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"Dandavats" - 2 new articles

  1. Hare Krishna” chants Park Ranger in Grand Canyon
  2. Launch of Gap Year 2011 in Mayapur
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Hare Krishna” chants Park Ranger in Grand Canyon

Dr Prayag Narayan Misra: To quote from Wikipedia," the Vishnu Schist was named by geologist Charles Walcott in the 1880s after Vishnu Temple, a prominent rock formation on the north side of the canyon near Cape Royale

Launch of Gap Year 2011 in Mayapur

Sukanti Radha dasi: Are you tired of mundane studying? Thinking of taking a gap year? Don't know where to go! Well no need to think further as Mayapur Worldwide and Mayapur Institute of Higher Education (MIHET) has just launched a brand new "Gap Year 2011" programme during Nrsingadev Caturdasi.

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