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Sri Sri Radha-Madan Mohana by Anoop Singh Kiledar




Sri Sri Radha-Madan Mohana

de Anoop Singh Kiledar, el jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011 a las 21:19

Anoop Singh Kiledar

Madan Mohana means “one who can even enchant the Cupid.” The Deity of Madan Mohana (formerly Madan-Gopal) was made by Krishna's great grandson - Vajranabha and for many years He was lost. Advaita Acarya discovered the original Deity of Madan Mohana under a Banyan tree in Vrindavana on the bank of river Yamuna and served Him here at the base of that tree. This tree is now known as Sri Advaita Vat and is at the base of the Madana Mohana Temple, on the left side. Sri Advaita Acharya used to perform his bhajan under this tree. Before His departure for Navadvip He entrusted the Deity to brahmana Chaubhe in Mathura.



Years later Caitanya Mahaprabhu sent Sanatana Goswami to Vrindavana to discover lost places of Krishna's pastimes and write books about devotional service. Sanatana Goswami used to beg in Mathura and one day came to doors of the brahmana Chaubhe. He saw brahmana's children playing with the Deity as if Madan Mohana was one of them. Horrified Sanatana Goswami chastised Chaubhe and taught him proper ways of Deity worship. Both Sanatana Goswami and the brahmana had a dream that night. Madan Mohana appeared to Sanatana Goswami and told him, that He liked to be treated as one of the brahmana's children and since Sanatana Goswami introduced so many rules, He didn't like it any more. To Chaubhe Madan Mohana said that He is like one of his children. He told him that since he had many children and he should give Him to Sanatan Goswami. Next morning both devotees wanted to apologize, but at the end Madan Mohana went with Sanatana Goswami. But before going He promised to Sanatana Goswami that He would be satisfied with whatever he will be able to offer. Sanatan Goswami, being traveling mendicant could not give much luxury to his Deities. Sanatana Goswami was practicing madhukari (begging from doors to doors) and he could offer just dry bread balls .Madan Mohana asked him, if he could give Him at least little salt. Sanatana Goswami replied that he would like to but being dedicated to his bhajan couldn't afford such a "luxury". He said, today You are asking salt and tomorrow, You will ask for pickle and then curry. From where will I get such things?


Shortly afterwards down the Dvadashaditya Hill, one merchant's boat went around in the Yamuna river. Owner Krishnadas Kapoor was worried about his goods and didn't know what to do. Madan Mohana took the form of small cowherd boy and led him upwards to Sanatana Goswami. Merchant described what happened, but Sanatana Goswami replied he couldn't do anything about it, being just a sannyasi. But he told him to pray to Madan Mohana, he had kept just humbly roofed nearby. Krishnadas did what Sanatana Goswami advised and few moments later his boat was released by rising of Yamuna's waters. Sailing down to Agra and making big profit, he later under Sanatana Goswami 's direction began to construct temple for Madan Mohana which became one of the prominent temples and dominant features of Vrindavana.



The original Madan Mohana Deity was moved from Vrindavana to Jaipur when the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's soldiers attacked Vrindavana in 1670. That Deity is now in Karoli, which is southeast of Jaipur in Rajasthan.



Srimati Vrinda-devi was praying to Krishna to bless her with His worship. When Madana Mohana was being carried to Jaipur, He instructed His pujaris that He was tired and wanted to take rest in Kamyavana. He also expressed His desire of receiving an elaborate worship there. He also instructed to build a platform and there should be a big hole below the platform for the charnamrita to go in. A grand festival was celebrated as per the sweet will of the Lord. And after the festival, the Lord continued His journey towards Jaipur. That night He appeared in the dreams of Vrinda-devi and told her that His replica Deity was there in the hole below the platform and she should worship this Deity. After Madan Mohana left Vrindavana, His devotees started missing Him very much. And Madan Mohana also started feeling separation from His land. He again expressed His will to Vrinda-devi to be worshipped in Vrindavana. On His desire, He was brought to Vrindavana and offered worship by His dear-most devotees. Worshiped along with Madan Mohana are Srimati Radharani and Srimati Lalita. They were sent to Vrindavana by Purusottam Sen, a disciple of Maharaja Prapatarudra. These Deities were found in the stomach of a fish, on the shores of Puri. The fisherman took them to the king, who then started worshipping the Deities as Lakshmi’s form in the temple. Once, Srimati Radharani appeared in the dream of the King, and chastised him for worshipping her wrongly. She told the king that Madan Mohana was waiting for them in Vrindavana and she should immediately be taken there.



Since the original temple which was built by Sri Krishnadas Kapoor was broken by the soldiers, it became unfit to be again graced by the Lord. That is why a separate temple was built on the foothill of the same temple where this Deity of Sri Madan Mohana with Srimati Radharani resides. It is called the New Madana Mohana Temple. And for the sake of memory, another pratibhu murti was installed by the devotees in the old temple on the hill top. The temple on the hill top also has Sanatana Gosvami’s bhajan kutir, and sweet water well of Sanatana Gosvami.




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