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H.H. Sivarama Swami: Some memories of a memorable time on Padayatra India twenty five years ago


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  1. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Vaiyasaki Prabhu's Visit
  2. H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: SEMINAR ON BRAHMACARYA – PART 2
  3. Australian News: The best darn Harinam in the country sets fire to the town!
  4. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Gita Jayanti Celebrations this Thursday!
  5. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: We're Officially Now on Twitter!
  6. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Deity Darshan: Sunday, December 14, 2010
  7. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Blog Undergoing a Major Revamp
  8. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 161
  9. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Prabhupada Meditations
  10. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: The Supreme One
  11. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Free Write
  12. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Ramai Swami
  13. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Today's Darsana
  14. Bhakti Vikasa Swami: a patent trademark of materialism
  15. Japa Group: The First Regulative Principle
  16. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Mayapura Gurukula - Vedic Cooking in Action!
  17. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: The Generosity of King Rantideva
  18. Australian News: A NIGHT OF MANTRA YOGA – DURBAN – South Africa
  19. Doyal Gauranga dasa & Gadadhar Pandit dasa, NYC: Exploring the Origins of Life
  20. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: BEING BORED
  21. H.H. Sivarama Swami: Some memories of a memorable time on Padayatra India twenty five years ago
  22. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: WHAT IS COACHING?
  23. Mayapur Online: Reaching Srila Prabhupada's books to all!
  24. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Get Ready for a "Whirlwind Visit" by Vaisesika das!
  25. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: Srila Prabhupada’s Example Of Care
  26. Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: Liquid Beauty - What are you chasing?
  27. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Saturday, December 11th, 2010
  28. Mayapur Online: Odana Sasti- SriJagannath Darshan
  29. Gouranga TV: Madhava Dasa kirtan
  30. Japa Group: Frees One From All The Short­com­ings
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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Vaiyasaki Prabhu's Visit

We have the great honour to host Vaiyasaki Prabhu from 15th December to 3rd January in Melbourne.

One of the highlights of his stay will be the 12-hour kirtan on Sunday 19th December.

For those who don't know Vaiyasaki Prabhu, he is a kirtaniya of international calibre and often rubs shoulders with iconic figures of the music industry worldwide.

Therefore, it is an event not to be missed, not to mention that it is a great opportunity for Sankirtan Seva: congregational chanting and dancing on the nectarean waves of the Holy Names!

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Transcription and Editing : Vinod-Bihari Dasa (The Hague, Holland) Today is the second day of the seminar on Brahmacarya. Again, brahmacarya is not just celibacy, or remaining single and unmarried.  Actually, it means to be situated on the spiritual platform, upon which celibacy becomes a side-effect. Brahman means the spiritual world, and acarati means to [...]

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Australian News: The best darn Harinam in the country sets fire to the town!

Get down! and get back up again!

Come along to the best darn harinam in the country!

Friday 19:00 starting at Govindas Hare Krishna Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia

Parking is 15 dollars just across the way at MYER center on Elizabeth Street

Harinam Sankirtan is the Yuga Dharma. Get into it and get satisfied. Your soul will thank you eternally.

There is nothing like calling out the Holy Names and enlivening all the passers-by.

Your entire body and mind will be thrilled for hours afterwards. Sri Harinam will reveal His self in your heart and mind as well as on your tongue.

You will not be dissapointed. This is the real thing. Start the fire burning in your soul.

Join Brisbane Harinam party, click on this link to fnd them on Facebook, the world is waiting just for you

Sri Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Gita Jayanti Celebrations this Thursday!


Bhagavad-gita to Arjuna, discussing the fundamental principles of life. The Gita lucidly explains the nature of consciousness, the self and the universe. It contains both the essence of India's spiritual wisdom and the answers to questions that have been posed by philosophers for centuries.

Today, that same Bhagavad-gita has been translated to numerous languages and is read by millions of people around the world, revered in academic circles, and studied by spiritualists of all backgrounds.

Thursday, December 16th marks Gita Jayanti, the day when Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita to Arjuna. We will be celebrating this occasion by reading the entire Gita in Sanskrit. The reading will begin at 6:00pm and will take aproximately two hours.

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: We're Officially Now on Twitter!

In what was the next logical step for our social media savvy temple, we are now tweeting about all that is happening here at Toronto's Hare Krishna temple. Our Twitter feed is basically linked to our blog, but will also feature some unique "tweets" along the way.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at!
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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Deity Darshan: Sunday, December 14, 2010

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Blog Undergoing a Major Revamp

The Toronto Krishna Blog team is currently revamping the visual look of our beloved blog as part of an big overhaul! Please bear with us as we experiment with various designs and templates. Sorry for any inconvenience! We look forward to bringing a new and exciting blog to you! Hare Krishna!

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 161 SDGonline Daily updates

4:16 A.M.

Sri Harinama Cintamani (spoken by Haridasa Thakura to Lord Caitanya and written by Bhaktivinoda Thakura):

A serious nama-aparadha is to consider demigods like Siva to be supreme divinities.  Polytheism is a grievous offense “Lord Visnu is the Supreme Godhead, but Lord Siva and the other demigods are also individual supreme” – this idea is incorrect.

One can, however, worship the demigods as guna-avataras, sakty-avesa-avataras or as Lord Visnu’s servants.  No one is independent of the Supreme Lord’s control, for He is the Supreme Controller and master of all energies.  Demigods like lord Siva, lord Brahma, lord Ganesa or the sun god have been invested with the Supreme Lord’s potencies.  Hence, they are powerful.  The Supreme Lord is one, the rest are His energies.

A householder devotee should abandon outright all materialism in the execution of his duties; he should increase his mood of pure execution.

I woke up at 2:30 A.M. when Narayana-kavaca came into my room. Yesterday was a very stressful day and I was busy all day. As a result I was tired and my chanting was slow. I did not chant many rounds before it was time to do dictation of my writing. I will try my best to chant attentively and will surely finish the quota before the end of the day.

In the Vedic concept
of worship, there are
many powerful gods
who are in-charge of regulating the
functions of the universe.
One should properly respect them
as expansions of the one
original deity,
govindam adi
purusam tam aham bhajami.

As stated in the Caitanya-caritamrta
ekale isvara krsna, ara saba bhrtya.
Krishna is the supreme master and
all else are His servants. The king is
never chosen by vox populi or
the opinion of the people
He is the independent original,
as stated in the First canto
of Srimad-Bhagavatam: the demigods
are all branches of the original
tree but the one tree
is Krishna Himself
any other
conclusion is fallacious.

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Prabhupada Meditations SDGonline Daily updates

Sugar Doll

Here is Srila Prabhupada commenting on his personal method of reading, “It is just like sugar doll. Anywhere you touch-it is sweet. That’s all. When I read books, I open anywhere. Any book I take, and anywhere I open, and I read.” (Conversation, March 2, 1975)

I have seen Srila Prabhupada do this. He kept a volume of Srimad-Bhagavatam in the pocket of the airlines seat, took it out, opened at random and read for hours. And in Los Angeles and other places, he would go to his garden in the evening and ask a disciple to read out loud by opening anywhere in the Krishna book.

When the book distributors met with Srila Prabhupada, they wanted to know, “What is the best book to distribute?” Prabhupada first recommended Bhagavad-gita and they noted it down. Then he added Isopanisad. A devotee asked, “What about Krishna book?” Prabhupada replied, “Yes, Krishna. They will read as storybook. The Krishna Trilogy is selling very nice?” Then he said, “Nectar of Devotion is very nice.” Another devotee asked about Srimad-Bhagavatam for distribution at the airport, and Prabhupada approved. Another devotee said, “Many of the karmis appreciate the Fourth Canto, part four, the story of King Puranjana.” Prabhupada replied, “Yes, it is very nice, Puranjana.”

I like to follow Srila Prabhupada’s opening of any book anywhere, and recommending any Krishna conscious scripture as beneficial for others. We may also remember him in that way, by the method known as sugar doll.

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: The Supreme One SDGonline Daily updates

The poems are too convoluted,
complicated, incomprehensible. She
asked me what the word “halleluiah!”
means. I say “jaya!” praise to God. “We
thank you God for bringing Jesus Christ.”
Bread refers to baked bread grains
left for the birds. You can’t expect
to understand all but to enjoy everything
but don’t attempt to obfuscate but make it simple.

I like all the different
horns, they all have their place
in the orchestra. Are you
asking me what I want
for breakfast today? Ask me
later, I want to hear today,
I’ll let you know later.
Once it began I tried to flow
with the Messiah. It was very nice last night.
The hometown crowd whistled
appreciation at the end like baseball fans or jazz-buffs. They were country folks and wanted to show their appreciation.

Can you understand me? Or is this one of those
poems I’m complaining about? Half way through the concert of Messiah,
Saci asked his son, “How do you like it?”
“Not much,” Laksmana said.
“How many songs are there?”

My poem is praise of Krishna
but I started my praise late in this poem.
That is my fault.

Krishna! Praise Him!
The presidents of all the universes
the president of all the boys
the girl’s favorite –
Ah, how He loves them.
He is the greatest demon-killer.
Doesn’t do it out of His sense of duty
but fun cracking their heads, breaking
their bones, they deserve it
because they came to terrorize and slaughter the children and old people. Some are just rotten apples
and yet they can be saved.
Krishna is the best, He never grows
stale, He is the greatest of the learned philosophers
and physicists, teacher of alchemical
secret arts
and astronomy and math
as well as king of fine
Worshipful hornplayer.

I was only kidding when I
said they retired his instruments
at the end. He is the best
he gives out the instruments to others
as charity and teaches them to play
He leaped up to the top of Everest in one leap
won Radha’s heart with a glance,
subdued all hobgoblins
presents us with a conundrum
of existence. He is the Supreme
and most lovable and great.

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Free Write SDGonline Daily updates

I turned at random to Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto three, Chapter 27, text 28-29: “My devotee actually becomes self-realized by My unlimited causeless mercy, and thus, when freed from all doubts, he steadily progresses towards his destined abode, which is directly under the protection of My spiritual energy of unadulterated bliss. That is the ultimate perfectional goal of the living entity. After giving up the present material body, the mystic devotee goes to that transcendental abode and never comes back.”

“Only those who engage in devotional service with love and faith can receive the necessary intelligence from the Supreme Personality of Godhead so that gradually and progressively they can advance to the abode of the Personality of Godhead. When one is transferred to the spiritual world, he gives up all the subtle and gross bodies of this material world. He enters the spiritual sky in his pure, spiritual body and is stationed in one of the spiritual planets. Although the impersonalists also reach that spiritual sky after giving up the subtle and gross material bodies, they are not placed in the spiritual planets; as they desire, they are allowed to merge in the spiritual effulgence emanating from the transcendental body of the Lord. The impersonal Brahman effulgence is offered to the impersonalists, but those who want to associate with the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His transcendental form as Narayana in the Vaikunthas, or with Krishna in Krishnaloka, go to those abodes, wherefrom they never return.”

I remember reading Brhad-bhagavatamrta and how the cowherd boy ascended to Goloka Vrndavana and met Krishna who embraced him as his long lost servant in sakhya-rasa. He gave him a name Svarupa. He joined Krishna’s pastimes. This is not to be taken as fiction and it is possible for you and I but you’ll have through a lot to purify yourself completely fixed in Krishna and life in Vrndavana.

To develop the lobha, the greed to want to be with Krishna and Radha is a rare thing. Jaya Radhe, Jaya Krishna, Jaya Vrndavana.

O: What are you thinking about?

X: I’m thinking about that greed. I am thinking of my aversion to Vrndavana in India. I prefer to stay in Viraha Bhavan in NY State, reading and writing and resting in my journal and not having to feel pressure to attend a morning program in the temple or meet with persons I’m not eager to meet with. Some devotees I like to associate and meet with and talk with in Vrndavana. But I don’t like to go out and visit the pilgrimage places and confront the traffic, the monkeys, the unsanitary conditions. Does it mean I’ll have to go there again? No it doesn’t mean that.

O: We should go next year, 2011. I want to go and I can’t go unless you take me there.

X: I don’t like the pressure on me to travel to India.

O: Why don’t you just see how you feel without making a commitment? You can go when you feel like leaving New York and eventually develop a desire to get your visa.

X: Yes, but don’t pressure me. I like getting up at 2:30 (I’d rather get up at 1:30 but I seem physically unable to get up that early and keep writing and chanting until 5:30 A.M.) I’ve been getting too tired for that. And I’ve been skipping going to the gym after breakfast because I feel too tired after the exercise. But I need to stay awake for a bright writing session done about 9:30 in the morning and don’t get sleepy again. But then I need to get more done before lunch and that has been very hard.

O: What is the subject of your writing session?

X: I should find my way. Something substantial. Today we read about Akrura’s journey to Vrndavana. I frankly find Akrura an ambiguous person. He is described as a pure devotee of Krishna. And among the nine devotees who have attained perfection by performing one of the devotional principles Akrura is noted for his prayers. He takes Krishna out of Vrndavana and takes Him to Mathura and for this he is cursed by the gopis. As a result of this curse in his later life he comes into a kind of conflict with Krishna over the possession of the Syamantaka jewel. He is an enigmatic character. We are getting many guests here. It’s a form of active preaching. Next Saturday I give the Vyasa-puja lecture from Srimad-Bhagavatam or Caitanya-caritamrta. I’m not inclined to speak of the relationship of the disciple and a guru or to have the disciples speak homages. I’ve been serving as a guru since 1978, that’s 32 years. Because cheese is good when it’s ages, I can speak of cheese. Cheese is a nice food like cheddar and I’m getting sleepy now and my writing is rambling into wobbling areas of consciousness. Krishna liked to eat cheese, He especially liked the milk and the yogurt and milk sweets like sandesh and sweetballs. According to some nutritionists Krishna’s diet was not so nutritious. But Krishna can consume the entire universe. He can digest it.

Early film footage of Prabhupada with his disciples. He sings, but then at one point he bites his lip and stops the kirtana and everyone makes dandavats. In Krishna’s land there a lot of vegetables and flowering, blooming trees which change into fruit trees. Nanda Bhavan, where Krishna lived with His parents, has beautiful chandeliers.

We looked for Krishna and the gopis in their boat. They were streaming down the Yamuna. The gopis thought of many games to play with Krishna. He would play with them. Krishna’s team was winning by a few points. The boys threw the donkeys to the trees after they saw that Krishna and Balarama did it. They became brave in the company of their heroes. They ran into Aga’s mouth, thinking Krishna would save them. But sometimes they were afraid when their heroes were not present. They were afraid of Kaliya. They were afraid of Kamsa and Krishna had to drag Kamsa around the arena when he was dead, dragging him like a dead lion.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Ramai Swami

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.28.9 - One should live in this world without attachment. Spiritual practice should be in association of devotees and not in isolation.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Today's Darsana


Their Lordships are royally adorned in Their velvety-red, regal-blue and silky-gold attire today;
all the kingly colours and textures that are indicative of Their sovereignty and suited to Their Divine stature.

Here's a
slideshow of Their Majesties;
may They always rule over the kingdom of our hearts.

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...a hellish civilization artificially increases the conditions of life, and existence becomes intolerable for everyone. The foolish leaders of a godless civilization try to devise various plans to bring about peace and prosperity in the godless world under a patent trademark of materialism, and because such attempts are illusory only, the people elect incompetent, blind leaders, one after another, who are incapable of offering solutions. If we want at all to end this anomaly of a godless civilization, we must follow the principles of revealed scriptures like the Srimad-Bhagavatam and follow the instruction of a person like Sri Sukadeva Gosvami who has no attraction for material gain.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 2.2.6

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Japa Group: The First Regulative Principle

The Gosvamis, especially Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, strictly followed all the regulative principles. The first regulative principle is that one must chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra loudly enough so that he can hear himself, and one must vow to chant a fixed number of rounds.

Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Antya 11.24

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Mayapura Gurukula - Vedic Cooking in Action!

We recently stumbled upon a really neat video clip from a television show called "Tasty Travels in India" which visited the gurukula (school) in ISKCON Mayapura. Featured in the video is HH Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami, walking the viewer through the traditional Vedic ways of cooking that nourish both the body and soul! Feel free to share your comments about the video. Enjoy!

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: The Generosity of King Rantideva

The Royal Road to Krsna

From the Srimad-Bhagavatam, translation and commentary by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. (Adapted by Drutakarma dasa.)

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Yet even a king -- the richest man -- can enter into God's kingdom if he knows the science...

For himself, King Rantideva was always satisfied and depended completely on the Lord's providence. At the same time, when guests came to his palace the generous king would personally look after their every comfort, as if it all depended not on providence but on him.

Once King Rantideva fasted for forty-eight days, but he never complained or made any attempt to get food. On the morning of the forty-ninth day, he received a sizeable quantity of well-prepared food. But just as he was about to take his meal, a learned brahmana priest arrived as a guest.

King Rantideva was very advanced in spiritual knowledge, so he could see that the Supreme Lord Krsna dwells in the heart of every living being. As a result, he received his guest with faith and respect and gave him a share of the food. The brahmana ate to his satisfaction and went away.

Now King Rantideva again prepared to break his long fast, but just as he was about to take his first bite, a low-class laborer entered the palace. King Rantideva could also see Krsna dwelling in the heart of this sudra, so he gave him a portion of the food as well.

After the sudra had gone away, a bearded and bedraggled man surrounded by a pack of dogs arrived before King Rantideva. "O King," he said, "my company of dogs and I are very hungry. Please give us something to eat." With great respect King Rantideva gave what was left of his food to the dogs and their master.

Now only some drinking water remained, and there was only enough for one person. When the king was just about to drink it, a candala (a dog-eater, the lowest of men) appeared before him and said, "O King, although I am lowborn, kindly give me some drinking water."

Touched by these pitiable words, the good-hearted King Rantideva said, "By offering water to maintain the life of this poor candala, I shall not be the loser -- by this act of charity I shall free myself from all hunger, thirst, fatigue, and illusion.
"I do not pray to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna for the powers of mystic yoga, nor for salvation from repeated birth and death in the material world. I want only to stay on this earth among all the living creatures and suffer all their pains for them. In that way they may be freed from all distress."

The ravages of hunger and thirst had brought King Rantideva to the verge of death, and yet he gladly gave even his last drop of water to the wretched candala. Just then Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, and other great demigods appeared before the king and revealed that it was they who had presented themselves as the brahmana, the sudra, the candala, and the man with the dogs.

The demigods were very pleased with King Rantideva and wanted to bestow great wealth and opulence upon him. But the king had no desire to enjoy such things. He simply wanted to keep his mind focused on the lotus feet of Lord Krsna and render devotional service unto Him.

Rantideva knew that Krsna is the eternal master of all the demigods and that the demigods' gifts are temporary -- they pass away with the passing of time. A pure devotee, King Rantideva cared only about his eternal loving relationship with the Supreme Lord.

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Australian News: A NIGHT OF MANTRA YOGA – DURBAN – South Africa

A NIGHT OF MANTRA YOGA – Don’t miss it!

Gaura Vani, As Kindered Spririts, and the Mayapuris LIVE IN DURBAN!!!

Kendra Hall.

WED 15th DEC. 6.30 pm.

TICKETS: R60.00.

Call 079 284 2128.

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Doyal Gauranga dasa & Gadadhar Pandit dasa, NYC: Exploring the Origins of Life

The paradigm of the Vedic culture presented in the Bhagavad-Gita sheds a lot of new and interesting light on the question of the nature of time and of our history, and this week we explored the extraordinary and compelling cosmology of the universe that the Gita sets forth. We are accustomed to a linear view of our time and our history here, as taught and supposed to us through the Western cultural paradigm, but the cosmology of the Gita offers something different. We discussed the cyclical nature of time, of periods of history known as yugas which constantly repeat over and over again, and we discussed how the science of the Vedas predates and hold true many of the great “discoveries” of our modern times, such as the theory of relativity, the health benefits of yoga and meditation, and the multiple universe theories of quantum physics. Ultimately the Gita calls for us to transcend these material cosmological elements to understand the nature of spiritual reality, but in our discussion we came away with a lot of thought-provoking ideas that showed us that what we know to be time and space and our own history could be much more than what we have been told or taught before.

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: BEING BORED

One who is bored must be a boring person.

Have you ever seen an interesting person being bored?

I haven't.

Being bored also means: why the world is not dedicated to entertaining me.

Hmm ... are you a little god?

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H.H. Sivarama Swami: Some memories of a memorable time on Padayatra India twenty five years ago

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: WHAT IS COACHING?

Coaching is a series of deep conversations that positively transform your life.

In coaching you discover principles and tools that you can use for the rest of your life to your own lasting benefit.

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Mayapur Online: Reaching Srila Prabhupada's books to all!

Mayapur Sankirtan devotees and the Community are geared up to do their best in reaching the divine treasure of Srila Prabhupada’s books to as many people as possible, during this December Book Marathon. During Mangla Arthi announcements, a quote from Srila Prabhupada on book distribution is read to inspire devotees to take up book distribution with enthusiasm.

read more

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Get Ready for a "Whirlwind Visit" by Vaisesika das!

There is always a special buzz in the air when Toronto's vibrant Hare Krishna community welcomes back our dear friend, Vaisesika das back to our temple. A disciple of Srila Prabhupada, and a mentor to so many of us in Toronto and around the world, we are always looking forward to his visits. From inspiring classes and hitting the streets with spiritual books, to the rip-roaring kirtans, Vaisesika das keeps us all on our spiritual toes!

We are excited to announce some of the programs and events that you and your family are welcome to take part in:

Srimad Bhagavatam Classes - Four-Part Workshop
Fri. December 17th to Mon. December 20th
7:45am to 9:00am (Followed by Breakfast)
Theme - Sadhna Bhakti – A Journey from Matter to Spirit
Fri - "Checkpoint – Where Am I Now?"
Sat - "Intergalactic Travel – Finding the Right Commander (The Real Guru)"
Sun - "Propelling Through - Flushing the Internal Systems (Overcoming Obstacles)"
Mon - "The Ultimate Encounter – Where Every Word is a Song, Every Step is a Dance (Spiritual World)"

Through a series of exclusively picked mantras from Srimad Bhagvatam, the text which is considered to be the ripened fruit of spiritual knowledge, Vaisesika Dasa will explain the process of 'Sadhana Bhakti' that can carry us from material to spiritual existence while still in this body. As an added bonus, Vaisesika Dasa has encouraged attendees to prepare questions in advance and send them to him! Click here to email your questions.

Sankirtan - Hitting the Streets with Spiritual Knowledge
Saturday, December 18th - (times to be posted)
All devotees are welcome to join Vaisesika das as we collectively hit the streets with our beloved spiritual books with the goal of sharing our beautiful spiritual heritage with the public. Stay tuned for more information!

A Night of Kirtan with Vaisesika das
Saturday, December 18th - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
You won't want to miss this opportunity to dive deeper into melodious kirtan with Vaisesika das. We will explore some of the beautiful chants of our Vaisnava tradition and the mood will be certainly be sweet. Join us for what will surely be a very special evening!

Sunday Feast with Vaisesika das
Sunday, December 19th - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Our weekly Sunday extravaganza will include a special class by Vaisesika das. Toss in some amazing kirtan and mouth-watering vegetarian feast and your Sunday should be booked!
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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: Srila Prabhupada’s Example Of Care

ISKCON Devotee Care | Srila Prabhupada’s Example

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Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: Liquid Beauty - What are you chasing?

A nice story that is simply and sweetly narrated by our Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada. Please take two and a half minutes and watch it. What are we chasing?
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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Pratley and Tulsi
Halifax, New Glascow

Philip Louis Pratley was the actual first person I met today. The only thing is he passed away in 1958; that's over fifty years. I met him in a strange way. I'll explain. I walked over the bridge he designed going over the Halifax Harbour over to Dartmouth. There at the edge of the bridge on this ever so quiet morning was his eminent figure in bronze, and perhaps mixed metal. A plaque detailed his credits including being the genius behind not only this bridge existence but several bridges that connected major highways across the nation.

I had passed by perhaps three pedestrians on the bridge which took me a good fifteen minutes but none of them seemed so alive as Mr. Pratley. He stood there looking at me. Somehow I felt his presence and in fact, I took a moment of silence in gratitude for his contribution.
"Thanks for letting me walk on your bridge, Pratley" I thought a while crossing over to the opposite side for a return journey.
"Go to the other side", yelled out a voice
"Was that you Pratley"? I wondered and was that message meant for me? The voice came from the bridge toll man. He repeated himself, "The other side. This side is for cyclists". He was nice enough about it. "Ah, I'm sorry, I'm a visitor, I didn't know", I said claiming my innocence. I thought that the divisions were Pratley's intention so I had to respect that. In truth, Pratley became a bit real for a few moments in my life. In a similar way the deity of Krishna can be very real to his devotee. The only thing is Krishna can take you much deeper than Pratley's status can. It's all a matter of devotion.

Afternoon plans for Manu's family and I and a 65 year young lady from Holland, Stefina were to drive to New Glascow. There at the home of Dr.Vikram Jala, we were to participate in a Vidya Rambha, a rite of passage on education for daughter Tulsi Priya, 3 1/2. Manu dasa, the priest informed us that the chalk board and the chunky piece of chalk would become consecrated. They would be sacred tools in initiating Tulsi in her first learning lessons. In a sense they would become alive although they were inanimate objects.

To the visitors who were of Cristian and Hindu origin, delight came to their faces to see Tulsi attempt her first letters of the alphabet. This ancient rite of passage, samskar, was something new for the residents of New Glascow. Who knows, perhaps Tulsi will succeed in her education to become an architectural designer or engineer of big bridges? Most important is that she become devotional.


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Mayapur Online: Odana Sasti- SriJagannath Darshan

Odana Sasti was celebrated on 11th December. On this day, starched clothes are offered to Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra devi in Puri Dhama. Odana Sasti festival is celebrated at Rajapur Sri Jagannath Mandir. Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra devi were offered new starched outfits. HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Jayadvaita Swami, HG Jananivasa prabhu spoke on the special favor that Lord Jagannath showed to Pundarik Vidyanidhi.

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Gouranga TV: Madhava Dasa kirtan

Madhava Dasa kirtan

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Japa Group: Frees One From All The Short­com­ings

All the other impu­ri­ties of the Vais­nava are con­sid­ered nul­li­fied if he takes to chant­ing Hare Krishna mantra in earnest. So the glo­ries of the holy name free one from all the short­com­ings remain­ing or still present offenses are con­sid­ered nul­li­fied for the per­son who holds them. Finding fault with the chanter of the holy name is the great­est of all the offenses.

Viraha Bhavan #156

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