sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Devadeva Mirel, Alachua, USA: Finished Kitchen: Cabinets–Inside & Out

The following people may be interested in this post:

a) someone who wants to rob me of nutritional yeast and coconut oil
b) persons interested in kitchen organization in anticipation of a remodel
c) my husband, who is still learning where everything goes

72 white dishes in buffet cab bird dishes in buffet cab upper cabinets left of sink jar drawer pots more pots towels, aprons, mitts jars sink base cabs recycle center large cookie sheets & trays, garbage bags, general bigger stuff upper cabinets right of sink right of sink, more towels, baking center blenders, stick blender, hand mixer, juicer towels and bamboo steamer. chinese prefold diapers are great for pressing tofu! syrup baking pans flours...storage containers TBA left of range buckets o' oil & molasses, nooch, pasta stuff can openers, peelers and such pastry cutters stuff tiny bowls, croissant roller and cookie cutters right of range. yes, that is a microwave oven. spice drawer spoon drawer misc. utensil drawerl jar overflow bowls, colanders, sugar, olive oil, sesame oil, braggs, vinegar big stuff and glass measure cups. oh, and my stas of fair trade cocoa. enemies of the environment. i do wash and re-use my plastic bags and parchment paper. to the left of the dish sink sucanat and serving dishes room for buckets--serving stuff, garbanzos, barley montessori kids live here lunch bags and snacks of desperation madrases. because i am a hare krishna. dish sink and to the right under dish sink. oops...popcorn and detergent in the same cabinet! dining utensils and servers glasses random dishes and plastic lunch containers

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