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Kaunteya das, Mayapura: What can we do for the Catholic Church?


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  1. Rupa Madhurya das, TX, USA: Bhajan - New Year's Eve 2010 - Hari Smith - 1/22
  2. Ahaituki Bhakti dd, USA: Peace March 2010 Book Distribution
  3. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: Lessons from a Tea Cup
  4. Gaura Sakti das & Adi Radhika dd, New Vraja Dham, Hungary: With Manorama
  5. David Haslam, UK: Technical Update
  6. ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Kesava Prabhu
  7. Bhakti Vikasa Swami: We don't want bad cows
  8. Bhakti Vikasa Swami: "Back to Godhead"
  9. Bhakti Vikasa Swami: gigantic guerrilla warfare movement
  10. HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: '383' from The Yellow Submarine
  11. HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Following in the Footsteps' from The Yellow Submarine
  12. HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Remembering Krishna' from The Yellow Submarine
  13. HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Why not tell what happened?' from The Yellow Submarine
  14. Mukunda Charan das, SA: The Final Battle
  15. Mukunda Charan das, SA: Ravana Exhibits His Prowess
  16. Ananda Subramanian, Iowa, USA: Why is there Suffering in the World?
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  29. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Sunday, March 21st, 2010
  30. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Saturd ay, March 20th, 2010
  31. Yoga of Ecology, Bhakta Chris, USA: Learning To Climb New York City's Trees
  32. Mayapur Online: Sri Radha-Gopinath -500 year old deities darshan
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  34. ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry’s Annual Planning Meeting
  35. ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry’s Annual Planning Meeting
  36. Syamesvari dd: Dawn
  37. Kaunteya das, Mayapura: What can we do for the Catholic Church?
  38. In Memory Of Grahila Prabhu 15.03.2010
  39. Jayapataka Maharaja’s 61st Vyasa Puja celebration in London
  40. Sita-pati dasa, AU: Volunteer service is good for your career
  41. Gouranga TV: Lecture – Prahladananda Swami – Bhagavad Gita 7.28
  42. Bhakta Ryan, Brisbane, AU: Moving Brisbane ISKCON out of the 70's and into the 21'st century
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Rupa Madhurya das, TX, USA: Bhajan - New Year's Eve 2010 - Hari Smith - 1/22

Rupa Madhurya das, TX, USA: Bhajan - New Year's Eve 2010 - Hari Smith - 1/22

Hari Smith singing Hare Krishna bhajans at the New Year's Eve 2010 12hr bhajan.

Dallas, TX

2010-01-01 - New Year Eve Bhajans - 01 - Hari Smith

Download: 2010-01-01 - New Year Eve Bhajans - 01 - Hari Smith.mp3
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Ahaituki Bhakti dd, USA: Peace March 2010 Book Distribution

Peace March anti-war demonstration took place last Saturday in front of the White House in Washington DC. Thousands of people gathered in the Lafayette Park where we walked around and distributed books.

“As a state is protected by the department of law and order, so the state of Universe, of which this earth is only an insignificant fragment, is protected by the laws of nature. This material nature is one of the different potencies of God, who is the ultimate proprietor of everything that be. This earth is, therefore, the property of God, but we, the living entities, especially the so-called civilized human beings, are claiming God’s property as our own, under both an individual and collective false conception. If you want peace, you have to remove this false conception from your mind and from the world. This false claim of proprietorship by the human race on earth is partly or wholly the cause of all disturbances of peace on earth.”

(Science of Self-Realization)

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: Lessons from a Tea Cup

By Sacinandana Swami

Once there was a young man, rather immature in his life, but ready to learn. He had a strong liking for antiques and was always eager to visit the different antiques stores during his holidays in Europe. Over time he developed a strong interest in antique pottery and especially in tea cups. He felt that they each had a unique story to tell.

Once, in a dusky antiques store in Serbia, he spotted an exceptional tea cup which clearly had Turkish influences. He asked the bespectacled seller, “May I see that exceptionally beautiful tea cup over there? It seems to come from Turkey.” As the seller handed him the tea cup, the young man suddenly heard the tea cup speak.

“You don’t understand,” it said, “I have not always been a tea cup. There was a time when I had no idea what service meant. I was just a dumb lump of red clay on the ground. Let me tell you my story, you will learn from it.” The cup continued on, saying, “I’ve lived for many, many thousands of years. I’ve witnessed war and peace come and go. Entire civilizations rolled over me as I sat there waiting...for what, I don’t know. Then one day my master came. He took me to his home, rolled and pounded me on a wooden table. Again and again, he poked his fingers into me until finally I yelled out, ‘Don’t do that! Leave me alone!’ But he only smiled and gently said, ‘Not yet.’”

The tea cup became more and more alive as he spoke to the shocked young man. “Then, whoommmm! I was suddenly on a spinning wheel and was spun around repeatedly until I lost all sense of direction. ‘Stop it! Can’t you see that I’m getting sick?

Take me off the spinning wheel!’ But my master only nodded in understanding and quietly said, ‘Not yet.’ He continued to bend me in and out of shape and then he...he placed me carefully into an oven. I never felt such heat before. I yelled and knocked and pounded at the door. ‘It is hotter than hell; I’m burning to ashes. Please get me out of here before it is too late.’ I could see him through a tiny hole but could only read his lips as he shook his head from side to side and silently pronounced, ‘Not yet.’

When I thought I could not bear the heat any longer, the door opened. He carefully took me out and put me on a shelf where I began to cool. It felt so good to be left alone. But there was more to come. After I had cooled down he carefully picked me up, looked at me and brushed some dust away. Then, he painted on colors and something transparent—the glaze. The fumes were horrible! I thought I would gag! ‘Please! Have you no mercy? Don’t you understand my misery? Please, please give up on me! Please! Stop it!’ But he only shook his head and said, ‘Not yet, you are not yet ready.’

Unexpectedly, and very quickly, he put me back into the oven. This time it was about twice or thrice as hot as the first time. From the beginning I thought, ‘This is my death!’ I begged. I pleaded. I threatened. I screamed. Finally, I cried without tears, not even hot tears. I was convinced I would never make it. I was ready to give up. Just then—as I was fainting, the door opened and he took me out. Again, he placed me on the shelf where I was left to cool. I waited...and waited...and waited. What was going to be next?

About an hour later he came back and placed a mirror before me and said, ‘Look at yourself!’ And I did. What I saw amazed me. It is what you see now. ‘That’s not me!’ I said. ‘That cannot be me. It is too beautiful.’

In a very compassionate voice he spoke. ‘This is what you are meant to be.’ And then he explained, ‘I know it hurt you when I rolled and kneaded you on the table. But if I had not gotten the air out of you, you would have broken. I know you must have lost all sense of orientation when I was spinning you. But without the spinning wheel, you would never have come into this form. I know the fumes of the colors and the glaze were intolerable when I painted you all over. But if I had not done that, you would not have had any color in your life and you wouldn’t have hardened. And when I placed you in the second oven I knew that this would be the most severe part. But without it, you would have broken very easily when the realities of life would come. Believe me; all I did was for your good. Now you are what I had in mind when I first saw you on the ground. Now you are a finished product.’” With this the tea cup stopped speaking—but there was a tear of gratefulness coming from its beautiful rim.

The young man purchased the tea cup and used it only when he offered something to God. He never forgot the lesson he received from it. And whenever he was in a difficult situation and felt like calling out ‘Stop it! Leave me alone!’ he remembered the words of the teacup maker, “Not yet.” However, he also became grateful, for he knew that everything that happened was designed by the Lord to make him what he was meant to become: A pleasing servant.

God knows what He is doing for each of us. He is the potter and we are the clay. He will mold us and expose us to enough pressures of just the right kind so that we become a perfect piece to His liking: Ready to be of service.

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Gaura Sakti das & Adi Radhika dd, New Vraja Dham, Hungary: With Manorama

Hladini always likes to be in Manorama’s arms, sure it is the most comfortable place :)

I watched a very sweet kirtan video in Manorama’s blog, kids are wonderful!

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David Haslam, UK: Technical Update

I have installed a share/e-mail facility to my blog; for those using wordpress this is a free plugin. I hope it’s an addition you all like and will use. you can find out more information on for those on woodpress use the plugins search. an alternative is Any thoughts on this addition, or if you think it [...]

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Kesava Prabhu

ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Kesava Prabhu - Srimad Bhagavatam 11.18.33


SB 11.18.33: If at times one does not obtain proper food one should not be depressed, and when one obtains sumptuous food one should not rejoice. Being fixed in determination, one should understand both situations to be under the control of God.

SB 11.18.33: Si uno no obtiene ocasionalmente el alimento apropiado uno no debe deprimirse, y cuando uno obtiene el alimento suntuoso uno no debe disfrutar. Estando fijado en la determinación, uno debe entender ambas situaciones por estar bajo control de Dios.

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.18.33 - Follow the instructions of Rupa Goswami and become immortal.
Posted by Kanapathy Ramasamy at 23/3/10; 8:14:05 AM to the Daily Class dept

Download: ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Kesava Prabhu - Srimad Bhagavatam 11.18.33

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Devotee (8): Prabhupada? Some of the people I've met... Like in the later volumes of Srimad-Bhagavatam, some of the information is so much against what the living entities are experiencing and being educated in, that I've noticed that some people have turned away from Krsna who already had some attraction when they hear these different topics, like the situation of the universe.

Prabhupada: Hm? What is that?

Brahmananda: That because in Srimad-Bhagavatam the knowledge there contradicts the mundane scientific knowledge, people who had some faith in Krsna become discouraged and turn away from Krsna.

Prabhupada: Let him go away. Don't care for him. Let all the fools go away. There is Bengali proverb, "Instead of maintaining some bad cows, let the cowshed be vacant." We shall prefer the cowshed vacant, no cow, than keeping all bad cows who does not give any milk, create disturbance.

Devotee (8): In our temple...

Prabhupada: We are giving chance, but we don't want bad cows. We haven't got to agree with their views. They must agree with our views, then they can live. Otherwise let them go away. This is position.

Morning Walk -- November 1, 1975, Nairobi

Email to a friendRelated Bhakti Vikasa Swami: "Back to Godhead"

I have got the clue of going "Back to Godhead" just after leaving my present material body, and in order to take along with me all my contemporary men and women of the world, I have started my paper, "Back to Godhead," as one of the means to the way. Please don't think of me as... something wonderful or a madman when I say that I shall go "Back to Godhead" after leaving my present material body! It is quite possible for everyone and all of us.

>From a 1956 letter to India's president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Email to a friendRelated Bhakti Vikasa Swami: gigantic guerrilla warfare movement

When I hear about the Sankirtana Buses that are moving all over the world then I think that we are becoming like a gigantic guerrilla warfare movement fighting with maya. This traveling in buses is the best means to drive away maya and establish Krishna consciousness all over the world.

Letter to: Bahudak : 73-08-28

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HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: '383' from The Yellow Submarine SDGonline Daily updates

4:04 A.M.

I slept well last night and woke at 2:30 A.M. My main concern is that we will be able to travel safely with all the plane flights and that I’m able to keep my schedule for writing and chanting. Even though I’m living in foreign countries I intend to keep my Yellow Submarine schedule, rise at three, chant my rounds and then do my journal writing. I won’t be free to see the devotees until after breakfast. This morning’s chanting was good. I was wide awake and felt no pain. The mantras clicked off clearly in my mind with attention and rapidly. But not too rapid. I was able to enunciate them. So I have only four more rounds to chant in my minimum schedule, and I’ll be able to do them either before breakfast or on our car trip. We plan to travel several hours to Samika Rsi’s home for lunch today and stay there overnight and leave early tomorrow morning on the plane, an interrupted flight from Houston to Trinidad. I just hope I don’t get too many headaches or get into anxiety or writer’s block or have any technological glitches that disable us from being able to produce the journal daily.

A traveling sannyasi
is able to chant his japa
in a portable way. Wherever
he is, he keeps a semblance
of a schedule and keeps
mental equilibrium to
say his rounds. This will
be my challenge, but the
devotees in the places I am
visiting are prepared to accommodate
my style. The fact is I
should be even more
dependent on the holy names
as I’m away from my relaxed
environment. I’ll cling to Nama
Prabhu as my sheer protection
against the foreign elements and
the uneasy locales. I have no
special favorite chair or peace
of room but a peace of mind
dependent on my turning to the
holy names. Please stay with
me, Nama Prabhu, and make
me feel at home with You.

read more from SDGonline - daily updates from The Yellow Submarine: My Bhajana Kutir journal
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HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Following in the Footsteps' from The Yellow Submarine SDGonline Daily updates

Prabhupada Smaranam

I get a chance to walk close behind Srila Prabhupada. My guess about the location is that it is a big pond near Dallas, Texas. Prabhupada holds his head high. He is not talking and neither am I. I have not been a sannyasi for long. But he has taught me so much already within a few years, and there is so much in his books, I don’t feel the need to ask many questions. I have many questions, but I don’t want to disturb him. He has his own thoughts. He is fighting a landowner in Bombay, he is constructing in Vrndavana and Mayapur. He is writing a particular section of Srimad-Bhagavatam. If I ask him a foolish or premature question, he may tell me it is not necessary. I will get the answer in time through service. Just relish the pre-dawn opportunity to walk with him in silence.

He is not unfriendly, but after all, there is great distance between us. I am a young disciple, he is a great and elderly master. Don’t be presumptuous. I can’t recall, but on this walk I may have broken the silence and asked a question. Basically Krishna consciousness means to serve the spiritual master and to please Krishna. I am carrying a danda so I have to honor the sannyasa order. I have to preach in his ISKCON.

I am a little afraid of him. It is a fear that comes from love. I am afraid of displeasing him. It would be terrible if I displeased him. Yet I feel very thrilled and privileged to be accepted by him, to know that he trusts me and gives me responsibility. It is a dynamic relationship, tense in some ways, not easy and casual, yet with a deep bond. And when all is said and done it is very simple: you walk closely behind him and you are filled with dedication and ready to do as he says.

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HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Remembering Krishna' from The Yellow Submarine SDGonline Daily updates

I pray for strength to
approach You and take shelter.
Whatever I learned
in the beginning and whatever
I have gained over the years,
please let it grow to
mature understanding that
I am but a particle of
dust at Your feet.
I want to love You.

read more from SDGonline - daily updates from The Yellow Submarine: My Bhajana Kutir journal
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HH. Satsvarupa das Goswami: 'Why not tell what happened?' from The Yellow Submarine SDGonline Daily updates

Free write

A godbrother said he wanted to ask me a confidential question, and he wouldn’t reveal my answer to anyone. I said okay, go ahead, ask me. He said in previous years I have received pressure and been criticized for the writing style of my books. He said they emphasized free writing, confessional and narratives tangential to straight parampara. Lately, he said my writing has been more “straight,” centered on Krishna and Prabhupada. He wanted to know if I changed due to the criticism I received or was it a natural evolution. I replied that the change was a little of both, response to criticism and natural change. But I am not sure how much he has been reading my writings, such as my daily postings in The Yellow Submarine. I think in my poetry, in the “Free write” section and even in the japa impressions I am still writing sometimes in a non-conventional way. I still like the poet Robert Lowell’s motto “Why not tell what happened?”

I am pleased that I have been using more photos in the “Prabhupada Smaranam” section and the “Free write” section. But both these sections produce challenges. It is difficult to think of something refreshing and new to say about Prabhupada to accompany a picture. It is similar to writing the prayers in “My Dear Lord Krishna.” They come from inspiration, from Krishna. He has to be willing to give me something to say. I can’t force it. Connecting pictures from the material world to the “Free write” section has been even harder. I have a collection of pictures but can’t always think of what to say about them.

Here is a picture of an old locomotive that has crashed off a height.

It is a dramatic image. It says that the material world is a dangerous place. The train was carefully built to ride on the tracks on the elevated platform but something went wrong. People may have been killed in the accident. Whatever they were thinking of at the time of the crash, they took another birth in another body to fit their mentality. If one was thinking and dwelling in the mode of ignorance or sinful life, he’d had to come back next life and take a body to suffer the fourfold miseries. If he was thinking of Krishna, he could have gone to Krishna.

The picture of the pen has a modern pen point and a bird feather quill.

The quill reminds me of the medieval acaryas, the six Gosvamis, who wrote with quills but not fancy steel points. They wrote in artistic, sophisticated Sanskrit and wrote on higher topics than almost anyone writes nowadays with steel tipped and flowing pens. The material progress in pen points does not mean there has been any advancement in writing. These are a couple of random reflections from the pictures.

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Mukunda Charan das, SA: The Final Battle

Ravana retreated in fear; and Rama went back to Lakshmana.

Rama was overcome with grief. There would be no point in vanquishing Ravana if Lakshmana were to leave His body. What would he tell his relatives? How would he face his brothers, Satrughna and Bharata? Rama fell weeping to the ground.

Hanuman raised Him up, and comforted Him. He called on Sushena, the vanara physician. And Sushena administered herbs from the Himalayas called sanjivakarani, vishalyakarani and sandhani. These herbs healed Lakshmana’s grievous wound and repaired His bones. Lakshmana urged Rama to fulfill his vow that he would kill Ravana and install Vibhishana on the throne of Lanka.

Rama was angry. He was now bent on destroying Ravana. He immediately shot a steady stream of arrows at Ravana.

Seeing Rama without a chariot, Indra sent his charioteer, Matali, to Rama. He also gave him armour and weapons. Seeing Rama being assisted by his mortal enemy, Indra, he became totally enraged. Then Ravana unleashed his serpent-missile on Rama. These venemous serpent arrows were countered by Rama’s Garuda weapon, comprising mystical eagles. Ravana attacked fiercely, striking Matali, his steeds and covering the chariot with arrows. There were bad omens. The sun dimmed. Waves rose high in the sea. Jackals howled. And ghosts and wraiths darted about the battlefield.

Rama was rendered immobile as Ravana summoned his most powerful arrow, with spikes resembling mountain peaks. He reserved this arrow for an especially deadly enemy. The demon exclaimed, ‘This arrow, as powerful as a thunderbolt, will destroy You!’. Rama fired hundreds of arrows at the dart, but they were deflected. Rama, however, deflected the arrow with Indra’s javelin. Rama countered by striking Ravana’s ten heads. But Ravana responded with a vicious attack. Rama insulted Ravana, saying that he would not be in there if he had kidnapped Sita in Rama’s presence. Soon he would be food for dogs and vultures. Rama attacked Ravan with great force. Assisted by the vanaras, Ravana reeled on his chariot. Begging forgiveness, Ravana’s charioteer veered from the battlefield. Ravana disapproved of this cowardice and insisted he take him back to Rama.

Rama was also fatigued. Agastya Muni came to his assistance. He informed him of a highly confidential prayer, the aditya-hridaya, which invoked spiritual energy from the heart of the sun. This energy would help Rama defeat Ravana before nightfall (when the demon’s power increased). The prayer gave Rama a second-wind of energy. Ravana drove his chariot towards Rama. Matali carefully manouevred his chariot as the two foes released arrows at each other.

Ravana was surrounded by bad omens, while favourable signs manifested around Lord Rama. Ravana fired various weapons at Rama. These, however, were avoided by Matali’s expert charioteering. Even after half a day, no one seemed to have the upper hand. Ravana composed himself and hurled the rakshasa-astra at Rama again. The sun lost its brilliance and the wind dropped. Rama burned up Ravana’s serpent-weapons with his gandharva-astra.

This battle could only be compared to itself. There had never been such a battle before, even amongst the devas. Rama severed Ravana’s heads over and over again, but they would grow back each time. How would he kill him? Weapons seemed ineffective against Ravana.

Vibhishana explained to Rama that Ravana had been granted a boon by lord Brahma that his heads and arms could never be destroyed. Ravana’s heart, however, contained a store of celestial nectar which renewed life in his body. If this were to dry up, Ravana would be killed. Matali also reminded Rama of an arrow which Agastya Muni had given him in the forest. This arrow, imbued with the force of the brahmastra, had the power to kill the demon.

Rama summoned the arrow and again chanted the aditya-hridaya prayer. He shot the arrow at Ravana. The arrow lit up the sky and earth and made a sound like a raging ocean. The arrow pierced Ravana’s heart. Ravana’s body was soaked in blood. The arrow entered the earth. Ravana slumped to the ground, like a mountain slewn by Indra’s thunderbolt. Rakshasas fled in all directions as the celestial denizens celebrated Rama’s victory. Vibhishana lamented over his brother’s misfortune and ignorance. He had always wished his brother well and cried as he fell by his side. Rama assured him that all heroes must all. There was no need to mourn for Ravana. He died a heroic death. Lakshmana offered spiritual counsel. There was no need to lament over a coprse once the soul has departed. Ravana’s wives cried like female elephants. Mandodari mourned the loss of Rama for some time.

Mandodari lamented, ‘O Ravana, even though you conquered your senses and won great boons, you were eventually conquered by those senses. Overcome by lust, you wanted to enjoy the sinless Sita. By kidnapping Sita – who is the emblem of chastity and nobility – you brought destruction on yourself and your people’. Mandodari cried piteously. She exclaimed that Vibhishana would enjoy the kingdom now that Ravana had ignored his good advice. Eventually she was taken away, supported by ladies on both sides. Rama encouraged Vibhishana to perform last rites for his brother, even though he was reluctant to do so. After the funeral rites, Ravana’s body was burnt to ashes on a funeral pyre.

(This is a summary of Krishna Dharma’s ‘Ramayana’ chapter entitled, ‘The Final Battle’)

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Mukunda Charan das, SA: Ravana Exhibits His Prowess

The following descriptions are summaries from Krishna Dharma prabhu’s ‘Ramayana’

On hearing the news of the death of his son, Indrajit, Ravana was plunged into a state of dismay and lamentation. Ravana was surprised that Lakshman, a mere human, could have overpowered Indrajit, who had conquered lord Indra. How was this possible?

He thought of his principal queen, Mandodari. How would she react? Surely she would die of grief? Having lamented, Ravana became possessed by a great fury. All he could think of was avenging the death of his son. He took up his sword, glared at those around him and declared, ‘My son played a hoax upon Rama by killing an illusory Sita. Today, I shall kill Sita, who is so dear to Rama’.

Ravana left for the Ashoka grove, to kill Sita. How would Rama be able to live if Sita were killed? Seeing Ravana approaching, Sita began to tremble in fear. One of Ravana’s ministers, Suparshwa, however, intervened: ‘Why do you want to kill a woman? This lady should be protected. You should take out your anger on Rama and Lakshman. Afterwards, you can enjoy Sita’.

Ravana changed his mind. With mixed feelings of lust, anger and grief, Ravana resolved to kill Rama the next day. On hearing this, the Rakshasas expressed their joy.

The next day, the two armies clashed. Rama exhibitted is prowess on the battlefield. Rama moved like a whirlwind, killing demons in all directions. Rama’s Gandharva weapon made Him appear in a multitude of forms. He seemed to be everywhere at once. The curved, golden ends of his bow looked like a firebrand, surrounding the rakshasas. In less than two hours he killed 200,000 rakshasas (1,667 rakshasas a minute and 28 per second), 18,000 elephants and 14,000 horses.

The rakshasas fled to Lanka. The vanaras cheered on seeing Lord Rama’s prowess. Rama declared, ‘Only lord Siva and I can exhibit such prowess with mystical weapons’.

Meanwhile, back at his palace, Ravana was perplexed, ‘How could this happen? After all, Lakshman and Rama were mere humans’. Ravana’s generals became fearful. But Ravana was confident. He would despatch Rama and Lakshmana to Yamaraja’s abode. Ravana bellowed out his war cry. Ravana called on his chariot. He was followed by the last of his generals – Mahaparshwa, Virupaksha and Surantaka. Ravana’s forces charged Lord Rama’s army.

Ravana killed many of Sugriva’s soldiers in his charge. Sugriva was greatly angered, and killed many rakshasas in response to this. After a hard battle, Sugriva killed Virupaksha with his fist. Sugriva, Angada and Hanuman killed many rakshasas. After a tough battle, Sugriva also killed Mahaparshwa. Angada slew Surantaka, another of Ravana’s commanders. Ravana invoked mystical weapons, killing hundreds of thousands of monkeys. Ravana rushed at Lord Rama, cutting away all of Lakshmana’s arrows with great skill.

Ravana passed Lakshmana and made his way for Rama, who was like a great mountain in the midst of the battlefield. Ravana and Rama fought with their respective bows and arrows. Ravana’s arrows pierced Rama’s brow, drawing blood. Rama replied with a wash of arrows that struck the demon on every part of his body. Ravana’s rakshasa weapon assailed him on every side. Rama dodged the shafts as they fell, invoking his agniastra, releasing arrows that resembled the sun and the moon, striking Ravana’s weapons which appeared like various malevolent creatures. Ravana released the weapon fashioned by Maya dhanava. And Rama counteractedthis with his gandharva weapon. In this way Rama and Ravana fought.

After Ravana’s suyastra pierced Rama with barbed arrows, Rama countered with hundreds of his own arrows, which penetrated deeply Ravana’s limbs. Ravana attacked Vibhishana with a lance, after Vibhishana struck down his steeds with his mace. Ravana was furious. Seeing this, Lakshmana protected Vibhishana by showering Ravana with arrows. Ravana responded by hurling a lance at Lakshmana. This lance struck Lakshmana in his chest. Lakshman fell to the ground. He was grievously wounded.

Rama took his brother gently in his arms. He called for Hanuman and Sugriva: ‘Guard this prince carefully. The time has come for me to manifest my strength. I shall make short work of this ten-headed monster. Here is My unfailing promise: the world will soon be devoid of either Ravana or Myself. Let the three worlds witness My power toady in battle. I shall achieve a feat which will be spoken of by all beings for as long as the world exists’. In this way, Rama began to attack Ravana with relentless determination.

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Ananda Subramanian, Iowa, USA: Why is there Suffering in the World?

Ananda Subramanian, Iowa, USA: Why is there Suffering in the World?

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 March 22:
"Dwitiya. Two letters received: one from the New York Mayor's office, one from the United States Navigation regarding Jaladuta. In the evening two gentlemen and one lady came. Discussed for some time. No income and no expenditure."
Prabhupada Journal :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1968 March 22: "I am pleased to hear about your Sankirtana meetings. This sort of enterprise is the most valuable spiritual attempt. We want to open hundreds of centers so that people may take up Krishna Consciousness - that is our only mission. Please continue your excellent work and when I come to America I shall come there to see how nicely things are being carried on."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1968

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1968 March 22: "Give him my blessings and tell him to keep his faith in Krishna, and not to fear the people imprisoning him. Krishna promises to give His devotees all protection always. The authorities there are simply like wooden dolls in the Hands of the Dance Master, Krishna. There is nothing to fear, simply it is to be considered a botheration, nothing more."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1968

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1969 March 22: "I have received your new album and I hear they are going to play it on the BBC in London. So I hope you will be successful in your adventure. Regarding Syama's kirtana; it is also nice. But it does not behoove that I shall sing with her. Let us see how much she is advanced in Krishna Consciousness. And then we shall think of full cooperation."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1969

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 March 22: "I am so pleased to hear about your traveling party. Kindly send me one photo of these painted buses, how they look, so I may be inspired by seeing them. When I come to America then we shall see when I can also come to stay at your new temple."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 March 22: "In New York I have seen many rich publishing houses but I do not see many rich book writers. Are we simply handing them everything while they take all the profits and we get nothing? Even Jawaharlal Nehru once remarked that his books are selling like anything but he's not getting anything."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1972 March 22: "I am always glad when my disciples exhibit good sense. Now you simply stick very closely to the regulative principles and always keep yourself so much engaged that you will be too much busy serving Krishna to think about other things. Your husband shall remain with me to learn Sanskrit. I do not think it will be practical for you to join your husband just now, but perhaps later we shall see."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1972

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1974 March 22: "Our Vrindaban temple is perhaps our nicest building in the whole movement and I want at least 25 good men here at all times. Those who come here must be exemplary and whether grhasthas or sannyasis, must behave like real Goswamis so that all the people of Vrindaban will see that we are actually followers of the six Goswamis headed by Rupa Goswami."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1974

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Japa Group: We Should Enunciate Clearly


When we chant, we should enunciate clearly. If we are speaking to some important man, we take it as an important occasion; we don’t mumble to him. “What are you saying?” So similarly, Krsna knows what you are saying, what you are thinking. As we are offering the name, the sound vibration, He knows His name, and He has many people glorifying Him already. But He will be pleased if you also glorify Him. So it should be done like that. It’s just another sign of care, concern, that you say the names nicely. You could even be chanting something less than the thirty-two-syllable mantra—leaving out one of the names. Hare Krsna mantra is a scientific arrangement, so it has to be chanted in that order. Don’t be neglectful. Don’t leave out His name—Hare or Krsna or Räma.

From Japa Reform Notebook by SDG
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Madhava Ghosh dasa, New Vrndavan, USA: The Illusion Of Time

“In the transcendental realm there is no creation and no destruction, and thus the duration of life is eternal unlimitedly. In other words, everything in the transcendental world is everlasting, full of knowledge and bliss without deterioration. Since there is no deterioration, there is no past, present and future in the estimation of time.

“It is clearly stated in this verse that the influence of time is conspicuous by its absence. The whole material existence is manifested by actions and reactions of elements which make the influence of time prominent in the matter of past, present and future. There are no such actions and reactions of cause and effects there, so the cycle of birth, growth, existence, transformations, deterioration and annihilation — the six material changes — are not existent there. It is the unalloyed manifestation of the energy of the Lord, without illusion as experienced here in the material world.”

SB 2.9.10

Filed under: Illusions
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New Vrndavan, USA: “Loving Exchanges” Devotion, Association & Service

by Sukhavaha dd

Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught us by his example: “I am not a bramana, ksatriya, vaisya,or sudra. Nor am I a brahmacari, grihastha, vanaprastha, or sannyasi. These are all temporary designations. My only true identity is to be the servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord of the gopis, Lord Krishna.” We are all striving to become servant of the servant of the servant of Lord Sri Krishna.

Early this year, as part of a seminar project, Das initiated an idea to inspire a group of devotees to start a “devotee outreach” program. He named the program “Loving Exchanges” to remind devotees of the 6 exchanges of love between devotees – the act of giving and receiving. This program is directed towards enlivening a sense of community and elevating the spirits of devotees in need through a “gift” of service. It is a wonderful opportunity to offer some loving service back to the devotees who have given their lives to serve the Lord.

Several first generation devotees are approaching their elder years and are faced with the hardships and struggles old age entails, sometimes finding it difficult to even perform their daily activities. They require assistance and association to uplift and enable them to carry out their devotional service. Also there are many second generation devotees who are starting families and businesses and just trying to get by in their daily routines, awaiting a sense of stability and relief. A community outreach program is very much needed amongst the devotees today.

“Loving Exchanges” is designed to provide association, ecstatic kirtan, wonderful prasadam, and assistance to devotees in whatever way is necessary for their particular situation. But most importantly, to extend our love and appreciation to the servants of Sri Hari!

On the recommendation of several concerned devotees, Mother Pitambar, a first generation Prabhupada disciple, was selected for the first devotee outreach mission which began January 9th, 2010 At first she was reluctant to have the devotees serve her, yet after allowing herself to receive the love of the devotees, she began to see that this was all Krsna’s arrangement. Mother Pitambar commented about her experience: “I really enjoyed the association, the prasadam and the general atmosphere of the devotees who cared and wanted to make a difference.”

A small crew from New Vrindavan and a group from the Pittsburgh area traveled to Mother Pitambar’s home packed with tools, bhoga, instruments, and enthusiasm! The crew included Yogini, Ahimsa, Vrsni and Tulsi Manjari, who cleaned the kitchen and cooked, Devananda Pandit who organized the kirtan, Anandavidya Das, who lead kirtan and spent one on one time with Pitambar, Mandakini and Mercy, who took care of communication and encouraging devotees to come, Yasoda who co-coordinated many of the activities, and Janardana, who brought all his tools and headed up the construction. Others who helped with the general cleaning and construction were Suka devi, Yasoda’s son Justin, Lilasuka and her husband Jesse Sr., Narayana, Reese, Paul Doland and Das. Acarya (who flew in for a surprise visit) and Nitai, Pitambara’s two sons also participated fully in making the project a success. Parents brought their children (Abby, Gabriel, Cicero, Kai and Kalina) who also participated in helping out. This was exciting to see. Special thanks to Paul Doland and others who followed up on 3 subsequent days to bring the project of refinishing the floor closer to completion. Each person greatly contributed to the effort.

Those who could not physically be present donated laksmi and bhoga as their contribution towards the outreach program. Damodara and Gopa donated $141.00, Adwaita and Mandri donated $50, Nityo and Radha donated $ 50, Saci M and Saci P donated $ 25, Krypamaya and Krsna Bhava $25, and Madhava Ghosh and Mother Vidya donated $25 and a box of bhoga. Last but not least, Jayamauri Prabhu took on the task of sending out the emails to everybody to propagate the outreach program.

Naturally we would also like to thank His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada for giving us this Krsna Consciousness so that we can learn what it means to live as human beings by serving each other for the common goal of achieving prema bhakti or love of God.

As far as future outreach programs, the devotees involved learned a lot about how to better organize for the future and how to effectively communicate to accomplish the desired result. The devotees who were involved are enthusiastic and optimistic about the next project, which will tentatively take place in Spring of 2010. Our intention is that this project will spread throughout ISKCON so that devotees can experience loving exchanges through devotion, association and service to the Vaisnavas.

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Kripamoya dasa, UK: Vaishnava Resources Exhibition and School Tour

A slideshow of Saturday’s Vaishnava Resources Exhibition and the Krishna-Avanti Primary School tour can be seen here:

and here:

Password is sriKrishnA if you have any problems.

My thanks to the photographer, Danil Premji, who captured some good images. And thanks to everyone who exhibited and attended both events. And thanks to Nitesh Gor for guiding us through the school.

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Sunday, March 21st, 2010

New Season With Sparks

Coconut Grove, Florida

On the previous night everything went right. At a very devoted person’s home (Dwarka is her name) we conducted a chanting session, philosophical discussion and ate great food. By 9:30pm I pressed our group of chanters, Let’s go! I have to leave for a flight early in the morning.” All concerned accelerated their movement. We made it home at a decent time and I got to the airport in time.

With a few minutes to expend I scanned through the newspaper. That happens about once a week. One report tells of the Pope intervening with the scandals in the Irish branch of the Church. Another report honoured Brother Andrea, A popular healer in Montreal, now deceased, and who is practically a canonized saint. Icons of him are up for sale in the market.

Upon arriving at the Miami Airport I felt a pleasant breeze – cool even. It’s the first day of spring in fact. Things did get a little hot though. A few of us had a sit-down at the Temple in Coconut Grove. Some issues were brought up amongst the community members. You could say that there were mild fire-works that flared up, however everything ended up on a good note. Sometimes sages and Brahmins organize a big sacrifice but in the end there is a small fire and a few herbs tossed in. And sometimes lovers may have a quarrel where one threatens, “I’ll leave you.” Then the other person says, “I’ll kill you.” At the end of the day they kiss and make up.

We don’t need to take all disagreements seriously. In the end just keep a cool head. Keep the lid on the pot and let simmer!

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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Saturd ay, March 20th, 2010

Digging Up Old Stuff

Toronto, Ontario

This morning Raghavendra and I hit the winding residential streets of Rosedale, the place of stately Victorian homes. The walk was awesome as usual. It’s about every morning that I spot a raccoon climbing his way up the bark making that crackling sound as he ascends to a spot and looks down thinking, “I hope they go away!” referring to the strange workers. He looks down with those Zorro eyes and attempts a staring contest with his opponents…us. We accept the challenge. Usually our furry friend gives in, turns his head upward and shimmies his way up another branch. I have been interested in raccoon behavior like this for years.

The bulk of the day was primarily occupied in an exciting archival project indoors. For posterity purposes our colleagues in Canada decided to pull out of Temple storage any memorabilia including news clipping, old documents, periodicals, photos, pictures, movies tapes, slides and anything at all that could be of archival value. We might call the project ISKCAN, short for International Society For Krishna in Canada.

It’s tedious work sorting through vintage stuff but with help it makes the burden lighter. A photographer, Rsi, offered to help me. Yes, we got dirty. We ended up stirring up dust and dirt but it’s rewarding. To our knowledge Krishna Consciousness has been in this city since 1969. In Montreal it would have been since 1967, Canada’s 100th birthday. Vancouver was probably started in 1969 also. In these locations and other places in Canada, like Ottawa, there must be ‘stuff of sentimental value’ that needs digging up.

Generations yet to come will want to know what we went through in the ‘early days’ to establish this higher consciousness for Krishna, the Divine. They would like to know of public opinion and how that’s changed over the years.

It’s an interesting project. Recently an e-mail was sent to us from a Rasananda, one of the founding fathers, you might say, of our Toronto chapter. From the Toronto Daily Star dated January 16, 1971 a caption reads, “Young man quits medicine to join the growing ranks of ascetic Krishna sect.” An intriguing article by reporter Sidney Katz expounded on the Title.

5 KM

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Yoga of Ecology, Bhakta Chris, USA: Learning To Climb New York City's Trees

Click here to read the full article from the New York Times

“Too many kids growing up in the city are disconnected not just from employment and education, but also nature, and this combines all three,” said Adrian Benepe, the parks commissioner.

On the day of Mr. Chisholm’s lesson, the trainees stepped into harnesses and looped up their ropes to try to incorporate the new moves. Arborists from Asplundh Tree Expert and Bartlett Tree Experts, two of the companies sponsoring the program, coached the climbers up the tree.

Mr. Linares, wearing Coco Chanel sunglasses, hoisted his sturdy frame off the ground as if he were raising an overfilled bucket from a well. He stopped at the first branch and made it to his feet as his classmates on the ground shouted “Let’s go, Manny!” and “Trust your ropes!” Mr. Linares hugged the tree trunk and looked toward the sky.

The tree climbers drew puzzled looks from people walking through Bronx Park. Every few minutes, a Metro-North railroad train traveling north on the New Haven line screamed past, a reminder of the sprawling city that lay just beyond the park.

But until lunchtime, the only thing that mattered was climbing the oak tree. Maurice Samuels, 22, who grew up in Harlem’s St. Nicholas housing projects, sailed up it faster than many others had. He made his way along a narrow branch, nimble as a tightrope walker. A plane passed above, causing a few heads to turn, but Mr. Samuels, 50 feet in the air, never noticed.

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Mayapur Online: Sri Radha-Gopinath -500 year old deities darshan

Govidna Ghosa is an eternal associate of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. On the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Govinda Ghosa married and stayed back in Agradwip. He worshipped Sri Sri Radha-Gopinath. After few years, his wife passed away and later he son passed away too. When Govinda ghosa’s son passed way , he became morose and neglectful in his daily routine. So, Gopinath asked him why he wishes to kill his another son, when one son has passed away.

read more

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David Haslam, UK: How merciful and full of compassion are we?

When we see the mercy shown by HDG Srila Prabhupada and those who have followed in his footsteps closely, do we see it shown in the wider devotee community? We see many who point to or say “well Srila Prabhupada said many things, and said many contradictory things; so we don’t put to much emphasis on [...]

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-Seva Priya dd

It took place on 13-14 March 2010, in Sridham Mayapur, in the historic Lotus Building conference room – the same place where Srila Prabhupada held the first GBC meetings.

read more

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Syamesvari dd: Dawn

Behind a bank of Syama-coloured storm clouds, resting above the ocean from the night before, the sun rises, painting the clouds and sky above fiery hues of orange, pink and purple.

Krsna, what an artist You are!

(21 March 2010, North Coast, Durban, South Africa)
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Kaunteya das, Mayapura: What can we do for the Catholic Church?

Despite being a young movement, we also have our proportionally rich tradition of child abuse; so this entry is certainly not an attempt at painting ourselves in a "holier than thou" light.

Bobby Ghosh wrote "Catholic Europe: How Damaged is the Papacy?" for Time magazine:,9171,1973213-2,00.html

Ghosh highlights the growing pressures for transparency in the multiple issues of abuse uncovered in the Catholic Church, with suspicions of involvement (not in the acts themselves but in the questionable handling of perpetrators) reaching up, up, up, up to the Pope himself.

Let me start by clarifying: I consider His Holiness Benedict XVI a truly devout religionist; a deeply dedicated and devoted scholar. I am humbled at the intensity and focus of his hard work, and I can only admire the courage of the man in taking on such a huge responsibility, the leadership of one billion Catholics in such tempestuous times of rampant materialism.

I also want to clarify that I think we can learn a lot from the Catholic Church, its history and the choices of the many great spiritual men and women that operated in its ranks through the centuries.

Having said that, the recent waves of scandal have made people - even highly-placed Church officials - bring up again the issue of celibacy of the priesthood. The historical records seem not to leave any doubt: the idea that priests must remain unmarried isn't biblical and doesn't have solid justification in theology. It's considered an artificial arrangement to maintain Church properties under tight control (avoiding squabbles of ownership with the families of the sacerdotal staff...).

Certainly sexuality is an important, intrinsic part of what we are in this world; it's certainly very much part of our psycho-physical make up. Of course, outstandingly advanced personalities can channel all that ebullient psychic and bodily energy to their self-purification and to missionary acts; but forcing everyone who attempts to take a brahminical role in society to mandatory celibacy is a deviation from reality and the laws of God, and, as the saying goes, "When you clash with reality you loose, but only always." Forcing people not to get married constitutes an aberration of the universal canons of varnasrama dharma. It's nearly unimaginable to visualize the amount of guilt, self-hatred and agony that this policy has generated in the lives of millions of men and women in the last two-thousand years.

Of course, regulated grihastha life has (and should have) its challenges; getting married isn't the end of austerity; it's simply a different platform for performing it - one that it's more agreeable with most members of humanity.

The famous "licence for sense gratification" doesn't indicate a "free for all" or an "anything goes" approach. Just as a driving license only allows the use of a vehicle strictly according to the rules of traffic; the grihastha asrama (if it has to deserve the "asrama" status) only allows a spiritualist a sane, disciplined and progressive period of life, within a productive relation with a partner of the other gender.

We have contributions to make in this dialogue on the future of the Church; on the discussions on its future.

I don't think anyone in ISKCON should see a weakening of the Catholic Church as something positive; no gleeful smiles should appear on the faces of Krishna-bhaktas if the Vatican looses its influence and reputation among its constituencies.

Obviously I am not saying that the abuses should go unpunished or that we should forget about our differences (such as meat-eating).

But let's not forget that the Catholic Church has been and is a beacon of civilization and "humanization" in the areas where they operate; they have boldly attacked the misconceptions of abortion and other social and moral plagues within international conventions and communication at large.

I can't even begin listing all the precious ways that the Catholic Church has enriched and emancipated the world.

(And let's remember that many ISKCON members grew up, in this life, in Catholic environments; we should maintain a healthy gratitude for all moral and religious gifts received)

Srila Prabhupada wrote to "His Holiness The Pope, Paul VI, Vicar of Jesus Christ" in 1968: "Please accept my respectful humble obeisances at Your lotus feet. . . . if you think that a meeting with You will be beneficial for the human society at large, I shall be very much pleased if Your Holiness will grant me an interview."

So, cooperation and dialogue, humbly looking for collaboration in the common cause against materialism and for the glory of God, is the example Srila Prabhupada has shown us.

Nobody should think that a weakened Catholicism would be better for society. In their hour of need, let us think about what we can do to help.

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By Guruseva Devi Dasi

My dearest husband, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to your most merciful guru maharaja Srila Prabhupada. First I would like to thank you from the core of my heart that you came into my life and were a very caring husband.

Email to a friendRelated Jayapataka Maharaja’s 61st Vyasa Puja celebration in London

Sukanti Radha dasi: On behalf of the London Yatra, I humbly invite you to attend the most auspicious 61st Vyasa Puja celebration for our spiritual master His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, in London.

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Sita-pati dasa, AU: Volunteer service is good for your career

And for a head start in the CV stakes, try listing your volunteer history. “Committing your personal time to a cause you feel passionate about demonstrates your values, morals, and ethics,” says Hill. “It also shows your willingness to go that extra mile, which is something employers look for.”

- Your must-know guide to landing your first job

Three years with ISKCON in Peru didn't do me any harm.

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Gouranga TV: Lecture – Prahladananda Swami – Bhagavad Gita 7.28

Lecture on Bhagavad Gita, Capter 7, Text 28 by Prahladananda Swami

Subido por rupagopi el 16/03/2010

Lecture on Bhagavad Gita, Capter 7, Text 28 by Prahladananda Swami.

Dallas, TX


BG 7.28: Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life and whose sinful actions are completely eradicated are freed from the dualities of delusion, and they engage themselves in My service with determination.

BG 7.28: Las personas que han actuado piadosamente en esta vida y en vidas anteriores, y cuyas acciones pecaminosas se han erradicado por completo, se libran de la dualidad de la ilusión y se ocupan en Mi servicio con determinación.

BG 7.28: Tu es la personnification des trois Vedas, les sept mers représentent ton abdomen et les montagnes tes os. Toutes les plantes médicinales, les racines et les légumes sont les poils de ton corps, les mantras védiques comme la Gayatri forment les sept constituants de ton corps et la religion le fond de ton coeur.

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Bhakta Ryan, Brisbane, AU: Moving Brisbane ISKCON out of the 70's and into the 21'st century

Hare Krishna
Please accept my humble obeisance's all glories to Srila Prabhupada

We are now in the process of renovating Govinda's restaurant in Brisbane city, the theme the most awesome place to hang out for people to interact with Devotees. The inspiration Srila Prabhupada vision and that vision:

Everything first-class. No third-class thing for Krsna. All first-class. The gopis must be first class, the dress must be first-class, the eating foodstuff must be first-class, the sitting place must be first-class, more than first-class. That is called: sri vigraharadhana nitya nana srngara tan mandira marjanadau. Cleansing the temple as clean as glass, always. Everyone remarks this that our temples are very clean. Yes. Temple means must be very clean. The more you cleanse the temple, the more your heart becomes cleansed. This is the process. Prabhupada's Lectures Srimad-Bhagavatam 1973”.

Now in Brisbane Bhakti Yoga is dying [If not dead already], just the shadows remain- the villains- Pride, ego, greed and self preservation. who's to blame all of us!!!

The souls long for love, Beauty, truth, honor, peacefulness the soul longs for all that is Krishna. But when new interested souls come into a run down restaurant, Temple they are scared off. So when the souls who are interested turn tail and run what are we left with, A money making business with cheap labour, We seem not to be interested in attracting customers for Krishna Bhakti, but we only attract customers of money. Since I have come to Bhakti I have seen all aspects of Devotion and all levels and even though money flows through for the past twenty years the Brisbane community of Bhakti Yoga is dying the buildings are falling apart, devotees are becoming dishearten morose and complacent. Everyone sees it and no says anything out of Vaishnav etiquette, politeness and respect. I only say these things out of sadness, I see and I feel sad that the best that the most enlighten humans in this universe has to offer are run down buildings. We have been given the highest knowledge but we have the most lowest facilities. And as expected this Renovation has both approval and disapproval, acceptance and anger with many obstacles.

Srila Prabhupada said we do not need these Facilities to chant Hare Krishna, we can chant Hare Krishna under a tree, These Facilities are to bring the lost Souls back to Krishna So now finally after many many many years as stated by some very senior Devotees and approved by many the renovation that will change the publics view on this most precious path.

sarva-vaisnavera pa'ye kari namaskara
ithe aparadha kichu nahuka amara

"If I have committed any offense when dealing with so many subtle and exalted things about the great personalities, please, Nityananda Prabhu, absolve me of that offense and restore me to my normal position."
Your most Humble and sad servant
Ryan J Lowseck

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