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Seek Opportunity, Not Security

Sankarshana Das Adhikari
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Meditations on Pure Bhakti #4

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Srila Sankarshan Das Adhikari
dig-vijaya pandita

New Seva Kunja Mandira
Chicago, IL, USA







                                                 "Seek Opportunity, Not Security"

Prabhupada advised one gentleman who was coming to him for advice, and he said: "Do not seek security, seek opportunity!"

So our tendency in this world is we want to make a nice comfortable nest for ourselves in this material existence, some secure position here, but there is no such thing as security. You may think you have security here but there is absolutely NO security in this material existence!

So therefore instead of seeking security, we should seek the opportunity how to completely conquer the impurities in our heart, become a pure devotee and
spread this as far as possible to everyone that we possibly can.

Prabhupada was very much pushing us to make a revolution, again and again, pushing us to make a revolution on this planet. He gave the definition one time of the word 'dig-vijaya', conquering pandita. Of course in Caitanya lila, we know there was Keshava Kashmir, the dig-vijaya pandita who was conquering all the panditas all over India.

So Prabhupada told us that we should make dig-vijaya. He then described what is this dig-vijaya . You go village to village, town to town and make dig-vijaya, that, "There IS God!" and, "I can prove that there is God!" and "Who are you who are saying there is no God? Come on!" That is dig-vijaya.

So Prabhupada wanted us to go head to head with these atheistic rascals and to establish the existence of God. So he encouraged us like that, to become dig-vijaya pandita. We can go anywhere and everywhere and establish Caitanya Mahaprabhu's mission.

Srila Sankarshan Das Adhikari
SB 11.11.5 class, Boston, MA, 6/9/2005

Pandita: learned man
: pastime

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