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Radhastaka by Bhaktivinode Thakura, de Bkgoswami Das

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H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

H H Indadyumna Swami

H H Indadyumna Swami  por ISKCON desire tree.

Radhastaka by Bhaktivinode Thakura, de Bkgoswami Das

Sri Radhastaka
Eight Prayers in Glorification of Srimati Radharani
- Nine Songs -

(Glorification of worship to Sri Radha)

Song 1

radhika-carana-padma, sakala sreyera sadma,
jatane je nahi aradhilo
radha-padmankita dhama, brndabana jar nama,

taha je na asroy korilo

1) He who has failed to carefully worship the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika, which are the abode of all auspiciousness; he who has not taken shelter in the transcendental abode known as Vrndavana, which is decorated with the beautiful lotus flower named Radha...


radhika-bhava-gambhir, citta jeba mahadhir,
gana-sanga na koilo jivane
kemone se syamananda, rasa-sindhu-snanananda,

labhibe bujhoha eka-mane

2) ...he who in this life has not associated with the devotees of Radhika, who are very wise and whose devotion for Radha is very deep -- how will such a person ever experience the bliss of bathing in the ocean of Lord Syama's sublime mellows? Please understand this most attentively.

radhika ujjvala-raser acarya
radha-madhava-suddha-prem vicarya

3) Srimati Radhika is the exemplary teacher of the brilliant mellows of conjugal love. This pure love between Radha and Madhava is worthy of discussion and contemplation.


je dharilo radha-pada parama jatane
se pailo krsna-pada amulya-ratane

4) He who has grasped hold of the lotus feet of Radha with great care obtains the lotus feet of Krsna, which are like priceless jewels.


radha-pada vina kabhu krsna nahi mile
radhar dasir krsna sarva-vede bole

5) Without taking shelter of the lotus feet of Radha, one can never personally meet Lord Krsna. The Vedic scriptures declare that Krsna is the property of the maidservants of Sri Radha.


chodata dhana-jan, kalatra-suta-mita,
chodata karama geyan
radha-pada-pankaja, madhurata sevan,
bhakativinoda paraman

6) Abandoning wealth, followers, wife, sons, and friends, and giving up materialistic activities and intellectual knowledge, being absorbed in the sweetness of service to the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani -- this is Bhaktivinoda's conviction.

Song 2


virajar pare suddha-paravyoma-dham
tad upari sri-gokula-brndaranya nam

1) Beyond the Viraja River lies the pure spiritual sky, and above that Vaikuntha realm lies the divine abode known as Sri Goloka Vrndavana.

brndabana cintamani, cid-ananda-ratna-khani,
cinmoy apurva-darasan
tahi majhe camatkar, krsna vanaspati sar,
nila-mani tamala jemon

2) The land of Vrndavana is made of spiritual gems and is therefore likened to a mine of fully cognizant and blissful jewels. This transcendentally conscious realm is certainly a wonderful and extraordinary sight. Within that abode is the most astonishing presence of Lord Krsna, who is compared to a tamal tree, the king of trees possessing the hue of a dark sapphire.


tahe eka svarna-mayi, lata sarva-dhama-jayi,
uthiyache parama-pavana
hladini-saktir sar, `mahabhava' nam jar,

3) Entwined upon that blackish tree a beautiful golden creeper has arisen, who is the conqueror of all realms, being the supreme purifier. Her name is Mahabhava, being the essence of the supreme pleasure-giving hladini potency. She is the enchantress of Sri Krsna, who is Himself the enchanter of the three worlds.


radha-name paricita, tusiya govinda-cita,
virajaye parama anande
sei lata-patra-phul, lalitadi sakhi-kul,
sabe mili' vrkse drdha bandhe

4) Known by the name of Radha, She remains shining there in great ecstasy, always engaged in satisfying Govinda's heart. The leaves and flowers of that creeper form the assembly of Her girlfriends headed by Lalita. Together She and all Her friends entwine that blackish tree in a tight embrace.

latar parase praphulla tamal
lata chadi' nahi rahe kono kal

5) At the touch of this creeper, the tamal tree blooms; without the embrace of the creeper, He can no longer exist.

tamala chadiya lata nahi vance
se lata milan sada-kala yace

6) The creeper never desires to leave the company of the tamal tree; the creeper perpetually craves Their union.

bhakativinoda milan dohar
na cahe kakhona vina kichu ar

7) Other than the meeting of these two, Bhaktivinoda desires nothing, but nothing else.

Song 3

ramani-siromani, brsabhanu-nandini,
chinna-purata jini', varna-vikasini,
baddha-kabari hari-prana

1) The beloved daughter of King Vrsabhanu is the crest-jewel of all young women. She is fond of wearing blue garments. Her radiant complexion is very pleasing and conquers the beauty of freshly cut gold, Her locks of hair are nicely arranged, and She is the life and soul of Lord Krsna.

abharana-mandita, hari-rasa-pandita,
kanculikacchadita, stana-mani-mandita,
kajjala-nayani rasala

2) She is artfully adorned with jewels, She is very learned in the science of Hari-rasa, and Her forehead is nicely decorated with tilaka. Her breasts are covered with a beautiful corset and adorned with valuable gems, and Her eyes are anointed with black collyrium. Thus She appears to be relishable sweetness personified.

sakala tyajiya se radha-carane
dasi ho'ye bhaja parama-jatane

3) Giving up everything and becoming a maidservant at the lotus feet of Radha, just worship and serve Her with great care and attention.

saundarya-kirana dekhiya janhar
rati-gauri-lila garva-parihar

4) Beholding Her effulgent rays of pure beauty, the goddesses Rati, Gauri, and Lila abandon all their pride.

saci-laksmi-satya saubhagya bolane
parajita hoy janhara carane

5) The good fortune attributed to the goddesses saci, Laksmi, and Satya is completely defeated in the presence of Radha's feet.

krsna-vasikare candravali-adi
parajay mane hoiya vivadi

6) The group of rival gopis led by Candravali are forced to accept their defeat before Srimati Radharani, for She alone controls Krsna. Thus they always sulk and simply remain quarrelsome.

hari-dayita radha-carana prayasi
bhakativinoda sri-godruma-basi

7) Bhaktivinoda, a resident of Sri Godruma, always endeavors for the lotus feet of Radha, the most beloved of Lord Hari.

Song 4

rasika nagari- gana-siromani,
krsna-preme sarahamsi
brsabhanu-raja, suddha kalpa-balli,

1) Srimati Radharani is the crest jewel of all amorous young maidens who take pleasure in relishing transcendental mellows. She is a beautiful swan in the waters of love for Krsna, a transcendental wish-fulfilling creeper on the family tree of king Vrsabhanu, and the original source of all the goddesses of fortune.

rakta patta-vastra, nitamba-upari,
ksudra ghanti dule ta'y
kuca-yugopari, duli' mukta-mala,
citta-hari sobha pay

2) Upon Her hips She wears red silken cloth on which tiny bells are swinging, and upon Her breasts sways a lovely necklace of pearls. In this way She looks so splendrous that She steals the heart of the beholder.


atisoy kantimati
kaisora amrta, tarunya-karpur,
misra-smitadhara sati

3) Her bodily luster is exceptionally effulgent, like the golden whorl of the best of lotus flowers. Her two sweetly smiling lips display the immortal nectar of adolescence mixed with the fragrant camphor of new youthfulness. She is completely faithful to Lord Krsna.


banante agata, braja-pati-suta,
heri' sankakula, nayana-bhangite,
adarete stava kore

4) Seeing that the supremely mischievous son of Nanda has arrived on the outskirts of the Vrndavana forest as He returns from tending the cows, She becomes stricken with anxiety and affectionately offers prayers to Him by the hints and signals of Her eyes.


brajera mahila-ganera paran,
lalita lalita-snehete praphulla-
sarira lalita-gatri

5) Srimati Radharani is the life and soul of all the elder women of Vraja, and is especially dear to Mother Yasoda. Basking in the affection of charming Lalita-devi, Radha's bodily form has fully blossomed like a lotus, thus displaying Her beautiful and graceful limbs.


visakhara sane, bana-phula tuli',
ganthe vaijayanti mala
sakala-sreyasi, krsna-vaksah-sthita,
parama-preyasi bala

6) Accompanied by Visakha, Radha picks forest flowers and strings together a vaijayanti flower garland for Krsna. She is the well-wisher of all, and is always situated upon the chest of the Lord, being the most beloved young girlfriend of Krsna.


snigdha venu-rave, druta-gati jai',
kunje peye nata-bare
hasita-nayani, namra-mukhi sati,
karna kanduyana kore

7) Hearing the soft sound of the flute, She moves swiftly through the forest, and finding in the bowers of Vraja the best of dancing actors, the chaste Radha with smiling eyes turns her face downward in shyness while restlessly scratching Her ear.


sparsiya kamala, vayu su-sitala,
kore jabe kunda-nira
nidaghe tathay, nija-gana saha,
tusaya gokula-vira

8) When the breeze, which is scented with the fragrance of lotus flowers, makes the waters of Radha-kunda very cool, then, in the warmth of the summer in those cooling waters, Radha along with all Her girlfriends satisfies the hero of Gokula.


bhakativinoda, rupa-raghunathe,
kohaye carana dhori'
heno radha-dasya, sudhira-sampad,
kabe dibe krpa kori'

9) Bhaktivinoda says to Rupa and Raghunatha, clasping their lotus feet, "When will you bestow your mercy upon me and give me eternal service to such a Radha as this, for Her service is the wealth of the truly wise."

Song 5

mahabhava-cintamani, udbhavita tanu-khani,
sakhi-pati-sajja prabhavati
karunya-tarunya ar, lavanya-amrta-dhar,
tahe snata laksmi-jayi sati

1) Srimati Radharani's transcendental bodily form has arisen out of the mahabhava-cintamani. She is the decoration of the Lord of the sakhis, and is effulgent with divinely splendrous potency. She takes her first bath in the shower of the nectar of compassion, Her second bath in the nectar of youth, and Her third bath in the nectar of bodily luster. She thus conquers the beauty of even the goddess of fortune, and is endowed with the prominent quality of chastity.


lajja patta-vastra jar, saundarya kunkuma-sar,
kasturi-citrita kalevara
kampasru-pulaka-ranga, stambha-sveda-svara-bhanga,
jadyonmada nava-ratna-dhara

2) She wears the silken sari of modesty, and on Her forehead She wears the red kunkum dot of loveliness. Her body is decorated with pictures drawn in musk, and She wears a necklace that is adorned with the fresh jewels of the ecstatic symptoms -- shivering in the body, flowing of tears from the eyes, standing of hairs on the body, being stunned, perspiring, faltering of the voice, inactivity, and madness.


panca-vimsati guna, phula-mala su-sobhana,
dhiradhira bhava-patta-vasa
pihita-mana-dhammilla, saubhagya-tilakojvala,
krsna-nama-yasah karnollasa

3) Sri Radha is very much beautified by wearing the flower garland strung with Her twenty-five transcendental qualities,vi* and She is clothed in the two-part silken garment of both sober and non-sober emotional ecstasies. Covered indignation constitutes Her braided and ornamented hair, and She is radiant with the tilak of auspicious fortune. The name and glories of Krsna are the delight of Her ears.


raga-tambulita ostha, kautilya-kajjala-spasta,
smita-karpurita narma-sila
kirti-yasa-antahpure, garva-khattopari sphure,
dulita prema-vaicittya-mala

4) Srimati Radharani's lips have become very red from chewing betel nuts, and the black collyrium of cunningness is clearly visible on Her eyes. Her smile is like sweet camphor, and she is always fond of joking. She sits upon a bed of pride in a palace of fame and glory, and a garland of extraordinary transformations of ecstatic love hangs swinging from around Her neck.


pranaya-rosa-kanculi- pihita stana-yugmaka,
candra-jayi kacchapi ravini
sakhi-dwaya-skandhe, lila-karambujarpana-sila,
syama syamamrta-vitarani

5) Her breasts are covered by the bodice of loving anger. She plays on a lute called kacchapi (turtle-shaped) to announce the conquest of Her rival Candravali. Radha is always fond of placing Her playful lotuslike hands on the shoulders of two of Her girlfriends. Her youthful form is very graceful and slender, and She is the exclusive distributor of the nectar of Lord Syamasundara.


e heno radhika-pada, tomader su-sampada,
dante trna yace tava pay
e bhaktivinoda din, radha-dasyamrta-kana,
rupa raghunatha! deho tay

6) O Rupa and Raghunatha! Your great treasure is the lotus feet of such a Radhika. This Bhaktivinoda, who is very fallen and lowly, prays at your lotus feet with a straw of the street between his teeth. Please bestow upon me a nectarean particle of eternal service to Srimati Radharani!

Song 6

manca manoharasobhita phule

1) In the forests of Vraja on the banks of the Yamuna there are beautiful thrones bedecked with flowers.


banaspati-latatusaye ankhi
tad upari kotodakaye pakhi

2) The creepers and fruit trees give satisfaction to the eyes and upon these trees and creepers many birds sing sweetly.


malaya anilavahaye dhire
ali-kula madhu-lobheye phire

3) A breeze from the Malaya hills blows ever so gently while swarms of bumblebees fly about in search of honey.


basantira rakaudupa tada
kaumudi bitoreadare sada

4) The full glowing moon of the spring season then distributes its cooling rays out of love and respect.


emata samayerasika-bara
arambhilo rasamurali-dhara

5) At such a time as this the best of relishers begins His rasa dance the holder of the flute.


sata-koti gopimajhete hari
radha-saha naceananda kori

6) Millions of cowherd maidens Lord Hari is in the midst dancing along with Radha rejoicing in great bliss.


madhava-mohinigaiya gita
harilo sakalajagata-cita

7) The Enchantress of Madhava singing beautiful songs steals away the minds of all the three worlds.


sthavara-jangamamohila sati
haraolo candra- valira mati

8) All moving and non-moving beings enchanted by chaste Radha who has forcefully defeated the pride of Candravali.


mathiya baraja-kisora-man
antarita hoyradha takhon

9) After agitating the mind of youthful Vraja-Kisor Radha oh so suddenly disappears from the scene.


bhakativinodaparamada gane
rasa bhangalo (aji)radha vihane

10) This Bhaktivinoda perceives some calamity -- the rasa dance has now stopped in the absence of Radha.

Song 7

sata-koti gopimadhava-man
rakhite narilokori' jatan

11) Millions of cowherd damsels are unable to please the mind of Madhava although endeavoring to do so.


venu-gite dakeradhika-nam
`eso eso radhe!'dakoye syam

12) The flute song calls the name of Radhika "Come here, come here, Radhe!" Syama calls out in the night.


bhangiya sri-rasa-mandala tabe
radha-anvesanecalaye jabe

13) When the Sri-rasa-mandala comes to a halt in search of Beloved Radha He then goes.


`dekha diya radhe!rakhoha pran!'
boliya kandayekanane kan

14) "Please appear, O Radhe! Kindly save My life!" calling out while weeping Kan in the forest.


nirjana kananeradhare dhori'
miliya paranjudaya hari

15) In a secluded grove embracing Radhika regaining His life and soul Hari is relieved.


bole, `tunhu vinakahara rasa?
tunhu lagi' morbaraja-basa'

16) Saying, "Without You, where is the rasa dance? Only because of You do I live in Vraja."


e heno radhika-carana-tale
bhakativinodakandiya bole

17) At the lotus feet of such a Radhika this Bhaktivinoda says weeping,


`tuwa gana-majheamare gani'
kinkori koriyarakho apani'

18) "Among Your personal associates please count me also; making me Your maidservant keep me as Your own."

Song 8

radha-bhajane jadi mati nahi bhela
krsna-bhajana tava akarana gela

1) If your desire for the worship of Srimati Radharani does not come about, then your so-called worship of Krsna is completely useless.


atapa-rohita suraya nahi jani
radha-virahita madhava nahi mani

2) Just as I never know the sun to be without without sunlight, so I do not care to regard Madhava without Radha.


kevala madhava pujaye so ajnani
radha anadara koro-i abhimani

3) One who worships Madhava alone is imperfect in his knowledge, and one who disrespects Radha is simply conceited and proud.


kabanhi nahi korobi tankor sanga
citte icchasi jadi braja-rasa-ranga

4) You should never associate with such a person if you at all desire within your heart to participate in the eternal sportive pastimes of Vraja.


radhika-dasi jadi hoy abhiman
sighra-i mila-i taba gokula-kan

5) If one considers oneself to be a humble maidservant of Radhika, then such a person very quickly meets the Lord of Gokula.


brahma, siva, narada, sruti, narayani
radhika-pada-raja pujaye mani'

6) Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Narada Muni, the personified Vedas, and Laksmi-devi all honor and worship the dust of Radhika's lotus feet.


uma, rama, satya, saci, candra, rukmini
radha-avatara sabe, -- amnaya-vani

7) The Vedic scriptures declare that the goddesses Uma, Rama, Satya, Saci, Candra, and Rukmini are all personal expansions of Srimati Radharani.


heno radha-paricarya jankara dhan
bhakativinoda ta'r magaye caran

8) Bhaktivinoda, whose only treasure is the service of such a Radha, humbly begs for Her lotus feet.

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