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"Dandavats" - 3 new articles

  1. Victory Day
  2. The Ill Effects Of Non-Vaisnava Foods
  3. An interfaith dialogue on Hinduism and Islam
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Victory Day

By Indradyumna Swami

A few days ago, early in May, I boarded Flight 677 from Warsaw to Moscow. As I looked around, I marveled at how times had changed. The Aeroflot plane was a brand-new Boeing 737, a marked difference from the one I took from England to Russia in the spring of 1989. In those days every plane in Aeroflot's fleet was well over twenty years old

The Ill Effects Of Non-Vaisnava Foods

By Kesava Krsna Dasa

We all know about avoiding prohibited foods, but may not know why, or what effects they produce. Becoming aware of such bad effects will cause us to think extra before eating more "delicious" sin

An interfaith dialogue on Hinduism and Islam

Lakshmi Nrsinghadeva dasa: ABTN is an educational initiative made with the support of ISKCON Bangalore Sri Jagannath Mandir

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