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Gaìgeçopädhyäya - author of a famous treatise on nyäya, Tattvacintämaëi. There are no authentic records regarding his birth or place of origin, but he is believed to have been from Mithilä and to have lived in the 12th-13th century. He was a keen dialectician and a brilliant polemicist. He made the nyäya-çästra a science and an art of debate. He developed a new school of nyäya known as navya-nyäya. His Tattva-cintämaëi is a systematic account of epistemology, logic and philosophy of grammar. It deals almost exclusively with the epistemology of the nyäya system with little attention to metaphysics or ontology. The Tattva-cintämaëi laid the foundation of a new system of dialectics in India. His book became so popular that no one thereafter could be considered a scholar of nyäya unless they wrote a commentary on this book.

The most famous commentary on Tattva-cintämaëi was written by Raghunätha (Käëäébhaööa) Çiromaëi, a contemporary of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu (see Çiromaëi).

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