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Report about Global Kirtan for Yamuna Devi

Madhavi Madhava Dasi

Madhavi Madhava Dasi

govardhana dharam vande
gopalam gopa rupinam
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Madhavi Madhava Dasi

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1. Location: Moscow, Jagannath Temple
2. Organizer: Gauri dd
3 .Performers: Thakur Haridas Das, Uddhava-bihari Adhikari, Sita, Gauri devi, bhakta Adrian, bhaktin Snezhana
4. Group of around 100 people

On Saturday, January 30th, we continued to celebrate Nityananda Trayodasi. So the day started with His abhisek. After that HH Purnacandra Goswami Maharaj gave a class about Lord Nityananda's pastimes. Next part of the program was Global Kirtan for Yamuna.

Gauri devi announced our schedule and asked everybody to stay till the end of Kirtan which was 10 pm. The first performer was a brahmacari Thakur Haridas who is famous with his heartfelt kirtans.

Gauri devi is a very warm person and I think it's due to her presence the atmosphere was especially domestic and friendly. In her preface she described Yamuna's current condition and added that our children might lose the opportunity to have Her darsana.

Everywhere on walls of the temple room there were hanging large-sized photos of Yamuna River, Her banks, Keshi-ghat. Some devotees sat in font of the altar and prayed there to Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra for Yamuna, and I chose to fix my eyes on one of those beautiful photos. Immediatelly I found myself sitting at Keshi-ghat, I went there in my spirit.

Undoubtedly, this kirtan was a Maha-mahotsava, World Festival, Great Universal Yajna. I'm sharing my thoughts since I was asked to write what my experience was like. I was looking into the eyes of other devotees and their response was obvious. Everyone was praying for Yamuna !

Gauri seemed to be very concentrated in her prayers. It should be noted that all performers were experienced in leading kirtans. Our non-stop kirtan was powerful and vigorous and we felt ourselves connected in prayers with other Vaisnavas around the world. Every time demons cause troubles, devotees naturally seek after Lord Krishna's help and shelter. I think we shaked the Earth and whole Universe with our United Kirtan. I truly admire Vaisnavas who bring up this issue and provide tangible ideas of how one can participate in battle (sad to say) for our Home, Sri Vrindaban Dham.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe Shyam !

Your insignificant servant.
Thakur Haridas Brahmacari
Last heroеs. They stayed late in the evening and continued Kirtan for Yamuna
Uddhava-bihari Adhikari with Sita
next singer
evening arati
Gauri devi

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