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Gaurahari Das

Gaurahari Das

Don’t Accept Duplicate Acarya They Are Made In China Looking Good but Full of Cheap Parts

de Gaurahari Das, el Martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011 a la(s) 0:40

Devotee comment: There is nothing called as self proclaimed gurus. If we point ourselves to only one devotee then we never reach Krishna but will reach Prabhupada. Yes Prabhupada was a sincere devotee but he wasn’t the only one, there have been certain like Mira Bai,Sur Das . our main aim is to please Krishna not a devotee


Gaurahari das Thanks for your honest opinion!  This will lead into a wonderful and important discussion that wills benefit us all. What you’re saying needs some discussion to bring out the full dimension of it. Your own statement is proof why you need Srila Prabhupada to teach you like he is teaching us. Sri Guru deva explained that Krishna is realized by serving or following the order of the bonafide Spiritual Master how we really please Krishna. If the Acarya is bonafide then instruction or teaching is coming directly from Krishna without taint of mental speculation. Such a rare Sad Guru is Krishna spokes person or ambassador in this world. We are not qualified to go directly to the Spiritual King of all Kings and get a clear instruction or teaching because in most cases our heart is so contaminated with dirt picked up by bad association, therefore God mercifully  sends us his bonafide representative to deliver His message, order and appropriate teachings at specific time to those who are called to trust that he does indeed represent God. If one is actually in touch with God who is the pure Guru within ones own heart he will recognize when the real Sad Guru becomes externally manifest before him either or as the pure scriptures that they compose or if one is fortunate one in the physical body. If one is not so qualified he may accept a lesser motivated speculating false Guru or teacher as his instructor or his own mental speculation to guide him. So the latest genuine world teacher is Srila Prabhupada. Those who accept him are most fortunate Those who accept those who claim to be his followers but disregard his order to bring the world to his shelter( ritvik instruction) are the false Gurus and their followers    


We also need to know who these authorized Gurus that you just mentioned are actual are in truth and especially the latest Acarya, Srila Prabhupada, sent by God(Krishna) to deliver a very important and relevant message to the world. 

In Caitanya Caritamrita, there is verse that goes something like this “When a soul is ready to be delivered he meets the two Divine Bhagavatas. One is great Scripture Srimad Bhagavatam (other scriptures as well included) and the devotee Bhagavata who lives his life in terms of the transcendental scripture. Through the actions of these two Bhagavatas the transcendental ability to relish divine spiritual rasa or taste is instilled in the heart.” This is our ticket out this material dimension the ability to taste what liberated souls taste with their awakened spiritual senses”. Krishna says also in this chapter. “Just know such a pure devotee called the Acarya is My very self, the external manifestation of the super soul and I liberate my devotees through teaching and purifying them through these two inner and outer manifestations of myself called servitor Godhead”. With this being said, Krishna appoints an external manifestation of Himself, servitor Godhead to be the world teacher and exalts them into and gives the order; He says in essence this is my chosen representative for the world to look to if they want to be delivered. Listen to his pure words learn from him and you will not be deviated by my Maya which is very strong and everywhere.  Srila Prabhupada is not a false prophet or false Acarya like so many are in this world who are self proclaimed and only exalt their own selves above Srila Prabhupada by exalting themselves above following his Ritvik order which is proof that they are false prophets. They are like the copies of the one well made authorized original that we see coming out of china. They may look like a good product with original names stamped on the outside but very quickly fall apart because inside their full of cheap materials assembled by those who care nothing for quality but just want to impress those foolish to buy because of cheap price. Examples of those who have exalted themselves above the ritvik order of Srila Prabhupada and are giving such Made in China shelter are Narayana Maharaja, ISKCON Gurus, Gour Govinda swami, Gaudiya Matha.  Here you have hundreds of Copies made in China with the one quality that


Srila Prabhupada’s books taught us how to detect them… They are exalting themselves above the order of their own Guru; Srila Prabhupada’s  ritvik order is to make disciples on Srila Prabhupada’s behalf and they have disobeyed. Krishnadas Kaviraja in the twelth chapt adi lila has pointed out thes true hertics and infidels by identifying their quality of refusing to follow the order of their own Acarya by saying they were under the spell of Maya devi. He says, “The order of the Spiritual Master(the Acarya)is the active principal of spiritual life those who do not follow it are the false useless imitative followers”.  Most Vaishnavas claim they believe and worship Srila Prabhupada but have become deviated. The proof is that by deed they are not following Srila Prabhupada order, they are following the order of the Made in China representatives to take shelter of these unauthorized duplicates who teach them to act contrary to the real chosen representive of Krishna's desire expressed through Srila Prabhupada to take shelter at his feet and not theirs! Theirs is the false disciplic succession within the real one, just as Ramachadra puri was the false follower of Madvendra puri and Isvara puri was the real follower who Lord Caitanya took shelter of as the true representive of Madvendra puri. This is essence of the truth. It is the truth, It is the truth.


Jesus, and now Srila Prabhupada are examples of these specially empowered and chosen transcendental professors. For the world that is ready, Srila Prabhupada is most important to take shelter of and learn from. Krishna through Srila Prabhupada ordered it. Srila Prabhupada wrote. Hence forward initiate disciples on my behalf and they will be my disciples.” This is Krishna order through his chosen representative to believe in his Shelter to get us to Krishna. God works according to time place and circumstances. This is like in a  similar fashion through Moses came the order of God to look at the wooden serpent on his staff and they would be saved and they were by listening to Gods true representative. Then again through Jesus came the order from God, Just believe in My Son Jesus and abide in his authorized words and teachings words and the spirit of the one true God will abide in you and you will be liberated and so many have attained saint hood from faith in this order.  In all these cases those who were called to have faith in the order of God through his authorized representatives were liberated and those who did not were left in this mundane world or what is considered being destroyed. If we truly are called to know that Srila Prabhupada is Krishna current authentic representative and take shelter there it will save us the trouble of being deviated by hundreds of false diksha gurus and Acaryas who claim to be the true connection to God but are just dead sockets with no transcendental connection. God has to appoint periodically his chosen anointed one to represent his real Spiritual Potency to deliver us up to the spiritual platform of Divine consciousness. If we go take the path that the one true God appoints for us in this way we will be able to truly relish these saints you mentioned because they are part of the same family of liberated souls. In this spirit here is a sastric universally accept truth. Guru is one.


Those persons you pointed out are all accepted as the one guru? There is no fault in mediating on them and their example and even teachings? Our Bhagavatam, and other devotional books are all filled with other gurus other than Srila Prabhupada. Those who are followers of Srila Prabhupada are  learning from these Shiksa Gurus. All these Gurus and examples are like the examples you mentioned and hundreds more are worthy to worship because they are real pure devotees who’s teaching and instructions are not being motivated by anartas of desire for name and fame. Again if you approach through Gods chosen universal world teacher, Srila Prabhupada you will side step easily all the hundreds of materially motivated impure teachers, Gurus, false Acaryas who do not represent the pure divine potency and will be lead away from it.  




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This video would be good for Narayana Maharaja, iskcon and gour govinda maharaja disciples to watch because its Srila Prabhupada's true disire.. Anyone who gets this principal that following the real order of the Acarya is the right path, Just like Krishna's Name and Qualities are non different than himself. Krishna's Spiritual Potence comes through Srila Prabhupada true ritvik instruction to accomplish the Lords mission of liberating Souls. Those false Gurus and Acaryas who hold another oppinion are simply weak glow worms compared on faithful person who is solidly situated in this truth.

Putana Bwitches Ritvik Apposition.wmv

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For those who are ready to surpass Putana obstacle this video is very valuable explaining graphically who is under her influence and are naturally a party to killing the souls of others be deceiving them and leading them away from the real nectar to kiss the feet of illusion and serve her. In essence the true transcendental order of Krishna is Srila Prabhupada ritvik instruction, just as the true transcendental instruction for Bali maharaja came through Vamana deva. Sucracharya represents the motivated brahmin class of spiritual masters who consider their order superior to the order of a real Acarya, just like Krishna's ritvik instruction through the real Acarya, Srila Prabhupada was overruled from the very beginning by the motivated for Name, Fame and worship position overly inteligent but not pure devotionally qualified Brahmin class, so they could appear temporarily as Acarayas.

We have all been the loser for this and Gaurahari das graphically explicitly spell out the birds and the bees of the situation. If your not ready to have the lights turned on and are attached to your sweet dream of blind obedience don't watch this video.

Ritvik Order The Way The LIfe The Truth

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This video would be good for Narayana Maharaja, iskcon and gour govinda maharaja disciples to watch because its Srila Prabhupada's true disire.. Anyone who gets this principal that following the real order of the Acarya is the right path, Just like Krishna's Name and Qualities are non different than himself. Krishna's Spiritual Potence comes through Srila Prabhupada true ritvik instruction to accomplish the Lords mission of liberating Souls. Those false Gurus and Acaryas who hold another oppinion are simply weak glow worms compared on faithful person who is solidly situated in this truth.

Gaurahari Das
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