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January 09, 2011 - Planet ISKCON - 19 new articles

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  1. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 185
  2. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Winter Relaxing
  3. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Prabhupada Smaranam
  4. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Today's Darsana
  5. David Haslam, UK: 400 Years of Spiritual enlightenment
  6. Japa Group: Removes Sufferings From Everyone
  7. Japa Group: Japa Workshop #4 of 6
  8. Bharatavarsa.net: Bhakti Vikasa Swami: Nobel Prize for an artificial dog
  9. H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: Guru Maharaja’s Visit To UAE
  10. Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: The wheels on the van go round and round...
  11. Kurma dasa, AU: Beyond the Pale
  12. Sastra Dana, San Diego, USA: January Issue: Wicked Leaks
  13. H.H. Sivarama Swami: From Istanbul
  14. Maddy Jean-claude Durr, New Govardhana, AU: Gita Jayanti Weekend: (Part 2) Sankirana Saturday No3
  15. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Thursday, January 6th, 2011
  16. H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 184
  17. Gouranga TV: New Year’s Eve Bhajan 1
  18. 3D Temple Project, Cyberspace: The Temple Room Interior – Floor to the Ceiling!
  19. 3D Temple Project, Cyberspace: Ok, I know we promised a demo but…
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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 185

www.sdgonline.org. SDGonline Daily updates

1:50 P.M.

The snowfall has stopped, and the devotees are out shoveling. Keli and her daughter Kaulini are shoveling their driveway, and Bhakti-rasa is shoveling the path where we park our car. Baladeva hurt his back by not wearing his brace while doing heavy grocery shopping yesterday. He cooked lunch, however, and cleaned the dishes. He has now come outside and is shoveling Saci’s back driveway. Saci is lying down with pneumonia. I said my sixteen rounds while lying in bed, and then I took a deep nap with unusual dreams. I’ve been regularly having unusual dreams that go deep into emotions. I was in a combination of Boy Scouts, Navy and ISKCON. We were in a meeting place and then told to move to a temporary new place. In the new place I fell asleep by myself in a room while I heard them holding a meeting in another room. It was a momentous occasion in which they were changing the basic structure of the organization. But I slept through it. There didn’t seem anything wrong in this, and people even saw me sleeping. (Maybe that’s because people know I need extra rest.)

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Winter Relaxing

www.sdgonline.org. SDGonline Daily updates

Radha and Krishna don’t need extra rest
They are ever-youthful and
energetic, but sometimes They
play and dance extra hard
and take a nap on a bed
of flowers.
Their friends fan them
with camaras and peacock
fans. They are always blissful.
Someday I may be like Them.
Some people are fated to be like
that and some souls get there by
being very determined.
The snow lies heavily on the
ground, and they are shoveling
hard to remove it.
It doesn’t snow in Govardhana
but the flower buds are beautiful white
like the snow on the trees
in New York. I am trying to be

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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: Prabhupada Smaranam

www.sdgonline.org. SDGonline Daily updates

Prabhupada looks handsome in his tilaka, scholarly glasses and fluffy bright garland. He is lecturing from Srimad Bhagavatam. This gives him the greatest pleasure, to be pleasing Krishna by delivering His message to devotees and conditioned souls.

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Today's Darsana

Isn't Krishna simply so attractive!!!
Let His effervescent
darsana and that of His equally enthralling associates scrape off
the heavy coating of dust and rust of lust from our heart
so that our mind can be naturally drawn again to the irresistible magnet of Krishna's alluring form.

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David Haslam, UK: 400 Years of Spiritual enlightenment

There’s a book thats been the most influential here in the UK, it’s the most widely published has shaped British society, language and culture. This year it celebrates 400 years since it’s first publication, and a book that out of all the translations is the one I personally like and have read many times; The [...]

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Japa Group: Removes Sufferings From Everyone

Hare Krsna dear devotees, I hope your year has been with very happy moments in spiritual life and that you are able to experience Krsna through chanting.
I was reading yesterday how important is the chanting of the holy names in this Age, sometimes we tend to forget the power of harinama sakirtan, but we should always be reminded of how merciful was Srila Prabhupada by giving us this process. Below is a verse from Namastakam:

O Harinama, who are sung by the sages! O You who have assumed the form of transcendental syllables that bring great happiness to all people! Even if You are spoken only once, and even if You are spoken disrespectfully or in jest, You at once remove the many terrible sufferings of everyone.
Srila Rupa Gosvamipada Verse 2
May you have a blessed week!

your servant,

Aruna devi
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Japa Group: Japa Workshop #4 of 6

In this session of the Japa Workshop, participants share their realizations and describe the progress that they have made.

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Bharatavarsa.net: Bhakti Vikasa Swami: Nobel Prize for an artificial dog

Prabhupada: When the dog barks, that is not science. When the man barks like a dog, that is science. Is that not? The man, how scientifically he has learned how to bark like a dog. This is their aim, how to imitate dog-barking. This is scientific. Satsvarupa: On a morning walk in Los Angeles, Svarupa Damodara said they are now going to produce babies in a test tube, and you said "But that's already being done in the womb. That's a very nice test tube." He said, "But he'll get a Nobel Prize." So that's the example. Nature's already doing it nicely. [break] Prabhupada: ...produce even a green grass like this in the laboratory, what to speak of other things. Yogesvara: If producing life was worthy of a Nobel Prize, then they should give every mother in the world a Nobel Prize. Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. (pause) Yogesvara: Actually, I think they should give you the Nobel Prize. Prabhupada: Eh? Yogesvara: You've been creating devotees. Prabhupada: Oh, I, I am natural dog, and they'll not give me prize. (laughs) They'll give prize to the artificial dog.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk -- June 6, 1974, Geneva

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H.H. Bhakticharu Swami: Guru Maharaja’s Visit To UAE

Sent by His Grace Govinda Dasa Dear Devotees Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Guru Maharaja and Srila Prabhupada Please have a look at some pictures of the recent visit of Guru Maharaja to the UAE. For pictures : look here your servant Govinda das 

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Subhavilasa das ACBSP, Toronto, CA: The wheels on the van go round and round...

Recently over the holiday break we took a Krishna pilgrimage through half a dozen temples in America. As promised, we will recount the trip over the next week of posts. This is to share the experiences, appreciations and nectar

This trip was a bit of nostalgia since every summer and on many long weekends we would be travelling to different temples, Ratha Yatras and homes of devotees. Somehwere along the way this type of association waned as we got older, got busy in business and family life. My dad (Subhavilasa das) wanted to make a short trip to the U.S. mid-west but Krishna had other plans and we happily went along...

Bir Krishna Maharaj, a long time mentor and friend of the family has made numerous trips to our home over the years, many times flying in just after actual Janamastami to attend our annual Janmastami funtion for Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar. After numerous promises to come and see him and numerous invites on his part, this time we were going to make good of it. Bir Krishna Maharaj is in the Durham region of North Carolina and at first we were going to fly in but after some pressure from the ladies of the house it was decided to do a roadtrip. So a roadtrip it was and that was part of the nostalgia along with apprehension for me to drive so many hours with small kids.
So a small trip turned into a pilgrimage of multiple temples as we headed to and from North Carolina. We got a off to a bit of a late start since 1/2 the van was full of food. As we all know, when travelling that is one of the biggest issues for devotees and it multiplies with hungry kids. Kishori had enough bhoga and equipment to prepare a Sunday feast. I loaded the 4 crates, but when I saw the bag of potatoes I was almost at the breaking point. But she knew what she was doing...

Actually, right after the birth of our first child, I had to spend a few months in my Bay area office (California) so on a bit of whim I decided to take Kishori (my wife) and Brinda (my first born and now 1 of 3 kids). Kishori was on maternity leave from her stressful life as a Biochemist and I had planned to take some time off in between so we decided to drive to California (including a couple of days on route 66 heading west and a day on the pacific coast highway heading south on the way back). We routed it in such a way that we hit almost every temple as we headed west or back east. During that trip we learned a lot about survival on the road including how to prepare prasdam on the way and luxurious microwave cooking once we hit a hotel...thus chapatis and the magical bag of potatoes :)

So the wheels on the van went round and round all the way to the temple... The kids were remarkably well behaved and our first stop was Wheeling, West Virginia. It was late when we checked into the hotel and we asked them what there was to do locally. They pointed us to 2 brochures on the travel stand....the first was Prabhupada's Palace of Gold :)
The second reccomendation was the Winter Festival of Lights. One of the largest and most beautiful light displays in North America, right there in Wheeling. So off we went for a short drive and there it was...the very best Holiday light display I have ever seen complete with lighted flower gardens, Holiday scenes and of course a life size Nativity scene which I appreciated along with the kids. Perhaps something about going to private Christian school for all those years plus  listening to Srila Prabhupada's instructions on Jesus Christ. (See the earlier blog post from Christmas day

So this was the start of the trip. Stay tuned for the next week as I blog about the various temples we hit along with darshan and association. Thank you sharing in the nectar.

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Kurma dasa, AU: Beyond the Pale

My last blog was about history, a subject I rarely dwell on. So I thought, since many of my new readers may not regularly trawl my archives, that I'd share this older blog from 2007.

"I've been going through more old photos, and old family history. It seems that as we get older, we become more interested in our origins. Of course, we have had many lifetimes, each with it's own distinct family lineage.

My mother's descendants are from Poland. Some of them perished in the Auschwitz concentration camps. My father's descendants are from Russia. This is my great-great grandfather Jacob, (photo circa 1900) who lived in a Russian Pale of Settlement.


A 'Pale' is an old term meaning an area designated to a particular authority. The Jews of Russia were delegated to strict areas of residence, and they were forbidden to overstep those delegated boundaries. Jacob lived in one of these areas.

You may have heard of the term 'beyond the pale'. If someone's behaviour is described as beyond the pale, it is unacceptable. Or in other words, they have overstepped the mark of good manners or decency.

Life in these Pales was quite tough. In spite of the difficult circumstances, Jewish cultural life developed and flourished in the Pale. From the Pale emerged a group of writers who can be considered the founding fathers of modern secular Hebrew and Yiddish literature, and many of them became world famous.

By the end of the 19th century, the Jewish population in Russia increased to over 5 million. Russian Jews become more assimilated.

But political upheavals, like the The Pogroms of 1903 - 1906, and widespread discrimination led to the mass emigration of Jews to America and Western Europe. Between 1881 and 1914, more than 2 million Jews left Russia.

Jacob was one of them. This is his son, on a camel in 1917.

Egypt, 1917:

His son was my father's father. The rest is history."

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Sastra Dana, San Diego, USA: January Issue: Wicked Leaks



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H.H. Sivarama Swami: From Istanbul

Anonymous asks: When is appropriate to protect oneself (not other vaisnavas) if at risk of physical attack and when is it not?

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Maddy Jean-claude Durr, New Govardhana, AU: Gita Jayanti Weekend: (Part 2) Sankirana Saturday No3

Saturday 18th, September 2010.

                We cooked the Saturday breakfast.  We cooked our regular Saturday Soup, with whatever ingredients were available in our scanty stores.  It was snowing heavily outside, possibly jeopardizing our coming Sankirtana Saturday.  It was a cold start with warm bellies for us on our Sankirtana Saturday.

                The troopers were ready timely, standing in the snow outside the Castle.  We were all reminded by Mangala Candrika Mataji to put on extra layers because it was supposed to be cold today.  We quickly followed her orders and then ran back to the cars.  Soon we were off into the snowy streets, on our way to Maastricht.

                The sun was up and the snow was down.  I laughed, seeing cars covered in six inches of snow on one side and totally shinny clean on the other side (where the sun had melted off the snow).  We arrived in Maastricht and had our sankirtana lunch.  Maha Laksmi Mataji and Sarasvati Mataji had cooked us up some hearty Prasadam.  We stood around, looking like people at a food charity.  I thought perhaps the passing cars would think we were a big family having a lovely little snow picnic.  I looked around and realized that this would not be the case; we had devotees from so many different countries and different nationalities.  Although our big gathering really was a big family, our group looked more like a meeting of the United Nations than a Dutch family outing.

                We marched off in enthusiasm to distribute our books.  We were warm from the Prasadam and were ready to distribute the mercy.  I left Narottama with Partha and found my spot from last month.  I tried for a few minutes to distribute books but the people were persistent not to stop.  Eventually I couldn’t hold my hands out of my pockets; it was so cold!  I had forgotten my gloves, having dirtied them up in endless snow sledging and snow fights.  It became physically impossible to distribute any books.  I had to find some way to distribute books or I would be stuck, stuck on the mental platform and stuck with my hands in my pockets.

                I slipped my hand into my bead bag – I had some rounds because we spent the morning cooking breakfast.  I looked around to see how the other distributors were going.  Mangala Candrika Mataji was taking around our new recruits – Lucy Mataji, a first year in the College; and Arcana Mataji, on Radhadesh for vacation, visiting her sister (Bidya) who was doing the Bhakti Sastri.  Arcana decided to spend one of her precious holidays learning the art of distributing Srila Prabhupda’s books to the people of Holland.

                I found some of the other Bhakti Sastri and College students holding a stretch of market.  I ducked in and out of the stores to restore body heat and joined them in the fray.  We exchanged sankirtana lines, tricks and goodies, keeping each other enlivened and warm enough to battle the cold.  We all each had a store that we frequented, simply to keep our bodies from freezing.

                I stopped one nice boy.  He was studying business in the university and was almost finished his degree.  He happily heard my portrayal of our books and what our mission was.  He was very nice but he hesitated.  “I can’t read Dutch, I’m German” he said.  At the start of the day I had rummaged through my books.  I had a bunch of Dutch books and a few stray English ones.  It just so happened, seemingly by the guidance of the Supersoul, that Partha Sarathi had pointed out one nice book and said “this one is for any German people you meet today.”  Instantly I exchanged the boy’s book and his face lit up in surprise.  He happily gave a very nice donation for the book.  I gave him my card and asked him to forgive my freezing cold handshake, and he happily went along with his business.

                It was coming to the end of the day and Blanka Mataji arrived near our group.  She told us that she had wandered off, finding herself lost for hours.  Blanka was from Spain, so she was also accustomed to the warmth.  Blanka said “if I had have been out there any longer I would have become a corpse.”  We took her to one of our hot spots, a local store, and let her defrost in front of the heater for a good while.

                It was not soon after this incident that we wrapped up our Sankirtana Saturday.  It was a strange mix of feelings; in one sense we didn’t want to stop but in another sense (ie the cold sense) we needed to stop.  The rookies from the warm all learned their lesson; five layers are simply not enough!  We returned to the car for some more warm Prasadam and a warm seat.  The local devotees, who were dressed appropriately, almost had to be dragged off the streets, distributing all the way back to the car.

                We all piled in and then we were off for one last surprise.  Partha Sarathi directed us to HG Radha Kantha Prabhu’s house, a devotee who often visited Radhadesh with his young family.  We slid our way down the ice coated streets to their apartment door.  They greeted us warmly at the top of the stairs and our big group piled into their living room.  Gokulendra Prabhu, one of our distributors, started up a nice kirtana.  Everyone was very cheerful and very lively.

We finished off the night with some more gifts, from Partha Sarathi and co (framed pictures of Radha Gopinatha), and a great Prasadam feast served by our hosts.  While everyone was honouring Prasadam, Mangala and Partha announced our day’s score, along with the month’s score in the whole Benelux area.  Everyone cheered and clapped with great enthusiasm, so happy to hear Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental literature going out to the masses.

                We made a reluctant exit from Radha Kantha’s home and made our way back to our vehicles.  We chit-chatted and chanted all the way back to the Castle.  It was virtually a blizzard around us, as we made our way home.  Eventually our fleet made it to our home street.  The first car drove on but we came to a sliding stop.  It seemed that one car had winter tires and the other had summer tires.  We reversed back down the hill and tried to have another go.  The second time seemed a little more successful so we tried to hop out and push the van.  Still we were having some trouble so Rick Prabhu decided to try one last time, this time with no passengers in the car.  He went up and up and up the hill but still found himself stuck.  All the sankirtana goers, particularly the College students, jumped behind the van and gave it a mighty push.  We pushed and pushed and finally we had it rolling ahead and on its way.

                We were all invigorated by the whole experience now and we were enthusiastically running along in the snow.  We went into bursts of energy, having races at times, and laughing and joking all the while.  Finally we had a final dash for the Castle.  The snow was falling all around us and the night was dark.  I put all my remaining energy into the competitive notion, beating our little group by a hand’s length to the Castle.

                I dashed off to my room.  In the run I had inhaled loads of snow and now it was melting in my lungs.  I was coughing heavily for a while and laughing all the while.  We were now in the warmth of our heated room and snuggled up in our sleeping bags.  We dosed off to Partha’s stories of military pranks.  He went from the ranks of battle to the ranks of the Sankirtana Saturday soldiers, who were all now nestled back at base after a third embankment of the amazing event.  We still had much more Gita Jayanti weekend fun awaiting us the next day; the fun just never seems to end in Krsna consciousness.


Read original post: [http://maddmonk.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/gita-jayanti-weekend-part-2-sankirana-saturday-no3]




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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Thursday, January 6th, 2011

The Drastic Chili Story

Toronto Ontario

Somehow or other the morning's Bhagavatam class facilitated by myself swung over to the topic of red hot chili peppers. The two monks from India sitting there to listen amongst the rest of us looked at me with amazement as if fire came out of their mouths when I said "Chillis" did not come from India. They were introduced." Like the tea drinking the British crazed over is now custom in India, so is the use of chilies and the ground up version cayenne powder.

The boys were startled. Perhaps someone can now research further on Google, but it is the curry leaves, yogurt, chic pea flour, ginger, tumeric and cumin that is India's culinary contribution and not the red hot 'sharks' as some of us in the ashram called it.

While our actual topic was "sense control" we landed at the point of the over use of the passionate pods for cooking. Some of our visitors of the previous night bit into a hot pakora(veggie fritter) and had the dragon-mouth experience of their life. It was then and there at the tail end of class that we declared that all chilli peppers and cayenne make an exodus from the building. Subuddhi, president approved and co-president Madhavendra Puri, happily disposed of the little devils, with sneezes of course.

Why the reason for the drastic injuction? Well, those little guys shaped like the country Chile itself make you overly rajasic (hyper). It is intolerant to children because of the large doses used in the temple cooking and not that a small amount hurts). Many of our cooks just can't help themselves. They over do it. That's the actual problem. I guess our two topics tied in together-control chillis.

Not only the kids but most people who come find it not newcomer friendly. They won't eat with us again, and may never return. Even though by night-time the little sharks were chucked the little asurae (demons) will make their way back (by well intentioned donors) and a rerun will then occur. The toss-out leela (pastime) repeat itself.

As a compromise the temple ashram is usually stocked with fresh green ones. Maybe we can call them "green hornets". They can be a side-dish for those wanting them but we certainly don't need flames shooting off everyone's tongue as a result of an en masse curry cooked for hundreds.

To me chillies are like cigarettes. Use them outside and keep temple food nutrition healthy, colorful, and in the mode of goodness. Today I trekked a good seven kilometers all in one sweep, despite the hernia, and I didn't need one red hot shark to fuel me.


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H.H. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 184

www.sdgonline.org. SDGonline Daily updates

4:01 P.M.

I am in a funny place, an odd mind-set. I’m still recovering from my illness. I’m aware it’s a long process. I had pneumonia and had to enter the hospital in a semi-comatose position. My caretaker is advising me I have to rest more.  I have lost the gumption to do the journal in all its parts, and I’m having current trouble in completing my sixteen rounds of japa. I feel a need to take naps, but I’m not taking them. I’m seeking a new sleeping schedule where I get up as late as 7:00 A.M. but that throws my whole day off. I don’t have any pressure on me from outside for duties, but I feel strange about the japa and the sleeping too. I’ve lost some self-identity from my stay in the hospital. I went in with a healthy pace of journal writing and early completion of my rounds. Now I’m a different person. I’m somewhat worried about my health on the long-term basis. I don’t think I should strive to return to my old schedule. I think it would be too much of a strain on me. Maybe eventually I might do it, but not now.  I feel I should relax—and that I’ve discovered I’ve been doing too much and I have to ease up. I’ll continue to tell stories from the sastras.

The Krishna book tells about a person called Satrajit. He was a devotee of the sun god and eventually became an intimate of his. As a token of friendship, the sun god gave Satrajit a dazzling jewel as a gift. The jewel was known as Syamantaka, and when Satrajit wore it in a locket around his neck he looked just like an imitation sun god. He put on the jewel and entered the city of Dvaraka, and people thought that the sun god had come to visit Krishna. Once one of the important citizens of Dvaraka went to Krishna and informed Him that the sun god had come to see Him. When Krishna heard this, He simply smiled. He said the person they described as the sun god was actually Satrajit, who had come to Dvaraka to show his opulence in the form of a valuable jewel he had obtained from the sun god. Satrajit had not come to see Krishna. He had come to install the jewel in a temple to be worshiped by brahmanas. This is an instance of a less intelligent person worshiping a material thing. Although Krishna later asked him for the jewel, King Satrajit did not offer it back but installed it in his temple for purposes of worship. And who would not worship this jewel? The Syamantaka jewel was so powerful it was capable of producing a large quantity of gold daily. The jewel was producing 170 pounds of gold a day. Besides that, it is learned from Vedic literature that in whatever part of the world this jewel was worshipped, there was no possibility of famine; not only that, but wherever the jewel was present there was no possibility of anything inauspicious such as pestilence or disease. I will tell more of the story later.

There is now a heavy snowstorm in progress. It is Friday, and it is supposed to snow all weekend. Schools and businesses will be closed on Monday. The main roads get plowed; the small side streets remain snowbound, and cars get half-buried. The children like it. It doesn’t mean much to me. I am incapable of taking a walk even on an ordinary day. This snow will keep me completely indoors. Saci has a snowplow, but he waits until a snowstorm is over before he uses it. Baladeva may dig in with his shovel when he returns from shopping, or maybe he will wait until the snow is over.

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Gouranga TV: New Year’s Eve Bhajan 1

New Year’s Eve Bhajan 1 His Holiness Sivarama Maharaja

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3D Temple Project, Cyberspace: The Temple Room Interior – Floor to the Ceiling!

Haribol! I thought I’d add some information about recent Temple Project related developments. I mean, I don’t even know if anyone will actually read this, but I have to write something. After some smaller objects were modelled, the flow of the initial drafting process, to 3D creation to final product was worked out smoothly. So, [...]

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3D Temple Project, Cyberspace: Ok, I know we promised a demo but…

But yes. Always there is a but, especially with a project like this! Pabitra has skilfully modelled the temple room, and some objects in there. This is good news because there is now enough content created to finally see some Temple action, however transfering the Temple from 3DSMax into Unity has proved to be more [...]

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