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Amekhala at Bhaktivedanta Manor - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Devotees

There will be a memorial event for Amekhala at Bhaktivedanta Manor this Thursday 29th April at 5-9pm GMT

For those devotees around the world who are unable to attend, please join us for a special live video broadcast on (click on the name "Amekhala" in the channel guide when the webcast goes live).

All broadcasts are being recorded and are posted below:

Special class by HH Radanath Swami

Memorial and funeral

part 2 of above

Mother Amekhala Memorial

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010
17:00 - 21:00
Bhaktivedanta Manor UK + Live Webcast


Celebration Of Amehkala's Life at Bhaktivedanta Manor.
Please do try to attend in if you are in the UK. If you are somewhere else in the world please join us live for a special webcast on Mayapur.TV (Click on Amekhala in the channel selcetor box).

Updates + recordings of previous webcasts here
Please write your memories in the comments box on the blog

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Navadvipa Das

Navadvipa Das Will try to attend via Mayapur tv.

Hace aproximadamente una hora.

Cherrille Richardson Saci Mata

Cherrille Richardson Saci Mata I'll be there on Mayapure tv, so so sorry not to be there personally ♥

Hace 6 horas

Keshav Nrugham

Keshav Nrugham I try to be there on webcast

Hace 7 horas

Chellam Kunjan

Chellam Kunjan Live in US....sorry, may mataji soul rest in peace...Jai Sri Krsna

Hace 10 horas

Francisca Suarez

Francisca Suarez I wish to attend but I am in New York and no plans soon to travel to UK

Hace 10 horas

Govinda Sky

Govinda Sky Hare Krishna!

Hace 13 horas

Anandini Devi Dasi

Anandini Devi Dasi Sorry I missed the event. A large platter of beautiful Tulasi manjaris were offered to the deities on her behalf. I appreciate the kindness mother Amekhala showed towards me. She defended me and showed a rare Krishna consciousness in her appreciation of the practice of bhakti yoga. Hare Krishna. AGTSP.

Hace 13 horas

Brannon Parker

Brannon Parker so much love in return...thank u Mom. hugs and dandavats

Hace 13 horas

Laksmipati Devi Dasi

Laksmipati Devi Dasi Hare Krsna..........thanks

Ayer a las 23:26

Agni Elen Moe

Agni Elen Moe I will also be there in spirit!

Ayer a las 22:59

Chris Chaits Walker

Chris Chaits Walker I will be there in spirit. :)

Ayer a las 21:48 ·

Lukas Mikulecky
Ayer a las 21:34

Vince Lane
Vince Lane
there's a live webcast for those faraway:)

Madhavi Madhava Dasi

Madhavi Madhava Dasi I'm coming. Alas, only online.

Ayer a las 21:17

Madhavi Madhava Dasi
Thank you very much for these recordings

Gauri Das

Gauri Das Due to a planning meeting with the council, I shall be late, but I am definitely coming

Ayer a las 21:15

Nimai Charan Das-Neeraj Wadehra

Nimai Charan Das-Neeraj Wadehra Pranams. Thanks for the invite. I may be able to see this online, i'll have to check my time zone. Otherwise I hope to watch a recording of the event. Thank you.

Ayer a las 20:44

Jude McLoughlin
Jude McLoughlin
Hare Krishna - will watch the broadcast as unable to attend real event.
Hace 14 horas
Gayathri Shrinivas
Gayathri Shrinivas
Pranams.i will watch the live webcast since i live in India.
hare krishna..
Hace 4 horas


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