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Dandavats - 8 new articles


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"Dandavats" - 8 new articles

  1. Money and Varnashrama Culture
  2. Using Loyalty To Srila Prabhupada To deceive Others
  3. Addiction of Social Networking sites
  4. Radhastami at ISKCON Vrindavan
  5. New Vrindaban Hosts Ninth Annual Vaishnavi Retreat
  6. Ratha Yatra in Nashville
  7. Radhastami Darshan
  8. Gita Nagari Damodara Rati & AaC News
  9. More Recent Articles
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Money and Varnashrama Culture

By Dhanesvara Das

Money, that ubiquitous substance that everyone the world over pursues to fulfill their desires, is rather young in the history of the world—a mere 2,600 years or so old. Prior to that there was no such thing as we now understand it anywhere on this planet

Using Loyalty To Srila Prabhupada To deceive Others

By Kesava Krsna Dasa

Just imagine the confusion, especially for our newcomers, well-wishers, younger devotees, and even for some senior devotees. Everybody who "loves" Srila Prabhupada, and is "loyal" to him, must be a bona-fide follower of his, or so it seems

Addiction of Social Networking sites

By Dasi Sridevi

(With due respect to devotees who are on these sites for some specific sevas.) Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. are a few social networking sites which are taking its toll on the devotee community also. I've also been a patient myself

Radhastami at ISKCON Vrindavan

By Lakshman das

In the month of Bhadra (Hrisikesh masa), during the waxing fortnight on the eight day at noon, we observe the most auspicious appearance of Vrishabhanu Nandini Srimati Radhika, the most beloved associate of Sri Krishna.

New Vrindaban Hosts Ninth Annual Vaishnavi Retreat

nvcommunications: On Saturday, October 2, Praladananda devi dasi, a new York-based film producer, will be presenting a seminar in New Vrindaban on film production for amateurs. Her presentation is entitled "How to Film: Making the Best Use of Your Time and Video Equipment."

Ratha Yatra in Nashville

Braja-Raja-Suta Dasa: Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. On behalf of the devotees of middle Tennessee, I would like to invite you to attend Nashville Tennessee's first Ratha Yatra on October 2nd, 2010

Radhastami Darshan

Adi Kesava Das: You can see Radhastami festival darshan pictures from ISKCON Vrindavan, Krsna Balarama Temple here http://www.vrindavandarshan.com/festivals.php

Gita Nagari Damodara Rati & AaC News

Ortrun Gates: The September edition of the Damodara Rati and AaC news has been published. Please click on the link to view the newsletter: http://homepage.mac.com/ortrung/Sep-ebook.pdf

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