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Srila Prabhupada speaks on: "Miracles And MIRACLES"

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Some pictures of the "havan" (fire sacrifice") held on Dassera day, the day that Govinda's Restaurant was opened here at ISKCON Baroda. Also some pictures of the inside of Govinda's kitchen and pictures of devotees and guests taking prasad at Govinda's.

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"Miracles And MIRACLES"

Hyderabad, April 29, 1974


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Prabhupada: Actually, if we become successful then all these things will be finished. Yes. [break]

Devotee: They are attracted by wonderful things such as Sai Baba. He is doing so many wonderful things. People...

Prabhupada: That is, means rascal. He does not see Krsna's wonderful. If you want to see wonderful things, why don't you see the more wonderful things? But they are foolish; they are captivated with small wonderful things. That means less intelligent. Just like small children, they will be amazed by seeing small wonderful things, but his father will not be. What is the amazement, wonderful thing, Sai Baba has done? If he is creator of gold, then why he is doing business of incense? You know that? He has a big incense business exactly like us. He can create gold? Why there is incense business? [break] Caitanya Mahaprabhu used to give to His mother some gold when there was need of money. "Mother, I got this gold. So you can utilize it." The mother would think that "We are poor men, we have no gold. Wherefrom this boy brings gold?" So he (she) was doubtful because he (she) was thinking, "My son is mad, sometimes crazy." So he (she) would go, "Is it real gold? Just see." Then. "Yes, it is real gold." "Hm, how He got it?" You see. [break] ...many yogis, they make such gold for meeting their expenditures. Yes. Still in India they know how to make gold from copper. Yes. The process is they will drink mercury at night, and in the morning they will urine on the copper coins. And then, after some hours, the copper coins taken and put into the fire, it becomes gold. And it is scientific that some molecules of mercury, if mixed with copper, it is gold. Gold is combination of mercury and copper. But the people cannot mix it. They have tried. That is called alchemist. They tried to mix it. Because they do not know the process, as soon as mercury is put into fire, it immediately goes out. You melt copper, and in hot copper, if you put mercury, it will not melt together. Immediately it will throw away. So some of the yogis, they know. They digest copper, er, mercury, and it comes in the form, urine. And then the copper is put there. There is an interaction, and then put into fire. It becomes gold.

Gargamuni: So we should start manufacturing.

Prabhupada: You first of all eat mercury then. (laughter) You'll be finished. [break] scarcity. Why should we go to imitate the rascals? We have got enough gold. Krsna is supplying gold whenever we require. [break] ...artha-prayojanam. Whatever you need, Krsna will supply, if you actually remain dependent on Krsna. There are so many literatures of different groups, but who is selling so much? Forty thousand, fifty thousand daily? Unless Krsna is helping us. In the history no religion book have sold thirty thousand, forty thousand daily. There is no history. So why don't you see this wonderful thing? All the money that I have brought from USA, India, it is all book fund. Nobody has given. George has given. That is not in cash. And he gave that two lakhs. That was spent for Krsna Book. So wherefrom the cash is coming?

Gargamuni: Sales of books.

Prabhupada: That's all right. Because we have got substantial sale of books, we are free to get money. And it is unbelievable that religious books are sold thirty thousand, forty thousand, fifty thousand daily. There is no history.

Gargamuni: So that is a miracle.

Prabhupada: Is it not miracle?

Satsvarupa: Yes. Some of those devotees like Tripurari, a hundred big Bhagavatams. It's not a popular book.

Prabhupada: It is not popular actually. For the common man it is dry subject. And I have heard that after reading one book, somebody comes to purchase. "What is this, Bhagavata?" "We have got six." "All right, give me six volumes." He is not a devotee. Why he purchases all the six volumes of Bhagavatam? In London our Bhagavad-gita As It Is was sold in two months, thirty thousand copies. That is the report. Thirty thousand copies.

Yadubara: Even though they don't understand the subject matter, they purchase.

Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. [break] Bon Maharaja has written part of Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu. And he published it before my coming to foreign countries.

Gargamuni: Yes. He has not sold any.

Prabhupada: No, he has sold some, but still lying in the store. He published only one thousand copies. Our Nectar of Devotion, the translation of the same book, is selling like hotcakes. Yes. In the university, Temple University, they have made a textbook. And everywhere they like it, Nectar of Devotion. I think... What is our edition at the present moment? Fourth or Fifth edition. And we don't publish less than ten thousand copies. So we have to depend on Krsna sincerely. Serve Him, everything, what is required, that will come, some way or other. That is miracle. Why should we try to cheat others, that "I can manufacture gold"? This rascal, if he can manufacture gold, then why he is doing himself business? That is simply jugglery. Even the magicians, they can do. They create so much money. But he is a poor man. Why he remains poor? And everyone thinks of us, that we have got unlimited wealth. You know that?

Gargamuni: Yes. In Mayapura, when I bring over the karatalas, they are very heavy, two hundred sets of karatalas. So the boatmen say, "Sona, sona." They are thinking it is gold, the karatalas.

Prabhupada: Everyone... Even government... In the parliament the question was raised, "Wherefrom they get money fabulously?" These men, in our country, they may be fools. In your country also, Los Angeles, I mean, neighboring storekeepers, they are wonderful, that "These people do not work and they have got so many cars and live so nicely?" (laughing) They inquire that "How do we get all these things?" They actually see that they are not ordinary working. They have no working or bank balance or business. Still, they have got so many cars and they eat nicely and they maintain such a nice house. And six, seven house they have purchasing. The realtors, they also know in America that we are very rich men. As soon as there is some property, they offer, because they know that we are very rich men. Because we have purchased some properties, so all the realtors, they have taken it for granted that we have got immense money. Here also, the members are thinking like that, that "Swamiji has got immense money."

Mahamsa: Yes. And he will send when we want.

Prabhupada: He will pay. You can tell them that "Not a single farthing here. He can spend elsewhere. If you don't pay for the temple, then we shall go on like this. But as he has promised one lakh of rupees, that he will pay. That's all." Others, you have to collect here. That one lakh is promised. That will be paid.

Mahamsa: Otherwise we can go on like this. This is very nice. So many people are coming...

Prabhupada: That's all right. In Bombay also, we can go without Deity or... Things are going on. There is no hindrance. Our members are coming. They are becoming members. You see? There is no difficulty. [break] You know the parliamentary question?

Gargamuni: Yes.

Prabhupada: Parliament questioned that "These Americans, they are supposed to be..." What is that? "CIA. CIA." Is there any information to the government? "Besides that, they have got fabulous money. They are spending. Wherefrom they get the money? And if they are CIA, then what steps the government is going to step, take against them?" So the reply was three. First reply was "The government has no information that they are CIA people. Therefore the third question doesn't require to be answered, what steps? And so far their fabulous money, it is understood they collect by selling their literature and public contribution." Yes. Home member replied like this.

Mahamsa: This was in the papers also?

Prabhupada: Oh yes. [break] Mirzapur, near Allahabad?

Gargamuni: Yes, in UP.

Prabhupada: Oh, when I was businessman.

Gargamuni: Some man has invited us there for kirtana program. He wants to donate some building there.

Prabhupada: Oh, that's nice. We get a nice place, on the Ganges side. If he donates, it will be very sanitary (salutary?) place.

Gargamuni: He wants to invite us in October.

Prabhupada: Mirzapur is rich people. They have got carpet industry. Mirzapur carpet is very famous. They manufacture and sell big, nice carpets. Just like Persian carpets. So similarly, Mirzapur carpet. Besides that, they have got many other businesses. So it is on the Ganges side and the healthy quarter also. [break] ...still, he is the biggest practitioner in Allahabad. He has offered his house. In old days he constructed it for four lakhs.

Gargamuni: Allahabad is an important place?

Prabhupada: Oh yes, Allahabad, very important. The UP high-court is there. Therefore all enlightened... University is there. All educated men of UP are in Allahabad. This Jawaharlal Nehru, Motilal Nehru, they were Allahabad men. Sarte(?) Bahadur Satru(?), big, big, well-known men, they are all... Pandita Madana Mohana Mahalabdha. All big, big politicians, they were Allahabad men. [break] ...times to print the books here. No action was taken. In the last five years, everyone tried and there was no result. Otherwise we can print all the books here.

Gargamuni: No, but the quality is better.

Prabhupada: Quality is better, but it will be cheaper. It doesn't matter. But to get books there, it takes so much time and the book department is not being managed nicely. But if we print here, the all problems will be solved. Here that gentleman, he has got press. Why not let him print? Yes. Why don't you call him immediately? If he can print. We can reprint all the books here.

Mahamsa: But the quality will not be half as good.

Gargamuni: There is now a paper shortage in India, very acute.

Prabhupada: Well, we can get paper from foreign countries. That will be not difficult.

Mahamsa: Oh. If we can get paper from foreign countries, then the printing results can be very good, because the printing is not bad. It's the paper which is very bad.

Tejiyas: Still, at the same, time everybody buys Gita Press books, even though the quality is bad.

Prabhupada: The quality is third-class.

Tejiyas: Everyone is buying all over India Gita Press.

Prabhupada: Because the supply is cheap.

Gargamuni: Well, it's in Hindi also. We have to print in Hindi.

Prabhupada: Well, first of all supply the English then, we... [break] ...tried to sell her place for fifty lakhs of rupees. She thinks that I am so rich man.

Mahamsa: Which press?

Devotee: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan?

Prabhupada: Associated Press, something like that. Bombay's first-class press. [break] ...They are not coming to us.

Satsvarupa: [break] ...but they would rather be non-devotees than work all day. They can say they are free.

Prabhupada: Yes. I offered that, that "What is this two thousand, 2,500 per month? Oh we can earn at any moment two thousand. So you become devotee; I excuse you of rent." They are not agreeing. [break] an ass simply for sense gratification. Therefore it is warned in the Bhagavatam, nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke kastan kaman arhati [SB 5.5.1]. [break] respect the Vaisnava, to water tulasi, and this asvattha tree. These are bhakti items.

Nitai: Jaya, Srila Prabhupada. (end)

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fotos: 160 – 24 MB

Some pictures of the "havan" (fire sacrifice") held on Dassera day, the day that Govinda's Restaurant was opened here at ISKCON Baroda. Also some pictures of the inside of Govinda's kitchen and pictures of devotees and guests taking prasad at Govinda's.

Govinda's pics

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Dialogue entre Maharaja Rahugana et Jada Bharata.

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fotos: 160 – 24 MB

Some pictures of the "havan" (fire sacrifice") held on Dassera day, the day that Govinda's Restaurant was opened here at ISKCON Baroda. Also some pictures of the inside of Govinda's kitchen and pictures of devotees and guests taking prasad at Govinda's.

Govinda's pics

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calan kvacit kantaka-sarkaranghrir
nagaruruksur vimana ivaste
pade pade bhyantara-vahninarditah
kautumbikah krudhyati vai janaya


Voulant gravir les collines et les montagnes, il se déchire les pieds en marchant sans protection suffisante sur des épines et des éclats de pierres, ce qui ne manque pas de l'accabler. De même, celui qui éprouve un attachement profond pour sa famille est parfois pris par la faim, et du fait de sa situation misérable, il s'emporte alors contre les siens.


Ambitieux, l'être conditionné voudrait vivre très heureux ici-bas auprès famille de sa famille, mais il est comparé à un voyageur qui désire gravir une montagne dont le sol est jonché d'épines et de petits cailloux. Comme l'indiquait le verset précédent, le bonheur qui découle des rapports sociaux, de l'amitié et de l'amour de ce monde, ressemble à une goutte d'eau dans la chaleur torride du désert. Vouloir acquérir puissance et prestige dans la société revient à tenter d'escalader une montagne jonchée d'épines. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura compare la famille à de hautes montagnes; chercher le bonheur auprès de ses proches peut être comparé à l'effort d'un homme affamé essayant de gravir une montagne dont le sol est parsemé d'épines. 99,9% des gens pour ainsi dire sont malheureux au sein de la vie familiale, en dépit de tous leurs efforts pour satisfaire les membres de leur famille. Dans les pays d'Occident, l'insatisfaction est si grande qu'il n'y a pour ainsi dire pas de vie de famille. On compte de nombreux cas de divorce, et les enfants, eux-même frustrés, renoncent à la protection de leurs parents et quittent le foyer. Dans l'âge de Kali tout particulièrement, la vie de famille proprement dite est de plus en plus réduite. On y devient de plus en plus égocentrique, ainsi le veut la loi de la nature. Même si l'on a suffisamment d'argent pour pourvoir aux besoins des siens, la situation est telle que personne n'est plus heureux en famille. Voilà pourquoi, selon l'institution du varnasrama, il faut se retirer de la vie familiale une fois passée la moitié de sa vie: pancasordhvam vanam vrajet; on doit de son plein gré renoncer à la vie de famille vers la cinquantaine pour se rendre à Vrndavana ou dans la forêt. Srila Prahlada Maharaja le recommande lui-même


tat sadhu manye sura-varya dehinam
sada samudvigna-dhiyam asad-grahat
hitvatma-patam grham andha-kupam
vanam gato yad dharim asrayeta

Il ne s'agit pas de quitter une forêt pour aller dans une autre; cela n'aurai aucun intérêt. Il faut se rendre dans la forêt de Vrndavana et y chercher refuge en Govinda. On sera alors très heureux. C'est pourquoi l'Association Internationale pour la Conscience de Krsna a construit un temple dédié à Krsna et à Balarama afin d'y recevoir ses membres ainsi que tout un chacun. Tous ceux qui en bénéficieront pourront vivre paisiblement dans une atmosphère spirituelle, ce qui les aidera à atteindre le monde de la transcendance et à retourner à Dieu, dans leur demeure originelle. Un autre passage de ce verset doit retenir notre attention: kautumbikah krudhyati vai janaya. Lorsqu'il est exaspéré, l'homme cherche à se soulager en s'emportant contre sa pauvre femme et ses enfants. La femme et les enfants dépendent naturellement du père, mais celui-ci, se voyant incapable d'entretenir sa famille correctement, se déprime et s'en prend sans nécessité aux siens. Le Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.2.9) enseigne également à ce propos: acchinna-dara-dravina yasyanti giri-kananam. Dégoûtés de la vie de famille, les gens se séparent par le divorce ou par quelque autre moyen. Mais si l'on doit se séparer, pourquoi ne pas le faire de son plein gré? Une séparation systématique et délibérée vaut mieux qu'une séparation forcée qui ne peut rendre personne heureux. Quoi qu'il en soit, par consentement mutuel ou suivant l'usage védique, on doit se retrancher des affaires familiales à un certain âge pour ne plus dépendre que de Krsna. Voilà qui couronnera de succès notre existence.

À continuer la semaine prochaine.
Tiré du Srimad-Bhagavatam. (Chant 5.13)

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