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"Dandavats" - 5 new articles

  1. Unlocking the jewels within Srila Prabhupada’s writings
  2. Sri Gaur Nitai Murthi Sthapana, IskconKL
  3. Lord Narasimha’s Festival Saturday, May 22nd 2010
  4. Home For Sale
  5. Passing of Nila Kamala Prabhu
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Unlocking the jewels within Srila Prabhupada’s writings

By Divesh Maharaj

The material world is symptomatic of change and there is need for ongoing research. Spiritual knowledge however comes from the Supreme Lord and is complete and perfect - there is no need for any research. One simply renders submissive oral reception.

Sri Gaur Nitai Murthi Sthapana, IskconKL

Gautam Gupta: This 16th of May, on the most auspicious tithi of Akshaya Tritiya, Sri Jagannath Mandir Kuala Lumpur (SJMKL), one of the largest and most active centres in Malaysia, is privileged to host a rare and very special event - the grand unveiling and installation festival of our new marble deities of the most munificent, magnanimous and enchanting forms Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Ram

Lord Narasimha’s Festival Saturday, May 22nd 2010

Murari Sevaka: You are cordially invited to Murari Sevaka Farm (a bhakti yoga ashram) for a grand fire sacrifice celebrating Narasimha Caturdasi A fire sacrifice is an ancient ceremony prescribed in the Vedas to please the divine, thus restoring peace and balance in nature and in our lives

Home For Sale

Vishaka Corbett: Fully furnished home for sale. Sits on a beautiful 5 acre lot with the best view in all of Prabhupada village with in a 5 minute walk to the temple.

Passing of Nila Kamala Prabhu

Deena Bandhu dasa: On May 2nd late in the afternoon around 5 PM, one of the workers in Krishna Balarama Guesthouse came knocking at my door with a message from Ganapati that there is a devotee from Spain who is not responding to their requests and could I go talk to him. I understood they wanted me to translate for them since, having preached in Colombia South America for four years, I know Spanish.

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