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Srila Prabhupada speaks on: What To Do When One Says...

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"What To Do When One Says..."
August 13, 1973


Prabhupada: Is it not?

Hamsaduta: Yeah.

Prabhupada: So what is the evidence that he is God? Anyone can say, "I am God." Then, anyone will be accepted as God?

Hamsaduta: Well, I think they take it just on the strength of this, whatever it is, experiences that they have. When they become initiated, they get some kind of experience. So...

Prabhupada: What is that experience?

Hamsaduta: They say they see some light and...

Prabhupada: Light-seeing, he becomes God?

Hamsaduta: Well, people are so... That's the...

Devotee: Propaganda.

Prabhupada: Then you have to make propaganda against that, that simply pushing two eyes... Anyone can push two eyes and there is natural some light. Is that the proof that he has become God? You are so foolish? And you say that God is, God has created the universe. So what he has created? What he has done, wonderful thing? That simply by pushing your eyes, you see some light, and you become God? You have become so foolish, European brain? You have no intelligence. Preach against him. What is the proof that he is God? Now, those who do not know anything about God, they can be convinced. Just like -- what is called? -- agnostic. The agnostic... Sometimes we say that there is a creator because everything, just we say, everything, whatever we have got in our experience, it is created. So this gigantic universe or one or many, there must be one creator. This is one hypothesis. So that creator, if I accept this man, whether he can create something, such wonderful? Has he done so? In this way, you have to make propaganda. So far our position is, we accept God, Krsna, on the authority, as well as by the action, both. We, we make hypothesis that there must be a creator. Vedanta says: "Yes, there is a creator." And Krsna says, He says: "I am the creator of everything." And when He was at, on this planet, He did so many wonderful things. And He is accepted by big, big stalwarts. Just like Arjuna accepts. He heard Bhagavad-gita. So before that, Narada accepts. Vyasadeva accepts. Great... Later on, big, big acaryas accept. So these are the proof. But what proof he can give that he's God, that we shall accept him God? Simply he shows some light. We have to make some propaganda. That will be our (indistinct). And he has to be... If we remain silent, then whatever he says, that means we are accepting. So we should not allow this man to grow popularity. We must make propaganda wherever meeting is there. I can kick on the face of this (indistinct). I can urine on the face of... What can he do. Let them. Let him come. If he's God, then let him kill me by his power. When I go to kick on his face, let him stop me, then I shall accept that he's God. So why don't you do that? He's saying God. You just kick on his face, if he can do something... In this way, make some counter-propaganda. If we allow him to go on, then so many people falsely being misled.

Srutakirti: Someone showed me a small article in the newspaper the other day in London. At one of his meetings, he was speaking and someone walked up to him like he was going to hand him a bouquet of flowers, and instead he threw a pie in his face.

Prabhupada: Eh?

Srutakirti: He threw a pie in his face. He appeared like he was going to give him something. But he put a pie in his face.

Prabhupada: Pie?

Hamsaduta: A pie is a cake.

Srutakirti: A cake.

Hamsaduta: A apple cake...

Srutakirti: Pastry, pushed it in his face.

Prabhupada: Therefore, he became God?

Srutakirti: No! Therefore, I don't think he's very widely accepted as God.

Prabhupada: No. That's all right. But whatever propaganda, little, he has made, we must make some counter-propaganda. We must prove him... Simply pushing eyes, pushing eyes. And anyone can push one's eyes and there is some light within... That is called retina light or... What is called? And he has become God. At least, we, we should not allow the people to be in darkness and accept him as God. We have got our meeting. We shall say: That he is a rascal. Call him by all ill names. A cheater. He does not believe in the authoritative scriptures. And he has become God? What he has done? How you have become so foolish? God has created the universe, what he has created? A cake, creating, He's God?

Hamsaduta: Ummh?

Prabhupada: He has created one cake?

Srutakirti: No, no. No.

Hamsaduta: No, you misunderstood the point.

Srutakirti: One person walked up to him and he threw a pie in his face. As an insult, as insulting him.

Prabhupada: Oh. The man insulted him.

Srutakirti: Yes.

Prabhupada: So he should be insulted everywhere. Our men should go and do that, pie. (laughter) And when you have to (indistinct) He's God. Why can't you protect. He should have been killed. We have no such power. Otherwise, I would have obliged to kill him. Anyone says God, he should be killed. That is the example given by Krsna. He should be killed. No other remedy. Only kill him. That's all. Then this false propaganda will stop. Just like the Christians said: Jesus Christ, God. And how God can be killed by crucification? We do not discuss this point, but actually this is the fact. He was empowered man, that we can understand. But we cannot accept him God. In our history, God is never killed. God kills others. That we have got evidence. And ordinary men, they took him, and crucified, and nobody, other, of the opposite party was killed. So that makes a little difference. So far son of God, that we accept. Everyone is son of God. We accept him saktyavesa avatara, a living entity especially powered from God. That we can accept. So son of God we can accept. That is another thing. And where is the evidence in the sastras that God was killed? Big, big giant, God fought them and killed them. Ravana, Hiranyakasipu, Kamsa. Very, very great giant and demon. God was never killed by them. Is it not? Yes. Prahlada Maharaja said that: "What is this material power. My father was so materially strong. Even demigods and Indra, Candra, they were afraid. And He killed him within a moment. So what is the use of this material power?" And the God could not kill these crucifiers? As soon as they attempted to kill, there would have, He has, would have fought. He had to show some power. And they say that he agreed to take all our sin, and he crucified. Is it not? They say?

Hamsaduta: Yes, this is the idea.

Prabhupada: So God could not... Krsna says: aham tvam sarva-papebhyo... [Bg. 18.66]. That God can, without dying Himself, He can immediately and, I mean to say, vanquish all sinful action. Why He should be killed for that purpose? Just like the Putana gave Krsna poison. But Putana was killed. And Krsna was never ki... Krsna cannot be killed by poison. Even Krsna's devotees are not killed by poison. Prahlada Maharaja. If we discuss in detail, we create animosities. Therefore we do not discuss because Christian religion is followed by large number. We do not wish to make... We say yes. He says: "Son of God." We accept it. That's all. To accept a person God, that requires great evidences from sastra. Especially. And when he's present, He will prove the statement of the sastra. Then we accept Caitanya Mahaprabhu, God. There are evidences... [break] You see. We don't allow anybody to pass on as God because we are presenting real God. We must make process. The real process is to kill him. But that much power we haven't got. We cannot do that. Otherwise, we would have done so. Nobody should be allowed to claim as God. And severe punishment for him. Krsna has shown this example. [break] We explain two, three lines from Bhagavatam. How much people appreciated. So we have to preach like that, the substance. Not the sentiment. But if we cannot, the sankirtana is sufficient. [break] ...anumana-pramana. Anumana, hypothesy, and pramana, sastra-pramana. Sruti-pramana. evidences from the Vedas. Evidences from authorized persons. And anumana also. That is not good evidence. But even if you take anumana, that if I make... This table is created by somebody. It is all right. But to find out that somebody is still further progress. Similarly, we have to accept that this gigantic universe... As I say that what is the purpose? If there is purpose, whose purpose? Who is acting? In this way, we have to make progress. We are passing on, on the street. If I say: "Here is a big building. So someone is proprietor." This is one guess. But to know the proprietor, how he has constructed it, that is another thing. But if somebody says: "I am the proprietor." And we accept immediately? Similarly if someone says: "I am God." There is no need of evidence. "I am God." The people have to accept like that? There is no need of sastra. How much degraded people have become that without any little evidence, they're accepting a rascal as God. How much degraded they have become. That is another thing. Because he has shown, by pushing the eyes, a light. That's all... We have to see that how much degraded the persons are. They have no even brain. What are the evidence, that he showed some light, and what else?

Hamsaduta: Some music.

Prabhupada: Some music.

Hamsaduta: They hear some music.

Prabhupada: Just see. That is the evidence of God. Where is in the sastra that by pushing eyes, Krsna showed some light, and somebody...? He never did with Arjuna like that. He showed His gigantic universal form. But He never showed some light. So what is this nonsense? So we must make some propa..., counter-propaganda. Because you spoke several things about him, but you did not make any counter-propaganda upon him. You have studied him, but you have never made any counter-propaganda.

Hamsaduta: Well we have, whenever they come, whenever we meet them.

Prabhupada: No, whenever you are meeting, "this rascal is going on as God. This is mistaken. What profit...?" You have to speak there. What proof is there? So consult with Bhagavan dasa and begin this propaganda. I have no time... Therefore, I say: "I do not know this man. That's all right." To avoid. But in a meeting, and you are going sankirtana. People are coming, talking with you. So you make some propaganda, counter-propaganda. Although, practically, he'll be finished, there is no doubt. Two, three years. The Maharishi Mahesh yogi, also became very... Nobody cares for him now. (end)

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Discussion about Guru Maharaji -- August 13, 1973, Paris


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Have you ever found yourself in awe when strolling at night in the silvery moonlight? The Bhagavad Gita As It Is tells that we are witnessing nothing less than Lord Krishna's wondrous eye literally imparting individuality and nourishment-the "juice of life"-to all things that live.

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PENSAMIENTO DEL DÍA: ¡Llevar los nombres a las calles!

Enviado desde el Ashram Bhaktivedanta en Austin, Texas, EE.UU.

Hay tanto néctar en los santos nombres de Krishna. Así que ¿cómo podemos mantenerlos para nosotros mismos? Hacer eso seria codicia pura. Por lo tanto deberíamos ser amables hacia nuestros pobres hermanos y hermanas que están atrapados en el ciclo del nacimiento y muerte y regularmente llevar los santos nombres del Señor fuera hacia las calles y a los parques para que todos escuchen. Esta es la verdadera amabilidad amorosa, compartir liberalmente los nombres todo maravillosos y todo misericordiosos de la Suprema Personalidad de Dios, el Señor Sri Krishna con todas las almas sufrientes de esta era de Kali Yuga.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

Canto extático del mantra Hare Krishna en la calle
31 de octubre del 2009—Toronto, Ontario, Canadá


Pregunta: ¿Puede el Mahamantra ser cambiado por Dios?

Le ofrezco mis humildes reverencias

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada

Gurudeva, unos pocos días atrás usted escribió en el "Pensamiento del Día" que cantar una vez el nombre de Krishna equivale a tres nombres de Rama.

Entonces mi pregunta es que preferiría cantar:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

en lugar de:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

El beneficio obtenido seria entonces más grande. Por favor muéstreme su misericordia al responder esta duda.

Un servidor eterno del Señor Krishna.


Respuesta: No inventes. Sigue a los Acharyas previos

La manera más benéfica para practicar la conciencia de Krishna es seguir estrictamente los mandatos Védicos, al maestro espiritual y a los acharyas previos. Porque ellos nos han dado:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

Este es millones de veces más poderoso que:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

En otras palabras, no deberíamos tratar de inventar algo nuevo de acuerdo a nuestras propias imaginaciones fértiles, el Señor Caitanya es la Suprema Personalidad de Dios, y Él cantó:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

Entonces ¿deberíamos pensar que conocemos algo mejor que el Señor Caitanya? Esto no es posible. Seria ridículo para nosotros pensar eso. Por lo tanto deberíamos simplemente seguir el sendero trazado por los grandes acharyas al cantar:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

Solamente esto nos liberará del ciclo del nacimiento y muerte.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari


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