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Is this my heart?

Is this my heart? It is shaped like a heart but it is made of iron or steel and it is locked. My heart is locked against
Hari-nama. The key is devotional, attentive chanting but I seem to have misplaced it. It is a very formidable lock and I can’t cut it with scissors or a chisel. The best thing is to find the key and open it. The spiritual master gave the key and said to keep it safely. We have misbehaved.

Let us sit down and discuss how we may open this lock; we have to ask the spiritual master to help us to find the key again.

But he may be deliberately keeping it from me for my misbehaviors.

Can we go to a professional locksmith and have him trick open this lock or make a new key? They are expert in those things. You could even use dynamite. But explosives might destroy the door and the contents behind the door. I think it requires a delicate operation, the finding of the person with the original key. Let us ask in the neighborhood. Let us chant Hare Krishna at the entrance of the heart shaped lock and pray and beg for the appearance of the spiritual master, the original giver of the key, to appear and give us back the key or a spare. I do not want to attempt a violent operation. It may damage the heart. If we can only find the key!

But we
could get a locksmith to make a new key or open this one and then keep it open. There is no need to keep the heart locked on the Hari-nama. Do you really think our spiritual master locked the heart or that we did it ourselves and threw the key away? We should open the heart and chant in freedom.

I am not sure what to do and how this predicament arose. But we should go on chanting at the door. Pray to the spiritual master in the heart and consult his instructions and his devotees and ask for advice.
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Alessandro Midolo
Alessandro Midolo
Thanks for teaching and messages you send over the internet. Very useful especially to people who are far away from the temples and the devotees.
05 de marzo a las 23:39
Bhaktamagazijn Bhakti
Bhaktamagazijn Bhakti
service wrote Prabhupada, meekness and real humble in thoughts and the hart serving like Krishna wash the foot of the poor brahman, like Jesus served his discipels washing their feets that breaks the false ego
06 de marzo a las 1:38
Krishna Devi
Krishna Devi
Thank you so much...Pranams
06 de marzo a las 4:56
Namamrita Devi Dasi
Namamrita Devi Dasi
Dear Guru Maharaja...You have the key to my heart ... and make it available to every moment ...
06 de marzo a las 12:47
Supriya Bongale
Supriya Bongale
Thanks a lot to share this realisation
09 de marzo a las 9:01

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