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Fotos de Shankar Ramachandra - Adivas: The Eye Opening Ceremony Of The Deities

Añadida el 18 de mayo

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Añadida el 18 de mayo

Añadida el 18 de mayo

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Añadida el 18 de mayo ·

Särärtha-darçiné - commentary on Çrémad-Bhägavatam, Çréla Viçvanätha Cakravarté Öhäkura gives the following commentary on çlokas 11.20.27-30, 32-33: “In the first two çlokas quoted above, the nature of a person who is in the beginning stage of eligibility for bhakti is described. By the association of sädhus one develops a taste for hearing hari-kathä. At that time he loses interest in all other activities, and begins to chant çré-näma with firm determination.

However, due to his previous habits and conditioning, he is unable to give up material enjoyment and the desire for such enjoyment.

Yet even while engaged in such enjoyment he knows that it is offensive and he condemns it.

What is meant by dåòha-niçcaya, firm determination? ‘Whether my attachment for family, home, and so on is destroyed or increased, whether I experience ten million impediments in bhajana or none, even if I am impelled to lust, or must go to hell for my offenses, I will never give up bhakti. I will not agree to adopt karma or jïäna, even if Brahmä himself comes to recommend it.’ This is known as dåòhaniçcaya.

From the outset, the more one’s bhajana is firmly resolved for bhakti, the less it will be distracted by unfavorable things.

Will the bhakta remain obstructed by desires for material enjoyment?

No. This is answered by Çré Bhagavän in the next two çlokas.

By hearing and repeating hari-kathä, all desires for material enjoyment within the bhaktas heart are gradually destroyed. When the sädhaka worships Me, I come and sit in his heart, at which time his faults can no longer remain. Why? Because it is not possible for material desires to sit in the same heart with Me, just as it is impossible for the sun and darkness to be present in the same place. The knot of the false ego is pierced without delay, all doubts are dispersed, and the desires for karma are annihilated. This is My eternal edict.’

A bhakta thus develops faith in hearing hari-kathä, and having abandoned faith in the pursuits of karma and jïäna, he loses interest in such activities. But suppose for some improbable reason he were to desire the fruits of such activities – then what? This is answered in the next two çlokas. ‘The benedictions of elevation to the celestial planets, liberation, the attainment of My supreme abode, as well as whatever else is obtained by fruitive activities, austerity, knowledge, renunciation, yoga practice, charity, religiosity, or other beneficial methods of sädhana, are easily obtained by My bhaktas through the power of bhakti-yoga.‘”

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