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Deity of Sri Harideva in Shri Harideva Temple



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Govardhan Hill is situated some 20 km west of Mathura. It is one of the most frequently visited places in Vraja-mandala. It is not surprising because from the time of Sri Krisna's pastimes 5000 years ago, only three things remained as they were: dust of Vrindavan, Yamuna River and Govardhan Hill.

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Giriraj (another name of Govardhan) is the best of Krisna's servants because it supplies Krisna, Balarama and cowherd boys fresh grass for their cows, fruits, roots, minerals and beautiful scenery for their wonderful pastimes.

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The Appearance
of Govardhan in Vraja

It is said in the Adivaraha-purana, that during the advent of Ramacandra, the monkeys and bears brought large rocks and stones from many places to construct a bridge to Lanka. Hanuman was carrying Govardhan to the ocean, having uprooted him from Uttarancala, when he heard a divine sound that announced: "The bridge is now complete and no more rocks are required..."

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...Hearing this Hanumanji became sad and put Giriraj down. Giriraj also became very unhappy and said to Hanumanji: "You have deprived me of the touch of Sri Rama's lotus feet," and he was ready to curse him. But Hanumanji replied: "Please forgive me. In the next Dvapara-yuga, your desire will be fulfilled...

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...Svayam Bhagavan, Sri Krisna will stop the worship of Indra and worship you instead." Saying this Hanumanji leapt into the air and arrived at Sri Ramacandra's side. Lord Rama declared: "All those rocks which have been assembled to build the bridge, have been delivered by the touch of My feet. But I shall fulfill the desire of Govardhan by holding him on My hand and make him famous as the best Haridas."

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The Garga-samhita relates different story from a different kalpa:

Pulatsya Muni once reached Dronacala Hill. Govardhan, the son of Dronacala, was very beautiful, fragrant, smooth and full of green trees and creepers. Muni desired to bring him to his residence in Kasi, because there was no such a hill around. He asked Dronacala to give him Govardhan so that he can perform his sahdana-bhajan peacefully on beautiful Govardhan in Kasi...
display  enlarged image in new window ...Dronacala could not refuse, fearing the curse of the Muni, but at the same time did not wanted to loose his beloved son. But Govardhan agreed to go under one condition: If Pulatsya will put him down somewhere on the way, he will not go further and remain there. The Risi accepted his condition and by his mystic power raised him on his palm and proceeded to Kasi...
display enlarged image in new window ...As they reached Vraja, thoughts of Krisna entered Govardhan's mind and he became very heavy. The Risi could no longer carry him and was forced to put him down for refreshment and answer the call of nature. After the Risi took bath, ate something and rested, he tried to lift him again and continue his journey. But Govardhan refused. The Risi could not move him even when he employed all his power and finally, in great anger, cursed him saying: "You will diminish in size of one sesame seed every day." Govardhan accepted the curse, knowing that Krisna's lilas are near, but in fact diminishes every day since than...
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...But who can say whether this is due to the Risi's curse or due to separation from his Lord Sri Krisna.

display enlarged image in new window Govardhan Hill was about 3 km high 5000 years ago . Presently at its highest point the hill is just 25 m high and 11 km long. Govardhan Hill is said to resemble a peacock. Radha-kund and Syama-kund are his eyes, Manasi-Ganga and Govardhan town his waist and the Apsara-kund and Nava-kund is the tail (punch).

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59. Airavata-kund
60. Samadhis
61. Mukharavinda, Vitthala's samadhi
62. Dandavat-sila
63. Jatipur village
64. Gulala-kund
65. Gantholi
66. Vilachu-kund
67. Sakhi-sthali
68. Nima Gaon
69. Uddhava-kund
70. Siva-khari
71. Radha-Kunjabihari Gaudiya Math

1. Radha-kund
2. Syama-kund
3. Lalita-kund
4. Mukhara
5. Kusuma-sarovara
6. Uddhava Temple
7. Ashoka-vana
8. Narada-kund
9. Ratna-kund
10. Rasa-sthali
11. Ratna-simhasan
12. Krisna's footprint
13. Gval-pokhara
14. Sant Nivas
15. Jugal-kund
16. Kilola-kund
17. Panca-tirtha-kund
18. Mukharavinda
19. Cakra-tirtha (Cakaleswara,
bhajan-kutir of Sanatana Gosvami)
20. Manasi-ganga
21. Brahma-kund
22. Manasidevi Temple
23. Harideva Temple
24. Govardhan Town
25. Rinamocan-kund
26. Dana-gati Giriraj Mandir
27. Radharani's footprint
28. Laksmi-Narayan Temple
29. Dani-raja Temple
30. ISKCON Temple
31. Papamocan-kund
32. Danivartan-kund
33. Candra-sarovara
34. Parasauli
35. Gauri-kund
36. Aniyor village
37. Gopal Raj Temple
38. Siva Temple
39. Balarama (Dauji) Temple
40. Sankarsana-kund
41. Gopala-prakata sthali
42. Govinda-kund
43. Nipa-kund, Radha-Govinda Temple
44. Madhavendra Puri's bhajan-kutir,
45. Doka-dauji Temple
46. Balarama-mukut sila
47. Nrsimha Temple
48. Nava-kund
49. Apsara-kund
50. Puncharika Lautha Baba Temple
51. Syama-dhaka
52. Mani-kandali Cave
53. Nathji Temple
54. Airavata's footprint
55. Indra-puja
56. Indra-kund
57. Surabhi-kund
58. Rudra-kund, Hariju-kund

Mukesh K Agrawal
Mukesh K Agrawal (Facebook)
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Shri Radha Kunda & Shri Shyam Kunda
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Sangama or Yogapitha
Sri Jähnavä Thäkuräni’s sitting-place
Shri Raghunätha däsa Gosvämi’s puspa-samädhi
Shri Gopäla Bhatta Gosvämi’s bhajana-kuti
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Shri Giriraja Govardhana
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Kusuma- Sarovara
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Deity of Shri Närada at Närada-Kunda
Krishna’s footprint at Ratna-Simhäsana
Manasi Ganga
Mänasi-Gangä on Deepawali

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Sri Vraja-Mandala Parikrama
Gopi Gita (The Gopis Song of Separation)

Shri Vraj Mandal Parikrama (English) : !! श्रीब्रजमंडल परिक्रमा !!


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