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Notas de Gaurahari Das


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Notas de Gaurahari Das
Notas sobre Gaurahari Das

About the books of Various prominent vaishnava Spiritual Masters

Another positive proposal for those who are ready for this quantam leap of respect for all Vaishnavas, consciousness. Without getting to the position of respecting all respectable Vaishnavas in all camps then we will never know what is Lord Caitanys real mercy. Another view of focusing on the doctrine or religion of respect and commonality. Aside from our personal philosophical differences What does Ananta das bhabaji maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, ISKCON gurus, Ritviks share in common? They all chant hare Krishna with commitment, they are vegetarians, follow many principals, worship the Acaryas, Krishna and lord Caitanya. Wow that saying quite a lot! How can I hate any of them for engaging in activities that naturally make Guru and Gauranga very happy!

Personally I have read Srila Prabhupada’s books, some of Ananta das bhabajis books and Narayana Maharajas books. I don’t agree with everything those vaishnavas are saying in my personal life-stream. Some things may be beyond my own capacity to understand at the present, but I don’t have to agree or understand everything do I? I also vibrate towards relishing Srila Prabhupada’s books more than the others Vaishnava''s books. Does this preference mean that the writings of Narayana Maharaja or Ananta Das bhabaji are of no value? What do all these Vaishnavas authors have in common? They are spending all their valuable energy writing, speaking, serving glorifying Krishna, Radha, Lord Caitanya and the past Acaryas like Rupa goswami and so forth. They have dedicated their whole lives and energy to serving Krishna, how can I not love such sincere souls? I would have to be a hateful separatist or an animal still. Well that has been me. One big beast who was burdened with offense. Now realizing these things much is being lifted off the weighted down heart.

Gaurahari das

Refocusing The Mind

I had a huge breakthrough in this area recently and would like to contribute the realization. I don’t know if it will be practical or not because it may depend a lot on ones level of spiritual advancement.

A positive solution for the conflict of philosophical differences separating devotees of ISKCON, Narayana Maharajas, Ritviks and Ananta das babaji sangas could be solved simply by changing the focus of our minds. Differing opinions between vaishnavas will always be there. Being too attached to the differences as one side having the right opinion the other being wrong causes a wall of philosopical separation and lack of love and respect. It leads to sectarian hatred that naturally seems to develop between organizations according to Bhaktivinode thakura. The reality is that the boundaries between these various vaishnava sangas is becoming thin; we have so much instant communication by internet and access to information about what they are doing and what they believe. A fair amount vaishnavas that we personally know may also be a part of these various groups. At the present moment these vaishnavas remain separate from associating with each other due to should I say too much attachment being right about their various differences in philosophical beliefs about vaishnavism. This is how the mind separates by accepting and rejecting, honoring and dishonoring. This kind of relating is still on the material platform and is the primary cause of sectarian hatred and sepratism leading to perpetuating the waring and competitive spirit.

Lord Caitanya taught in the following example that respect for Vaishnava’s even though their orientations are different from ours is important to be able to chant the holy name with loving ecstacy.

Once the party of Lord Caitanya going on pilgrimage met a party of vaishnava Brahmins from another section of the country. The Brahmin in Lord Caitanya’s party got a bit hateful of the other Brahmins because they did not observe exactly the same kind of rituals that his Guru parapara taught. Lord Caitanya saw this and corrected the Brahmin in his party committing the offense. Lord Caitanya drank the water that washed the feet of the Brahmin from the other country and it cured his fever. The offending Brahmin was very grateful for Lord Caitanya teaching him that he also loved Brahmins also even though their different philosophically somewhat. So we need to also allighn ourselves with the way Lord Caitanya is viewing picture to overcome this offense of hating others because they are different from us.

A new focus on what we share in common and looking for the good that vaishnavas are doing and not keeping the focus too much on philosophical differences or on past or current faults, real or imagined, which keeps us revolving repetitively in a pattern of being offended and unforgiving. Focus on what we all have in common with other vaishnavas naturally bring this about. All are serving Krishna according to their various capacities, chanting,serving guru and Krishna. We all know that Lord Caitanya defined a Vaishnava as one who chants one holy name and he said they should be respected worshiped and served.

This new focus on commonality and appreciation of the good different vaishnava groups can be extended out twards even Ananta das bhabaji if we look for it. He certainly has his philosophical differences of considering our Sampradaya not even to bonaifide because of it not conforming to what his Guru has taught him, but if we look at what we do share in common and his potent dedication to the principals of vaishnavism one will be amazed. I know him personally and he is a delightful loving dedicated personality who chants the Holy Name constantly, writes vaishnava books incessantly and in his spare moments is helping many neophytes overcoming their difficulties in executing devotional service. He is completely dedicated to serving his guru, Vaishnavas, Lord Caitanya, Radha and Krishna and the holy dham. Now how can I hate a vaishnava like this if I am focusing on how such a person like this is spending their full energy and what we have in common? If you analyze Srila Narayana Maharajas activites he is also doing the same thing not wasting even a moment and preaching about Krishna worldwide. I am sure there are many ISKCON Gurus who are also similarly dedicated. We can also apply this to the Prabhupadanugas who believe and who are serving Guru,vaishnavas and Krishna following the principals of the final order of Srila Prabhupada. Why even exclude them because of our not agreeing with their differences of opinion? What are we afraid of anyway? We also have a lot in common and are engaged in the same common activities with some philosophical differences of opinion. Is it that important that we cannot honor respect those who are also chanting the holy name by making them wrong for taking to Krishna consciousness in their own individual way and inspiration that Krishna is inspiring them with? I say by excluding the Ritviks then whatever is being discussed in those talks with Srila Narayana Maharaja will go no where because of missing the essence of the problem of mentally created disunity based on philosophical diversity being a bad or negative thing.

Of course there is the reality of impurities, faults, and deficiencies in all of these Gurus. To say they are perfect in all ways is a bit naïve just as it is a act of stupidity to find faults with their real or imagined imperfections; this is also the following the nature of the fly which most of have done at some point. This is where the principal of forgiveness has to come in. This is why I don’t know if this is practical or not to instate. How many vaishnavas are ready for this I don’t know. To end this I wrote a poem two years ago in Vrndavana when this realization began to dawn in my consciousness and is appearing again on the horizon.

Climbing out of the Hole of Sectarianism

Blinded by too much attachment to my parties philosophical position
Sectarianism became my vision
No more could I see
The true Pain or happiness of others beyond these trees
Wrapped up in views of mentally created divisions
Losing sight of Gauranga’s deeper mission
To become a fool and simply chant Krishna’s Holy Name
Amongst others who consider this the greatest gain.
Respecting others philosophical traditions
Thinking who are we to dominate them with our own positions
By claiming to be right making others wrong
We lower the volume of our own song
Which we all have a right to bare

Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu, the son of mother Sachi, next asked Mukunda däsa, “You are the father, and your son is Raghunandana. Is that so? “Or is Srila Raghunandana your father and you are his son? Please let Me know the facts so that My doubts will go away.” Mukunda replied, “Raghunandana is my father, and I am his son. This is my decision.“All of us have attained devotion to Krishna due to Raghunandana. Therefore in my mind he is my father.”Hearing Mukunda däsa give this proper decision, Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu confirmed it, saying, “Yes, it is correct. One who awakens devotion to Krishna is certainly the spiritual master.” Madhya 15.113 -117

This is the same playful put but grave test by God, that repeats over and over again to see who is fit to enter the kingdom of God or spontaneous devotion . These concise verses in Caitanya Caritamrita teach in essence the symptoms of a qualified transcendental Diksha or Shiksa Guru, how they may come in the form of a son or younger god-brother and the proper humble attitude that qualifies one to receive the mercy of pure devotion from a hidden but empowered personality.

Practically, we see now days many Diksa Gurus who claim to be bonafide representatives of the Gaudiya Vaishnva disciplic succession. If Such would be Gurus cannot awaken devotion in the heart of a sincere disciple after reasonable amount of association and service then they are probably not a authorized Spiritual Master according to the line of supper logic of Lord Caitanya and his Associates decision in the matter. The example is demonstrated that Mukunda the father of Raghunandana Is that he was humble enough to accept the mercy of his own son and not falsely consider himself superior because of superficial bodily relations. How many of Srila Prabhupada’s god-brothers would have also received the same special spontaneous devotion that Srila Prabhupada had if they would have admitted their own inferiority in relation to the special mercy of pure devotion that was bestowed upon Srila Prabhupada? As far as Srila Prabhupada’s statements go we can see few if any had the mood of submission and service to participate in his empowered mission. Submission and service to the pure devotee is the real pure Bhakti path for all whether one is a son, god-brother, or disciple.

How about those who come in the line Srila Prabhupada’s god-brothers, do they still desire to be known and worshiped as Srila Prabhupada’s equal? How can one be in the mood of submission to receive the gift of real pure devotion if one is endeavoring with great determination to be recognized on the same level as a specially empowered Acarya like Srila Prabhupada? How can the disciples of such a competitive preceptor make any progress themselves in receiving the gift of real pure devotion, just like the millions of demigod supporters of Dhaksa could not receive the blessings of Lord Shiva by thinking they were equal or better than Shiva. This is a lesson for us all to be careful of this dangerous snare on the real Bhakti path?

Those who are recipients of the real mercy of Srila Prabhupada will have the real qualities of a pure Vaishnava. They are submissive to real Bhakti even if it is found in a younger Son, daughter, or Vaishnava god-brother and spending their valuable energy madly endeavoring to be worshiped and known as equally qualified successor of a rare to be found Acarya. The Lord, Nityananda himself said “those who consider Lord Caitanya their life and soul are my Master.” Real pure Vaishnavas will be relishing being engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Acarya following their direct departing instructions not disobeying them to increase one’s own personal influence and greatness. How about right now in real time? Are we also alert to the inevitable fact that history repeats itself and Srila Prabhupada’s same pure spiritual potency may come to test us in this very lifetime by appearing in the guise of our son or a younger Vaishnava god-brother? This was the same kind of test that most Pharisees failed when pure devotion came in the form of Jesus and they reacted in a proud competitive manner. This is the very same test that spontaneous devotion came in the form of Srila Prabhupada and the majority of his older god-brothers also failed to respond in the appropriate mood, following the example of the submissive mentality that Mukunda had towards his own son who had received the special mercy of Lord Caitanya. How many of us will pass this same test when history inevitably repeats itself until we learn this important lesson how to take Krishna Consciousness to the next and final level and be delivered ourselves by being submissive to the abode of pure Bhakti?

Gaurahari das

Who is a real ( pure goodness) Guru? and Who is not a qualified Guru? Simply put,the Great Saint & manifestation of God, Lord Caitanya said, Yes, it is correct. One who awakens devotion to Krishna is certainly the spiritual master. Madya 15.117 Any Spiritual Master who claims directly or indirectly to be living bonafide Vaishnava link in Gaudiya disciplic succession must have inherited this one primary qualification from his bonafide Guru otherwise he is misunderstanding his actual devotional position( common problem) no matter how big a title, committee appointment or following is proclaiming his alleged glories. Caitanya Caritamrita states, " As long as it does not turn iron into gold by its touch, no one can recognize an unknown stone to be a touchstone".Madya 6.279 A unknown common man, Arthur was chosen to be king because it was he only who could pull the sword out of the stone. Jesus said, " A tree is known by its fruit. Bhakti in the heart of a devotee begets bhakti in a sincere disciple. Madhurya kandambini. Maya is so powerfully deceptive that we can be following a flashy, charismatic, cultured, sweet talking, diksa Guru or aledged Acarya who is not yet situated on the genuine transcendental platform our whole lives based on their claims, disciples boasts, external credentials, followers propaganda, committee appointments,but if the fruit of pure love of Krishna does not manifest by their association and serving them we have simply wasted our valuable time as well as fanned and fueled their false prestige: a great loss for everyone!.

Our Devotional literature of Srimad bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrita teach this grave lesson in the form of the pastimes of the perfect Brahmins, Dhaksa and Vallabhabhata who claimed to be as good and better than the genuine pure devotees. In the case of Dhaksa this created havoc in the misdirected lives of the demigods who fought against Shiva, the real pure devotee.

Gaurahari das

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The Blue Pill Or The Red Pill ( Matrix Analogy of surpassing the dream existance)

Gaurahari Das March 30 at 10:51am

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The greatest obstruction to bhakti development is offense to a rare to be found pure vaishnava who has realized and established their eternal relationship with Krishna. The following is a common dark hole the majority of modern day Vaishnavas have fallen into either knowingly or unknowingly! It’s a very dark situation right now for those sincerely trying to find and then maintain some footing on the real path of pure devotional service. Those who are against a pure vaishvana disciplic line or a Acarya's direct instructions constitutes Vashnava Ninda, the most serious of all offenses and cannot be atoned for in any way other than submitting to the feet of that particular vaishnava sincerely for forgiveness. Most vaishnavas have fallen into this insidious trap by offending and displeasing Srila Prabhupada by not following his ritvik instruction to continue to make disciples on his behalf or associating intimately with those who have refused to follow this very important direct instruction!

Practically we see two common ways a pure vaishnava or Acarya is being offended now days. We will go into detail about the latter offense in detail in this essay because it pertains to our situation. One can be against their disciplic succession, or one derides their instructions. Actually upon deep analysis this is the very same offense. Most vaishnavas are directly or indirectly associated with one of these three offenses of the most serious nature. Is it any wonder we do not see and pure bhakti in this world today or even know what its symptoms and qualities are! Practically there are austere and regulated Brahmins who chant from one to three laks daily may obtain many followers impressed with their austerities but still cannot obtain real pure bhakti because of this kind of serious offense to a pure vaishnava. Dhaksa in the bhagavatama was an example of this kind of Vaishnava who was very effulgent and powerful but was against the pure vaishnava Lord Shiva.

Bhaktisidhanta Saraswati and our latest Acarya and link in this disciplic succession is AC Bhaktvidanta Srila Prabhupada; anyone who has no faith in these two stalwart pure vaishnavas, not considering them propagators of a pure bhakti devotional line and turning others away from them, is committing vaishnava apparada due to this kind of aversion. They are non-different from the disciplic succession, which is worshipable, and by deriding it one commits the same serious offense. The next and most widely committed apparada by most Vaishnava’s both in and outside of Srila Prabhupada’s organization is refusing to carry out or deriding the most important prime directive of Srila Prabhupada in the form of continuing to conduct Ritvik initiations on his behalf. Who is not committing this one now! Relatively only a few. The majority all vaishnava’s have been trained and taught to displease our real Acarya from the very beginning of his departure and many sincere devotees are sharing in the results of this offense by being taught by leaders who are devoid of the essence of transcendental knowledge due to this Vaishnava Ninda.

Anyone who has accepted Dhaksha( a austere Brahmin only) as the most important personality and neglected Lord Shiva( pure Acarya) because of envy(breaking Acarya’s order for sense gratification) is less intelligent and, because of visualizing in duality( mental speculation teachings), will be bereft of transcendental knowledge. SB 4.2.21

Srila Prabhupada is non-different from his order and first his trusted disciples refused to carry out this order for the purpose of enjoying name and fame as Acarya or Diksha Guru prematurely. This order is meant to keep the worship and mediation on a pure vaishnava. Breaking this order they have induced millions of unwarily seekers of God to worship Neophytes Diksha Gurus. Only the neophyte disciple( Brahmin or lower) who is not a pure vaishnava refuses to serve Srila Prabhupada direct Ritvik order.Their teachings and association are useless because the order is filled with trancedental potency and the strength of the disciplic succession. One becomes counted amongst the false followers of the Acarya as per Krishna das Kaviraja’s prediction.

The followers of Sri Advaita Prabhu were of two kinds. Some were real followers, and the others were false. Rejecting the false followers, Ädi 12.1 -

Some of the disciples strictly accepted the orders of the äcärya, and others deviated, independently concocting their own opinions under the spell of daivé-mäyä.

The order of the spiritual master is the active principle in spiritual life. Anyone who disobeys the order of the spiritual master immediately becomes useless. Adi 12.9-10

Our Acarya Krishna das Kaviraja says reject the following the false followers. In essence All so called Acaryas and worshiped Diksha gurus who claim to be disciples of Srila Prabhupada, should be rejected because they are counted amongst the false followers of the Acarya Srila Prabhupada for refusing to carrying out his signed Ritvik order to initiate on Srila Prabhupada’s behalf and not their own. Anyone considering themselves Diksha and Shiksa disciples must carry out this ritvik order other wise they will act contrary to this order and commit the most serious offense in the manner of Krishna’s warning to Arjuna,

Krishna said, “If you do not act according to My direction and do not fight, then you will be falsely directed. By your nature, you will have to be engaged in warfare”

. Bg 18.59 -

These 11 origional Ritvik appointed leaders were falsely direct and now millions of devotees have been falsely directed under their very neophyte direction, devoid of the essence of real transcendental knowledge. They are billed hypocritically as worshipable Gurus! How ludicrous, but when madness is perpetrated as Eternal Truth others also become mad who accept their intimate association as bonafide. Isn’t this prediction of Krishna the very same thing that happened when the Shiksa and Disksa disciples of Srila Prabhupada refused to follow the orders of their Spiritual Master? They were falsely directed and acted contrary to his order to use Srila Prabhupada’s deserved facilities of Name, fame, buildings, disciples and wealth to increase their own underserved influence of Name and Fame as unqualified Acaryas and Diksha Gurus. They are not self effulgent and have to depend on Srila Prabhupada’s effulgence like parasites to have these undeserved facilities which just resulted in their increasing their own eventual degradation as we have already practically seen . They initiated on their own behalf instead of Srila Prabhupada’s and in this way displeased( offended immensely) the founding Acarya who they claim with their lips to worship while simultaneously they deride and refuse to follow his instructions. Immediately hypocrisy of the worst kind entered their worship of the Acarya by becoming neophyte or false Acarayas and Diksha gurus. The symptom of a neophyte vaishnava is that they cannot follow the order of the bonafide Guru which is meant to elevate them to Madyam adikari platform.

Only the madhyama Vaishnava is actually qualified to serve the Vaishnavas(pure vaishnava). Since the kanishtha Vaishnavas do not engage in such service, they cannot be called Vaishnavas; rather, they are known as vaishnava-praya (those who resemble Vaishnavas).bhaktivinode thakura(essay on Vaishnava Ninda)

Serving the pure Vaishnava here means in this context serving the Acarya’s order. If one refuses to carry out the departing Ritvik instruction of Srila Prabhupada which was delivered in a signed undisputable letter they are showing the symptoms of the neophyte vaishnava who is not yet even elevated to Madyama platform. We have gurus and Acaryas now who exhibit this symptom of the inability to carry out Srila Prabhupada’s extremely important ritivik instruction to initiate on his behalf, due to personal motivation fulfilling their own personal gross sense or subtle name and fame enjoyment of being a worshipable Diksha guru. Being falsely directed they deceive the innocent public that they are qualified for the position when their actual deeds show the opposite.

Instead of cultivating the real bhakti creaper with their hearing and chanting one will cultivate either gross sense gratification or subtle sense gratification in the form of name and fame. This is why those who have the mercy of their bonafide Guru can see the symptoms of the development of desire to compete with the Acaraya to gain the equality in name and fame in staunch and austere Brahmins, like Dhaksa, and Vallabhabatta who audaciously wield the title of Acarya. The want to be known as great Acaryas equal to Srila Prabhupada and Rupa Goswami and they have the disqualifying symptoms of broadcasting publicly such a proud statement not appreciated by those who have their eyes opened due to the mercy of a bonafide Guru and are trying to sincerely follow in his footsteps.

Are you aware that the most important Goal or accomplishment for all persons in this universe is to awaken and develop ones dormant loving attachment for God (Krishna)? Are you feeling some attraction and pious dedication to Krishna but are having trouble developing a naturally strong and steady taste to hear and chant about the Name, fame, attributes qualities of pure devotees, Gauranga and Krishna? . Does the world still feel like a threatening, dangerous place? Are you still being overly harassed by problems of the mind, emotions and bodily discomforts? Are you feeling too dangerously attracted and attached to worldly opulence’s that are here today and gone tomorrow? Are you thinking fearfully too much about the past and what will happen to you in the future? Are you confused about all the various alledged bonaifide Gurus and their opinions about the best way to enter onto the path of bhakti Yoga. Have you been practicing bhakti yoga for 5,10,or 20 + years and still find it hard to experience promised relief from worldly distress and deeping attraction for chanting the Holy Name and qualities of Krishna? These may be symptoms of not yet achieving the effective stage of bhakti Yoga where the devotee naturally experiences relief from the three fold material miseries inflicted by the mind, emotions, body and negative intentions of others in their loving service to Guru and Krishna. Nectar of devotion explains that such significant relief of distress due to awakening of pure devotional service is rarely achieved.

We are offering the experiences, skills, counseling and training gained from being involved for many years on the path of Devotional Service. As a personal trainer we train and encourage others on the path of Raganuga bhakti. We are conducting our trainings free of charge! The only cost that may be incurred is our expenses to go anywhere in the world where we will be training our clients. If you want to experience a dramatic change in your enthusiasm and dramatic increased taste for hearing, chanting and remembering about everything which is related to Krishna the opportunity is now here! Email us at

Our personal training is for groups and also given on a individual basis. For the next two and half months starting Jan 12 2010 we will conducting our first group training session in India as a experiment to see how successful we are at working in a group setting. The Raganuga bhakti boot camp may sound like hard work but actually in the right association it is easy, fun and quite natural, especially when one begins to experience relief from anxieties, distresses. If one is really fortunate deeper levels of spiritual experience, indescribable bliss, and ecstatic loving devotion for Krishna may awaken also which means you win the spiritual lottery and are eternally liberated with no more required births in this world at least according to a statement made by Lord Brahma in Srimad bhagavatam.

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