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QUALITIES OF RADHA - Notas de Srimati Radharani

Fotos de KRISHNA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! - Fotos del muro

Añadida el 23 de enero

a very good afternoon to all the krishna lovers. may radhey krishna bless your day with lots of opportunities. take care . hari bol
Añadida el 23 de enero

you might be stuck in your daily routine so much that you might not be getting time for anything, but do take out time for CHANTING of MAHAMANTRA .
{hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare ,
hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare}

chanting is the only powerful practise that can make us pure from inside and can prepare us for golok dham.so do chant atleast one round a day(one round consist taking name for 108 times). if finding hard than pray to tulsi maharani for devotion. thank you. hari bol
Añadida el 24 de enero

♥kindly write "I DO LOVE KRISHNA" below , lets all tell madhav in our own unique way that how much we love him.
Añadida el 25 de enero

Hre krishna...................today is fasting for bhimni ekadashi................prabhupad used to say that it is the best day to please lord KRISHNA. hari bol..........love all
Añadida el 25 de enero

♥जब से राधा शयाम के नैन हुये है चार
शयाम बने है राधिका , राधा बन गये शयाम.♥
Añadida el 27 de enero

Vrndavan is such a "happy" place with gorgeously beautiful Krsna. Agasura is about to be blessed with Krsna's future entrance into his serpant body.
Añadida el 28 de enero

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Kṛṣṇa, is the master of all other living entities and of the material nature. His lotus feet are sought and worshiped by great saintly persons like Vyāsa.
Añadida el 29 de enero

wishing a very very smooth , peaceful , spiritual night to all the krishna lovers.........................kindly dont forget to thank radhey krishna for giving us a life in human form, in which we have the good luck to chant the holy name of krishna...not only this we are lucky enough to dance on the great bhajans of krishna ..........love all .......HARI BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Añadida el 30 de enero


Srimati Radharani
por Srimati Radharani el Viernes, 22 de enero de 2010 a las 14:27


Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode Ärî Caitanya-äiksamrta, chapter 7, part 7

In this section of Ärî Caitanya-äikamrta,Thakur Bhaktivinode discusses Ärîmatî Râdhârâòî’s qualities. He includes a list of her twenty-five most prominent qualities that is based on the list, in Sanskrit, given by Ärîla Rupa Goswami in Ujjvala-nîlamani, and also quoted in Caitanya-caritâmrta madhya 23.91. Bhaktivinode gives direct Bengali translations of the Sanskrit terms, and then in many cases gives a further Bengali explanation.

Radha is the essence of the hlâdinî-äakti, the epitome of love. Although she is splendid with sixteen types of decorations and twelve types of ornaments, she is so beautiful that she does not need decorations or ornaments. She has well-curled hair, a shining face, long eyes, splendid breasts, a thin waist, well-formed shoulders, and jewel-like fingernails. There is no such combination of wonderful qualities in all the three worlds. The sixteen beauties of her body are: her bath, the sparkle of the jewel in her nose, her blue dress, her sash, her earrings, her braid, the sandalwood on her body, the flowers in her hair, the gar-land around her throat, the lotus in her hand, the betel in her mouth, the kastūrî (musk) on her chin, the kajjala on her eyes, her colored cheeks, the lack decorations on her feet, and the tilaka on her forehead. The twelve ornaments that beautify her are the jewel in her hair, her silver earrings, the belt on her hips, the gold locket around her neck, the gold pin in her ear, the bracelets on her wrists, her throat ornaments, the rings on her fingers, the necklace around her neck, her armbands, her jeweled anklets, and the rings on her toes.

Like Krishna, Vrindavaneshwari Radha is endowed with unlimited good qualities. Of her qualities, twenty-five are prominent:

1) madhurâ (cârudaräanâ) — she is sweet (she is beautiful in appearance);
2) nava-vayâ (kiäora-vayasa-viäithâ) — she is newly youthful (she is at a special adolescent age);
3) capalângî (cañcala apâga (driti)) — she is restless (she has a restless glance);
4) ujjvala-smitâ (ânandamaya hâsyayuktâ) — she has an effulgent smile (her smile is blissful);
5) cârusaubhâgyera rekhâyukta (pâdâdite candrarekhâ)— she possesses beautiful, auspicious lines on her body (her feet have moon-like markings);
6) gandhe mâdhavake unmâdita karena — her fragrance drives Madhava mad;
7) sa gita-vistâre abhijñâ — she is fully conversant in musical composition;
8) ramya-vâk —her speech is pleasing;
9) narma-panaditâ — she is expert in joking;
10) vinîtâ — she is humble;
11) karunâ-pûrna — she is full of compassion;
12) vidagdhâ, caturâ — she is witty;
13) pâtavânvitâ — she is efficient;
14) lajjâ-äîlâ — she is bashful;
15) sumaryâdâ (sâdhumârgaha-ite avicalitâ) — she is respectful (she acts strictly according to the religious principles of the sadhus);
16) dhairya-äâlinî — she is patient;
17) gâmbhîrya-äâlinî — she is grave;
18) su-vilâsâ — she is playful;
19) mahâbhâva-paramotkarsatasinî — she shows symptoms of great ecstasy;
20) gokula-premavasati — she is the object of love for the residents of Gokula;
21) jagat-äre_î-sadyaäâ (yâhâra yaäa anantajagate vyâpta) — her fame is spread through unlimited universes;
22) gurv-arpita-guru-sneha, guru-janera atyanta snehâspada — she is the object of affection for elders;
23) sakhî-ga_era pra_ayâdhîna — she is dependent on the love of her gopi friends;
24) krsna-priyâvalîmukhyâ — she is the chief of those most dear to Krishna;
25) santatâärava-keäavâ, keäavasarvadâ tâ hâra âjñâdhîna — she always keeps Keshava under her control.


— Bhaktivinode Thakur. Ärî Caitanya-äiksâmrta. Ärî ChaitanyaMath. Mayapur. Bengali. Gaurabdha 420.

— Bhaktivinode Thakur. Ärî Caitanya-äiksâmrta. English translation by Ärî Bhanu Swami. Vrindavan Institute for HigherEducation.

— Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami. Ärî Caitanya-caritâmrta. English translation and commentary by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Los Angeles. 1975.


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