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Amitayus Buddha [The three Long-life Deities]


Amitayus Buddha [The three Long-life Deities]

Amitayus, Buddha (Tibetan: tse pag me. English: the Enlightened One of Immesurable Life) Lord of Limitless Life and Pristine Awareness, the Sambogakaya aspect (Enjoyment Body) of Amitabha Buddha.

Amitayus, with a body red in colour, one face, two hands and with two long eyes glancing with compassion on beings, gazing on the entirety of migrators; and a smiling face, wearing the complete sambhogakaya vestments. Above the two hands held in meditation is a long-life vase filled with the nectar of immortality; with the hair in tufts, adorned with silks and jewels, seated in vajra posture above a lotus and lion supported tiered throne.

Amitayus is shown richly clad. His hair is painted blue and falls on either side of his shoulders. He has elongated earlobes like the Shakyamuni Buddha and has the urna (an auspicious tuft of hair between the eyebrows signifying superhuman quality).

In the top center of the painting is Buddha Shakyamuni, the left is Tsongkhapa, the right is Milarepa.

In the lower part of the painting can be seen the three-faced Ushnishavijaya (Tib.: nam par gyal ma) at the left and to the right can be seen the White Tara (Tib.: drol ma kar mo). The presence of these two deities in this artwork is very significant since along with Amitayus, Ushnishavijaya and the White Tara form the triad of longevity deities in canonical Buddhist iconography.In Tibetan these three figures are known as the 'Tse Lha Nam Sum,' the Three Long-life Deities.

The victorious one Amitayus is aware of the unbearable sufferings of beings-death, illness, and so forth-and, due to a great love for them, has unsurpassable power to bestow the glory of long life and freedom from illness. Since this power has emanated thus as the victorious one Amitayus, this deity will confer on whoever remembers and relies on him the spiritual attainment of longevity and freedom hindrances.

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