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H.H. Prahladananda Swami: Lecture – BG 15.8 Sunday Feast- Live In Your TV 12-26-2010


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  11. H.H. Prahladananda Swami: Lecture – SB 6.2.19 The Man With The Goat Named Radha 12-25-2010
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H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: Quote Of Guru Maharaja

Sent By A Devotee Who Wants To Stay Anonymous

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Farm Sunday Feast - 12 December

Every second Sunday of the month, the Hare Krishna Valley holds a Sunday Feast program down in Bambra.
The program starts at 12:00pm with arati and kirtan then Srimad Bhagavatam class concluded with their famous feast.

Guests are usually encouraged to join the guided tour of the property afterwards for sightseeing and also to aid the digestion!

It is a good opportunity to escape the stress of the city and relax in the pristine environment of peace and serenity.
It also gives children the chance to be closer to nature and see our cows and vegie garden.

You are all invited to join the fun next time our friendly farm crew organises the Sunday Feast in January 2011.

Here's a
slideshow of the previous one.

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Send Holiday Flowers & Gifts from $19.99 + get a FREE Vase

ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Vaiyasaki Prabhu @ Urban Yoga


The video that was posted earlier doesn't seem to work.

Please try this
link instead; we might have more luck this time!

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: TWO KINDS OF PRODUCTION

There are two kinds of production: material production and spiritual production.

Arthadam. Artha means factual profit. So there are two kinds of profit.

Those who are materialists, they calculate profit by dollars, and those who are spiritualists, they calculate profit: "How much I have advanced today in spiritual or Krsna consciousness?" Both of them are profits.

So either make this profit or that profit, but don't waste your time. That is the proposal. But the best profit is, for human form of life, to advance in Krsna consciousness.

- Srila Prabhupada

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 172 SDGonline Daily updates

5:36 A.M.

I woke up earlier this morning around 3:30 A.M. and started chanting. After four rounds however I fell asleep. I dreamt that the beads I was chanting on were actually army rifles and army pistols. The commander ordered that we turn in the pistols so that they be repaired and given back to us re-serviced. We were anxious about having to give up our guns. While we gave up our guns we continued loading them anyway with new ammunition. During this time I fell asleep I don’t know how much time passed. Perhaps it was only half an hour. But then the japa beads were returned, and I went on chanting awake. It’s now 5:37, and I’ve chanted four rounds. I think that I am drowsing in this army scenario because of reading John Steinbeck’s book Once There Was a War which tells about World War II.

The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution. It is a very high tempered book. I like the prayers of humility in it and the general mood of his opening his heart completely without fear of censorship and praying to Radha-Syamasundara and to the devotees. But I find there is also too much criticism of particular ISKCON programs like Equality for Women, Animal Husbandry, Academic Preaching, and when he says that book distributors are sometimes proud. He says everyone becoming mommies and daddies in ISKCON and raising ex-gurukuli children. The book is a very elitist book meant only for the connoisseurs of the highest kind of sentiments in Krishna consciousness. Its lambasting of the power structure of ISKCON is a little overbearing but we are continuing to read it and enjoy it.

His criticism of authoritarian institutional and guru leaders of ISKCON is too extreme. But his loyalty to Prabhupada’s books and to Prabhupada himself is exemplary. As we read further into the book the critique abated and the raganuga writing attains a high level.

I will continue to write this journal in a free style without having all the different compartments in it as usual. I will write it as it occurs to me on a daily basis. Now I will go back to chanting and hope that I don’t fall asleep and dream of my beads being turned over as bullets to be repaired in machine guns. But I do like the image that the beads are being fired against the enemy of maya and that it needs to be repaired and kept up in top condition.

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Free Write SDGonline Daily updates

December 26, 10:48 A.M.

There’s supposed to be a big snowstorm here, twelve to eighteen inches and it has just begun to flurry. I have been answering some Christmas cards and letters and gifts with letters of my own. Our holiday observance was on Christmas eve with a dinner with Saci’s family in our house. It was very nice and informal. The children had been watching “The Dance of the Wooden Soldiers” on TV. Saci began singing it in a comical gruff voice. His daughter Subhadra said “Oh daddy, you are the worst singer in the world.” But there was family love in the gathering. A Krishna conscious family with children is a holy thing, not to be knocked at by renunciates. If we didn’t have a mother and father we couldn’t have been born as humans and given a chance of Krishna consciousness. If our parents were loving and raised us to worship Radha and Krishna and Lord Caitanya we were doubly fortunate. My parents didn’t bring me to Krishna, but they were kind to me and raised me in the only way they knew how, to show love. I am always grateful for the Christmases and every days in which they sheltered me. As I grew up a generation gap was inevitable, and it drew us apart because of the different people we had become. It is unfortunate that it had to happen with a complete break, but I remember fondly the years of my childhood and the attempt to guide me to be a good person.

It seems I took to Krishna consciousness despite them, and it was directly against their orders. But my mother always wanted me to be a God-loving person, and I have fulfilled her wish. I didn’t follow my father’s wishes, but that was mostly impossible. At twenty-five years old I met my spiritual father and became loyal and was obedient to him. He gave me spiritual life and material life also. My parents are dead now, gone into new lives, and I have maybe ten more years to live in the body as Satsvarupa Dasa. My years separated—huh? I stayed with him always and still do. I am slowed down. Read the books of Krishna consciousness. I still have adventures. In 1968 I was hit on the head with a plated glass window. In 1969 I and my brothers were attacked by a gang who broke into our temple. I had many other adventures. I collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital just the other night. And I am recuperating. A person has to do everything he is destined to do. Twelve to eighteen inches of snow. Congested lungs. Don’t say you are growing older. I don’t talk much anymore. I push through the day. It’s to put things into words. I mostly sit on the bench on the sidelines and write notes. I’m a news correspondent. Working with reading what Aindra Dasa said and what John Steinbeck said. You get through the day, pick your way through. Do you remember what you asked for? Yes, I remember.
I go off the waves and I don’t know where I was or who I am. Padam padam yat vipadam na tesam. At every step there is danger. Questions are broken by saying ”I don’t remember,” “I wasn’t there”. In the hospital the orderlies or nurses come to give you pills or needles, but first they ask “What is your name and what is your date of birth?” Baladeva made fun of me because sometimes I forgot my name or date of birth. Steven. I had another name, Satsvarupa.

My name is servant of God. I have a scar on my forehead and a bump on my arm. I don’t remember how it got there. Have you ever tried to hurt yourself? I don’t want to tell them about jumping out the window because I am not sure why I did it. But I don’t want to hurt myself. Was I just on an LSD trip and thought I could walk on air?

When did you meet the Swami? In July ’66. I remember that, but I’ve forgotten most of the Bhagavad-gita verses I knew.

Don’t expect the journal to be in the same orderly way. There may not be the same sections. Just be thankful for some substance. You can be sure I will chant my sixteen rounds even if I don’t “chant” all the sections of the writing session. It is difficult for me to put it all in order now. It is too strenuous. But I will try to give out good things like a good parent gives out on Christmas morning. What do you want anyway? Don’t you want personal Krishna consciousness? Do you want verses recited? I will try to give them to you.

Krishna beat up King Kamsa something awful. He punched his head again and again until it was bloody and his eyes popped out and he was dead. Kamsa’s relatives, especially his widows, lamented. They admitted that Kamsa was evil but now what would they do without his protection. Krishna gave them solace and was the nearest relative so He performed the funereal rites. He would take care of them just as He takes care of everyone in the material world. They dragged the body of Kamsa around the arena the way a lion drags a dead elephant. They just wanted to prove to the people that Kamsa was actually dead and there was nothing to fear. Kamsa got liberation. Thinking of Krishna is so favorable that even if you are thinking of Him inimically you can get liberation from the world of birth and death. That was the fate of king Kamsa.

We were talking some more about my hospital experience during lunch time. I said the impressions are fading. But it still feels like I’m a quarterback who’s been sacked a lot of times—but who won the game. Bleary-eyed, limping up the stairs. We read more in Aindra’s book a very learned section about attaining siddha-svarupa and how it’s possible even in this lifetime. They were asking me of Prabhupada’s stay in the Beth Israel hospital in 1967. We were young, just kids and he was the grandfather figure. And yet he said “Get me out of here” and we were up to it. A doctor who had been there in 1967 turned up recently and gave his impressions of that day. He said that he thought that if Prabhupada left the hospital he wouldn’t live. And yet he also thought that if he didn’t leave the hospital he wouldn’t live either and he saw the energy surrounding him and his young followers and how they would carry him through. “Different people are different.” Prabhupada had devotees praying for him, our spiritual master has not finished his work. He had to launch Lord Caitanya’s movement, build it in India and in the United States and elsewhere. He couldn’t die. In London in 1977 when Prabhupada had his emergency operation they wanted him to pay right away. He said, “Hospital means hospitality.” He would pay later.

There are so many bills and papers on the floor. Sort them out and send them the right one. When he was a young child he would like kauchoris. Then you want to serve Krishna more. They went out to the car and told the taxi driver and the policeman…  (brain lapses… excursion…) yes, that would be better for the foot treatment. So he left. One who actually painted the car bumper sticker. Must have been in his silliest state of mind like mine when I did mine. But he figured he had Krishna to protect him. They say in a week I’ll be cured and thinking straight and narrow and chanting my rounds early in the morning. But I really don’t want to strain and stress for it. I want to live peacefully, chant peacefully and have breakfast, that’s about it.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Today's Darsana


Dear Devotees, Sri Sri Jaganatha and Balarama and Subhadra Mayi are awaiting your "get-well" cards for Their quick recovery.

We can also offer Them little gifts like flowers, honey for Their daily hot drinks or something to say that we are thinking of Them and that we care.

In the meantime, the Deities on the altar are resplendent in soft blue and yellow today.
Srimati Radhika adorns a majestic head garland.

Here's the
slideshow for your pleasure.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Vaiyasaki Prabhu

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.28.26 - Any task is done in a right way if it is pleasing to guru & Krsna.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Evening Class - Jayapataka Swami

Evening Class 1 - Deities reciprocate according to how much love we have for Them.

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H.H. Prahladananda Swami: Lecture – BG 15.8 Sunday Feast- Live In Your TV 12-26-2010

BG 15.08 Sunday Feast- Live In Your TV 2010-12-26

Lecture – Bhagavad Gita 15.8 Sunday Feast- Live In Your TV 12-26-2010 Los Angeles

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H.H. Prahladananda Swami: Lecture – SB 6.2.19 The Man With The Goat Named Radha 12-25-2010

SB 06.02.19 The Man With The Goat Named Radha 2010-12-25

Lecture – Srimad Bhagavatam 6.2.19 The Man With The Goat Named Radha 12-25-2010 Los Angeles

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Japa Group: We Can­not Fol­low Such Philoso­phies

Bhak­tivin­oda Thakura writes strongly against those who don’t fol­low the Vais­nava sid­dhanta, the Absolute Truth. We can­not fol­low such philoso­phies and chant offense­lessly. Bhak­tivin­oda Thakura cuts with a sharp sword all philoso­phies which crit­i­cize the srutis.
  • Email to a friend Bhakti Vikasa Swami: How ISKCON is to be run

"This organization," he said, speaking of ISKCON, "is not run by bylaws, meetings, or vouchers, but by following the instructions of the spiritual master with sincerity. Whatever success I have is due to that. To one with faith in the spiritual master and Krsna comes knowledge of the scripture. Without that faith and sincerity, bylaws are useless."

>>> Ref. VedaBase => LWP: Chapter Two

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David Haslam, UK: Judging others, whilst minimizing own actions

There is an interesting biblical quote that says do not judge for you yourself will be judged by the same standard. But we see in daily life we do actually judge but to what standards do we judge others? It’s interesting that in many instances we attribute different standards depending on who they, were they [...]

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1968 December 27: "When I put on the hat sent by you on my head, everyone says that it is brilliant, and because one has to dress according to the taste of friends this hat has become an important factor of my dressing."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1968

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 December 27: "That is advancement, to stick tightly to the orders of the Spiritual Master. Because my Guru Maharaja ordered it, I am also ordering it. Go on preaching, spread this Krsna Consciousness all over the world."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 December 27: "What is this alone? Vaisnava is never alone. When I first came to your country I was alone for one year. But I never felt alone. I always felt the presence of my Guru Maharaja."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 December 27: "Under all circumstances you must remain in the association of devotees. Continue to make nice milk preparations for the Deities. When I come in the spring I will be glad to accept them three times a day."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 December 27: "I can come immediately. Try to arrange many programs with respectable gentlemen, philosophers, scholars, etc. If you can arrange nice programs in Brazil then I will be very pleased to go there also."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 December 27: "Thank you very much for installing the very nice Radha-Krsna Deities. So do like that in every village and town. The matter is in the American hands. It must go on very nicely. That is my desire."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 December 27: "So local men are coming daily. By good association and good preaching they can all become devotees. This is Lord Caitanya's mission to go to every town and village and create Vaisnava spirit in the local men."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1975 December 27: "'Christmas week book distribution despite closed airport 112,000 BTGS, 8,000 Gitas sold.' Thank you very much. This is very good. Fight and depend on Krsna, that will bring you victory."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1975

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1971 December 26 : "The American Ambassador and the Indian High Commissioner have agreed to come. Now, if you can convince the President of Kenya, Mr. Jomo Kenyatta, then I shall also consent to come for a few days to meet him."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1971

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1971 December 26 : "So never think dissatisfaction. Because you are serving Krishna, that is my satisfaction enough. But because you are also preaching so nicely, then I am more than satisfied. Why he does not write me?"
Prabhupada Letters :: 1971

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1971 December 26 : "We should always cling to the Lotus Feet of the Lord by following very strictly. If routine work - sixteen rounds, rising early, street Sankirtana, etc.- becomes slack or neglected, then all other attempts will fail."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1971

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1971 December 26 : "As long as we keep ourselves pure for preaching, then we shall have all good results - of that there is no doubt. That is the proof of your preaching work - it becomes touchstone and turns iron to gold."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1971

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 December 26 : "They are able to give enough money, but don't bother to try to mix with or preach to the Hindus extensively. Real business is to convert the local men to become Krishna Conscious and carry on the work."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 December 26 : "Except for some rare soul like George Harrison, big personalities will not help us. Now George is practically converted and he is only preaching about Krishna, and he has done that from the beginning."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 December 26 : "We want that the mass shall support us, but we want that the class shall preach for us, that is the distinction. Is it clear?"
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 December 26 : "I remember how you used to bring so many big men to see me at John Lennon's house. So if you sincerely desire to serve Him in that way, Krishna will give you every opportunity and intelligence."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Madhava Ghosh dasa, New Vrndavan, USA: Greetings to all of Gosh’s Blog-fans

by Bhakta Ed

Greetings to all of Gosh’s Blog-fans. I haven’t done a guest post since the “Poop” post about a year ago.  I guess I need something as motivating as poop to get me to write. And here it is, January 2nd. Yes, that’s correct January 2nd, the Un-Holiday.

Let me explain, please. I wrote an email to Gosh on Dec. 25th and received a reply the 26th. However, not all reply’s are equal. As we learned in Animal Farm (click here to link to this fine piece of literature), some replies are more equal than others. I poured my little heart out to him thanking him for introducing me to Krishna, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna Consciousness way back in the early 70’s. I practically begged him to remain on this planet till I am initiated since I owe my spiritual life to him in a sense. I asked him how the liver was doing… an important factor in his being present at my initiation. I explained how I have diligently worked through some of the problems that ISKCON has had since Srila Prabhupada left the planet in 1977. It was a nice, personal and fine little bit of communication I sent him. Yes it was.

But what did I get in return? Really, what did he send back, after I bared my soul to him? Gosh, my contemporary yet spiritual senior replied thusly and I quote: “Merry Christmas to you too. :-}” I made no mention of that horrible and dreaded holiday. I was not being festive, Christmasy or cheerful. What brought on this attack of holiday poison? I have no idea. But I am forced now to reveal what January 2nd is and how it became the Un-Holiday”.

I confess, I hate what our culture calls the holidays. From Thanksgiving till New years I am nervous and on-guard. “Will you be with someone for the holidays? You won’t be alone will you? What are your big plans for Christmas? How was your Thanksgiving? What did you get for Christmas? How was the holiday season for you this year? Did your kids come home for the holidays?” And on and on and on… Not to mention dead birds at the dinner table, trees inside the house, candy and other junk food everywhere, silly awful holiday songs everywhere and blatant greed surging across the land.

So, I single handedly created the Un-Holiday… the day the (insert expletive here) holiday season is over. Yes, January 2nd: no theme songs, no cards, no gathering with relatives you never see otherwise, no dead turkeys or dead pigs, or worse yet dead cows, no trees in the house to shed and create a fire hazard, no traveling and nobody asking you if you are happy. Sheeeeesh!!! Leave me alone! Thanks… :-}

On January 2nd, humans all over the world now celebrate the end of the holiday season by… by… by… DOING NOTHING! That’s right. Nothing. At the most a very slight nod to someone is permitted. But no greetings, t-shirts, presents or songs. No official day or postage stamps. No guest appearances on Letterman. No. Not like that. It’s the Un-Holiday. We do nothing and bother nobody. Let’s leave it at that. And Gosh, the next time I send you an email around this time of year, please don’t assume it has anything to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. It doesn’t. Love ya brother…

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Pictures taken in Burnaby, Cloverdale and Victoria - B.C.

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Sunday, December 26th, 2010

The Monk Forgotten

Burnaby, British Columbia

What happens to someone who leaves his monastic order and takes up civilian life again? Are all efforts of self-discipline gone in vain? This is like a question found in the Gita where the despaired Arjuna asks Krishna, "What happens to someone on the self-realization path who doesn't reach his zenith? Is his karma like that of a riven cloud, here today but dissolved tomorrow?"

I was probed by this question of the monk forgotten while walking a strenuous but brief walk. I had dropped in along with my male assistant, Nirguna, to see two god-sisters one of which was on the phone speaking to a very "needing" person overseas. The person was a man now well into his middle years who had been part of the mission but left for various reasons almost three decades ago. He had been "out of touch" with his spiritual peers for years and had settled back into his pre-monk lifestyle.

The phone was handed to me and instantaneously I felt like being a coach. I never met the caller before even though I had been in his turf (the UK) during his active years. He really did sound like a lost soul crying in the wilderness. I felt for him and at the same time wondered how Vancouver/Burnaby was the fortunate place to receive his call. He said, "I'm prehistoric so I don't do email." He implied that he wanted to talk to someone.

The question was posed, "What happens to those who fall off from the path?" And, like Krishna's answer in the Gita which is most redeeming and reassuring, it is answered like this, "Your efforts are never forgotten. Any steps taken on the righteous path protects you from the greatest difficulty. You are given another chance through rebirth in very conducive circumstances. You are definitely remembered and you continue to move in the directions you once started until you achieve success."

After the conversation with both god-sister, Padyavali and I, the caller felt much better. He seemed hopeful and he wanted to hear from us again. It is now our job to not forget him but to stay in touch. No one should ever feel forgotten.

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Santa Marga

Burnaby, British Columbia

Would they give citizenship to Jesus? I was just about to leave the temple for a morning walk. I slid into my boots ready to deal with puddles when a young man came in with a stack of "Asian Journal" newspapers and plopped them down on a chair in the temple's foyer. I remarked, "Thank you. I'll read one." So I did and my eyes fell upon the article on citizenship. It was disturbing.

A full picture of brown, white and black folks sworn in as citizens along with delegates upstaged everything else. The caption read: "Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kennedy on Wednesday, reaffirmed Santa Clause as a Canadian Citizen."

My immediate thought was that here is a reinforcement of a myth, an endorsement. The guy in the red has once again ousted Jesus and now has been given the key to the country without even asking. So I query, "Would they give gratis citizenship to Jesus, the real person behind the Yuletide?" In the past I have voiced my sour humbuggish attitude towards the commercialism of December 25, lamenting about the waning of the true spirit that prevails. I also will spare words other than saying "Shame on whatever cola company who molded Mr Claus, reshaping St Nicolas." And one more, "Shame on them for contributing to the diabetic obesity of the day."

I believe sections of Europe have hit it’s target when on December 5th, the pious Nicolas is revered in the genuine spirit. They are proudly not victims of this diluted fest.

Given all of that, my evening was pleasantly occupied with a new production engaging the kids, a drama skit called "When Maya Strikes." I was also asked by management if I would play Santa Claus for the kids, a tradition in this community. I said, "No! Santa Marga could be a compromise. How about that? No costume. Just me."

One by one the children came up to me to receive a stocking of devotional goodies. I love kids. They represent hope for the future. May the children of the future become blessed with the vision to see through such facades and be able to face reality whether mundane or Divine!


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Australian News: Australian Kulimela Kicks Off: KAPOW!

As far as Week 2 (3rd – 9th of Jan) – Weather is due to be perfect and all Artists are arriving as scheduled… I look forward to 7 days of great times with you all…

Hi everyone, Week 1 of the Mela is off and going! As some of you may know there has been a bit of rain (thats what happens when you live in a rainforest area).

Don’t Fear – Indra (the rain) is due to easy after tuesday (even right now we can see the stars and there is not a drop of it about)

Currently the main access to the farm (bridge) is under water, it will most likely take a day or two to come down for driving access – HOWEVER.

There is access through the neighbours property, you have to walk for 15min on a track through the paddock.

Rather then everyone coming on their own on
Tuesday approx 1-2pm, we will meet at the house across the road from the main entrance to the farm (meet at the farm entrance if in doubt).

Then shortly after we will cross via foot to the farm with the aid of volunteers, coordinators and locals.

The Kulimela Team will then run a less formal Festival format, involving sports, kirtan, get to know each other activitites and of course prasadam… (all the fun stuff)

The Tours have changed due to weather and scheduled as follows:

Thurday: Byron Bay and Local Waterfalls

Friday: Currumbin Rockpools + Gold Coast for Kirtan and Fireworks to bring in the New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to cancel any plans but just to see this as Krsna’s Divine arrangement, Day 1 has been a blast with all that are here enjoying each other association and finished with great Bhajans….

Please if we can help in anyway contact us directly…


Go to the web site:

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Friday, December 24th, 2010

A Shining Figure

Burnaby, British Columbia

Today's highlight was undoubtedly a well deserved homage to an outstanding monk in our succession line, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, our guru's predecessor. Today was the anniversary of his passing. To honor this great soul who had the vision to give the entire non-Bharat world, (outside of India) the opportunity to be recipients of the Gita's message, an event was held at noon.

Bhaktisiddhanta was a life-long celibate, a teacher of the subtle science of the self, an astronomer, a writer, an innovator, and a visionary. He is described as a ray of Vishnu.

Born on February 6th, 1874, Bhaktisiddhanta led an active life as a mission man, He opened the Gaudia Math with sixty-four branches, mostly in Asia. It is an institution that educates the public in devotional service.

He said of his own mortal status "Our span of life is short. Our life will be crowned with success if the body wears out while constantly speaking Hari-katha (spiritual conversation)."

Also "Let our bodies, which are like those of aged oxen, be offered into the sankirtan-yajna (chanting culture). We do not aspire to be any kind of heroes of karma and dharma...In this world we are compelled to make decisions regarding objects that evoke our attraction and repulsion, both those that we want and those we do not."

In addition to his eloquently-put messages. I also want to mention that he inspired our guru, Srila Prabhupada, to set sail for the world that knew little about karma, dharma and devotion.

3 KM

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Flashback on the Ferry

Victoria, British Columbia

The day looked to be long. The air was moist. The ocean breeze gave a chill as we crossed on the ferry back to the mainland. A flashback hit me. It was on the ferry, the same route, in ' 72 when I read my first piece of literature considered Vedic. Yes, there they were; three tall baldies, aggressive as hell, standing at a street corner in downtown Victoria. Their devotional pressure tactics, however, worked on my buddy, Robert. He acquired the magazine, Back to Godhead for a quarter.

I however, got curious about the journal. Never would I have dreamed to be one of these monks at this stage in my life. I was enjoying my freedom. And it was summertime. How could a monastic program capture me at this time of year?

Lo and behold! The true enticement of the Krishna culture captivated me just six months later when five monks came to squeeze into my apartment in the nickel city of Sudbury. It was on this day if I recall -- December 23rd. It was at my invitation and just an overnight stay for them. Was it ever impactful! They were on a cross country journey in a blue bus. Little did I know then that I would catch the bug they carried; the gypsy itch or just cabin fever.

Some people are meant to move like a rolling stone. Others are like Stone Henge, firm and solid in one place. I gladly accept the curse of travel. Every day is a fresh new one because the location changes or at least every three days or so. Much of this freedom comes from the mendicant's lifestyle.

Yes, monk and path go together. There is no greater compatibility. I'm grateful.

3.5 KM

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H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 3 Chaper 25 Text 15

LECTURE BY HIS HOLINESS BHAKTI CARU SWAMI ON SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM 04-25-15 ON 08 OCTOBER 2010. Transcription : Ranga Radhika Dasi Editing : Ramananda Raya Dasa Audio-Reference : Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Srimad Bhagavatam. Third Canto, Chapter twenty five: The Glories of Devotional Service. Text fifteen. Cetah [...]

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Hari Sauri das, Mayapura, IN: Mayapur residents

Here’s a couple of our Mayapur residents.

Vikash has been our gardener for the last 3-4 years. Vikash’s father worked for ISKCON at the gurukula and as a small boy he used to help him and that’s where he learnt his trade. Now he has a family of his own and is still working for ISKCON.

And in the garden that Vikash looks after we have a pond (two actually). And in the pond lives bang-sarp who as the name implies, likes to eat frogs. If you look carefully you can spot him on the lily pads

Bang in Bengali is ‘frog’ and ‘sarp‘ is ‘snake’, (hence Bang-ladesh-the place of frogs) and although he is really a lizard, I guess he does look a bit like a snake.

He (or she) is a resident of the dhama and does the service of keeping our ponds free of frogs, which if left unchecked would attract a lot of real snakes of the poisonous variety.

I have already had a close encounter with India’s most venomous snake, a common krate

One summer night I went out onto our small balcony to close the shutter style wood and glass windows. I swung the first one into the frame and it jammed and wouldn’t close. I tried a couple of times and something was stopping it. I pulled the window back and something dropped at my feet. I looked down and there it was, a foot long reptile of living death. It had been perched on top of the window frame

and I was inches from death (aren’t we all). Our local snake guy wasn’t around

[readers, please don't try this at home; make sure you have a qualified supervisor]

so I took the next best option-I beat it over the head many times with a steel pole and then burnt the body.

That was a few years ago. More recently, a few months ago, we had an arch of bougainvillea surrounding the entrance to our small block of flats. Vikash had to cut it down because a family of cobras had decided to nest there.

Its a bit disconcerting to know that every time you walk in and out of your door, just a couple of feet above your head there is a highly venomous elapid snake of the genus Naja hanging out.

Welcome to Mayapur’s residents!

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Bhakta Chris Evans: ISKCON Secunderabad temple regularly hosts classes for various religious communities who get their first hand experience of Vedic philosophy and lifestyle. The program director, Dr Sahadeva dasa is popular figure on interfaith scene since many years. They visit the temple, hear the devotees, chant, dance, take prasadam and buy books

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Kurmaksetra Dasa: Hare Krishna ! ISKCON Secunderabad's Newsletter, Nov-December issue is out. In this edition of 12 pages we present reports on: 1.Two Ratha Yatras 2. Manifestation of Sri Sri Radha Govinda 3. Interfaith Preaching 4. Temple's Programs and Upcoming Events 5. Janmastami Report from Bidar City 6. Book Distribution Stories

  • Email to a friend Govinda Istanbul Opening Event - 8 Jan 2011

Nrsimha Krsna Das: I would like to inform you about the official opening of our Govinda Cafe in Istanbul. We have been operating for some time and now we are organizing an opening event on 8th Jan 2011. HH Sivarama Swami is going to be in Istanbul for honoring this event

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H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: Quote Of Guru Maharaja

Click On The Picture To See The Enlarged Vision The Sender Wants To Stay Anonymous

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Gouranga TV: Hanumatpresaka Swami – Chaitanya Charitamrita – ISKCON Madrid

Hanumatpresaka Swami – Chaitanya Charitamrita – ISKCON Madrid

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Japa Group: Sim­ply By Chant­ing The Holy Names

I like to remem­ber Srila Prabhupada’s empha­sis on the impor­tance of chant­ing Hare Krishna mantra. When Srila Prab­hu­pada teaches that the top­most stage of God real­iza­tion can be attained sim­ply by chant­ing the holy names, we are pleased and con­vinced. Even though I can’t take up the chant­ing prop­erly, still it is a solace and inspi­ra­tion to hear Prab­hu­pada tell us about it.
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Mayapur Online: Overview of Srimad Bhagavatam- New Online Course

Do you find reading Srila Prabhupada’s multi-volume edition of Srimad-Bhagavatam a daunting task? If so, you could consider taking up “Overview of Srimad-Bhagavatam”, a new online correspondence course offered by Mayapur Online Education. This course will help students read and understand Srila Prabhupada’s presentation of the Bhagavatam.

Go to for further details.

Other courses offered by Mayapur Online Education are:

read more

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Krishna-kripa das, Mayapura: Travel Journal#6.20: Gainesville and Tucson

Diary of a Traveling Sadhaka, Vol. 6, No. 20
By Krishna-kripa das
(October 2010, part two)
Gainesville, Tucson
(Sent from Albany, New York, on December 26, 2010)

Where I Was and What I Did

Because I am a Ratha-yatra addict and because of attending the Gainesville one for years, I decided to return to Gainesville in mid-October for the Ratha-yatra, although I was happy doing outreach in New York and Philadelphia, and normally would have stayed a little longer.

Back in April, Pratik Desai (now Prema Rasa Das) invited me to Tucson where he was enrolled in a Ph.D. program at University of Arizona. The adventure of doing college outreach in a new place appealed to me, and I planned to go in November. Ultimately, Prema Rasa changed his mind and returned to India, but I decided to keep my plan and go to Tucson, and so from October 20 to November 17, I had a great time trying to promote the study of Bhagavad-gita on the campus there. Hanumat Preseka Swami came to visit while I was there, and he shared some nice realizations in his classes.

I also found some nectar in recorded classes by Srila Prabhupada and video recordings of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami reading his Remembering Srila Prabhupada and commenting on it. I also share realizations from devotees in Gainesville and Tucson, and some notes I took in preparing my own classes in Tucson.

Gainesville Ratha-yatra

Lord Jagannath and His associates bless the University of Florida’s Homecoming Parade each year by their presence and the congregational chanting of the holy names. What was special about this year for me was the fact about four male students from the opposite side of the street saw the jolly devotees dancing and decided to join in. They entered our party behind the ladies dancing in front but ahead of the instrumentalists. Usually people who decide to dance with us, stop after a minute or two, but these guys kept dancing for a few blocks. While they were dancing, for a couple of minutes two girls joined them. Never I have seen bystanders actually join a parade and dance with the devotees and rarely do those who dance with our other public chanting parties, do so for so long. They must have some kind of attraction to be willing to do that.

After the parade, we served lunch to the devotees and our friends in a park, chanting the whole way there from the end of the parade, and the prasadam was wonderful. I talked to some former students who used to eat Krishna Lunch but hadn’t since their graduation. They were happy to reconnect with the devotees and their spiritual food again.


I decided to chant and do a book table for three hours each day, as I have done on other campuses. In addition, I advertized a four-part seminar on topics from Bhagavad-gita to be held at a venue near the campus as we had no club president to reserve campus rooms.

Within a week, Sam Shumaker, a staff photographer from the Arizona Wildcat, took a picture of me chanting with my harmonium and book table. It made the “Worth Noting” section of page two, itself called “Odds and Ends.” The caption mentioned my Bhagavad-gita seminar.

Talking to the students, I found many had heard of Govinda’s Restaurant, and all of those liked it. There were a large number of veterinary students, wildlife conservation students, and environmental studies, most of whom were happy to hear about our vegetarian restaurant, and some to consider spiritual ideas. The wind blew the flyers and even the small books off the table, and more often than not, students would help pick them up. Once four students chased after my flyers, one returning them, along with a rock to keep them from blowing in the future. Even though campuses are slow on the weekends, I found much more interest among the few students on the campus than the Tucson residents, so the last three weekends I went to campus. Twice, I sold four books to a single person, something I do not recall ever having done before, once on a Saturday. In both cases, I was able to sell the additional books because I did not have enough change and I had suggested they take more books. I carefully monitored which of my advertizing strategies was most successful at getting people to come to my Bhagavad-gita seminars. I found that posters were much more successful than flyers, and that the posters placed in the libraries were the most successful of all.

One nice experience was a conversation I had with a girl who was brought up as a Lutheran but who had no present spiritual practice. I usually tell people I am here at their campus to popularize Bhagavad-gita, a great spiritual classic from India. I decided to tell her the things I appreciated that the Gita mentioned that were new to me when I first encountered it myself. I talked about how the soul is symptomized by consciousness and that anything that manifests consciousness is an eternal soul, situated in a temporary material body. I mentioned how we can practically see, if we have pets, that animals have perception of pleasure and pain, much as we do, and studies show that plants also have consciousness. All souls are brothers and sisters on the spiritual plane, as children of God, and thus violence against any innocent creature is irreligious. I also explained that if God is all good and all powerful, if this is our first life, then it is difficult to account for people being born in an unfortunate condition from the very beginning of life. If we had a previous life, we could say an unfortunate position is a reaction to past deeds, and is therefore, fair. If a thief takes birth in poverty it is just. Otherwise, it looks like God is not equal to all, is not all powerful, or does not exist. I also explained that according to the Gita, one suffers temporary suffering for sinful acts, but that after that suffering, one gets another life to improve oneself. Perpetual suffering as a reaction to one life’s misdeeds doesn’t make sense, especially if God is said to be all merciful. Even an ordinary person will give his son another chance. After I stopped speaking, she said to my surprise, “OK I’ll buy it,” and so she did, giving me the standard price of ten dollars. I had forgotten I was trying to sell a book. I was just telling what I liked about the philosophy, and she apparently thought it made sense.

Insight from Lectures

Srila Prabhupada:

Peacefulness cannot be attained without Krishna consciousness. In the spiritual world there is peacefulness, but in the material world there is enviousness.

The essence of the body is life. Without life, the body alone is useless. Similarly, this whole cosmic manifestation has an essence without which it has no value. The great souls seek to understand this essence, for by understanding the Absolute Truth, everything becomes understood.

If you understand Krishna, you can teach even the greatest scientist.

If we understand Krishna, even slightly, in truth, our life becomes perfect. Hearing and chanting [about Krishna] means you will become perfect.

We are opening so many centers just to give people a chance to hear about Krishna.

from a lecture in London on September 17, 1969, on SB 5.5.2:

This Krishna consciousness movement is so nice it can change debauchees into mahatmas [great souls].

Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami, Remembering Srila Prabhupada reading:

Because of the austerity, Srila Prabhupada said preaching for one year in India is like ten years in the west.

In India Prabhupada kept his door open, and devotees could see him anytime they wanted.

Prabhupada found that because of Mogul and British domination for so many years, the intelligentsia in India came to think of their own culture as backward. He reasoned that if he could show them that westerners were taking to Krishna consciousness, they would think it was valuable.

Srila Prabhupada said about himself, “I was always the same. I just gained men and money.”

It is possible the greatest follower of Srila Prabhupada has not yet appeared. After all, Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami appeared forty years after Lord Caitanya’s disappearance, but what a great devotee of Lord Caitanya he was!

Srila Prabhupada wanted to spread Krishna consciousness both to the masses through kirtana and prasadam and to the most influential people through more intellectual presentations.

Srila Prabhupada would always carry a book that contained commentaries by nine Vaishnava acaryas which he used to help him with his own commentaries. He also carried an English dictionary.

Srila Prabhupada said early in his preaching in America, “If they write a biography about me, they should say that I am like one who transplanted a tulasi [holy basil] from one continent to another. Great care must be taken or it will die.”

Later he spoke about a biography to be written about him, especially his later life, and he suggested I write it.

You did not have to wear sikhas and saris, but he welcomed the devotees adopting them.

Although Srila Prabhupada did not emphasize Lord Nityananda over Lord Caitanya, I mention Srila Prabhupada as being especially empowered by Lord Nityananda because of his ability to enlighten the westerners, who were so fallen according to the standard of Vedic culture [because Lord Nityananda is famous for delivering the fallen].

Hanumat Preseka Swami:

In Bengal, Ramakrishna used to be most prominent. Now the governor of Bengal mentioned at one Gaudiya Math gathering, “Now I am beginning to appreciate Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and for the rest of my life, I promise you I will take this all more seriously.”

If you can chant sixteen rounds and follow the four rules, then you are empowered by the parampara [the line of spiritual teachers]. It is a contract that Srila Prabhupada has made with his followers. If you were not empowered, you couldn’t do it.

Srila Prabhupada said, “I am writing these purports so that after I am gone you can sit together and read them and enjoy spiritual bliss.”

India was always the place to go for advanced spiritual knowledge.

is the center of Srila Prabhupada’s books, the center of our tradition and the center of the Kali-yuga.

Srila Prabhupada said, “Become self-realized, build your character, and preach.”

On Balarama Purnima all the peacocks in Vrndavana dance in ecstasy. One devotee thought it was just a Vaishnava fairy tale, but he was awakened at 10 p.m. by the cries of the dancing peacocks.

Marriage is an austerity undertaken by husband and wife for the self-realization of both.

Abe Lincoln said democracy is a terrible form of government, but the others are so much worse.

You may criticize ISKCON for disagreements between factions of devotees, but some things are very exemplary. How many organizations have 500 centers worldwide where everyone is vegetarian? How many organizations are still intact so many years after their leader left?

I tell my disciples in leadership positions, “Put Vaishnava [spiritual] relationships before administrative relationships.”

80% of people in the USA believe in God, but only 40% of the media in USA believe in God.

Comment by Jai Nitai Prabhu: Another thing about ISKCON is we are the first religious group with a worldwide conflict resolution program, with over eighty trained mediators and ombudsmen.

From a lecture on Hanuman’s prayer#1, SB 5.19.3:

Rupa Goswami says it is the duty of the spiritual master to teach his disciples Srimad-Bhagavatam.

Vrindavana Das Thakura says his only desire is to study Srimad-Bhagavatam from Lord Nityananda, life after life.

Srila Prabhupada said that Bhagavad-gita is the culture of the intellect and that Srimad-Bhagavatam is the culture of the soul proper.

The different avatars manifest different aspects of Krishna’s personality, but Krishna Himself can reciprocate any kind of relationship one can desire.

Knowing that we are not the body is something but not much. It is just knowing what we are not.

Hanuman glorifies Lord Rama for His steady character.

In the west spiritual and material knowledge were taught together until the Cartesian split, when the priests were separated from the intellectuals.

Each Veda has a samhita which is the essential text. Then there are the brahmanas, which are directions for sacrifice. Aranyakas are for the vanaprasthas, who are beginning to renounce. The Upanisads are the more philosophical sections.

People doubt the authenticity of oral traditions, but what are the odds that 400 brahmanas chanting mantras will make the same mistake at the same time. Whereas in printing a book it is easy to introduce a mistake and make many copies of it.

The BBC has a video called “Science…Fiction” which was considered one of the best by American Association for the Advancement of Science and describes the history of how science came to be accepted as a source of knowledge. It ends with a rocket blasting off, and the comment, “Science is not powerful because it is true. It is true because it is powerful.”

In India they had batteries before Christ. They had iron columns that didn’t rust for centuries.

Hanuman’s prayers to Rama are very philosophical descriptions of His greatness.

In 1975 Bahulasva Das was driving on an unpopulated road in the desert and saw an accident and decided to help. One robust lady in the damaged camper was screaming and her thigh was bleeding and the muscle was exposed. He screamed, “Krishna!”, and wondered, “how could the Lord allow such thing to happen!” Just then the camper refrigerator door opened and some bacon fell out. He looked at the bacon and the ladies’ leg. The similarity surprised him, and then he understood.

The Universal Form Video:

Our problem is we want to reign in hell more than we want to serve in heaven.

Only when we have a higher spiritual taste can we be satisfied just to meet our needs.

The first step is to realize God in nature. This includes seeing God in the different kinds of people who make up society. The next step is introspection.

The way to become Krishna consciousness is to engage your passions in Krishna’s service, not to give them up.

The material world is a temporary picture of the eternal spiritual world. It is not false.

Srila Prabhupada describes that we can meditate on different aspects of the creation as parts of the universal form of the Lord, and we can fix our mind completely on the Lord in this way.

Some are attracted to Vaikuntha, others to Goloka, some are attracted to one relationship with Lord, and other people are attracted to another. Who is more advanced? We try to figure it out from a neutral position, but in reality, who is in a neutral position?

Everyone is created for a certain purpose, so no one can take away our service. We just have to become enthusiastic to attain our eternal position.

Q [by Sandamani dd]: How did you come to Krishna consciousness?
A: I was at Univ. of California, and I graduated and was wondering what to do. Buddhimanta Prabhu was distributing books, and I got a
Krishna book, and looked at it for over a year. There were so many amazing things. After a while, I decided either this is an absolute lie or the absolute truth, but in any case, it is absolute.

Q[from Hanumat Preseka Swami to Vaisesika]: What is the best sankirtana technique?
A: Get a lot of books. Stack them up so you can see them. And think of ways to get them out.

Kapila says religion in the mode of ignorance is motivated by fear, in the mode of passion is motivated by desire, in the mode of goodness is motivated by duty, and in transcendence is motivated by love.

One example of ignorance is a beer commercial with the slogan, “Why ask why?”

Q[by Sandamini dd]: Can you give us a couple things we can practically do to advance spiritually?
A: Associate with some spiritually-minded people whose association will purify your heart.

Some disciple had a doubt which he expressed to Srila Prabhupada, “What happens if I become ready to receive knowledge of my eternal relationship with Krishna and you are not here.” Srila Prabhupada said not to worry but that knowledge would be revealed to him from within.

The grinding pot was also part of the conspiracy, because Krishna stood on it to steal the butter, so His Mother Yasoda also tied it up.

From a lecture on Hanuman’s prayer#2, SB 5.19.4:

The word “godhead” comes “godhood”.

All the holy places in Vrindavana are retreating, and by the end of Kali-yuga all that is left that is sacred is the dust of Vrindavana. Thus it is concluded the dust of Vrindavana is most merciful.

Srila Prabhupada told his disciples they could print Brahma-samhita, but without changing a single word of it, as it was his guru’s translation.

When a pickpocket sees a saint, he just sees his pockets. Thus we see according to our desire.

We see Krishna better through the transparent medium of the chain of spiritual masters, as a person sees better through spectacles.

Lord Ramacandra manifests the relationship of friendship, which Lord Vishnu never does.

In Gokula there are demons in Krishna’s pastimes and the gopis have husbands, but in Goloka there are only rumors of demons, and the husbands of the gopis never really show up.

There is a psychological experiment which shows time is not linear. They play a tape with a click, whistle, or buzz, and ask the hearer to write down the order in which they appear. They increase the speed until the hearer hears that the click, whistle, and buzz all appear to be present simultaneously although they are not.

Brahman in Sanskrit means that which expands unlimitedly and thus it is often translated as spirit.

Sunday feast lecture:

In the encyclopedia Brittanica they talk about different features of the different countries, but only for India do they mention the philosophy, and for that they need a whole separate entry.

One Bengali, proud of his culture, said we Bengalis are the French people of India.

Plato said that highest development of love of God is conjugal love.

If pigs and dogs have food and sex, there must be something better for human beings.

In the Christian tradition, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux talks about the degrees of love of God, the kiss of the feet, the kiss of the hand, and the kiss of the lips. [I found more information on Saint Bernard of Clairvaux at this web site:]

Marriage in Indian culture is more of a marriage of families rather than a marriage of two people.

Vastu tells where to place buildings within the nation, within the city, and within the property.

You should never put your bathroom in the northeast corner of the house for that is where the head of the Vastu purusa is situated, and he will not appreciate it, and life will be difficult for you.

God is too big for one religion, but we need someone to follow.

Krishna is interested us because we have free will.

Krishna’s mercy is greater than His justice.

The essence of justice is mercy.

Krishna is determined to find a way to take us back to Godhead, but if we do not cooperate, it will take a very long time to make it.

Krishna is perfect, so His reform school is all perfect.

We are different. Men cannot listen, and women cannot read maps.

Hearing from self-realized souls is a universal principal.

Buddha taught no weapons, so people learned out to kill with their bare hands.

To call yourself a Buddhist, and in a time of plenty, to kill animals unnecessarily for food, is a great oxymoron.

Just as people look at different colleges, and then choose one, and go with it, similarly we should commit ourselves to one spiritual path.

Hanuman’s prayer#3, Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.19.5:

Lord Ramacandra taught his devotees that it is better not to enter household life which full of tribulations.

He also taught that a husband should be dutiful to protect his wife, although it may be inconvenient.

Sugriva said to Rama, “I am a monkey and I lost my wife, but I am not lamenting as much as you are!”

Every experienced person knows that sex, licit or illicit, is a big problem.

A tigress is chasing a man. The man runs down a path. The path ends at a cliff. But there is a root that he grabs onto, but there are just rocks below. So he is holding on, with the tigress above, and the rocks below. Then a rat comes on the scene and starts gnawing on the root. But there is some honey dropping from a tree, and the man finds if he stretches his neck backwards, he can taste it. These drops of honey are symbolic of the pleasure of material life in this otherwise precarious world.

Why varnasrama [the traditional Vedic social structure]? I can think of three reasons:

1) If we fail at pure devotional service, at least we will fall to sane, regulated life.

2) Varnasrama is best way to organize the sankirtana mission.

3) Varnasrama is the best example to teach the society in general.

In every situation, there is an opportunity to be exploited, but we may be aware that no one gets more exploitation than others.

Mother Arundhati:

Only Krishna can destroy this universe by the blink of His eye, and similarly, only Krishna can create the material universe by His glance.

Srila Prabhupada explains that “what is the duty of a man at the time of death?” is a more important question than “what is duty of a man in general?”

We surrender to Krishna by hearing, chanting, and remembering Him.

By chanting the holy name we associate with the Lord who is not different from His name.

Srila Prabhupada explained that if we could be convinced that Krishna is our only friend, we would be so happy.

Devotional service seems difficult until we attain the humility and tolerance recommended by Lord Caitanya.

We have to act in a way that attracts Krishna’s attention.

We should not be so concerned about what we are doing but rather that we are cultivating the proper attitude.

Krishna-kripa das:

We have heard serving the devotee is better than serving the Lord. Srimad-Bhagavatam 9.4.63 is one place where the Lord personally says it.

This comes up in the daily songs we sing, as Srila Prabhupada mentions in “Guruvastakam”, verse 8.

Also in the Tulasi song we pray, “koro nija dasi”, “Make me your own maidservant.” Just by serving tulasi nicely we can enter the eternal Vrndavana.

In the “Guru Vandana,” we sing “Guru carane rati, ei sei uttama gati.” “Attachment to the spiritual master’s feet is the supreme destination.”

Because My devotees are completely devoid of material desires, I sit only within the cores of their hearts.”

In other words, the Lord is attracted by the pure love of His devotees.”

Because we are part of the Lord, we are also attracted by pure love.

If someone is nice to us because they want us to do them a favor, we may do them that favor, but we will not be impressed, but if someone does us a favor just because they like us, that is so much more endearing, and so it is with Krishna.

Devananda Pandit offended Srivasa Thakura by allowing his students to physically throw the Thakura out of his Srimad-Bhagavatam recitation because he was crying in ecstasy, but by serving another devotee, Vrakresavara Pandit, he attained the mercy of Lord Caitanya.

Sivananda Sena took care of a dog who joined the party of devotees traveling from Navadvipa to Puri to see Lord Caitanya. Ultimately, by the association of Sivananda Sena, the dog attained the mercy of Lord Caitanya and attained spiritual world.

Prabhupada’s comments on the pastime:

Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Thākura has therefore sung, tumi ta’ thākura, tomāra kukkura, baliyā jānaha more (Śaranāgati 19). He thus offers to become the dog of a Vaishnava. There are many other instances in which the pet animal of a Vaishnava was delivered back home to Vaikunthaloka, back to Godhead. Such is the benefit of somehow or other becoming the favorite of a Vaishnava. Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Thākura has also sung, kīta-janma ha-u yathā tuyā dāsa (Śaraṇāgati 11). There is no harm in taking birth again and again. Our only desire should be to take birth under the care of a Vaishnava. Fortunately we had the opportunity to be born of a Vaishnava father who took care of us very nicely. He prayed to Śrīmatī Rādhārānī that in the future we would become a servant of the eternal consort of Śrī Krishna. Thus somehow or other we are now engaged in that service. We may conclude that even as dogs we must take shelter of a Vaishnava. The benefit will be the same as that which accrues to an advanced devotee under a Vaishnava's care. (CC Antya 1.24, purport)

The next day, no one saw that dog [of Sivananda Sena], for it had obtained its spiritual body and departed for Vaikuntha, the spiritual kingdom.

This is the result of sādhu-sańga — consequent association with Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu and promotion back home, back to Godhead. This result is possible even for a dog, by the mercy of the Vaishnava. Therefore, everyone in the human form of life should be induced to associate with devotees. By rendering a little service, even by eating prasādam, what to speak of chanting and dancing, everyone can be promoted to Vaikunthaloka. It is therefore requested that all our devotees in the ISKCON community become pure Vaishnavas, so that by their mercy all the people of the world will be transferred to Vaikuṇṭhaloka, even without their knowledge. Everyone should be given a chance to take prasādam and thus be induced to chant the holy names Hare Krishna and also dance in ecstasy. By these three processes, although performed without knowledge or education, even an animal went back to Godhead. (CC Antya 1.32 translation and purport)

Associating with devotees means taken shelter of spiritual energy.

Radhanatha Swami explains how to get a taste for serving the devotees: by serving the devotees.

We need to serve the pure devotees for our own spiritual benefit and by doing so, become pure devotees, so that by cooperating with us, the people will become delivered, just as Sivananda Sena’s dog was.

Also Haridas Thakura was beaten in 22 market places without protest on his part.

This is an advanced state. The neophyte devotees pray for protection.

I am still neophyte. The only time I ever cried out to Krishna in complete helplessness was at the Puri Ratha-yatra when the pilgrims behind me were rushing forward, pulling the chariot, and those in front of me were walking leisurely and were so numerous as to completely block me from moving fast enough to escape the ones running toward me from behind. Seeing no escape, I yelled, “KRISHNA!!!” as loud as I could. I got trampled by the crowd but was unharmed. I lost my shoes but, amazingly enough, later found them.

Srila Prabhupada used the analogy of the child who is fearless in the presence of his parents to explain why the pure devotee takes the Lord’s protection for granted so much so that he does not pray for it.

The secret is “depending fully on the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

Why don’t we? Doubts about the existence of God. Doubts about our own ability to surrender. If we know God is all good, present everywhere, and all powerful, then we should not have any fear.

What to do? Hear from the faithful.

A devotee is never fearful of his death, for he meditates on the Supreme Personality of Godhead always, not for any material profit, but as his duty.”

Goodness means duty. Not for profit but because it is the right thing to do.

1) whenever goodness is described, duty is mentioned.

2) We have an eternal duty, jivera svarupa haya, krishnera nitya dasa

3) Because we are part of Krishna, we should serve the whole.

4) Yatha taror mulam nisecanena . . . Just by watering the root of a tree, all the branches are nourished. Just by nourishing the stomach, all the senses of the become stronger.

5) Machine analogy. Unless placed in the machine in proper orientation, a small screw has no value. Similarly unless we are properly engaged in the Lord’s service, our activities have no value.

This protection is offered to a devotee even from the very beginning of his devotional service.”

1) Dhruva’s stepmother was condemned by Krishna for insulting Dhruva ever before he began his devotional service.

2) Dhruva apparently was not even a devotee when insulted.

3) Therefore, we should not offend someone who may later become a great devotee.

4) Nehabhikrama-naso ’sti [Bg. 2.40] . . . even a little advancement on this path can save one from the greatest fear of losing the human form of life.

5) Brhad-sloka Prabhu tells how he had an appointment to deliver cheese cake at the World Trade Center. He forgot the cake, and when he went to get it, he saw the plane sticking in the side of the building, and so he did not go back to deliver the cake.

Although an enemy of a devotee may be very strong, he is compared to an angry serpent before the fire of devotional service.”

Prithu Prabhu tells about how a man who was angrily plotting against the devotees died in a car bombing in Ireland before he could execute his plans.

Notes on SB 9.9.46:

In The Nectar of Devotion, Prabhupada mentions that we should mold our life so our spiritual life takes precedence.

If we only aspire for service, we will not be frustrated, because there is always something one can do. If there is nothing in particular to do, you can always chant Hare Krishna.

Madhava Prabhu:

One time the GBC made some rule that no unmarried women and children could live in the temple. When Srila Prabhupada heard that he said that it was not his idea to turn anyone away from Krishna consciousness.

There are failures in each ashrama, brahmacarya, grhastha, vanaprastha, and sannyasa. The failure is that we forget Krishna. Narottama Das Thakura prayed, I do not care for your status, if you are a follower of Lord Caitanya, I want your association. Similarly, Bhaktivinoda Thakura advises both renunciates and householders to chant the holy name of the Lord.

Srila Prabhupada advised that it is best for the men to be brahmacaris, unmarried celibate monks, but it was best that the ladies were married. When asked how that was possible, he replied, “That is the art of management.”

Comment by Kalakantha Prabhu: I learned to be less selfish as a result of being married. You love the people, so that draws it [the tendency to be unselfish] out of you.

Jai Nitai from Tucson:

Doing our duty (dharma), meeting our needs (spiritual and material), and rendering service can help us have a peaceful life.

If we are doing our dharma, we will not be so disturbed by the vacillations of our mind.

Bhakta Gino:

Because it is the age of quarrel (Kali), it is appropriate that we are discussing offenses.

Although Krishna gives us a choice to serve Him or not, other people are sometimes unwilling to give others a choice.

In this pastime, Ambarisa Maharaja is trying very hard not to commit offense, while Durvasa is taking every opportunity to take offense.

Before his fighting with Drona, his teacher, Arjuna shot an arrow at his feet as a gesture of respect. Drona replied by sending a arrow, the feathers of which grazed his head as a blessing.

In our many lives, we have been honored, we have been rich, we have been treated as lowly, we have been poor. None of it has given us eternal pleasure.

We take shelter of Krishna because our other shelters failed. Then nourished by devotional service, we develop, but when our distress goes away, we can forget Krishna is our only shelter, and end up returning to our previous state. So we have to be careful about this.

It is said the theme of the Torah is, “May we remember, oh Lord our God.” Once a devotee asked Prabhupada what he was praying to Krishna for, and he said, “That I always remember Krishna and never forget Him.”

Durvasa’s hitting rock bottom by being chased from the Surdarshan cakra will prove to be an opportunity to once again remember Krishna.

Although the demigods are more powerful than we are, when they get into trouble, they immediately take shelter of Krishna. This is their example.

Comment by a mataji whose name I didn’t know: Prabhupada said pushing is required in the practice of Krishna consciousness, because we tend to be lazy, but the pushing should be done with love.


ananya-cetah satatam
yo mam smarati nityasah
tasyaham surlabhah partha
nitya-yuktasya yoginah

For one who always remembers Me without deviation, I am easy to obtain, O son of Prtha, become of his constant engagement in devotional service.” (Bhagavad-gita 8.14)

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