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Srila Prabhupada MP3 Audio Library, 16 GB USB Drive

Dear Devotees,
            Hare Krishna!
                    Srila Gurudev's Audio Harikatha archive is now available for download.
Please visit:
We will be adding more audio files soon.
Sri Guru krpa prarthi
Hari Prasad Das
Hare Krishna Juan
"Offering gifts in charity, accepting charitable gifts, revealing one's mind in confidence, inquiring confidentially, accepting prasada and offering prasada are the six symptoms of love shared by one devotee and another." --- Srila Prabhupada, Text 4-Nectar of Instruction

English Harikatha Audio: His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj

Directory listing for /krishnacast/audio/katha
. ./error_log
mp3 00_Jun03_Holland.mp3 9.13MB 2 years old
mp3 01_01_08 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 9.05MB 2 years old
mp3 01_AUG02_HAWAII_PM.mp3 6.04MB 2 years old
mp3 01_Mar21_CALCUTTA_Srivas Pandit.mp3 2.58MB 2 years old
mp3 02_03AUG_HAWAII_AM.mp3 13.86MB 2 years old
mp3 02_03AUG_HAWAII_PM.mp3 13.88MB 2 years old
mp3 02_04AUG_HAWAII_PM.mp3 10.74MB 2 years old
mp3 02_09AUG_SF.mp3 6.42MB 2 years old
mp3 02_10AUG_USA_PHILO_PM.mp3 8.3MB 2 years old
mp3 02_11AUG_SF_PM.mp3 9.17MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_22 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 5.55MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_23 Tirobhav of Prabhupad Katha evening Math Kolkata.mp3 6.15MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_23 Tirobhav of Prabhupad Katha morning Math Kolkata.mp3 10.49MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_24 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 6.03MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_25 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 5.66MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_25 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 5.66MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_26 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 8.62MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_27 Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 7.83MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12_28_Katha Math Kolkata.mp3 7.29MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12AUG_SF_AM.mp3 7.89MB 2 years old
mp3 02_12AUG_SF_PM.mp3 10.31MB 2 years old
mp3 02_13JUN_Germany.mp3 9.4MB 2 years old
mp3 02_15AUG_EUGIENE_PM.mp3 11.03MB 2 years old
mp3 02_16AUG_EUGIENE_AM.mp3 12.73MB 2 years old
mp3 02_16AUG_EUGIENE_PM.mp3 11.77MB 2 years old
mp3 02_17AUG_EUGIENE_PM.mp3 6.43MB 2 years old
mp3 02_18AUG_EUGIENE_AM.mp3 8.88MB 2 years old
mp3 02_18AUG_EUGIENE_PM.mp3 3.27MB 2 years old
mp3 02_19AUG_EUGIENE_AM.mp3 6.78MB 2 years old
mp3 02_19AUG_EUGIENE_PM.mp3 13.35MB 2 years old
mp3 02_23AUG_bostoncommon.mp3 9.1MB 2 years old
mp3 02_24AUG_BOSTON_MCDAS.mp3 13.48MB 2 years old
mp3 02_25AUG_BOSTON_SARVODAYA_ENG.mp3 3.17MB 2 years old
mp3 02_25AUG_NEWYORK_AvatarSharma.mp3 7.76MB 2 years old
mp3 02_30JUL_HAWAII_AM.mp3 4.62MB 2 years old
mp3 02_31JUL_HAWAII_PM.mp3 12.44MB 2 years old
mp3 02_AUG02_HAWAII_PM.mp3 14.04MB 2 years old
mp3 02_Jun05_Holland_Ramananda.mp3 9.37MB 2 years old
mp3 02_Shikshastaka.mp3 1.09MB 2 years old
mp3 02_slovenia.mp3 11.33MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_02 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 6.48MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_03 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 2.04MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_04 Katha Kolkata Math Hitopades.mp3 7.01MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_06 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 9.4MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_07 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 9.01MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_08 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 9.05MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_09 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 6.56MB 2 years old
mp3 03_01_10 Katha Kolkata Math.mp3 2.9MB 2 years old
mp3 03_02_27_Kolkata.mp3 4.96MB 2 years old
mp3 03_03_03_Kolkata.mp3 6.24MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec21_BLR_Kormangala.mp3 8.1MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec23_BLR_Ragiguda.mp3 2.58MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec24_BLR_Ragiguda.mp3 6.94MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec24_BLR_Ragiguda QA.mp3 2.24MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec25_BLR_IISc.mp3 9.43MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec26_BLR_eng.mp3 4.87MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Dec26_BLR_worldculture.mp3 6.02MB 2 years old
mp3 03_Feb20_Puri-Prabhupader Avirbhav Adhivas.mp3 6.33MB 2 years old
mp3 04_05_23_english.mp3 8.38MB 2 years old
mp3 04_06_060_english.mp3 4.95MB 2 years old
mp3 04_07_11_cal.mp3 826.13KB 2 years old
mp3 04_08_29_vconf_Jhulan.mp3 6.71MB 2 years old
mp3 04_12MarchMayapur-Gaur Purnima-wvaMeet.mp3 3.68MB 2 years old
mp3 04_15Aug_vconf.mp3 7.7MB 2 years old
mp3 04_1Aug_vconf.mp3 7.23MB 2 years old
mp3 04_22Aug_vconf.mp3 10.3MB 2 years old
mp3 04_23SepBLR_BhaktiYoga.mp3 5.72MB 2 years old
mp3 04_24SepBLR_HarinamSignificance.mp3 5.77MB 2 years old
mp3 04_25Jul_vconf.mp3 4.71MB 2 years old
mp3 04_25SepBLR_InnerPeace.mp3 5.86MB 2 years old
mp3 04_26Dec_kol.mp3 5.52MB 2 years old
mp3 04_26SepBLR_TeachingsOfGita.mp3 4.27MB 2 years old
mp3 04_8Aug_vconf.mp3 7.16MB 2 years old
mp3 04_BvTirtha-Jagadananda Pandit.mp3 7.57MB 2 years old
mp3 04_calvc02_english.mp3 6.23MB 2 years old
mp3 04_calvc03_english.mp3 7.82MB 2 years old
mp3 04_english.mp3 2.27MB 2 years old
mp3 04_Jan3_Mumbai-SpiritualUpliftment.mp3 2.86MB 2 years old
mp3 04_Mar_Mayapur_WVAMeet.mp3 4.71MB 2 years old
mp3 04_narada.mp3 7.09MB 2 years old
mp3 05_01_23_vconf.mp3 6.05MB 2 years old
mp3 05_03Aug_vconf.mp3 9.95MB 2 years old
mp3 05_04_02-lect.mp3 2.03MB 2 years old
mp3 05_10Sep_radhakirtan.mp3 2.07MB 2 years old
mp3 05_10Sep_vconf.mp3 6.1MB 2 years old
mp3 05_11June vconf.mp3 7.73MB 2 years old
mp3 05_12Mar_vconf.mp3 8.98MB 2 years old
mp3 05_13Aug_vconf.mp3 8.53MB 2 years old
mp3 05_14May-vconf.mp3 8.52MB 2 years old
mp3 05_16Jan_vconf.mp3 8.22MB 2 years old
mp3 05_19June vconf_Vritasura.mp3 6.66MB 2 years old
mp3 05_21Aug_vconf.mp3 6.07MB 2 years old
mp3 05_21July Agartala Conv.mp3 236.13KB 2 years old
mp3 05_21May_vconf.mp3 7.48MB 2 years old
mp3 05_25June-vconf_Initiation_process.mp3 7.08MB 2 years old
mp3 05_26Feb_Kol.mp3 7.96MB 2 years old
mp3 05_28May-vconf_RayaRamananda.mp3 8.07MB 2 years old
mp3 05_5Mar-vconf.mp3 6.4MB 2 years old
mp3 05_6Aug_vconf.mp3 7.26MB 2 years old
mp3 05_6Feb_vconf.mp3 7.64MB 2 years old
mp3 05_7May_Q&A_engConf.mp3 7.33MB 2 years old
mp3 05_Benefit of Chanting.mp3 1.2MB 2 years old
mp3 05_English conversation.mp3 2.65MB 2 years old
mp3 05_Jul23_vconf.mp3 8.67MB 2 years old
mp3 05_Jul29_vconf_wvameet.mp3 7.18MB 2 years old
mp3 05_philosophy_naveen_QA_english.mp3 2.47MB 2 years old
mp3 05_wvameeting_mayapur.mp3 4.14MB 2 years old
mp3 06_0205.mp3 6.6MB 2 years old
mp3 06_0225_vconf.mp3 8.69MB 2 years old
mp3 06_0326_english_lecture.mp3 7.38MB 2 years old
mp3 06_0610_vconf.mp3 6.44MB 2 years old
mp3 06_3001.mp3 5.61MB 2 years old
mp3 06_3_09Keshabji G M_english.mp3 3.61MB 2 years old
mp3 0708BhaktivinodeThakura-darknessdispelled32.mp3 645.86KB 4 years old
mp3 0708Mahaprabhu-Narottama-Padma32.mp3 1.72MB 4 years old
MP3 0709Nityanada_pr_broke_mahaprbus_tridand.MP3 1.64MB 4 years old
MP3 0709stealing_clothes_of_gopis.MP3 578.78KB 4 years old
MP3 0709who_is_Hari.MP3 336.63KB 4 years old
mp3 0710actual_purusa-true_devotee.mp3 712.13KB 4 years old
mp3 0710curb_suffering.mp3 1.33MB 4 years old
mp3 0710glories_of_hearing.mp3 872.13KB 4 years old
mp3 0711Harikatha1.mp3 1.54MB 4 years old
mp3 0711knowledge_descends.mp3 1.39MB 4 years old
mp3 0711secure_next_birth_of_devotee.mp3 1.15MB 4 years old
mp3 0712nine_types_of_devotion.mp3 878.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0712sharanagati.mp3 724.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0712two_conditions.mp3 1.15MB 3 years old
mp3 07_0427001_english_conv.mp3 4.01MB 2 years old
mp3 07_0809001_bengali_eng_translation_lecture.mp3 4.89MB 2 years old
mp3 07_0811001_english_lecture.mp3 8.73MB 2 years old
mp3 0801dharma-religion.mp3 256.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0801glories-Bhagwatam.mp3 576.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0801maya_is_like_a_bear.mp3 846.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0803ask_a_sadhu.mp3 234.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0803human_birth_scarce.mp3 1.37MB 3 years old
mp3 0803Mahprabhu-association.mp3 800.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0804Money_does_not_give_happiness.mp3 592KB 3 years old
mp3 0804World_is_not_false.mp3 542.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0804yogi.mp3 336.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0805Supreme_has_form.mp3 1.08MB 3 years old
mp3 0805Veda_Vyasa_ji.mp3 1.55MB 3 years old
mp3 0806Ambrish_Maharaj_rules.mp3 274.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0806best_path.mp3 426.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0807Makhan_ chor.mp3 926.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0807soul_exists.mp3 634.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0808Actual_Submission.mp3 860.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0808Discriminating_Power.mp3 1.03MB 3 years old
mp3 0809atheist.mp3 994.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0809best_path.mp3 426.13KB 3 years old
mp3 0901magnet.mp3 942.13KB 2 years old
mp3 0901sadhu.mp3 380.13KB 2 years old
mp3 0901servitude.mp3 1.37MB 2 years old
mp3 99_03_29.mp3 3.55MB 2 years old
htm AudioArchives.htm 20.83KB 3 years old
mp3 L01_vconf_10Sep05.mp3 7.27MB 6 years old
mp3 L02_vconf_03Sep05.mp3 9.92MB 6 years old
mp3 L03_BaladevPurnima.mp3 10.77MB 6 years old
mp3 L04_vconfKatha_050813.mp3 8.5MB 6 years old
mp3 L05-vconfRayaRamananda_050528.mp3 6.72MB 6 years old
mp3 L06-vconfDiscipleKarma_050625.mp3 7.17MB 6 years old
mp3 L06_13AUG02_SANJOSE_AM.mp3 7.41MB 5 years old
mp3 L07-BhaktiYoga_ISKCONSanJose.mp3 7.41MB 5 years old
mp3 L08-DevotionInHousehold_HAWAII.mp3 11.54MB 5 years old
mp3 L09_vconf_Transcendence.mp3 8.37MB 5 years old
mp3 L10-TeachingsOfGita_BLR.mp3 4.24MB 5 years old
mp3 L11-HarinamSignificance_BLR.mp3 5.74MB 5 years old
mp3 L12_KapilaDevahuti_Hawaii.mp3 7.43MB 5 years old
mp3 L13_InnerPeace_BLR.mp3 5.83MB 5 years old
mp3 L14-vconfVaishnava11June05.mp3 7.75MB 6 years old
mp3 L15_vconfVritasura.mp3 7.88MB 5 years old
mp3 L16_WorshipofDevotee_usa.mp3 5.65MB 5 years old
mp3 L17_23Sep04BhaktiYoga_BLR.mp3 5.69MB 5 years old
mp3 L18_21Dec03_BLR.mp3 5.59MB 5 years old
mp3 L19_8Aug04VConf_KOL.mp3 7.13MB 5 years old
html mp3archive.html 29.93KB 3 years old
gif speaker_icon.gif 1017Bytes 3 years old
png spkr.png 958Bytes 3 years old
In the purport of this verse Srila Prabhupada goes into detail about the importance of these loving exchanges, saying "The life of the Krsna conscious society is nourished by these six types of loving exchange among the members. can help you make wonderful prasada, and find meaningful gifts to give to others.
Prehaps the most valuable gift you can give anyone is a book by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada.  A couple of his most well-known works are the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and Krishna - The Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The Bhagavad Gita As It Is has brought light into the dark existence of hundreds of millions of people around the world. The Gita is one of the most influential and inspirational books in my life as well, and the lives of many people I know. Give the Gift of Krishna to your friends. You can get the Bhagavad Gita as it is here:
The Krsna Book is a 744 page compilation of beautiful stories and illustrations. It is guaranteed to help you focus your entire consciousness on the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The stories develop from Krishna's birth to His childhood and youth. Krishna plays with His boyfriends in the forest while looking after the cows and calves and incidentally He kills so many demons. On some full-moon nights Krishna dances with Radha and His beautiful girl friends, the gopis, in the rasa lila. If you would like to get a Krishna Book for yourself or your friends you can find it here:
At we have an amazing variety of Transcendental Literature by Srila Prabhupada which will inspire and enliven you and everyone who reads them, to deepen their love and devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna.  You can find the rest of it here:
As devotees we only want to offer the most wonderful Prasadam to Lord Krishna, his devotees, and other people.  I myself have heard so many stories from devotees about how the prasadam they had at the temple is the main reason they decided to become a devotee.  Mastering the art of cooking Prasadam is a great way to serve Lord Krishna, and make friends with everyone else.
The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking is jam-packed with chapters of information that cover everything you need to know to prepare incredible prasadam.  You will literally learn every step of the process of making delicious prasadam:
  • Start to finish menu planning
  • The art of preparing the meal
  • How to offer the meal to Lord Krishna
  • The art of eating Prasadam

I hope we can serve all of your needs this year and for years to come in the future.

Haridas dasa

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krishna.Dandavat Pranams.
There is a change in timing. Srila Gurudev will now bless us with His Divine Harikatha in evening time.

Timings: 8:15pm - 9:30pm (IST- India Time)

Please check your local time at:

In service
Hari Prasad Das

> Dear Devotees,
> Hare Krishna.Dandavat Pranams.
> Srila Gurudeva His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj is at Guwahati Math. He will be blessing us with His divine Harikatha via videoconference as per following schedule:
> 17 Nov, Wednesday, Harikatha in Bengali (English translation of Harikatha in Bengali)
> Holy Utthana Ekadashi tithi. Appearance day of Nityalilapravishta OM 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj Vishnupad and Disappearance day of Nityalilapravishta OM Vishnupad Paramhamsa Srila Gaurkishore Das Babaji Maharaj.
> Timings: 12 - 1:30pm (IST- India Time)
> (Please set your computer's Audio Balance to Right Channel for English translation).
> Haribol.
> Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math

Dear Devotees,
Hare Krishna.Dandavat Pranams.

Srila Gurudeva His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj is now back in Kolkata Math. He will be blessing us with His divine Harikatha via videoconference as per following schedule:

30 Nov, Tuesday, Harikatha in Bengali (English translation of Harikatha in Bengali)
Timings: 8:00 - 9:30pm (IST- India Time)
Link will be available at:
(Please set your computer's Audio Balance to Right Channel for English
Please check your local time at:


Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math

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Srila Prabhupada MP3 Audio Library

Srila Prabhupada

Srila Prabhupada MP3 Audio Library, 16 GB USB Drive
Item Code: B6DM108
Company: Bhaktivedanta Archives

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Srila Prabhupada MP3 Audio Library, 16 GB USB Drive
By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The popular Srila Prabhupada Audio Library, which has been offered on 21 CDs (plus 3 bonus CDs) is being upgraded to keep up with technology. Instead of getting a bulky case and dozens of CDs, how about a small USB drive with everything on it? Save time, space, and shipping fees with this new technology.

This audio library contains lectures, music, morning walks, chanting, and much more, all with digitally re-mastered and enhanced sound. Hours of audio programs on one convenient 16 GB flash drive. This Prabhupada MP3 audio library will let you hear Srila Prabhupada more clearly than ever before. Digitally re-mastered and enhanced sound practically eliminates tape hiss.

The audio library is optimized for the iPod and other portable players, making it easier than ever to listen to your favorite lectures or songs. Select by date, verse, or even temple. These new tags make locating and playing the recordings you want to hear very simple. Find all the morning walks Srila Prabhupada gave in London and play them with just a few clicks.

Prabhupada's classes, morning walks, room conversations, press conferences, lectures, arrival addresses, interviews, japa tapes, mridanga lessons, Hindi classes, and more, all in one place. Click here to download the full list.

One 16GB flash drive with hours of audio. The wood casing of the USB drive is beautifully etched with This USB drive comes in a blue satin drawstring bag.

Price: $79.95
Item Code: B6DM108
By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Company: Bhaktivedanta Archives

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