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News from the Issuu Blog (09/22/2010)

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Issuu Blog News
Sep 21, 2010 11:10 am | Issuu

Here at Issuu we’re constantly working to push the envelope of what we think digital publishing could–and should–be. What we’ve learned since our launch in 2007 is that digital publications just works online. And we know this because we’ve seen amazing user adoption and a tremendous growth beyond our wildest imagination.

Today we’re pleased to reveal an innovative new product that demonstrates just how much we believe in digital publications: Issuu AdPages. It’s targeted at businesses and publishers wanting to generate leads, sell products, and create brand awareness by using digital publications in a surprising new way.

Here’s an example, try clicking the banner below:

(Subscribers please click through to see the banner).

As you can see, you go directly to fullscreen mode to view the publication in all its glory. You can exit to go back to where you came from, or you can click a link to go to a webshop or subscription page. It’s a fast, intuitive and non-intrusive way of showing great catalogs and publications without forcing the customer out of context.

Oh, and did you notice how snappy that fullscreen AdPages reader is? Try zooming by clicking once or scrolling with your mouse-wheel. It’s a brand new Issuu experience you should expect to see more of in the future. Go ahead and click the banner again…

We’re working with our great partner AdForm to serve banners through their global ad network. Any marketer or publisher can reach new customers with AdPages anywhere in the world and track performance with detailed statistics. We think this is an awesome rich media experience and early indications tells us that users feel the same way.

You can go here to try more demos and read the press release. Want to advertise with AdPages? Contact us.

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