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Narada Bulletin - Monsoon Special Edition


Text Box:   S S K B K Narada Bulletin  July 2010


*Hebri/Udupi* Karnataka* India*


Hare Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his Varnasrama Mission!


H i g h l i g h t s

¨ Monsoon starts brings in flurry of agricultural activities across the village

¨ Paddy cultivation in full-fledge

¨ Ragi crop being cultivated

¨ Ginger and turmeric sowed

¨ Jivamrta extensively applied to all the fields

¨ Fencing repaired for protecting crops

¨ Goshala flooring with stones completed

¨ Panchagavya product sales continues nicely

¨ Bow and arrow creation by Nagulu Prabhu

¨ Searching for prospective donors for Godan



N e w s   i n   D e t a i l




Monsoon starts


Krishna’s creation is so wonderful. This monsoon started as described in the sastras.  Panchanga predictions, farmer’s intuitions, birds and animal’s behaviour and devotees prayers marked the beginning of monsoon  and there was a flurry of agricultural activity at SSKBK.



                    Devotees at SSKBK  prepare for the Monsoon.


Fruits in the monsoon season


Ginger and turmeric cultivation


Ginger and turmeric are very important ingredients for all preparations.  Both were being sowed at different locations.  Turmeric is a six month crop.  The seeds used for both were from the harvest of last time done in the farm.


Paddy cultivation

This time all the paddy fields were brought under cultivation unlike last time.  Last time grown paddy was soaked in cow urine called bijamrta treatment. Then the seeds were sown in a  nursery . Then it was transplanted to cultivate 1 acre of field.  Another method being tried for the first time is a unique sowing method by sowing cluster of seeds in marked rows directly on the land (as if transplanted).  Cow dung manure was applied before ploughing.  Matajis toiled hard in transplanting.  Jivamrta was also extensively applied to all the fields. 

Devotees Planting Rice  Pic -1



Devotees Planting Rice  Pic -2

Devotees Planting Rice  Pic -3


On one field we are trying another local variety of rice which can be harvested for three months.


Ragi crop


Ragi nursery was also sowed along with the rice nursery.  This is the second time ragi is being cultivated.  This time we are using a different variety of seeds (bigger variety).  There are more than 5 indigenous varieties of ragi available  than the last time.  Ragi crop can withstand heavy or very less rain.  SSKBK  is situated at the foothills of Agumbe (where second highest rainfall occurs in India) and gets around 2000mm of rains annually. 

This makes wide spectrum in terms of adaptability to rainfall and temperature.



Fencing repaired for protecting crops


Fencing was repaired.  This needs to be done every year before cultivation.  Neglect can be disastrous.  Fencing net was also purchased this time. 

                                                          Net fencing at SSKBK


These nets are usually available as sales in second’s or used ones at Rs45/Kg.  To fence around for an acre approximately around 50Kg of net is required.  May be more depending on utilization and damage.  While choosing

the net, big eyed (spaced more) are preferred so that snakes do not get caught in them.  Of course

these snakes are so much required since they are farmer’s friends!


Goshala flooring with stones completed


Goshala flooring was done with stones.  As one devotee exclaimed it as exciting! It seemed that even our cows lead by Subhadra and bulls lead by Bala Krishna and Balaram agreed! Usually the moist soil of the rainy season would make it difficult for the cows to take rest. The flooring makes sure that cows can rest comfortably. Also we can collect the urine of the cows more easily by using a drum  kept at the end of the  Goshala.  We thank Sriram prabhu to have worked hard in getting this done.  Haribol!


Panchagavya product sales


Around 40 more bottles to Bellary, 100 odd to Bangalore and similar to Hyderabad of Goark showed mercy of devotees in receiving the mercy of gomata and extending helping hand to SSKBK.  Also, pickle bottling and sales with the idea of Parasuram Prabhu, is going on and enchanting the buyers with transcendental taste and aroma of SSKBK.  More products are being planned!



Pickle bottles at SSKBK


Bow and arrow creation by Nagulu Prabhu


With the heavy rains lashing and almost all transplantation and other agriculture services done it is time to do some artistic Krishna conscious creations. This time in ecstasy of Lord

Sriramchandra katha Bhakta Nagulu Prabhu ended up making a beautiful bow and arrow.  Everybody vociferously  cried out  Jai Sriram!  He is trying something more!


Visitors to SSKBK

1. Devotees from Brazil lead by Bhakta Sebastien

2. Devotees from Chowpatty Wada farm lead by Nirmal Krihsna Dasa

3. Students from SDM ayurvedic college

4. 30 devotees from Bangalore

5. Sriram Prabhu, Hyderabad

6. Visitors from Hebri

7. Last but not least H.G.Atmatattva Prabhu along with Laxmipati Prabhu.


All had great experiences. Devotees from Brazil stayed for over a week.

From Wada farm for a night.





Godan service opportunities for our Dear Readers : 

                         Our new born calf with dog Prasadi



Pure milk from our Goshala


With goshala flooring done we are ready to accept more cows into the Goshala.  WE request our readers to kindly participate in this activity by donating for the cows. Godana is highly praised in scriptures as one of the most sacred acts.  Kindly let us know so that we can provide more details. You can directly contact H.H.Bhakti Raghava swami @  ,

Parasurama Dasa @ Or

Bharat Chandra Dasa @  or

Srirama Dasa @


                             We look forward to your kind co-operation.


Assistant Editors: HG Parasurama Dasa and HG Gaura Naraj Dasa

Prepared by: HG Bharat Chandra Dasa

Please visit the following websites for more information on varnasrama developments: &


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