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Gaurahari Das

Gaurahari Das
8 de diciembre de 2011 3:43

He check this treat out. This wonderful newly composed beetle songs about the glories of srila prabhupada by mahavirya das. Pass them around and make the devotees blissful. http://www.bhaktivedantaritviksociety.com/Set%20them%20free.mp3


Jesus pure devotee
Jasomatinandan Prabhu ask Srila Prabhupada about Jesus.

Jesus pure devotee

Jesus pure devotee
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Jasomatinandan Prabhu ask Srila Prabhupada about Jesus.


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Jasomatinandan Prabhu ask Srila Prabhupada about Jesus.

Gaurahari das Daily Journal 735 AM 12:10 2011

de Gaurahari Das, el sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011 a la(s) 3:16

230: Am Got up and chanted before our class. Very powerful today. Yesterday I spent a lot of time relishing the deep words of Bhaktivinode thakur in Sri Krishna Smitha and his Caitanya Shikshamrita. Felt so blissful chanting and being in the embrace of the Thakur. I could understand more the meaning of keeping company with the spiritual master and doing devotional service instead of being intimate with others of another caliber. His realizations are so deep. Just read one sentence and have to contemplate it about for hours>


Class this morning was also wonderful! Read some bhaktiratnakara and then Caitanya bhagavata. Again was inspired to glorify the rareness of a Acarya manifest ing in this world. One of the points was how the intimate association of Srila Prabhupada  carries on through his holy empowered ritvik instruction to give us some useful service to perform, to remain protected and give that shelter to others;As this is in the vision of our revealed scriptures. "The order of the Acarya is the active principal of spiritual life". adi 12th chapter. How perfect that instruction is. How vitial, and how far away from the real truth so many have come because of the leaders not having true faith in this instruction!   


7:50 Am: We also discussed how funny it is be labeled brain washed by ritvik philosophy. They are right we need to wash our brains of fourty years of being brainwashed by the false doctrine of having to have a living Guru even though that Guru is not a pure devotee. We need a lot of brain washing because even though we have seen how many of them have become debauched falling down miserably we have been so brainwashed to blindly keep following such a unintelligent system that has proven over and over again not to work very well.


7:50 Am. Yesterday somehow by chance came across a website, Krishna Ballarama swami. His missions statement was right there and just started reading it. Wow. This was so refreshing. This person was so sincere. Could feel it in the way he writes. It came through this person was very serious devotee. Another interesting thing was also clear. He was like a strict and advanced follower of the Vadi bhakti path. He did not believe that one could be a guru even he ever drank wine or ate meat even once in his life because he said the scriptures said so. I thought wow, This person is so strict follower of vaidi bhakti and rules I could never completely follow, but why am I so fortunate to understand the more complete version of his statement? Its because of Jesus, Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya's mercy because the higher principal is those hearts which are cleansed and purified by God pure love or real bhakti potency can purify a whole universe. 



In class this came up and we cited Lord Caitanya pastime of teaching his mother this principal how all the modes can purified. This prejudice or lack of understanding still confounds many good Brahmans who are too attached to the gross meanings of the Vedas not seeing their deeper purport. Nimai, by sitting on the pile of rejected pots and telling her in essence, " Where ever I take my seat even if it be previously contaminated by the mode of ignorance it becomes as pure as the Ganges river capable of purifying the whole universe of conditioned souls. I guess Jagai and Madhi are also proof of the power of the mercy of our Lord Gauranga and his Nityananda! Its amazing this person is such a good sincere sanyasis and Guru but does not know this. I wonder if he would he listen to a guy like me you think who in the past ate so much beef, smoked cigarettes , drank wine, took LSD, and still is not inclined to follow half the principals he follows?


2:11Pm. Gaurahari das journal; Was thinking deeply about this realization of bhaktivinode which was in essence, remove all the sectarian influences, from a descending disciplic succession like various rules and regulations according to the times place and circumstances then the condensed truth of Lord Caitanya's sankirtan movment shines brightly or in other words just perform congregational chanting and be happy forever. Sounds easy? Yet Srila Prabhuapda does not say just chant Krishna name only, he adds another order or rule. Propagate his books, chanting and propagate his shelter or ritvik instruction. Why? Ah! Because the essence of Bhakti yoga principal is to hear chant and remember Krishna in the association of pure devotees. If we do not follow that order we will chant but the cleaver hungry wolves and jackals wearing devotional dress, who are drooling to relish name and fame rasa will scoop us all up and say worship our impure motivated selves and chant your painful lifeless kirtans (Aindras take on the situation).Disregard Srila Prabhupada order that we are all brothers and to increase the brotherhood. Just believe our tall tale that we are more advanced and let us rule over you so that we can enjoy heavenly delight of being worshiped like Indra. On the contrary Srila Prabhupada being very intelligent wanted to keep our association and mediation to always be on the pure Acarya even if he is departed he is forever alive if we believe the truth that his instruction is our connection to progressive transcendental advancement and our protection in this world. “ The order of the Acarya is the active principal of spiritual life, those who do not follow it are the false followers, they are cut off from the real mercy of Lord Caitanya that flows through the real disciplic succession.” Adi lila 12 th chapter Paraphrased for relevant support of Srila Prabhupada preaching. 


Its our duty to use the Sastra to support the preaching of the current Acarya who acts and introduces principals often that have not been introduced before. Nectar of Devotion lists this quality of Krishna and the Acarya. They act perfectly according to the time, place and circumstances. These Brahmins who want to be famous devotees are bound by traditions and preach against the Acarya exercising this transcendental ability. These principals, even if they are not found in previous traditions are to be faithfully followed and promoted as the appropriate medicine to cure conditioned souls diseased condition according the current times. Unfortunately the opposite has been done. Crafty overly intelligent speculative Brahmins search the Sastra to defeat Srila Prabhupada’s ritvik order. Anyone can pull out of context Sastra verses to defeat ones Guru’s preaching. This is so ignorant, shameful and down right sinful. No wonder those persons are destroyed in spite of their big titles and temporary fame amongst the neophytes and naieve in this world.





Gaurahari Das 10 de diciembre de 2011 14:44
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTYEf28-st8 - con Jaya Radhe Lee y 19 personas más.
Real Acarya Must Be The Head Even By Order
For the pleasure of real followers of Srila Prabhupada and further instruction of the followers of N...

Actually, what if what he says are true facts...
Gaurahari Das 12 de diciembre de 2011 5:08
Actually, what if what he says are true facts about Homosexuality? It does sound convincing... But what I dont agree with his proposed solutions and I am not even sure what that is. The issue in the video is not mentioned. Still the solution is not condemning homosexuals. The solution is if one is a true Christian, what ever your position is in this world, is to accept Jesus as ones Savior and abide by his teachings as best as one can. There are some of us who are genuinely born again Christians who are fortunate to have been lead to also develop faith in another authorized messenger of God, A C Bhaktiviedanta Swami Prabhupada. He was sent to this world to teach us more about the Father's true nature and activities in this world. Jesus began to teach the first phase of knowing God which comes by accepting his real authorized messenger, who delivers a true message from God. The intelligent accept and follow Gods message comming through AC Bhaktivindantas Srila Prabhupada. By the way, h...

Dont miss this one. Nothing in the world like...
Gaurahari Das 12 de diciembre de 2011 12:04
Dont miss this one. Nothing in the world like a discussion we had like this. http://youtu.be/p94x-h5rnDY
Eating False Acaryas For Breakfast Pt 1.wmv
The metaphor of Eve being deceived by the jealous snake who naturally wants the mercy of God without...

here is part two http://youtu.be/8mgBv53rJuA
Gaurahari Das 12 de diciembre de 2011 12:06
here is part two http://youtu.be/8mgBv53rJuA - con Charan Dasa y 9 personas más.
Truth Eats False Acaryas for Breakfast Pt 2.wmv
The metaphor of Eve being deceived by the jealous snake who naturally wants the mercy of God without...

Gaurahari Das 14 de diciembre de 2011 4:48
Journal Entry 730 AM 12.14.2011 Woke up 230 am. Jai and did some stretches deep breathing, made my c...

" Unless you be converted and become like a...
Gaurahari Das 14 de diciembre de 2011 11:00
" Unless you be converted and become like a innocent child you will not enter the kingdom of God". Jesus I think this youg one is in and is here to lead us!

Gaurahari Das 15 de diciembre de 2011 9:35
Cutting Edge Preaching Idea for Those Who Love Our Classes or Those Who love other Preachers Vaishna...

For those who are committed to serving Srila Prabhupada by thinking big, here is a great idea that ...

Gaurahari Das 16 de diciembre de 2011 7:18
Mahavirya das New Song About Bhakti Lata bija
Mahvirya's das Krishna Conscious rendition of the famous song describing the obstacles, weeds that c...

Gaurahari Das 16 de diciembre de 2011 15:18
Gaurahari das, Traveling Punk's Journal entry Friday, December 16, 2011 : Wow I just ran across pure...

Gaurahari Das 17 de diciembre de 2011 0:42
Go Against Ritvik Going Against Krishna145_2034.wmv
Krishna and Krishna order comes through his authorized flute the Acarya who says and does according ...

Gaurahari Das 17 de diciembre de 2011 2:35
Vaishnavism Today! Srila Prabhupada We love Your Form(Vapo)but Hate Your Instruction(Vani), It Inter...

Looks like another day of fasting. No one showed up to discuss the truth about Krishna and real gur...

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