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Fotos de Shankar Ramachandra del álbum Sri Sri Narasimha Chaturdasi 2010 (Picture Copyrights by Shankar)

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Nrsimha Kavaca Dasa
Nrsimha Kavaca Dasa

Radha Parisisvara move to their new home - by Hrdaya Caitany dasa

Radha Parisisvara move to their new home - by Hrdaya Caitany dasa

Yesterday morning Sri Sri Radha Paris Isvara, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra Maharani were moved from Noisy-le-Grand to Sarcelles with the expert help of Nrsimha Kavaca prabhu.

In the early morning as Nrsimha-Kavaca prabhu mentioned the streets were cleansed by pooring rain, by the time Their Lordships were leaving the house there were only a few drops left.

Nitai Gaurasundara prabhu rented a Peugeot van and Puskaraksa came with one of his luxury cares to move Lord Jagganatha and the small Deities on the lap of three Pujaris.

Now They are being worshipped in Their own house in Sarcelles.

I would like to take the opportunity of this historical moment to thank all the members of the Renouveau du Yatra Francais and especialy Sivarama Swami, because it is by their mercy that this happened.

Nitai Gaurasundara prabhu and Pitavasa prabhu have been working hard together to make this happen.

Nitai Gaurasundara prabhu pushed for the opening in one sence permaturely, because the owner took his last things on Saturday, on the other hand the devotees especialy Pitavas prabhu made such good friends with the owner that he agreed that they started slowly preparing especialy in the basement several weeks before.

I am sure Nitai Gaurasundara prabhu will write to all of you more about this event.

Personaly I do not see this as the end for the Renouveau because as much as it is important to serve nicely cooked prasadam to the devotees in a nice Vaisnava way. In a simular way there is a lot of potential in Paris provided now the management grows along with the growth of the facilities.

Paris has now three facilities, one preaching center, one guesthouse and the temple. These facilities need to be used in Krsna's service in the best possible way. I hope that the members of the Renouveau are willing to continue to give their valuable input.

Your servant,
Hrdaya Caitanya das.

La Ciencia Confidencial del Bhakti Yoga

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From: Radhakd

La ciencia confidencial del Bhakti yoga, es un libro compilado en el Instituto Superior de Estudios Védicos, creado y dirigido por Swami BA Paramadvaiti.

Es un libro sacado a partir de conferencias, charlas y reuniones con Su Divina Gracia Srila Sridhar Maharaja en Navaduip, Bengala, India.

Es un libro para todo aquel interesado en profundizar en las practicas espirituales.

La ciencia confidencial del bhakti yoga

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