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Brhad Bhagavatamrta - Recent Storyline



Brhad Bhagavatamrta - Recent Storyline

de Dhanurdhara Swami, el Martes, 07 de diciembre de 2010 a las 1:27
Narada Muni is on a quest to meet persons who are in love with Krsna. Each person he meets points him forward to another person with even deeper and more intimate love. Eventually Narada arrives in Krsna's city Dwaraka, searching for Krsna's most confidential associate, Uddhava. 
He comes to find Uddhava on the patio outside Krsna's bedroom. The situation is very tense because Krsna will not get out of bed, being tormented by depression of being unable to console his devotees in Vrindavan, from whom he has now been away for over 90 years! Unaware of the situation in the room, on the patio Narada expresses his ecstatic elation to meet Uddhava. But Uddhava asks him to be quiet because everyone already knows the truth that the simplest resident of Vrindavan has love for Krsna that makes Uddhava's love look like dust in comparison! 

Though Uddhava wanted to avoid the conversation, a lively discussion and debate about the glories of the residents of Vrindavan and their flawlessly selfless love for Krsna ensues. Hearing this discussion from the patio only churns Krsna depression into a deeper madness, which spreads to Balarama. The two brothers lament uncontrollably and the resounding halls of Krsna's palace are stained by the hitherto unheard sounds of their wailing and sorrow as they cry themselves unconscious.

Brahma himself arrives to survey the calamitous scene. Composing himself, he suggests a solution: "The heavenly architect Vishvakarma has constructed a replica of Vrindavan, so we should take Krsna there to give a respite from this extreme depression." 

The retinue sets out to the "new Vrindavan." Narada, feeling bad for escalating the situation, observes from a distance. Te queens, who have no part in Vrindavan , also stay away unseen. Rohini and Balarama, who regains consciousness en route and appreciates the merit of the plan, take the main roles. 

Arriving in new Vrindavana, the perfect external duplicate of Vrindavana, Balarama changed Krsna's attire from that of a king to his familiar dress as a cowherd boy, and set about attempting to rouse Krsna from his deep swoon. Speaking gently did not work, nor did gentle touches, so Balarama eventually dragged Krsna out of bed, which groggily rouses him. 

Balarama's task is to hide the fact that this is not really Vrindavana long enough that Krsna regains some emotional health, before gently being gradually reintroduced to the external reality of his kingly situation. He therefore narrates about the various motionless statues of gopas and gopis situated here and there, explaining in creative ways the "reason" for their motionlessness. Krsna accepts the illusion of Balarama's narration, probably due to his intense desire for it to be real. 

Shocked at having "slept" till midday, Krsna tells his mother of the "amazing dream" that kept him asleep for so long. In this dream he had been a king with thousands of palaces and thousands of queens, but he was so happy to now be home. Of course Yasoda could not reply or even move, so Balarama "explained" that she had become ill from worry over his inability to wake up, and should be left to recover in solitude for a while. 
Rohini, meanwhile, rushes to a kitchen to make preparations for Krsna's breakfast...

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- A summary of the recent story line, written by Vraja Kishor das in hopes of being of service to those who regularly listen to Dhanurdhara Swami's BrhadBhagavatamrta class online

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    • Dhanurdhara Swami A summary of the recent story line, written by Vraja Kishor das in hopes of being of service to those who regularly listen to Dhanurdhara Swami's BrhadBhagavatamrta class online
      07 de diciembre de 2010 a las 1:29


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