jagannâtha Miära, in anticipation of the Lord's appearance, for which they had all been praying.

Candraäekara and his wife were present in the home of Jagannâtha Misra and Sacidevi since the time of the birth of their child Nimai, and took part in his upbringing. Sometimes they would take Nimai with them to their house, and as they had no children of their own, they considered Nimai to be their own son.

After the disappearence of Jagannâtha Miära, Candraäekara accepted the responsibility of looking after the family. Sacimata would always consult with him before undertaking any important activity. Later on, Ärî Gaurasundara used to hold congregational chanting at Candraäekara's house as well in Ärîvasa Paòàita's courtyard.

One day Ärî Gaurasundara expressed his desire to put on a play at Candraäekara's house. Just before sunset all the devotees gathered at Âcâryaratna's house. No one had ever before anticipated such happiness at the prospect of witnessing a dramatic performance. Advaita Âcârya, Ärîvasa Paòàita, Haridâsa Ùhâkura and Candraäekara Âcâryaratna each appeared in various guises and acted our their parts on the stage with Ärî Gaura Hari.

Sacimata was present along with Viëòupriya. Ärî Gaurasundara entered the stage, dressed as Laksmidevi. Everyone thought that the goddess Herself had descended from Vaikunthanagar, and thus they were stunned. Sacimata inquired, "Is this the goddess Laksmidevi herself?" Âcâryaratna's wife replied, "Can't you recognise your son Nimai?" Startled, Sacimata wondered, "That's my Nimai? No it couldn't be."

For some days, Mahâprabhu enjoyed this pastime with His devotees, holding dramatic performances, and this increased the ecstasy of the inhabitants of Navadwipa.

Candraäekara was also present during the Lord's pastime of holding a torchlit nama sankirtan procession in defiance of the Kazi.

Amongst the thousand names of Viëòu recorded in Mahâbhârata one is: sannyaskrt samah nistha santi parayanah. Eventually the time came for the Lord to enact this pastime. It was as though the ocean of nectar became severly agitated by great waves. The devotees' hearts became greatly afflicted by anticipation of the pain of separation. Candraäekara fell to the ground unconsious. As he regained his senses the earth became soaked with his tears. Nityananda consoled him saying, "Candraäekara, if you want to witness the further divine transcendental pastimes of the Lord, then try to get the hold of yourself. Prabhu will remain by your side, bound by your love for Him."

Candraäekara came to the Lord's house in the evening. Unable to bear the pangs of impending separation, he broke into tears while gazing at the serenely pure face of the Lord. Mahâprabhu could understand everything and so He got up and embraced Candraäekara very firmly. Candraäekara asked Him, "Are you going to plunge Nadia into darkness by going away?" Mahâprabhu replied, "Âcâryaratna, just try to be patient. I am eternally bound by your love for me. How lovingly you raised me as a child!. Do you think that I will ever be able to make up this debt to you?"

As He spoke, tears welled up in His eyes. Candraäekara caught hold of Ärî Gaurasundara and held Him tightly to his chest. For some time the two of them silently shed tears. Finally Mahâprabhu said, "My pastimes are meant to deliver all living beings. Even though I may accept sannyasa, I'll always remain bound within the temple of your heart. Please don't be impatient. You have to perform the requisite ceremonies for my acceptance of sannyasa."

Hearing these words of Mahâprabhu, Candrasekhar was a little consoled. As per the instructions of Mahâprabhu, Candraäekara came quietly to Keshava Bharati's asrama. As his guardian, Candraäekara, though his heart was splitting in two, performed the requisite rites. After completing the ceremony, Mahâprabhu sent Âcâryaratna back to Navadwipa. When the devotees heard from Candraäekara what had transpired, they sent up a heart-rending cry. Âcâryaratna tried to console everyone and informed them of Lord's future pastimes. (C.B.Ant 1.33)

When after wandering in Radhadesa for three days, Nityananda managed to bring Mahâprabhu to Santipur, Candraäekara, Sacimata and the other devotees from Navadwip came there to meet Him. Then, after passing a few months in great distress, they came to Nilacala during the rainy season to again see the Lord of their life. When they reached Atharo Nala, Mahâprabhu came to greet them and presented flower garlands from Lord Jagannâtha to Adwaita Âcârya, Ärîvasa Paòàita and Candraäekara. Then He embraced them all while everyone shed tears of ecstasy.

After taking up their various residences there, they all began to extend invitations to Mahâprabhu. The first was from Sita Ùhâkurani, then Malinidevi and then Âcâryaratna's wife, whom Mahâprabhu considered as nondifferent from his mother. She herself had cooked many preparations and those preparations which Sacimata had sent, these also she fed Him. With great affection Mahâprabhu told his aunt, "Masima, please offer my obeisances to my mother and inform her that I come to visit her every day. She thinks that she is seeing a dream but I actually come there to take my meal."

The main branch of Ärî Caitanya Matha was established at Braja Pattan, the home of Candrasekhar, by Ärî Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Ùhâkura.

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