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Prayers to the Queen of Goddesses, Shrimati Radharani

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Scenes from the "Annakut" festival, Go Puja (worship of Mother Cow -- "go maataa"), and Srila Prabhupada's disappearance day observance here at ISKCON Baroda (Annakut was observed on October 19).

Annakut, Go Puja, & SP Tirobhav @ ISKCON Baroda

Prayers to the Queen of Goddesses, Shrimati Radharani


Sri Prarthana-paddhati [Stavamala]

In his Sri Prarthana-paddhati [Stavamala], Srila Rupa goswami prays:

"O Queen of Vrndavana, O Radharani, Your complexion is like molten gold, Your doe-like eyes are captivatingly restless, a million full and brilliant moons wane before Your lustrous countenance, and a blue sari, having stolen the hue of a fresh rain-laden cloud, has enwrapped Your exquisite form. O Radha, You are the crest-jewel of all the dallying damsels of Vrndavana, fragrant and pristine like a budding jasmine flower. Your sublime form is adorned with priceless jewelry, and you are the best of all the charming and intelligent gopis. You are decorated with all wonderful excellences and surrounded by eight dedicated and beloved cowherd girls known as the asta-sakhis.

"The ambrosia of Your beautiful lips, red as the bimba fruit, is life-giving syrup to Krsna. O Radha, I am rolling on the banks of the Yamuna, my poor heart filled with anticipation, praying to You with all humility. I am guilty of being an offender, a rascal, a useless wretch--yet I beg You to kindly engage me in even the smallest service to Your lotus feet. O most merciful Lady, it will not become You to ignore this most distressed soul, for Your heart is always overflowing with compassion and love."


radha raseshvari ramya

rama cha paramatmanah

rasodbhava krishna-kanta


"Beautiful Shrimate Radharani is the queen and the origin of the rasa dance. She is the giver of pleasure to Krishna, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all. She is the lover of Krishna and is always situated upon the chest of the Lord."

krishna-pranadhidevi cha

maha-vishnoh prasur api

sarvadya vishnu-maya cha

satya nitya sanatani

"She is the presiding Deity of Krishna's very life, and She is the first of all persons, the energy of Lord Vishnu, the embodiment of truthfulness--eternal and ever-youthful."

brahma-svarupa parama

nirlipta nirguna para

vrinda vrindavane tvam cha


"Her form is spiritual, therefore She is transcendental and beyond mundane qualities. She is divine energy and is unattached. O Radha, in Vrindavana You are the leader of the gopis, and You reside on the banks of the Viraja River."

goloka-vasini gopi

gopisha gopa-matrika

sananda paramananda


"She is a resident of Goloka Vrindavana and is a cowherd damsel. She is the queen of the gopis and the divine mother of the cowherd boys. She is joyful and always experiencing the highest bliss, and She incites lusty desires in the heart of the son of Nanda (Lord Krishna)."

vrishabhanu-suta shanta

kanta purnatama tatha

kamya kalavati-kanya

tirtha-putra sati shubha

"Radha is the daughter of Maharaja Vrishabhanu. She is very peaceful and lovely. She is completely contented and fulfilled, very pleasing and is the daughter of Kalavati. She is the purifier of the tirthas (holy places) and She is most auspicious and chaste to Lord Krishna."

samsara-sagare ghore

bhitam mam sharanagatam

sarvebhyo 'pi vinirmuktam

kuru radhe surshvari

"O Radha, I have fallen into the horrible ocean of birth and death and am frightened, but I am seeking Your shelter. O queen of the demigods, please free me from all fears."



dehi mahyam param bhaktim

krishnena parisevite

"O Radhika, please give me transcendental devotional service to Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by Lord Brahma and Lakshmi, and which are served even by Lord Krishna."


radhe vrindavaneshvari

vrishabhanu-sute devi

pranamami hari-priye

"O Shrimati Radharani, I offer my respects to You whose bodily complexion is like molten gold. O Goddess, You are the queen of Vrindavana. You are the daughter of King Vrishabhanu, and are very dear to Lord Krishna."

mahabhava-svarupa tvam


prema-bhakti-prade devi

radhike tvam namamy aham

"O Shrimate Radharani, You are the exalted form of mahabhava, therefore You are the most dear to Krishna. O Goddess, You alone are able to bestow pure love for the Supreme Lord; therefore I offer my humble obeisances unto You."

Shri Radhikastakam

Eight Prayers Glorifying Sri Radhika

by Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

Text 1



vraja-vara-vrsabhanoh punya-girvana-valli

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who is a splendid ruby in the crown of all nectarean doe-eyed girls, a swan swimming in the lake of love for jubilant Lord Krsna, and a celestial vine sprouted from Vraja's exalted King Vrsabhanu, bathe me in Her service?

Text 2


sthalam abhi vara-kanci-lasyam ullasayanti kuca-kalasa-vilasa-sphita-mukta-sara-srih

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who makes the sash of bells dance on Her hips splendid with red silk, and whose necklace of large pearls plays on the waterpots of Her breasts, bathe me in Her service?

Text 3

sarasija-vara-garbhakharva-kantih samudyat-



snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who is as splendid as a great lotus whorl, who is new nectar mixed with the camphor of youth, and whose bimba fruit lips blossom with a gentle smile, bathe me in Her service?

Text 4

ati-catulataram tam kananantar milantam

vraja-nrpati-kumaram viksya sanka-kulaksi madhura-mridu-vacobhih samstuta netra-bhangya

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who, accidentally meeting restless Krsna in the outskirts of the forest, stared at Him with suspicious eyes as he cast amorous glances at Her and flattered Her with many sweet and gentle words, bathe me in Her service?

Text 5

vraja-kula-mahilanam prana-bhutakhilanam

pasupa-pati-grhinyah krsna-vat-prema-patram su-lalita-lalitantah-sneha-phullantaratma

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who the girls of Vraja love as much as their own lives, who the gopa queen Yasoda loves as much as Lord Krsna, and who makes the heart of charming lalita blossom with love, bathe me in Her service?

Text 6

niravadhi sa-visakha sakhi-yutha-prasunaih

srajam iha racayanti vaijayantim vanante agha-vijaya-varorah-preyasi sreyasi sa

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who in the company of Visakha at the forest's edge strings a Vaijayanti garland from the flowers of many trees, and who is the beautiful beloved resting on Lord Krsna's handsome chest, bathe me in Her service?

Text 7

prakatita-nija-vasam snigdha-venu-pranadair

druta-gati-harim arat prapya kunje smitaksi sravana-kuhara-kandum tanvati namra-vaktra

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who smelling the fragrance of Lord Krsna and hearing the sweet sounds of His flute, ran to Him in the forest grove and, scratching Her ears, approached Him with smiling eyes and lowered face, bathe me in Her service?

Text 8


nija-sarasi nidaghe sayam ullasiniyam parijana-gana-yukta kridayanti bakarim

snapayatu nija-dasye radhika mam kada nu

When will Sri Radhika, who on a summer evening happily plays with Lord Krsna by Her own lake cooled by breezes touching the many splendid lotuses, bathe me in Her service?

Text 9

pathati vimala-ceta mista-radhastakam yah

parihrita-nikhilasa-santatih katarah san pasupa-pati-kumarah kamam amoditas tam

nija-jana-gana-madhye radhikayas tanoti

Pleased with any person who, abandoning all hope of material happiness, and overwhelmed (with love), reads this sweet Sri Radhastaka with a pure heart, the prince of Vraja (Krsna) of His own accord places him among Sri Radha's personal associates.

Sri Radhikastakam

by Srila Krsnadas Kaviraja Gosvami

"May that Srimati Radhika--whose bodily complexion snatches away the pride of a golden lotus flower tinged with kunkuma, whose bodily fragrance reproaches the fame of a fragrant lotus sprinkled with saffron powder, and who fulfills all the desires of the prince of Vraja, Sri Krishna--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--whose dazzling, colorful silk sari defeats the splendour of coral, who is a garden of all varieties of blooming flowers which attract the maddened bumblebee Sri Krishna who comes to play amongst Her flowers, and who worships the sun-god in order to meet with Krishna eternally--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--whose softness defeats the fame of delicate budding flowers, whose body's coolness is worshipable for the moon, sandalwood-paste, the lotus, and camphor, and whose touch dispels the heat of Gopijanavallabha, Sri Krishna's amorous desires--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"Although Lakshmi-devi is honored by all the worshipable damsels of the universe, the opulence of her great beauty and ever-fresh youthfulness is overshadowed by that of Srimati Radhika. Nor can Lakshmi-devi surpass Her by her natural loving and playful disposition. May that Srimati Radhika always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--who is expert in all the celestial arts of the rasa-lila, like dancing, singing and joking; who is adorned with supernatural prema, enchanting beauty, wonderful dresses and ornaments, and all divine virtues; and who is the topmost youthful maiden of Vraja--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--who by Her ever-fresh beauty, ever-fresh playfulness, and ever-fresh wealth of affection causes all the young maidens of Vraja, who are abound in love to Sri Krishna, to tremble in anxiety; and who is immersed in samadhi (meditation) upon Sri Krishna's beauty, attire, and playful pastimes--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--who in divine ecstasy manifests perspiration, hairs standing on end, trembling tears, and a choked voice; who is adorned with indignation, joy, and contrariness; and who wears splendid jewel-studded ornaments which delight Sri Krishna's eyes--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"May that Srimati Radhika--who upon being separated from Sri Krishna for even half a moment becomes distressed by the ever-arising feelings of Her own lowliness and great restlessness, and who upon meeting Krishna through the intense efforts of one of Their messengers is relieved of all Her mental anguish--always bestow upon me the service of Her lotus feet.

"Srimati Radhika, whose darshana (audience) is rarely attained even by Parvati-devi and other goddesses, who gives great pleasure to Her sakhis (confidential servants), who Herself becomes elated upon meeting with Sri Krishna, and who is Krishna's dearest lover, very quickly makes that person who prays to Her singing this astaka a recipient for the nectar of Her service. This astaka is recited in the poetic meter known as 'Tunaka'."

Sri Radha-Kundastakam

[The Glories of Srimati Radhika's Kund, Pond]

by Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

"After the killing of Aristasura, Srimati Radhika and Her sakhis exchanged many joking words with Sri Krishna concerning the necessary atonement for one who has committed the offence of killing a bull. As a result, the Queen of Vrindavana, Srimati Radhika, and Her sakhis joyfully excavated and filled Sri Radha-kunda with their own hands. May that immensely fragrant Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"In the land of the hearts of those who bathe in Radha-kunda, a desire tree of the superlative prema, which is not attainable even for Krishna's principal queens in Dvaraka, will arise. May that supremely charming Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"For the pleasure of Srimati Radhika, even Sri Krishna Himself, yearning to attain Her merciful sidelong glance, regularly bathes in Radha-kunda, carefully observing all the appropriate rituals. May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda, which the moon of Vraja, Sri Krishna, loves as much as He loves the crown-jewel amongst the sweet girls of Vraja, Srimati Radhika, and which He has made known by the name of Radhika Herself, be my shelter.

"The mercy obtained by serving Radha-kunda makes the desire-creeper of prema for the prince of Vraja sprout and is celebrated for bearing the flower of service to the svamini Srimati Radhika. May that supremely charming Radha-kunda be my shelter.

"Gloroiusly manifest on the banks of Radha-kunda are eight kunjas (groves) named after Radhika's principal sakhis. Acting as stimuli for the amorous pastimes of the Divine Couple, these kunjas are filled with the sweet humming of bumblebees and are desired by everyone. May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be the shelter of my life.

"Situated on an exquisite dais on the bank of Radha-kunda and accompanied by Her beloved sakhis, our svamini Srimate Radhika charmingly engages in sweet, joking words with Sri Krishna, the moon of Vraja. These playful verbal exchanges are enhanced by the suggestion of so many innuendoes. May that Radha-kunda be the shelter of my life.

"May that very charming and especially fragrant Radha-kunda, where intoxicated with love the Divine Couple and the sakhis daily sport with great joy in the water so fragrant with exquisite lotus flowers, be the sole shelter of my life.

"To that devotee who, in a resolute mood of aspiring to serve Srimati Radhika, reads this charming prayer describing Sri Radha-kunda, even in their present body Sri Krishna will quickly grant them darshana of not only His beloved Radhika, but also of their many variegated amorous pastimes. Witnessing these pastimes and envisioning himself serving Yugala-kishora (Krishna) in various ways, such a devotee will feel immense jubilation. This astaka is recited in the poetic meter known as 'Malini'."

Radha Kripa Kataksha


(by Lord Shiva from the Urdhvamnaya-tantra)

1. munindra vrnda vandite tri loka soka harini

prasanna vaktra pankaje nikunja bhu vilasini

vrajendra bhanu nandini vrajendra sunu sangate

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

Adored by the host of great sages, She drives away the grief of the three spheres. Her face like a lotus blooms with joy. Delighting in love's games in secret groves, She is the daughter of King Vrsabhanu and lives in the heart of the son of the King of Vraja. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

2. asoka vrksa vallari vitana mandapa sthite

pravala bala pallava prabharunanghri komale

varabhaya sphurat kare prabhuta sampad alaye

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

She rests upon a flower throne beneath a canopy of creepers and boughs of Ashoka. Her lotus feet are lustrous red like coral, yet as soft as new-sprouted leaves. Her hand is eager to give the blessing of fearlessness. She is the abode of abundant opulences. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

3. ananga ranga mangala prasanga bhangura bhruvam

sa vibhramam sa sambhrama drg anta bana patanaih

nirantaram vasi krta pratita nanda nandane

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

By charming movements Her arched eyebrows are the colourful stage of the play of love. By casting the arrow noose of Her rolling and love laden sidelong glance, She perpetually holds captive the unswerving allegiance of Sri Nandanandana. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over flowing grace?

4. tadit suvarna campaka pradipta gaura vigrahe

mukha prabha parasta koti saradendu mandale

vicitra citra sancarac cakora sava locane

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

As lightning's radiant illumination, or gold, or the blossoms of the champa is the fairness of Her limbs. The shining brilliance of Her face defeats the glory of a million moons of Sharad. Like young Chakoras, Her restless eyes skip to and fro, as if bewildered by strange and dazzling scenes at each new moment. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over flowing grace?

5. madonmadati yauvane pramoda mana mandite

priyanuraga ranjite kala vilasa pandite

ananya dhanya kunja rajye kama keli kovide

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

In exceedingly intoxicating youth, Her delightful sulking mood is Her bejeweled ornament. Dyed in Her darling's dedication, She is fully skilled in all the arts of making love. In sanctified groves, incomparable, She is learned in the study of all love's novelties. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over flowing grace?

6. asesa hava bhava dhira hira hara bhusite

prabhuta satakumbha kumbha kumbhi kumbha sustani

prasasta manda hasya curna purna saukhya sagare

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

The infinite and calm ocean of the sentiments of loving gestures adorns Her neck in the shape of a diamond necklace. Her well-developed breasts are like golden water pots or the cranial globes of an elephant. Her slow, enchanting smile glows with a silent bliss like a sea full of mirth. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

7. mrnala bala vallari taranga ranga dorlate

latagra lasya lola nila locanavalokane

lalal lulan milan manojna mugdha mohanasraye

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

Her slender arms, creeper slim, rhythmically wave and flow like lotus fibres in a current of water. Like the dancing top of the swaying vine, Her blue lotus eyes flash with enthralling glances. Her playful and alluring movements entice lovely meetings and fascinate Mohan Himself to take refuge in Her charms. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

8. suvarna malikancita tri rekha kambu kanthage

tri sutra mangali guna tri ratna dipta didhiti

sa lola nila kuntala prasuna guccha gumphite

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

On Her neck, graceful as a lovely conch, its beauty enhanced by three lines, She wears a golden necklace. Three lustrous jewels sparkle and swing from three cords, decreeing all fortune and auspiciousness. Her luxuriant black tresses, artfully woven with clusters of flowers, flow in waves towards Her heels. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

9. nitamba bimba lambamana puspa mekhala gune

prasasta ratna kinkini kalapa madhya manjule

karindra sunda dandika varoha saubhagoruke

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

The fullness of He rounded hips is girdled with a wreath of flowers of excellence. A splendid waistband of costly gems emits a soft melodious sound like the tinkling of bells, applauding Her beauty. Her graceful thighs are sloping like the tapering trunk of the tusker king. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over flowing grace?

10. aneka mantra nada manju nupuraravas khalat

samaja raja hamsa vamsa nikvanati gaurave

vilola hema vallari vidambi caru cankrame

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

Her jingling anklets sweetly resound as the divine and timeless chanting of many mantras, and in their melody is heard all the enchantment of the warbling of a flock of noble swans. The elegant movement of Her limbs is like the bewitching dance of golden creepers. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace?

11. ananta koti visnu loka namra padma jarcite

himadri ja puloma ja virinca ja vara prade

apara siddhi vrddhi digdha sat padanguli nakhe

kada karisyasiha mam krpa kataksa bhajanam

Before whom Laksmi, the goddess of millions of unlimited Vaikunthas, stoops to bow with all humility; from whom Sati, Saci and Sarasvati receive favours; endless riches, supernatural powers, perfection and liberation are attained within the light of Her small toenail. O when will She shower upon me Her sidelong glance of over flowing grace?

12. makhesvari kriyesvari svadhesvari suresvari

tri veda bharatisvari pramana sasanesvari

ramesvari ksamesvari pramoda kananesvari

vrajesvari vrajadhipe sri radhike namo stu te

O Goddess Supreme, who presides over all sacrifices, rites and oblations and over the hosts of demigods and saintly persons. O Goddess Supreme, who provides the force to the Vedic utterances and to all arguments of law and logic; O Supreme Mistress of Laksmi and Bhu; O Queen of the celestial gardens of delight; Queen of Vraja, O Sovereign Mistress of Vrndavana, Srimati Radhika, I prostrate before Thee!

13. itidam adbhutam stavam nisamya bhanu nandini

karotu santatam janam krpa kataksa bhajanam

bhavet tadaiva sancita tri rupa karma nasanam

bhavet tada vrajendra sunu mandala pravesanam

May the Daughter of King Vrsabhanu, thus, on hearing this wonderful hymn of Her glories, be pleased to always shower on Me Her sidelong glance of over-flowing grace. Then may the threefold forms of karma, accumulated over many births, be immediately annihilated and may I be granted entrance into the eternal realm of King Nanda's divine son.


The aspirant who recites this hymn on the full moon day, on the eighth day of the waxing moon, and on the tenth, eleventh and thirteenth days of the waxing and waning moons, achieves the fruition of his desires and, by the grace of Sri Radhika's compassionate sidelong glance, bhakti characterized by prema sprouts in his heart.

The aspirant who recites this hymn one hundred times, while immersed in the waters of Sri Radha kunda, either up to his waist, up to his navel, up to his chest, or up to his neck, achieves the perfection of his desired ends and whatever he speaks comes true, he is endowed with full spiritual opulence and gets the direct, personal darshan of Srimati Radharani.

Being pleased with him, Srimati Radhika immediately grants him the greatest benediction and he gets to see with his own eyes Her darling sweet Lord, Sri Syamasundara. The Lord of Vraja, in His turn, grants that devotee an entrance into His eternal sports. For the Vaisnavas there is no greater goal to be achieved than this.

Sri Sri Gandharva Samprarthanastakam

by Srila Rupa Goswami

1. O Goddess! Be merciful to me and reveal Your lotus face to me when You and Sri Krsna play in the playgroves of Vrndavana, enjoying like intoxicated, blissful Lordly elephants!

2. O Goddess! In great distress I prostrate myself before You, falling on the ground, praying piteously unto You with faltering voice. O Gandharvike! After You bestowed Your mercy on this fool, count him (her) amongst Your own people!

3. O Syame (Sri Radhe)! When will I worship You as Indira (Laksmi), when Your beautiful body is bound up by Syama's left arm? Krsna's beauty enchants all the people of the world and is even greater than that of Rama-ramana (Lord Visnu, Laksmi's husband).

4. O Goddess! When can I arrange for Your blissful nocturnal meeting with the son of the king of Vraja in the grove by covering Your body with a cloud-blue sari and by removing the ankle bells from Your feet?

5. When will this person serve Your lotus feet, that adorn the three worlds by massaging them, as You are sitting together on a play bed made of flowers in a grove, while You are making sweet jokes with each other?

6. O Queen of Vrndavana! When can I fan You with a yaktail fan with a jeweled rod when You and Sri Krsna are sitting under a tree, Your lotus-like faces beautified by drops of perspiration from fatigue after Your pastimes on the shore of Your pond (Sri Radha Kund)?

7. O beautiful-eyed One! It was not me who told Mukunda in which corner of the kunja You were hiding! Citra did it! Don't frown Your eyebrows at me in false anger! When can I take You before the son of the king of Vraja?

8. When You defeat Krsna in a joking argument, You show even greater pride, extending Your proud words to Your blooming friends, who will praise You. When will I see You like this?

9. Anyone who nicely recites these eight prayers to the daughter of king Vrsabhanu will be accepted by Her in a wave of mercy and She will joyfully appear before her with Her lover.

End of Gandharva Samprarthanastakam.

Catu-puspanjalih [Stavamala]

Rupa Goswami prays to Srimati Radharani in his Catu-puspanjalih [Stavamala] as follows:

"O Queen of Vrndavana, Sri Radha, I worship You. Your fair complexion is more resplendent than molten gold, the color of Your sari the hue of a blue lotus flower. Your beautiful braided hair is long and raven-black, its coiffure studded with many brilliant gems, like the shining black hood of a cobra.

"Even the beautiful lotus in full bloom or the rising full moon offers no comparison to Your breathtaking face, for it is much more exquisite. Your shining forehead is marked by a tidy saffron tilaka.

"The arches of Your elegant eyebrows put to shame Cupid's bow. Your cascading black tresses sway, and the dark mascara on Your roving eyes makes them look like restless black partridges.

"Your fine nose is decorated by a ring studded with the noblest pearl, and Your lips are more charming than bright red tulips. Your sparkling, even teeth are like rows of spotlessly white jasmine buds.

"The golden earrings that dangle gracefully from Your ears like a pair of Laburnum flowers are inlaid with many precious gems. The gentle cleft of Your delicate chin is decorated with a dot of musk, and an intricately bejewelled necklace sparkles on You with regal splendor.

"Your nicely formed arms are like lotus stems, adorned with fine and precious gems, and the two armlets inlaid with blue sapphires softly jingle with Your slightest movements, pleasing all ears with their sweet music.

"Your hands are beautiful and soft, like the lotus, and Your fingers are decorated with rings mounted with precious jewels. Your breasts are adorned with a large necklace finely set with stones and gems.

""The central jewel of Your regal necklace sits atop a line of dark gems that grow gradually larger in size. One could mistake it for a black snake carrying a gem on its hood. You are slender around the waist, and Your belly is concave because it must carry the burden of Your full breasts. It is marked by three lines like entwining creepers.

"A tinkling girdle of gold inset with precious stones adorns Your broad flaring hips, and Your shapely thighs put to shame the pride of the golden trunks of banana trees.

"Your kneecaps are so delicate and well-formed that they are far more attractive than round golden caskets studded with gems. The ankle-bells on Your finely formed feet sing an eternal melody, and the pink lotuses that blossom in autumn bow their heads in ardent worship to the beauty of Your lotus feet.

"The brilliance of millions upon millions of full moons pales before the opalescent nails of Your lotus feet. Innumerable ecstatic symptoms are Your natural embellishments, and You become stunned and perspire freely when Your yearning sidelong looks from afar intimately traverse Krsna's body. Uncontrollable erotic waves overcome You, and when You meet with Your beloved Krsna You are swept away in a surge of sublime ecstasy. O Queen of Vrndavan, You are the reservoir of all divine qualities, and I therefore worship Your lotus feet.

"O Srimati Radharani, all the symptoms of the very highest ecstasy, maha-bhava, become simultaneously manifest in You, and Your heart is benumbed. You are the ocean of unlimited transcendental emotions found only in perfect heroines, and everyone is amazed when You exhibit these ecstatic emotions.

"All the charming and captivating traits which make a heroine perfect are offering their obeisances to Your lotus feet in silent praise. The great beauty Laksmi-devi, the goddess of fortune, is humbly praying to attain residence on the toenails of Your lotus feet.

"You are the crest jewel of the damsels of Vraja, an eternal resident of Gokula, the most beloved object of the gopis. Your gentle smile acts as the life sustaining salve for Lalita and other sakhis.

"When Your roving eyes glance on Krsna with a sidelong look, it acts on Him like a drop of ambrosia, maddening and inciting Him with love. You are the apple of Your father king Vrisabhanu's eyes, and the soothing rays of Your moonlike activities exhilarate him.

"Your heart is like an ocean which is overflooding with waves of compassion. Therefore, O Radhika! Shower Your mercy, and be pleased with this person who is begging to become Your maidservant.

"O Radha my mistress! When will I be fortunate to see that after a lover's quarrel, when Krsna tries to pacify You, His indignant lady-love, with sweet cajoling words, in which He is truly expert, and begs You for a lovers' tryst, You are really pleased within but nonetheless turn Your face away and look at Krsna from the corner of Your eyes.

"O Divine Lady! Will that day ever come? When Lord Krsna, who is adept at everything, strings a charming garland of myrtle blossoms and slips it over Your head and His electric touch sends waves of ecstasy pulsating through You, and You begin to perspire profusely, when will I be fortunate enough to gently fan You with a palm leaf fan?

"O divine Lady! O beautiful Queen! When after Your hours of pleasure with Krsna Your intricately made-up hair becomes dishevelled and You need someone to set it properly again, when will You instruct this maidservant to do this service?

"O Divine beauty with cherry lips! Will I be able to see the wonderful dalliances between You and Krsna? When I place betel-nut pan into Your lotus mouth, Krsna tries to take it out of Your mouth and chew the same pan.

"O Srimati Radha! Among all the beloved gopis of Krsna You are His most cherished jewel. Therefore kindly be pleased with me and quickly shower Your mercy by including me amongst Your family members.

"O Queen of Vraja! I beg repeatedly at Your lotus feet for Your compassionate grace. Please allow me to become Your maid-in-attendance (sakhi) and confidante, so that when You become indignant after a lover's quarrel Krsna will approach me, knowing that I am Your sakhi, and flatter me to take Him to You; then I will take His hand and guide Him to You.

"Anyone who reads this prayer, named Catuspuspanjali, dedicated to Radharani, the Queen of Vrndavana, with faith and devotion, will very soon receive Her mercy directly."

Vilapa Kusumanjali

by Srila Raghunatha dasa Goswami

Special Prayers


damsair eva mrtam janam


bhesajair devi jivaya


O Radharani, the queen of Vrndavana, with the medicine of the red lac from Your lotus feet, please bring back to life this person now dead from the bites of the black snake of not seeing You. (Vilapa-kusmanjali by RDG)

tavaivaasmi tavaivaasmi

na jivaami tvayaa vinaa

iti vijnaaya devi tvam

naya mam caranaantikam

I am Yours alone! I am Yours alone! I cannot live without You! O queen, please understand this and bring me to Your feet.

Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami writes furthur in the Vilapa-kusumanjali:

"O Supreme Ladyship, Queen of my heart, Radha! Laksmi-devi the goddess of fortune does not possess even a drop of the beauty that exudes from Your exquisite toenails, therefore if You do not grant me the proper vision to perceive Your transcendental pastimes, then what use do I have for this life, which is burning in the fire of excruciating sorrow?

"O merciful Lady! Indeed, lately I am floating in a nectarean ocean of hope, and passing time in hardship and pain, but if You do not shower mercy upon me then this life, living in Vrndavana, and even Lord Krsna are all meaningless to me." 101-102

"The Queen of Vraja is my mistress. O Lady mistress, O Radha, I am Your maidservant, but the flames of intense separation are incinerating my heart and I grow feeble from profuse crying. Finding no other means, I am therefore sitting somewhere in Govardhana and composing these verses in deep lamentation.

"O dallying damsel of Vraja, Sri Radhika, I am sucked into an ocean of grief and my condition is so miserable! Kindly send me Your mercy in the form of an infallible boat and save me from this whirlpool. Please give me sanctuary at Your lotus feet."

"O Radha-kunda, pond of sublime joy, my mistress Srimati Radhika is always absorbed in divine amorous pastimes with her beloved paramour Sri Krsna on your banks, and you have endeared yourself to this Divine Couple more than anything else They cherish. Please, therefore, be merciful upon me and allow me but a moments vision of the object of my greatest adoration, Srimati Radharani.


1. O friend Rupa Manjari, although you are a famous and important person in this town, still you cannot see the face of the Supreme Personality of Godhead standing before you. Your husband is not here, and yet there is a mark on the bimba fruits of your lips as if someone has bitten them. Did a great parrot bite them?

2. O lotus tree, on the pretext of this bunch of new blossoms you are now broadly smiling in this forest. You have every right to be proud. After all, the black Krishna bee has left all the fragrant flower vines and He is now searching for the pathway to you.

3. O Rati manjari, in the king of Vraja's city, where many gopis live, you are the most pious of all. That is why you are now going to a cave, requested by your queen to search for the favourite belt She forgot in the midst of many pastimes.

4. Let me surrender to my spiritual master, Yadunandana Acarya. A powerful and dear devotee of the Supreme Lord, Yadunandana, he sprinkled the nectar of his mercy on me.

5. I worship Lord Caitanyacandra, the supremely independent ocean of great mercy, who with His ropes of mercy quickly lifted me from the endlessly troublesome great dry well of household life, from which escape is very difficult, who gave me the shelter of His lotus feet, which rebuke the lotuses, and who gave me to Svarupa Damodar Goswami.

6. I was unwilling to drink the nectar of devotional service possessed of renunciation, but Sanatana Goswami, out of his causeless mercy, made me drink, even though I was otherwise unable to do so. Therefore he is an ocean of mercy. He is very much compassionate on fallen souls like me, and thus it is my duty to offer my respectful obeisances unto his lotus feet.

7. O queen, a certain maidservant, overwhelmed with love and her heart burning in the great fire of separation, laments in the following verses.

8. O queen, please rescue this unfortunate person, drowning in an ocean of pain. Place him on the strong boat of your mercy and carry him to the wonderful realm of Your lotus feet.

9. O queen, with the medicine of the red lac from Your lotus feet, please bring back to life this person now dead from the bites of the black snake of not seeing You.

10.O queen, with the nectar of a moment's glance please restore the life of this gopi maidservant of Your lotus feet, who now burns in the great forest fire of separation from You.

11. O beautiful faced one, when, even in a dream, will I, by decorating my head with the splendid perfumed powder of Your lotus feet, attain the goal of my life?

12. O beautiful one, when will the sound of your anklebells, sprinkling drops from an ocean of nectar, cure my deafness?

13. O queen, with the two bumblebees of the corners of Your eyes, which in the moonlit rendezvous anxiously wander over each direction as if the forest were a jungle of blue lotuses, will You glance upon this person?

14. O queen of Vrndavan, since Rupa manjari filled my eyes with light in the land of Vraja, I have yearned to see the red lac decorating Your lotus feet.

15. O queen whose eyes are as beautiful as two blossoming lotus flowers, when Your lake, filled with sweet water and splendid with many blossoming lotus flowers and buzzing bees, appeared before my eyes I at once began to yearn for the nectar of direct service to You.

16. O queen, I shall never ask You for anything other than direct service to your lotus feet. I offer my respectful obeisances to Your friendship. I offer my respectful obeisances to Your friendship again and again. May I find Your service as sweet as nectar. May I find Your service as sweet as nectar.

17. O queen whose fair complexion scratches with its nails the pride of yellow turmeric, when, happily marking my arms with auspicious markings embraced by charming red lac, will You give me the dear service of Your lotus feet.

18. O queen, when with great love and happiness will I daily rinse the drains of Your house with pure water, dry them with my own hair, and then scent Your garden pavilion with an abundance of sweetly fragrant incense?

19. When, at Your house early in the morning, will I carefully wash Your two lotus feet with camphor-scented water and then dry them with my hair?

20. When will this maidservant brush Your teeth with a twig, wash Your lotus feet, and, when You have entered another room, massage You with scented oil?

21. O queen whose lotus face defeats the moon, when, with jars of water scented with flowers and camphor and brought by one of Your charming and affectionate friends, will I carefully bathe You?

22. O moon-faced one, will I with a silken towel slowly and carefully dry the water from Your beautiful, delicate limbs, and the two fishes of Your eyes happily and restlessly swim from one direction to another, will I be allowed, the hairs on my body standing up in bliss, to cover Your hips with a matchless red silk cloth, and all Your limbs, from Your head down, with a beautiful blue sari?

23. O beloved of the prince of Vraja, when, after washing Your lotus feet, will this person, with the many beautiful small garlands artistically fashioned by Narmada devi, lovingly braid Your hair?

24. O queen, when will I happily place on Your forehead beautiful musk tilaka as splendid as the full moon, on Your limbs glistening kunkuma, and on Your breasts wonderful pictures in fragrant colors?

25. O queen, will I, drawing a line of red sindura with a jeweled salaka, decorate the part in Your hair?

26. O queen, with a steady hand will I artistically decorate You with the aromatic red tilaka dots that are the most powerful aphrodisiac to madden Lord Krishna?

27. O beautiful one, will I happily decorate with beautiful earrings Your ears, which are the god of love's two ropes for binding the regal mad elephant of the prince of Vraja's heart?

28. O beautiful queen, although I carefully placed this garment over Your breasts to cover them from Krishna's gaze, He has not understood my intention. Tightly embracing You, He has Himself become the garment covering the two treasures dearer than His own life.

29. O golden-complexioned one, will this maidservant place lovely necklaces of pearls and jewels on Your beautiful breasts, Lord Mukunda's pillows when He is sleepy and fatigued?

30. O lotus-eyed one, at some time will I adorn Your fingers with glittering rings and Your two graceful arms, which are so dear to Lord Hari, with blue armlets studded with jewels?

31. O beautiful-eyed one, will I soon worship Your two lotus feet with jeweled anklets and the petals of Your lotus feet with toe-rings? With a splendid belt will I soon worship Your hips, the sacred pilgrimage place of Lord Krishna?

32. Bowed down with intense bliss, with two jeweled armlets will I decorate Your two graceful lotus arms, which expertly destroy the peacefulness of the swan of Lord Krishna's heart?

33. O beautiful one, will this person some day worship with a valuable necklace Your neck, which attained all good fortune when it was touched by the arm of Lord Gokulacandra in the festival of the rasa dance?

34. O beautiful-faced one, will I make the Syamantaka jewel, which after the death of proud Sankhacuda, was given by Balarama to cheerful-hearted Madhumangala, which Madhumangala with his own hand gave to You, and which since has become the friend of the Kaustubha jewel, the central jewel of Your necklace?

35. O slender-waisted one, when, fearing that Your very slender waist might break, will I very carefully tie it with a new golden belt splendid with flower-cluster tassels at each end?

36. O golden one, when will Your nose, which defeats the sesame flower, receive from my hand a beautiful golden honey-pearl that agitates the great bumblebee of Lord Krishna?

37. O golden one, when, by Your order, will I place on Your left arm a silken band tied with jewels and flowers?

38. O restless-eyed one, the rings I place in Your ears made Lord Krishna, who agitates all the gopis, aimlessly wander in a circle.

39. O fawn-eyed one, when will I place a dot of splendid musk on Your chin, the temple of Mukunda's happiness?

40. O queen, when will I decorate Your pearl-like teeth with ruby-like red lines?

41. O girl with the golden lips, will the Krishna-parrot bite the nectar bimba fruits of Your lips, splendid with red khadira and camphor, placed by Me?

42. When will this person worship with black kajjala Your two eyes, which defeat the khanjana birds, and which, with the slightest movement from their corners, in a moment tightly bind the regal elephant of Lord Krishna?

43. His head reddened by the marks of Your feet as He tries to soothe Your jealous anger Lord Krishna has become extremely handsome. When, decorated with nectar red lac by me, will Your feet become very splendid?

44. O graceful artist, O queen, when will this maidservant happily place a sweet jasmine-garland filled with humming bees on Your gracefully sloping shoulders, touched in the rasa dance by Lord Krishna, who has become a moon shining with amorous passion?

45. O girl with charming limbs, O girl with a beautiful face, will this maidservant nearby hand You the articles of worship when, surrounded by Your friends, You are eager at heart to devotedly worship the sun-god on an alter of suryamani jewels?

46. O girl with beautiful thighs, employing the hands of Your friends, such as myself, will You place before Lord Krishna the many delicious foods You very carefully cooked by the order of the queen of Vraja?

47. O beautiful one, when, lovingly touching her forehead to the forehead of they, like me, who had brought the feast, will the jubilant queen of Vraja, like a loving mother, ask me, because I am Your maidservant, about Your welfare?

48. O queen, will I place before You the prasadam remnants tasted by the lotus mouth of Lord Krishna and respectfully brought by Danistha-gopi.

49. O girl whose limbs are anointed with kunkuma, when will I carefully feed You, Lalita, and Your other friends many kinds of ambrosia foods and nectar drinks mixed with the remnants of what was directly tasted by Lord Krishna?

50. O restless-eyed one, when will I lovingly give You sweet drinking-water scented with fresh patala flowers and camphor, water to rinse Your mouth, a toothbrush twig, and other things?

51. O queen, when, with great love, will I carefully light an abundance of aromatic incense, fan You, and perform other suitable services as You take Your meal?

52. O sweet-limbed girl, when, the hairs of my body standing upright in ecstasy, will I place a betel leaf filled with betel nuts and camphor into the lotus flower of Your mouth?

53. O queen, O beloved of Lord Krishna, will Lalita worship you with an arati lamp as Your other friends worship You with auspicious new songs and flowers and this maidservant, thinking You millions of times more dear than her own life's breath, worships You with a camara whisk?

54. O queen, when, eloquently joking with Lalita and Your other friends, will You decorate with a nap the charming pastime-bed I made with my own hands?

55.O merciful one, O girl with the beautiful heart, will the beautiful and auspicious time come when this maidservant massages Your feet and Rupa manjari massages Your two lotus hands?

56. O girl with the beautiful face, on the strength of some good fortune will I, as a vine of devotion here, in a secret place with Your affectionate friends, attain the remnants You had spit out and the waves of nectar water that washed Your lotus feet?

57. O queen, during Your meal will You take some nectar from Your own lotus mouth and lovingly give it to me, whose heart has gone to You?

58. O queen, will my two eyes someday attain You as, stumbling because of the happiness rising in Your heart, and the hairs of Your body standing erect, You walk to the town of Vraja's king in order to prepare a nectar feast for Lord Madhava?

59. Will Rupa manjari lead You on the path with Lalita and Visakha at Your two sides, Your friends all around, and me holding Your delicate waist from behind?

60 - 61. When will Danistha, seeing it in the distance, affectionately lead You, in my presence, to Nandisvara, the great abode of the king of Vraja, which is filled with affectionate gopi friends, which is even more important than the Govardhana Hill worshipped by Vraja, which is very dear to the prince of Vraja, and which is filled with the tumultuous sounds of the eloquent gopas and the lowing of the surabhi cows?

62. O sweet one, O talented one, when, washing Your auspicious lotus feet, entering the kitchen, bowing down before the queen of Vraja and the other elder gopis, and cooking a nectar feast, will You plunge me into an ocean of bliss?

63. O queen, when will You be seen, Your head bowed and Your face blossoming with happiness as You place the ambrosia foods and nectar drinks for Lord Madhava in the hand of Rohini devi?

64. O sweet girl, when will Your lotus face, its passionate sidelong glances seen by Lord Madhava during the feast in the company of His elders, fill me with happiness?

65. When will You be seen as You gaze at the prince of Vraja, His cheeks sweet with a smile, as He wanders in the forest fulfilling His vow to protect the surabhi cows, or as He is embraced by His mother, her heart overwhelmed?

66. O girl bashful at heart, O girl with the beautiful face, seeing You happily taking Your meal, according to Your promise, with your dear friends and with the queen of Vraja, who is more affectionate than millions and trillions of mothers, will I at once attain bliss in my heart?

67. O girl whose eyes are restless as khanjana birds, seeing You with an embrace, with kissing Your head, and with many loving glances, loved by the queen of Vraja as if You were her own daughter, will I celebrate a great festival of transcendental bliss in my heart?

68. O friend Rupa manjari, will I, following behind, lead our queen, now a dancing arena for waves of amorous passion, Her large eyes wide open, and your arm affectionately placed about the vine of Her waist, to the pastime forest grove decorated by the presence of Lord Hari?

69.O friend, within my sight will Queen Radha with You decorate Her beloved with flower ornaments in a forest cottage by the shore of Her lake?

70. O beautiful one, hearing from the parrot Vicaksana of Your rendezvous with the prince of Vraja, will I happily decorate You with elegant garments, flower earrings, and necklaces?

71. O queen, when will I decorate the splendid doorway with garlands of many flowers filled with buzzing bees and with many splendid pictures of Kama drawn in kunkuma? O moon-faced girl, when will I decorate the bed in the cottage named Madananandada with networks of flowers?

72. O girl as fair as gold, will I happily and gently massage Your lotus feet as You rest Your head against the arm of the prince of Vraja, His lotus feet worshipped by Rupa manjari's hands?

73. Will I see You, Your eyebrows knitted and Your eyes burning with pride as Lord Madhusudana, the crown on the heads of expert jesters, stops You near Govardhana Hill on the pretext of collecting a toll?

74. O sweet-faced girl, when, seeing Lord Mukunda because of the breeze carrying the fragrance of Your slender form on some pretext leave the pastime-bed Candravali with her own hand decorated with jasmine flowers, and, like a black bee, meet You at the lake shore, will I shine with pride?

75. O sweet, moon-faced girl, when will we see the new pastimes You enjoy with the Lord of Your life and with Your friends at Your sweet lake filled everywhere with the humming of intoxicated bees, the cooing of birds, and hosts of splendid, blossoming lotuses?

76. O girl with the beautiful thighs, when will Lord Krishna, who floods me with an ocean of bliss, happily decorate You with many kinds of flowers on the splendid lake shore crowded with blossoming flowers and forests full of humming bees?

77. As Her limbs blossom with happiness, will my queen's hair, decorated by jubilant, trembling Lord Hari with many types of slightly blossomed flowers, many large gunjas, and many splendid peacock feathers, all hastily brought by a certain happy girl, bring bliss to my eyes?

78. O girl with the beautiful face, seeing Lord Madhava struck with a lotus flower by intoxicated You in a flurry of amorous pastimes, will I try to hide the smile on my face?

79. When, O girl with the beautiful face, as You sing sweet love songs with the prince of Vraja, Your splendid graceful shoulder embraced by His long arms and He embraced by Your beautiful arms, will You give me transcendental bliss?

80. O queen, when will I hide the flute that You won from Lord Hari in the dice game, broke, and tossed to me?

81. O girl with the beautiful face, when, the hairs of my body standing up in ecstasy, will I fan You as You lay on a pastime bed of jasmine flowers in the temple of bliss of amorous love, smiling and conversing very sweetly with Your beloved?

82. O queen, O girl whose face is a blossoming lotus flower, O personification of shyness, when, Your two lotus feet exhausted by walking from the rendezvous, will You affectionately call this shameless person by name and engage her in massaging them?

83. "O granddaughter Radha, the time for You to worship the sungod has come! Where are You." Will Mukhara devi, appearing like the personification of nectar as she angrily speaks in this way, delight me?

84. O queen with my eyes and ears will I serve the nectar of Your words scented with the camphor of Your smile?

85. O pious one, when, picking flowers with Your sweet and crooked friends, You pretend to quarrel with the Lord of Your life and You angrily leave Him, will You fill me with boundless happiness?

86. O merciful one, sweetly begged by Madhava with many unbearable appeals, will this agitated person fall down before Lalita's feet to break Your jealous anger?

87. O wise and solemn one, will Your coronation as the queen of Vrndavan forest, jubilantly performed by Paurnamasi with a great festival of auspicious singing, dancing and the music of vinas and other instruments, and with many pitchers of pure, scented water, be seen by me?

88. O girl with the beautiful face, when on the full moon day of the month of Sravana Your brother Sridama pleases the miser Jatila by giving her ten thousand cows and then takes You home for a visit, will, as You melt with weeping from both happiness and sorrow, Your parents lovingly embrace You in my presence?

89. O merciful one, when, because I feel shy before Your friends, will You take me to a cave in the king of mountains and there tutor me in the art of melodious singing?

90. O queen, when, requested by Lalita devi, will You affectionately ask me, my head bowed with shyness in the assembly, to recite many splendid and sweet poems?

91. O queen, when, on the shore of Your lake, in a grove filled with humming bees, will You teach me to play the kacchapi lute?

92. O queen, when, because Your friends are too shy to act, will You hint that I should restring the favourite necklace, broken in Your pastimes?

93. O queen, when, after looking in all directions, will You take the chewed betel nuts from Your mouth and affectionately place them in mine?

94. O girl with the moon face, with clever hints will You send me to quickly get the favorite charming sash forgotten in the amorous passionate battle with the Lord of Your life?

95. O grave and sober one, after angrily punishing this person for a very slight fault, will You again glance on her with a little mercy when Lalita brings her before You?

96. I am Yours! I am Yours! I cannot live without You! O queen, please understand this and bring me to Your feet.

97.O restless-eyed girl, Your lake is the eternal home of You and Your beloved. My residence is there. There I stay.

98. O beautiful lake, my queen eternally enjoys amorous pastimes with Her beloved on your shore. If you are most dear to Them, then, please mercifully show me now the girl who is my life and soul.

99. My queen will not leave your company for even a moment. Because You are both the same age you are the realm of Her playful joking pastimes. O girl with the beautiful face, O Visakha, please show me my queen and save the life of me, on the verge of death because I am separated from Her.

100. O Lord, O nectar moon of Gokula, O Lord whose cheerful face is a lotus flower, O sweetly-smiling one, O Lord melting with compassion, so I may serve You both with love please lead me to the place where Your beloved enjoys loving pastimes with You.

101. My queen, even a drop of the beauty of the tip of whose lotus toenail the goddess of fortune is not able to attain, if You do not give charity to my eyes, then what is the use of my life, ablaze with a great forest-fire of sufferings?

102. For me somehow the present moment is flooded by a nectar ocean of many hopes. If You do not give me Your mercy, then of what use to me are this life, the land of Vraja, and Sri Krishna, the enemy of Baka?

103. O merciful one, if You will not give Your great mercy to suffering me, then what is the use of all these words? What will my long service to Your lake accomplish?

104. O affectionate one, I pray that this Vilapa-kusumanjali (Handful of Flowers in the Form of a Lament), which, with much weeping to attain Your loving service, and with a heart burning with pain, I take from my chest and place at Your lotus feet, may give You a little pleasure.

The 16 Names of Shri Radha

by Lord Narayana in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Shri Krishna Janm Khanda 17.220-240:

Radha - She who is the bestower of ultimate divine bliss.

Rasesvari - She Who is the Goddess of the rasa dance.

Rasa-Vasini - She Who always lives with the rasa dance.

Rasikesvari - She Who is the Goddess of those who relish divine mellows.

Krsna-Pranadhika - She Who is dearer to Krishna than His own life.

Krsna-Priya - She Who is Krishna's most dearly beloved companion.

Krsna-Svarupini - She Whose form resembles Krishna is so many ways.

Krsna-Vamanga-sambhuta - She Who is generated from Krishna left side.

Paramananda Rupini - She Who is the personification of supreme ecstasy.

Krsna - She Who bestows the best form of supreme liberation.

Vrindavani - She Who lives in Vrindavana.

Vrinda - She Who always lives in the company of Her girlfriends.

Vrindavana-Vinodini - She Who enjoys many pleasures in Vrindavana.

Chandravali - She Whose form has many moons.

Chandra-Kamta - She Who effulgence is like the moon.

Sarac-chandra-Prabhanana - She Whose face glows like the full moon of August.

108 Names of Shrimati Radhika


by Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami

aviksatmesvari kascid vrndavana-mahesvarim

tat padamboja-maka gati dasyati katara

patita tat-saras tire ruda tyartha-ravakulam

tac chri-vaktreksanavaptyai namanyetani sanjagau

Some maidservant, unable to find her mistress, has fallen on the bank of Radhakunda, crying in great anxiety, being very eager to take exclusive shelter of Her lotus feet, glorifying Her by singing the following names of Her:

radha gandharvika a-kamita

gandharva radhika candrakantir madhava-sangini

1. Radha, 2. Gandharvika by the prince of Vraja, 4. Who is worshipped by the Gandharva-angels, 5. Whose luster is like the moon, 6. Who accompanies Madhava.

damodaradvaita-sakhi kartikotkirtidesvari

mukunda dayita-vrnda dhammilla mani-manjari

7. Damodar's unrivalled queen who bestows fame on the Kartika month, 9. The crestjewel of Mukunda's ladyfriends.

bhaskaropasika varsabhanavi vrsabhanuja

ananga manjari jyestha sridama varajottama

10. Who worships the sun, 11. Who belongs to King Vrisabhanu, 12. Who is born from King Vrisabhanu, 13. Ananga Manjari's older sister, 14. Sridama's younger sister, 15. The greatest (fem.)

kirtida-kanyaka matr-sneha-piyusa-putrika

visakha-savayah prestha visakha jivitadhika

16. Kirtida's daughter, 17. Who is the nectarean object of Her mother's affection, 18. Who is of the same age as Visakha, 19. Who is dearer than life to Visakha.

pranadvitiya lalita vrndavana viharini

lalita prana-laksaika-raksa vrndavanesvari

20. Who is none other than Lalita's very life, 21. Enjoys in Vrindavana, 22. Who saves Lalita's life lakhs of times, 23. Queen of Vrndavana.

vrajendra-grhini krsna-praya-sneha-niketanam

vraja go-gopa-gopali jiva-matraika-jivanam

24. Who is as dear to Mother Yasoda as Krsna, 25. Who is the only life of the life of the cows, cowherdsmen and cowherdgirls of Vraja.

snehalabhira-rajendra vatsalacyuta-purva-ja

govinda pranayadhara surabhi sevanotsuka

26. Who is the object of King Nanda's affection, 27. Who gets parental affection from Balaram, 28. Who is the object of Govinda's love (Govinda is eager to serve His surabhi cows).

dhrta nandisvara-ksema gamanotkanthi-manasa

sva-dehadvaitata drsta dhanistha dhyeya-darsana

29. Who is very eager to go to Nandisvara for serving Krsna, 30. Who is regarded as non-different from her by Dhanistha and seen in her meditations, (Dhanistha is Yasoda's maidservant).

gopendra-mahisi paka-sala-vedi prakasika

ayur-varddha-karaddhana rohini gTRa-mastaka

31. Who is seen in Mother Yasoda's kitchen, 32. Whose cooked grains increase Krsna's life, 33. Whose head is smelt by Rohini.

subala nyasta sarupya subala priti-tosita

mukhara-drk sudha-naptri jatila drsti-bhasita

34. Who has bestowed a form equal to Hers to Subala, 35. Who is very fond of Subala, 36. Who is nectar in Mukhara's eyes, 37. Who is afraid to see Her mother-in-law, Jatila.

madhumangala narita-smita-candrika

paurnamasi bahih khelat prana-panjara sarika

38. Who smiles moonbeams after hearing Madhumangala's jokes, 39. The she-parrot of Whose heart is caught in Paurnamasi's cage.

sva ganadvaita jivatuh sviyahankara-vardhini

sva ganopendra padabja sparsa-lambhana harsini

40. Who is the oiends, 41. Who increases the pride of Her relatives, 42. Who is very happy to touch Upendra's feet with Her friends.

sviya vrndavanodyana paliki krta-vrndaka

jnata vrndatavi sarva lata-taru-mrga-dvija

43. Who has placed Vrinda in charge of Vrindavana's gardens, 44. Who is known by all the vines, trees, deer and birds of Vrindavana.

isac candana samghrsta nava-kasmira-deha-bhah

java-puspa pritha-hari patta cinarunambara

45. Whose body shines with fresh vermillion ground with some sandalpaste, 46. Whose silken dress shines more reddish than the java flower.

caranabja-tala-jyotir arunakrta-bhutala

hari citta camatkari caru nupura nihsvana

47. Whose lotus the surface of the earth shines crimson-red, 48. Who astonishes Hari's mind with the sweet sound of Her anklebells.

krsna-sranti-hara sroni pitha-valgita ghantika

krsna sarvasva pinodyat kucancan mani-malika

49. The nice sounds of whose waistbells remove Krsna's fatigue, 50. The pearl necklace on whose firm, raised breasts is everything to Krsna.

nana-ratnollasad sankha-cuda caru bhuja-dvaya

syamantaka-mani bhrajan mani-bandhati-bandhura

51. Whose two beautiful arms are adorned with conchshell bangles inset with various jewels, 52. On Whose wrist the beautiful Syamantaka jewel shines.

suvarna darpana- ullanghi mukha-mandala

pakka dadima bijabha dantakrstaghabhic chuka

53. The shining of Whose face defeats that of a golden mirror, 54. Whose teeth, that shine like ripe pomegranate seeds, attract the parrot-like Aghabhit (Krsna).

abja-ragadi srstasana

saubhagya kajjalankakta netranandita khanjana

55. Whose ruby earrings are shaped like lotus buds, 56. Whose wagtail-like eyes are anointed with beautiful eyeliner, giving great joy to the eyes.

suvrtta mauktikamukta nasika tilapuspika

sucaru nava-kasturi tilakancita-bhalaka

57. Whose nose, that is beautiful as a sesame flower, is adorned with a round pearl, 58. Whose forehead is adorned with beautiful tilak made of fresh musk.

divya veni vinirdhuta keki-pincha-vara-stutih

netranta-sara vidhvamsakrta canurajid dhrtih

59. Whose divine hair braid is worshiped by peacock feathers (being defeated in beauty), 60. The arrows of Whose glances destroy the patience of Krsna, Who defeated the Canura wrestler.

sphurat kaisora-tarunya sandhi-bandhura-vigraha

madhavollasakonmatta pikoru madhura-svara

61. Who is blooming teenage beauty personified, 62. Who pleases Madhava, 63. Who maddens Madhava with Her sweet, cuckoo-like voice.

pranayuta-sata prestha madhavotkirti-lampata

krsnapanga-tarangodyat smita-piyusa-budbuda

64. Who is more attached to Madhava's great glories than to millions of lives, 65. Whose nectars provide bubbles on the waves of Krsna's glances.

punjibhuta jagallajja vaidagdhi-digdha-vigraha

karuna vidravad deha murtiman madhuri-ghata

66. Who is the height of cleverness, embarrassing the whole world, 67. Whose body melts in kindness, 68. Who is abundant sweetness personified.

jagad-gunavati-varga giyamana gunoccaya

sacyadi subhaga-vrnda vandyamaTR-saubhaga

69. Whose glories are loudly sung by all the great ladies of the world, 70. Who is incessantly praised by beautiful ladies like Saci.

vina-vadana sangita rasalasya visarada

narada pramukhodgita jagad anandi sad-yasah

71. Who is expert in singing and playing vina in the rasa dance, 72. Whose pure glories are sung by sages headed by Narada, giving joy to the world.

govardhana-guha geha grhini kunja-mandana

candamsu-nandini baddha bhagini-bhava-vibhrama

73. She is the housewife in the caves in Govardhana, 74. She decorates the kunja, 75. She has a sisterly relationship with Yamuna (Yamuna is the daughter of the sun and Radha is the daughter of Vrisabhanu, the sun in Taurus).

divya kundalata narma sakhya-dama-vibhusita

govardhanadharahladi srngara-rasa-pandita

76. She is adoring Kundalata's friendship, 77. She is the professor in amorous rapture, giving joy to the holder of Govardhana.

girindra-dhara vaksah srih sankhacudari-jivanam

gokulendra-suta-prema kama-bhupendra-pattanam

78. She is always present at the chest of the holder of Govardhan, 79. She is the life of the enemy of Sankhacuda, 80. She is the settlement of Cupid for the love of the son of Gokulendra.

vrsa-vidhvamsa nti sva-nirmita sarovara

nija kunda-jala-krida jita sankarsananuja

81. Who made Her own pond after the killer of Arista mocked Her, 82. Who defeats Sankarsana's younger brother in sports in Her own pond.

mura-mardana mattebha vihara-mrta-dirghika

girindra-dhara-parindra rati-yuddhoru simhika

83. She is the ambrosial pond of enjoyment for the intoxicated elephant who defeated Mura, 84. She is a powerful lioness fighting amorous sports with the king of lions, the holder of the best of mountains.

sva tanu-saurabhonmatti krta mohana madhava

dor-muloccalana krida vyakuli-krta kesava

85. Who enchants by bodily fragrance, 86. Who agitates Kesava by playfully showing Her armpit.

nija kunda-tati kunja klrpta keli kalodyama

divya malli-kulollasi sayyakalpita vigraha

87. Who expands Her artful plays in the kunja on the bank of Her own pond, 88. Who makes a bed of divine jasmine flowers there with joy.

krsna vama-bhuja nyasta caru daksina gandaka

savya bahu-lata baddha krsna daksina sad-bhuja

89. Who places Her beautiful right cheek on Krsna's left arm, 90. Who holds Krsna's right arm with Her left vine-like arm.

krsna daksina caruru slista vamoru-rambhika

girindra-dhara drg-vaksor mardi-sustana-parvata

91. Whose beautiful, broad, banana-like left hip touches Krsna's right hip, 92. Whose nice, mountain-like breasts are being massaged by the Holder of Govardhana.

govindadhara piyusa vasitadhara-pallava

sudha-sancaya carukti sitali-krta madhava

93. Whose leaf-like lips are scented by the nectar of Govinda's lips, 94. Whose beautiful words distribute nectar, cooling Madhava off.

govindodgirna tambula raga rajyat kapolika

krsna sambhoga saphali-krta manmatha sambhava

95. Whose cheeks are colored by the pan from Govinda's lips, 96. Who realizes Krsna's fancies of amorous enjoyments.

govinda marjitoddanmukha

visakha vijita krida-santi nidralu-vigraha

97. The profuse perspiration from whose face is wiped off by Govinda, 98. Who is being fanned by Visakha when She falls asleep after playing with Krsna.

govinda-carana-nyasta kaya-manasa jivana

svapranarbuda nirmanchya hari pada-rajah kana

99. Who has placed Her life, body and mind at Govinda's lotus feet, 100. Who worships the dust of Hari's lotus feet with billions of hearts.

anumatracyutadarsa sayyamanatma locana

nitya-nutana govinda vaktra-subhramsu-darsana

101. Who curses Her eyes for every second that they do not see Acyuta, 102. Who beholds Govinda's ever-fresh moonlike face.

nihsima hari-madhurya saundaryadyeka-bhogini

sapatnya dhama murali-matra bhagya kataksini

103. Who is the only enjoyer of Hari's endless sweetness and beauty, 104. Who can only blink at the fortune of Her co-wife, the Murali flute.

gadha buddhi-bala krida jita vamsi-vikarsini

narmokti candrikotphulla krsna kamabdi-vardhini

105. Who takes Krsna's flute after defeating Him in a gambling match, 106. Who increases the ocean of Krsna's desires by the full moonbeams of Her joking words.


krsna sarvendriyonmadi radhetyaksara-yugmaka

107. Who is the moonlike resting place for all the senses of the moon of Vraja (Sri Krsna), 108. The two syllables of Whose name Ra-dha madden all of Krsna's senses.

idam sri radhika namnam astottara satojjvalam

sri radhalambhakam nama stotram caru-rasayanam

yo dhite parama pritya dinah katara-manasah

sa natham acirenaiva sa natham iksate dhruvam

Whoever recites these 108 names of Sri Radha, that consists of all beautiful, nectarean Radha-nama, with great love, humility and eagerness, will certainly and swiftly behold her Mistress.

iti srimad raghunatha dasa gosvami viracita stavavalyam

sri radhika-stottara-sata nama stotram sampurnam.

Thus ends Srimad Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami's Sri Radhika's 108 names-prayer.

[These prayers are available at www.stephen-knapp.com]

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