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Aksobhya (Sambogakaya)

Aksobhya (Sambogakaya)

Aksobhya is one of the five cosmic Buddhas- the spiritual sons who emanated from the Adi Buddha. Regarded as the second Dhyani-Buddha, he is the embodiment of the cosmic element vijana (consciousness) and represents the winter, the faculty of hearing and all elements of ether and sounds. This imperturbable Buddha has a comparable posture and meaning to that of the historical Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni in his guise as the conqueror of the demon Mara (the evil spirit). Aksobhya is 'the lord of the east', transforming the dangerous human affliction of anger, one of the most potent obstructions to enlightenment, into perfection and wisdom.

At the center of this thangka, dark blue in colour, is buddha Akshobhya. The right hand is extended across the knee in the mudra of earth touching. The left placed in the lap in the mudra of meditation supports a gold upright vajra - the sign of the family. With the legs folded in vajra posture above a moon disc and pink lotus seat, he is surrounded by a nimbus of yellow light.


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