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ISKCON News - The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness - 19 new articles

ISKCON News - The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

ISKCON News - The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness - 19 new articles

In This Issue...

Youth Organizers Focus on Outreach at Toronto Ratha Yatra

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 9 Jul 2010

With Ratha Yatra season in full swing and ISKCON devotees all over the world celebrating the ancient Chariot festival in honor of Jagannath, this month will see one of the largest events in North America—Toronto Ratha Yatra.

Forthcoming Children's Readers to Combine Quality and Krishna

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 9 Jul 2010

A brand new 84-book series to be released this September promises to teach children how to read English in a Krishna-centered way, while utilizing top-quality professional materials and teaching methods. And it has more than a few surprises up its sleeve.

ISKCON's 2nd Generation Go Green at French Mela

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 9 Jul 2010

This August, 350 "Kulis," or members of ISKCON's second generation, from France, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium will converge on the rural community of New Mayapur two hours south of Paris, France.

US Court Stops ISKCON Seeking Donations At Los Angeles Airport

The Times of India on 8 Jul 2010

Hare Krishna movement has been stopped from seeking donations at the Los Angeles International Airport by a US court. The court allowed the Los Angeles Police to enforce a 13-year-old municipal ordinance, which would prevent members of the movement from seeking donations at the airport.

New Training Center for Women in Alachua, USA

By Vinode Vani Dasi on 8 Jul 2010

Srila Prabhupada indicates in the Bhagavad Gita, that women, in particular, are the protectors of religion in Vedic society. If women are not properly trained and protected, then the moral fiber of the children and the entire family declines. Toward this end, ISKCON is establishing a training facility and ashrama for new devotees, specifically women in Alachua, Florida.

Monthly Phone Teleconference for Devotees With Marriage Questions

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) offers a FREE teleconference facility every month for devotees who are seeking help with or more information about relationships. The panel consists of qualified devotee experts, counselors, therapists or marriage educators who are committed strenghtening devotee marital relationships.

Slovenian Pada Yatra: The Eco-Caravan

By Ananta Das for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

A few days ago, Slovenian devotees started their 9th annual pada-yatra festival called Eco-caravan 2010.

Moscow Ratha Yatra Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

By Yadhunandana Das for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

Last Sunday, visitors of Moscow`s Russian Exhibition Center encountered an unusual sight: a richly decorated chariot moving around in the flowery central park. The previous Ratha Yatra took place here exactly fifteen years ago, in the summer of 1995. This year, the ancient Indian Festival aimed to attract the attention of the people in Moscow to the importance of healthy life-style.

US Pharmacists Win Right to Refuse to Sell 'Morning After' Abortion Pill

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

Attorneys for the State of Washington told a federal judge that the State would seek to create new rules for pharmacists with conscientious objections. The new regulations would give the plaintiffs in the lawsuit--the owners of Ralph's Thriftway pharmacy and two pharmacists—what they've wanted all along: the right to refuse to stock or dispense Plan B (the so-called "morning after pill") based on their conscientious objection.

Choosing Healthy Foods Now Called A Mental Disorder

By Mike Adams for on 29 Jun 2010

In its never-ending attempt to fabricate "mental disorders" out of every human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing the most ridiculous disease they've invented yet: Healthy eating disorder.

Future Moscow Teachers Learn Religious Xenophobia

By Willy Fautre for Human Rights Without Frontiers on 6 Jul 2010

Students of the Moscow City Pedagogical University are being taught that charismatic churches, Jehovah's Witnesses, "The International Society of Krishna Consciousness" and other religious associations are "sects," a correspondent reports.

Oxford Centre For Hindu Studies Celebrates Lucky Thirteenth Birthday

By Lal Krishna Das for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS) celebrates thirteen years of growth from humble beginnings in a suburban house to one of the world's leading Hindu Studies centres building bridges between academia, tradition, business, and government.

BBT Inspired Art Seminar in New Vrindavan, USA

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

Between September 13th and 22nd in New Vrindavan, there will be a ten day art seminar taught by veteran ISKCON-BBT artists, Dhriti Dasi and Ram Dasa Abhirama Das.

Rural Job / Service Opportunity in Kansas City, USA

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 8 Jul 2010

Bhaktivana Dhama farm community, near Kansas City, is offering job/service positions for devotees who wish to help pursue Srila Prabhupada's vision of cow protection and self-sustainable farming. Experience welcome but not necessary since training will be provided. Opportunities available for individuals, couple or small family.

ISKCON Remains Prominent at 40th Glastonbury, UK

By Gaura Hari Das for ISKCON News on 7 Jul 2010

June 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of Europe's largest green field music festival. Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts was started from humble beginnings four decades ago and attracted mostly those immersed in the hippy culture and those seeking an alternate lifestyle.

Fourth Annual BBT Art Seminar Now Open For Registration

By ISKCON News for ISKCON News on 7 Jul 2010

The BBT will be holding its fourth annual art seminar in Vrindavana, India, from November 5 25, 2010. Once again, the seminar will led by veteran ISKCON artists Dhriti Dasi and Ramdas Abhirama Dasa, teaching both new and repeat students practical techniques as well as the mood essential in producing devotional art.

Annual Pilgrimage to Puri

By ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on 7 Jul 2010

Over the past six years the parikarama has been conducted very successfully, with an increasing number of attending devotees from all over the world. Last year more than 6.500 devotees participated, listening to sannyasis and Srila Prabhupada`s disciples speaking about the pastimes of Lord Jagannatha and Lor Gauanga every day.

A British View of Ratha Yatra

By Jack Hebner
 for Archeology Online on 7 Jul 2010

The British described Jagannath as "a frightful visage painted black, with a distended mouth of bloody horror." It could hardly be expected that the British should have immediately fallen in love with Jagannath or worshiped him, but at least they could have investigated the meaning and philosophy behind him.

Trees, Images, and ISKCON

By Sesa Das on 7 Jul 2010

We seem to be losing our sense of love for nature. Man and nature, particularly trees, have a natural mutually fulfilling relationship. Man receives the Mother Earth's bounty, and offers back respect and care. Yet, modern civilization at its worst abuses this relationship, and even at its best tends to make the relationship an economic one.

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