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ISKCON News - The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness - 16 new articles

ISKCON News - The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness - 16 new articles

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USA: The World's Drug Addict

By Anuttama Das for ISKCON News on 26 Jun 2010

Many of us are familiar with the statistic that America, with only 5% of the world's population, consumes nearly 25% of the world's resources. Here's a less known fact: With the same 5% of the population, the United States consumes 65% of the world's illegal drugs.

Srimati Shimantini Devi Temple Project In Mayapur

By Dridha Vrata Dasa for on 25 Jun 2010

The ISKCON Mayapur community has recently announced their new project: the construction of a small but very important temple for Srimati Shimantini Devi, a prominent female devotee of the Lord.

Europe's 2nd Brahmachari Convention Inspires, Revives

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 25 Jun 2010

Seventy-five saffron-clad celibate monks known as brahmacharis, from European countries as diverse as France, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Finland and the UK, converged on Bhaktivedanta Manor near London from June 18th to 23rd this year, to attend the second annual European Brahmachari Convention.

Vaishnavas and Muslims Find Common Ground in D.C. Dialogue

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 25 Jun 2010

Sixteen men and women from the Muslim and Vaishnava faiths, some laypersons and some Imams and priests, met at Rockwood Manor retreat center in Washtington D.C. for the state's first Vaishnava-Muslim interfaith dialogue back on March 6th.

Hindus Laud French Actress Fanny Ardant For Defending Roma Rights

By Zed Rajan for ISKCON News on 25 Jun 2010

Hindus have applauded French actress Fanny Ardant (Ridicule) for defending Roma rights. Addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France) on June 22, Lumiere Award winner Ardant, 61, declared: "We say Dosta! (which means enough) To injustice, humiliation, ignorance and violation of human rights." She further said that society had proved to be barbarian to Roma people.

Yadunandana Dasi: Serving the Lord of the Universe

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 25 Jun 2010

As the huge chariot with its brilliant red canopy rolled up, Jagannatha sitting majestically upon it, Judith watched in awe, taking in the Lord to whom she would devote the rest of her life.

We Are All Children of Mother Earth: Drawing Competition

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 24 Jun 2010

The Education Team of Krishna-valley Indian Cultural Center and Eco-Farm of Hungary has organized a national drawing competition for children.

Kirtana Festival Birmingham, England

By Gaura Hari Das for ISKCON News on 24 Jun 2010

Messages swirl around the Internet. "You have an event invite on Facebook!" One message simply reads "Whatever you do, make sure you are free this weekend! "

Religion and Science: Finding Their Kindred Spirits

By Krista Tippett for Huffington Post on 23 Jun 2010

The science-religion "debate" is an abstraction, and a distraction. It isn't true to the deep nature of science, or of religion, or to the history of interplay between them. These are convictions I'm left with after a cumulative conversation that began a decade ago. There is a science-religion divide -- these are two distinct and separate spheres of endeavor. But in the 21st century, we can't help but hear echoes passing back and forth across that divide and changing the way we understand our humanity, our relationship to each other and the natural world, the contours of the cosmos.

Humans Vs. The Environment - A Thought Experiment

By Mike Adams for Natural News on 23 Jun 2010

Protecting the environment isn't a "liberal" idea; it's everybody's business. Liberal or conservative, the environment provides life support for us all, and if we fail to recognize that, we are truly doomed as a civilization.

Religious Wisdom For Facing Death

By Ramnath Subramanian (Rasanath Dasa) for Huffington Post on 23 Jun 2010

One bit of profound advice that Socrates gave to his disciples was to practice dying everyday. Although this may sound impractical, the undertone to this insight is very useful -- to cultivate awareness of and face our deep-rooted insecurities, the epitome of which is death itself.

Where's Hanuman?: Award-Winning Finalist In The US National Indie Excellence Awards 2010

By Dharmasetu Das (Dave Bridges) for ISKCON News on 24 Jun 2010

The US National Indie Excellence Awards 2010 announced the winners and finalists for this year's competition. Torchlight Publishing's Where's Hanuman? was chosen as one of the Finalists in the Children's Picture Book category.

The Eight Petals: The New Issue of Varnasrama Newsletter Released

By Vrndavanlila Dasi (Dr. Vrinda Baxi) on 24 Jun 2010

The eighth issue of the Varnashrama Newsletter, THE EIGHT PETALS for Madhusudan Mas has been released.

Vaishnava Parent Resource Website

By ISKCON News Staff on 24 Jun 2010

A new educational website has been launched to help parents to raise their children in Vaishnava faith.

New Vrindavan Annual Country Ratha Yatra Festival

By ISKCON News on 23 Jun 2010

The annual country Ratha-Yatra festival in New Vrindavan will be held Saturday July 10, beginning at 12:00 noon.

UN Urges Global Move To Meat And Dairy-Free Diet

By Felicity Carus for The Guardian on 22 Jun 2010

Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says.

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