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Gosha Nagashima

photo by Nino Mondhe
Studio of Fine Art

Artist Statement

I am a painter, printmaker, ceramist and I paint on glass.

I am moved by all.rness in the city, sound, the silver leaf broken by time.
My work is a painted record of my questions, longings,
disillusionments and compassion.
I touch the time and time touches my work.
I look and learn.

I love going for a walk, taking photos or being photographed by Nino Mondhe,
a dear friend whose work fascinates me,
looking at cookery books, listening to music.
I love Miyuki Nakajima… forever! Leonard Cohen, Yutaka Ozaki,
Ewa Demarczyk, Nick Cave...
I melt when I hear Maria Callas in “Norma”, feel at home with the paintings of
Munakata Shiko, poetry of Mitsuo Aida, Shuntaro Tanikawa,
try to embrace the poetry of a new friend, Makoto Takayanagi,
watching a good movie…
my favourite actress is Marlene Dietrich,
my favourite film is “Der Himmel über Berlin” by Wim Wenders.
I admire the honest work of a friend, movie director Peter Sempel,
and love the way he brings film and music together in unexpected ways...

I relax by growing herbs, watching my cat sleeping.

What is important to me is vision and unity, tension of life as an
eternal quality of our ambivalence, unconditional mind, care, trust.
I think we are most sexy when we are ourselves,
when we feel passion for life, for nature.
We are most attractive when we are not just looking inward
but caring about those around us.

I don’t like people who are selfish, who abuse others verbally or physically,
those who are nationalistic, ego-centric.

I am lucky, in my life I met many true people, simple souls with open minds, friends
with whom I can exchange thoughts, or be with in a silent mind.

In my husband I met a "true poet of life".

My son Toshi, all in one... is the greatest art I ever created.

Every encounter might change our life - I wish us a meaningful encounter.

Nice to meet you,

Gosha Nagashima-Soden 360 degrees full circle: thank you very much for your kind invitation Debbie, i join with pleasure, best wishes, gosha
360 degrees full circle
360 degrees full circle
So glad you came in
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jueves 11 de marzo de 2010


Nityānanda Chandra Das


NityānandaChandra's picture

Nityānanda Chandra Das
male, 31, married
Dallas, Texas, United States
Priest at ISKCON Dallas

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About me

Born in Hawaii, learned about Krishna Consciousness from my 12 year old friend Kalae when I was 14. Moved to Portland at 16 and moved into the temple as a brahmacari (monk) at 20. Married at 24 and now I am 29. As a brahmacari I have done some traveling. We toured the US several times in our Sankirtan Bus which was replete with wood floors and cabinets, temple room, kitchen, and shower. It was tons of fun. Traveling Bus Party 2000: Lived on this bus for about a year.Traveling Bus Party 2000: Lived on this bus for about a year.Chanting in front of a Hare Krishna Billboard in Manhattan: in  Manhattan 2001 so much funChanting in front of a Hare Krishna Billboard in Manhattan: in Manhattan 2001 so much funI have been to India twice so far and England once. I met my wonderful wife 6 years ago while distributing Srila Prabhupada's books in the subway of Times Square. Krishna Consciousness is really wonderful for not only do we have a complete philosophy but we have such wonderful people to meet all over world, the best food, best music, the best festivals, it is all around wonderful. Hare Krishna
Your humble servant,
Nityananda Chandra Das

We now have our new baby daugher Visakha Anjali GrangerVisakha N Momma like to match: During Dallas Ratha Yatra FestivalVisakha N Momma like to match: During Dallas Ratha Yatra Festival

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Hare Krishna I am a priest that lives in the Dallas temple community. I was first introduced to Krishna Consciousness at 14 by a friend of mine and have enjoyed the practices and knowledge of Krishna Consciousness since that time.

Hare Krishna
It's been a long time since I have heard from you and your wonderful wife. I would love to hear from you. My husband and I are looking to move to Dallas. Please email me at

Hare Krishna
Wish u a very happy New Year & Ram Navami
Keep in touch

Hare Krishna
Thanks for your kindness.....
keep in touch

Hare Krishna!

I adore your family (especially because mine is alot less conducive to Krishna consciousness) and the pictures etc which you put up for us. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

Hari Bol!

Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!
Thanks for your comment. Please tell me who started this philosophy
I once read that 'Mayavadi philosophy is veiled Buddhism'. Is it correct??
To get a clearer point of what I am trying to say, follow the link below:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.........
Keep in touch

Thank you :)

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna
How are you???
Keep in touch

Hare Krishna
Wish you a very happy & KC Holi & Gaur Purnima
Keep in touch

Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!!
Get well soon
Keep in touch

Hare Krishna
Wish you a very happy Ekadasi.
Keep in touch

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