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Dandavats - 8 new articles


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"Dandavats" - 8 new articles

  1. Arca-vigraha’s Saintly Vision
  2. In Memory of Amekhala
  3. Amekhala, Departure Of A Pure Devotee
  4. Importance of the Yuga-Dharma Nama-Sankirtana
  5. Man plays God, really?
  6. Growing a library at the Mayapur Academy
  7. Serbian Narasimhalila appears
  8. Eco-community and cooperative farm starting up at ISKCON New Talavan
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Arca-vigraha’s Saintly Vision

By Giriraja Swami

About this time, Jhanu Saptami, in 1994, Arca-vigraha dasi, a renown artist from South Africa, left her cancer-ridden body in Vrndavana. Her desire that other devotees also have a proper facility to spend their last days in the beautiful spiritual atmosphere of the dhama inspired the creation of the Bhaktivedanta Hospice.

In Memory of Amekhala

Giribaradhari das (Smara Hari's brother): With tears in my eyes, I laugh and I cry, When I think of all you have done. This body you have lost At such a great cost, But your battle has been won.

Amekhala, Departure Of A Pure Devotee

Subhangi devi dasi: I first met Amekhala when I was pregnant with my daughter Lila in 1990. I took a side trip to England to avoid Indian summer and meet my Jordy relatives. I was really struck by how nice the English matajis were.

Importance of the Yuga-Dharma Nama-Sankirtana

By Aindra Dasa

The best sadhu-sanga is when you come into the association of pure devotees, who are engaging in the performance of nama-sankirtana, who are absorbed in the yuga-dharma - that is the best sadhu-sanga, that is real sadhu-sanga.

Man plays God, really?

Partha prana govinda das: Washington: Scientists announced a bold step on Thursday in the enduring quest to create artificial life. They've produced a living cell powered by manmade DNA

Growing a library at the Mayapur Academy

Antony Brennan: Expanding the library at the Mayapur Academy has been an ongoing project. Most recently, additional shelves were installed to cater for new books being sourced by the Academy and donated by devotees.

Serbian Narasimhalila appears

Amogha das: In a continuing downpour of mercy leading up to His appearance day, the Lord's loving devotees have sent the Serbian translation of Lord Nrsimhadeva's pastimes

Eco-community and cooperative farm starting up at ISKCON New Talavan

Bhakta Blake: We have a lease on 35 acres of fertile pasture and forest land and are hoping to develop a small 4-8 person cooperative organic farm, orchard, and dairy operation to support the local New Talavan congregation of about 50 people.

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