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He is a disciple of Madhavendra Puri, and constitutes one of the figures amongst the Pancatattva. In an earlier incarnation he was Lord Siva. He was born in a varendra brahmana family on the seventh day of the bright fortnight in the month of Magha, 1355 Saka (1433 AD.), in the village named Lauda in Srihatta.

According to Bangabhasa Sahitya, Advaita Prabhu was born in 1434 AD. and met Vidyapati in 1458 AD. Advaita's former name was Kamalaksha (Kamalakanta) Vedapancanana. His two wives were Sita Devi and Sri Devi. Acyutananda was born of Sita Devi (1425 Saka 1503 AD.), followed by Krsnadasa, Gopala, Balarama, Svarupa, and Jagadisa Misra. While Sri Devi gave birth to one son named Syamadasa (Premavilasa 24).

From Lauda, Advaita Prabhu migrated to the village of Navahatta and later to Santipura. He also had a house at Navadvipa. In 1480 Saka (1558 AD.), at the age of 125 years (i.e. 25 years after the disappearance of Lord Caitanya) Advaita Prabhu passed away. (Advaita Vilasa)

However, according to Premavilasa 24, Advaita Prabhu was born in Santipura. He studied the Vedas and other scriptures under a scholar named Santacarya in Phullavati village near Santipura, where he was awarded the title Acarya. The genealog y of Advaita Prabhu can be found in Premavilasa 24. Also books such as Valyalilasutra (in Sanskrit), and Advaitavilasa, Advaitamangala, Sitacarita (in Bengali) present detailed information on Advaita Prabhu. To verify the meeting of Advaita with Vidyapati, it is known that in 1330 Saka (1408 AD.) Vidyapati received the endowment of Bisaphi village from Sivasimha. Vidyapati was born around 1307 Saka (1385 AD.), and was a contemporary of Candidasa . Vidyapati mentions their meeting one another in songs he composed in 1325 Saka (1403 AD.).

One manuscript of the Bhagavata which was copied by Vidyapati is still available and carries the date of copying as 1379 Saka (1457 AD.) Evidence shows that Vidyapati was alive until 1401 Saka (1479 AD.). In 1485 AD. Advaita Prabhu, at the age of fifty two, arrived at the room where Lord Gauranga was born. Much earlier he undertook a pilgrimage. Hence his meeting with Vidyapati should be taken as a fact. See Advaita Prakasa for further information.

The following are extracts of references to Advaita Prabhu from some important biographical sources:

CC 1.9.21 Advaita Prabhu likened to the trunk of the imaginary tree of bhakti.
CBh 1.2.79 105 Advaita interprets all scriptures from the Krsnabhakti point of view. While offering Ganga water and Tulasi, Advaita calls out loudly demanding that Krsna incarnate.
CBh 1.7.29 67 Visvarupa visits Advaita daily to discuss sastra; Nimai goes to Advaita's house to bring His brother home.
CBh 1.7.95 108 Advaita wails in separation, deeply grieved when Visvarupa takes sannyasa.
CBh 1.11.72 83 Arrival and introduction of Isvara Puri at he house of Advaita.
CBh 1.16.20 21 and 311, 2.1.5 Milana with Thakura Haridasa.
CBh 2.2.4 154 Milana with Lord Gauranga.
CBh 2.2.155, 2.6.8 175 Advaita goes to Santipura to test Lord Gauranga and is brought back to Navadvipa by Ramai.
CBh 2.10.147, 151 155 Advaita's loyalty to Lord Caitanya.
CBh 2.10.166 Music lessons in the presence of Lord Caitanya.
CBh 2.10.169 Advaita's prayers to the Lord, begging that He shower His mercy upon the fallen souls.
CBh 2.13.238,257,300 305,335 Discussions in the house of Lord Gauranga regarding the liberation of Jagai and Madhai.
CBh 2.13.341 360 Loving fights between Advaita and Nityananda.
CBh 2.16.45 51 Seva puja offered by Advaita to Lord Gauranga while the Lord was in a state of bhava avesa.
CBh 2.16.52 93 Lord Gauranga's annoyance with Advaita for trying to touch His feet while the Lord was in an unconscious state.
CBh 2.19.13 160 Advaita's grief at finding Lord Gauranga's interpretation of Bhakti oriented philosophy. Advaita departs for Santipura where he deliberates on "Yoga Vasistha."
CBh 2.22.35 125 Aparadha committed by mother Saci forgiven when she touches the feet of Advaita.
CBh 2.24.40 76 Advaita sees the Visvarupa.
CBh 3.1.36 46 Advaita's grief when Lord Caitanya takes sannyasa.
CBh 3.4.441 515 The subject of the occasion when Madhavendra is worshipped.
CBh 3.8.3 86 Advaita visits Nilacala, accompanied by the the devotees.
CBh 3.9.12 88 Advaita cooks and serves Lord Gauranga with his own hands.
CBh 3.9.164 184 Caitanya sankirtana performed by Advaita.
CBh 3.9.256 284 Prema delivered by Rupa and Sanatana through Advaita.
CBh 3.9.290 305 Anger of Lord Caitanya with Srivasa on the subject of Advaita tattva.
CC 1.12.23 Advaita chants the Nrsimha mantra when his son, Gopala, loses consciousness.
CC 2.12.38 43 Solace given by Advaita after Lord Caitanya's chastisement of Kamalakanta.
CC 2.14.88 92 Water sports, after the cleansing of Gundica.
CC 3.3.213 Advaita gives sraddha to Haridasa Thakura.
CC 3.19.16 21 Advaita sends a riddle through Jagadananda.
Premavilasa 1. Lord Caitanya's grief at Advaita's preaching of Jnanavada for the second time.
Premavilasa 24. Advaita meets Vijayapuri and receives Madanamohana and His seva from the Kunja; Feuds amongst various groups at Santipura regarding Haridasa being offered the sraddha; Advaita ex communicated from the brahmana community; Haridasa demonstrates his spiritual power.
Advaita Prakasa 22. Advaita's final instructions and his death at the age of 125

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