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Kavi Karëapüra

Fotos de ART OF KRISHNA del álbum GOPAL ॐ

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Añadida el 30 de marzo

RADHA by Satchitanandadas
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RADHA KRISHNA by Satchitanandadas
Añadida el 27 de abril

Kavi Karòapûra: (sáns. vaiëòava). one of the three sons of Äivânanda Sena. His brothers were named Caitanya dâsa and Râma dâsa. His real name was Paramânanda Sena, but he was given the names Purî dâsa and Karòapûra by Ärîman Mahâprabhu. When he was a young boy he sucked the toe of Mahâprabhu. He was a superlative writer and poet. He wrote many famous books, including Gaura-gaòoddeäa-dîpikâ, Ärî Caitanya-candrodaya-nâùaka, Ânanda-vèòdâvana-campû, Ärî Caitanya-carita-mahâkâvya, Ârya-äataka, Kèëòâhòika-kaumudî, Alaôkâra-kaustubha, a commentary on the tenth canto of Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam, and Caitanya-sahasra-nâma-stotra.

Alankara-kaustubha :: 1 - Kavya-samagri
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit
Alankara-kaustubha :: 5 - Rasa
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit
Alankara-kaustubha :: 8 - Arthalankara
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit


This description of Chaitanya's early life in Puri is written in the form of a play in ten acts, though most of the action takes play off stage. It is the main source of the Chaitanya Charitamrita's Madhya lila.

Texts used :

A. (ed.) Manindranath Guha. With anonymous notes. 2nd edition. 1378 (bangabda) 1971.

B. (ed.) Ramachandra Mishra. Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series (Haridas Sanskrit Granthamala 267), 1966.

Contents :

1. svAnandAvezaH
2. sarvAvatAra-darzanam
3. dAna-vinodaH
4. sannyAsa-parigrahaH
5. advaita-pura-vilAsaH
6. sArvabhaumAnugrahaH
7. tIrthATanam
8. pratAparudrAnugrahaH
9. mathurA-gamanam
10. mahA-mahotsavaH

(Jagat 2004-06-19)

From S.K. De · Posted by Jagat on June 20th 2004 - 08:33 -0400

"Although it calls itself a drama, it will be seen that the Caitanya-candrodaya merely presents the chief incidents of Chaitanya's religious life and experience in the dramatic form without an attempt to convert the whole into a real drama. There is incredibly little action, and not much convincing characterization, in a work which presents itself as a drama. Most of the incidents are reported instead of being represented. The treatment does not indeed lack vividness and coherence, inasmuch as much of what is described was actually felt and was still within living memory, but its dramatic inadequacy is obvious."

...from here it descends into De's familiar lengthy critique of Sanskrit poetry and poets.

"... Nevertheless, Karnapura can write elegant verse and clear prose, and his presentation of the life of Chaitanya is vivid and eminently readable. Notwithstanding its deficiencies, the Caitanya-candrodaya is by no means an insignificant work, though it is difficult to agree with the appreciation of Sylvain Lévi that it is an 'original and powerful drama.' "

(Early History of the Vaishnava Faith and Movement in Bengal, 575-576)
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit
Author: Kavi Karnapura · Language: Sanskrit

ene 17

Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika - Kavi Karnapura

Versos en Sánscrito por

Jagadananda Das
Jagadananda Das
en Granthamandira


This version was compiled from various sources. Special thanks to Advaita Das for providing much of this text. (Jagat o Jagadananda Das)

Kavi Karnapura
Kavi Karëapûra - abr 22
SRI GAURA GANODESA DIPIKA by Srila Kavi Karnapura - mar 20
Sri Kavi Karnapura - 1000 names of Sri Chaitanya m... - mar 29

Sri Caitanya Siksamrta - Kavi Karnapura

Sri Caitanya Siksamrta

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  4. Srila Puri Das (Kavi Karnapura)

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    Srila Kavi Karnapura. In Sri Caitanya-caritamrita it is explained that when Puri Das was born his father had brought him to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. ...
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  7. Chaitania - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Kavi Karnapura sólo informa que Chaitania «volvió a su morada celestial». Por lo tanto la defunción de Chaitania quedó como un misterio durante varios ...
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Kavi Karnapura Gosvami

Sivananda Sena had three sons (Caitanya Dasa, Sri Rama Dasa, Kavi Karnapura) Before Kavi Karnapura appeared, Lord Caitanya gave him the name "Puri Dasa." Sivananda Sena brought Puri Dasa to meet Lord Caitanya in Jagannatha Puri. Sivananda induced his infant son to offer dandavats to the Lord. Suddenly, in great ecstasy, the baby grabbed Gauranga's foot and sucked the Lord's lotus petal toe. Voicing their approval, the assembled devotees chanted Hari! Hari!

At age seven, Kavi Karnapura received nama mantra directly from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Ordered and empowered by the Lord, the boy instantly composed a wonderfully sweet, poetic Sanskrit verse. Everyone present felt deeply moved and satisfied with his recitation.

Understanding that the boy had received Lord Caitanya's mercy, Sri Svarupa Damodara said: "Since this boy's poetry pleases the heart, and completely fills the ears with nectar, his name will be "Kavi Karnapura." (kavi means poetry; karna-ear; puma-full).

At the age of sixteen, Kavi Karnapura started his prolific writing career by producing Caitanya-carita-mahakavya, a master­piece of transcendental srngara rasa poetry. Kavi Karnapura defines rasa: "That dearmost sentiment which is tasted in a purified heart, absolutely purged of all worldiness by contacting suddha-sattva (pure transcendental goodness). That which is the fountainhead of that striking, varied, charming sweetness, and is way beyond the realm of thought is rasa."

He also wrote Caitanya-candrodaya-nataka, Gaura and Radha Krishna gannodesh dipikas, Alankara Kaustubha, Ananda Vrndavana Campu.

(Available from: www.stephen-knapp.com)


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