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News from the Issuu Blog (07/01/2010)

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Jun 30, 2010 11:00 am | Issuu

Festivals have always liked Issuu for publishing programs, flyers and bulletins. It’s just a cheap and effective way of reaching a worldwide audience. And with Issuu Mobile it’s easier than ever to reach people, also during the frenzy of the actual festival.

That’s exactly what Roskilde Festival has done this year. Being one of the five biggest European festivals they have to be smart about connecting with their audience, and among other things they publish a daily newspaper to do just that. You can subscribe to them and get the daily festival news, both on the web and on mobile.

Tip: Festival organizers should put one of our new mobile badges on their website and in print editions (linking to issuu.com/mobile). This way festival participants can install our app and get their subscriptions on the go (available for Android, and pending for iPhone).

There are hundreds more festivals on Issuu already. Have a festive summer!

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