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“Radhika’s Café is now hiring.”

We are not just looking for employees, we want those who are inspired to be creative and think outside the box as well as work hard to reach their goals. Working together with a group of talented individuals who can be interdependent creates an uplifting environment and increases all of our chances at success. Each individual is responsible for his/her own duties, including ensuring they are completed in a timely, proper and efficient manner. All employees of Radhika’s Café will be cross trained in all areas of operation. Each employee will be an asset to the café. And the café will be a place that facilitates their passion as well as their finances. We are looking for people to work in the following areas:

Supplies purchasing

Graphic Design & Advertising



Developing community events

Dish washer

Food/Bhoga purchasing

Inventory management

Table busser

After closing cleanup

Space utilization/organization/storage



Decoration/Interior Design

Cash register

Radhika’s Café regular business hours:


10am to 7pm

We will be open evenings and weekends for special events.

Application instructions: Submit resume and cover letter to

o Resume listing relevant experience.

o Include cover letter describing how you would be a good fit for our team.

o In cover letter describe ways you feel that you can enhance Radhika’s Café.

o Please tell us what to have to offer to our community.

o Include your minimum salary requirements.

o Include schedule or other work limitations you may have.

“What is Radhika’s Cafe?”

Radhika’s Café is a new, conscious, dynamic eatery with special attractions like Wi-Fi, Music & Art Boutique, Event Planning & Hosting for parties, meetings, etc. Our theme is inspired by The enchanting village of Braja”. Braja is a charming place where loving exchange (Bhakti) is the only currency.

We also feature a Kids Corner & The Braja Community Education Center. Radhika’s Café is managed by the Bhaktivedanta Gaudiya Institute (BVGI), which is a non-profit religious organization.

Radhika’s Cafe is a place to share our Bhakti culture in a social setting with a devotional mood. Our focus is to bring together and serve the local community. We offer a warm, inviting presentation, good music and comfortable atmosphere. You will find a wide range of things to look at and wonderfully tasty things to eat. It’s a great place to meet and greet, relax with a warm drink and go online, play with your friends and shop.

We hold regular contests, fund raisers and other community oriented events in our effort to serve and engage people of all ages and interests.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Radhika’s Café.

The Staff,

Madhavi Glick – Operations Coordinator 352-283-0175

Sudevi Samanich - Administrative Coordinator 786-366-8955

Dandavat Pranams
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva
Hare Krsna

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja

Live Webcast From New Delhi

5:00 PM India time


If you are in New Delhi Please Join Us

Sri Raman Vihari Goudiya Math
block b-3,near musical fountain park
New Delhi-110058
phone: 011-25533568

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja will give bhagwatam class, if any one of you want can attend this program tomorrow at math from 1700 hrs to 1900 hrs. after that there will be arti and prasadam. please come with family and friends

Srila Gurudeva on our mission

prema, maitri, kripa

(love to Krishna, friendship to devotees and mercy to the innocent)

New Braja Hari Katha Festival, Badger, CA USA, June 9-15, 2010

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

14th Annual New Braja Hari Katha Festival June 9th - 15th, 2010

Please join us for seven days of nectarean Hari Katha in the serene foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains with our honored guest His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.

Accommodations in New Braja

Free on-site camping with outdoor bathrooms and warm showers, bring your own tent, sleeping mats and warm bedding (nights can be chilly)

Motels and Rental Properties in the surrounding areas.

The Snowline Lodge is located approx. 30 minutes from Badger and as of now has some availability. Please call for pricing.

Snowline Lodge, Dunlap CA 93621
44139 E Kings Canyon Rd Dunlap, CA 93621 559-336-2300.

The Seven Circles Retreat Motel in Badger is currently booked. Please feel free to contact them at 559-337-0211 to be added to the waiting list, (it’s a pretty long list).

We are currently looking for other motels, vacation rentals and RV Camping with hook ups in the area and will post new opportunities as they come up.

The next closest motels are located in the cities of Three Rivers or Exeter, an approximate 40 MINUTE DRIVE from Badger.

Motels are also located in Visalia which is approx. 55 minutes from Badger. The lowest prices start at $55 per night at the Visalia Super 8 Motel.

Sierra Lodge

43175 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271-9706
(559) 561-3681
Starting Rate: $70

Western Holiday Lodge

40105 Sierra Dr. Hwy 198
Three Rivers, CA 93271
(559) 561-4119 Starting Rate: $ 71

Best Western Exeter Inn & Suites

805 S Kaweah Avenue, Exeter, California 93221-9361
Starting Rate $79 Phone: 559/592-8118

Sequoia Motel in Three Rivers

43000 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271 (559) 561-4453
Starting Rate: $82

Sequoia Village Inn

45971 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271
(559) 561-3652
Starting Rate: $81

Buckeye Tree Lodge

46000 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271-9626
(559) 561-5900
Starting Rate: $81

Americas Best Value Lazy J Ranch Three Rivers

39625 Sierra Dr, Three Rivers, CA 93271-9734
Starting Rate: $105 559-561-4449

Comfort Inn and Suites Sequoia Kings Canyon

40820 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers, CA 93271
Starting Rate: $117 559) 561-9000

Visalia Motels

Super 8 Visalia

4801 West Noble Ave, Visalia, CA 93277 - (559) 627-2885
Starting Rate: $55

Econo Lodge Sequoia Area

1400 S. Mooney Blvd., Visalia, CA 93277 -(559) 732-66417
Starting Rate: $63

Comfort Inn And Suites Visalia

9300 W. Airport Drive, Visalia, CA 93277 - (559) 651-3700
Starting Rate: $75

Comfort Suites Visalia

210 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93291 – (559) -738 1700
Starting Rate: $80

Visalia Marriott At The Convention Center

300 South Court, Visalia, CA 93291-6214 - (559) 636-7600
Starting Rate: $81

Fairfield Inn Visalia

140 South Akers Street, Visalia, CA 93291
Starting Rate: $84 (559) 636-7600

Holiday Inn Visalia-Hotel And Conf Center

9000 W Airport Dr, Visalia, CA 93277
Starting Rate: $89 - (559) 651-5000

La Quinta Inn And Suites Visalia/Sequoia Gateway

5438 West Cypress Ave, Visalia, CA 93277
Starting Rate: $94 - (559) 739-9800

Hampton Inn Visalia

4747 W. Noble Ave, Visalia, CA 93277
Starting Rate: $95 - (559) 732-3900

If you plan to stay at a motel please arrange your own accommodation ASAP.

RV Rentals

Some devotes like to rent RV’s for the week. There is no extra power for RV’s on the Festival Site so please get the type that have battery power or find a suitable location with power hook ups.

RV Rental companies in the surrounding areas of Fresno , Clovis and Visalia.

Visalia Area RV Rentals


Classic Charter
PO Box 288
Visalia, CA

(661) 861-9200

Cummings RV Rental
2925 Dayton
Visalia, CA
(559) 331-0319

Fresno Area RV Rentals

Cruise America
Clovis / Fresno 1-800 671 8042

Clovis Truck Rental
707 Jefferson Avenue
Clovis, California, 93612
(559) 299-9603

G Marty Enterprises‎-
342 West Goshen Avenue
Clovis, CA‎ - (559) 593-5401‎

Golden State RV Rentals-
1780 West Sierra Avenue
Fresno, CA‎ - (559) 907-0307‎

Paul Evert's RV Country
3633 South Maple Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725-2482
(559) 486-1000


Through Visalia, CA from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Southern California

  1. Use for directions from LAX or SFO to Prince Mart (service station, petro pumps) turn off at "33423 Sierra Drive, Lemon Cove, CA 93244-1701".
  2. At this point click the add destination button to add a 3rd destination of final address: 51869 Eshom Valley Drive, Badger, CA 93603.

Note in steps 1 and 2 above, if you just add final destination without Prince Mart address, you will be taken on a wild goose chase. We cannot vouch for other maps services such as Yahoo, MapQuest, etc or GPS live instructions. The above route is the straightest but still has a fair amount of curves.

A summary of the above instructions: from Hwy 99 at Visalia exit, Take Hwy 198 EAST through Lemon Cove. Just after passing through Lemon Cove, turn left immediately past the Prince Mart Gas Station/store (on left) onto Hwy 216. Approximately a half mile up, cross the Kaweah river bridge and take an immediate right onto Dry Creek Drive. Drive for approx. 16 miles, then you will reach a fork, bear to the right onto Stagecoach Road. Continue on 2 miles and then turn left onto Eshom Valley Drive to 51869 Eshom Valley Drive, about 6/10 of a mile down from Stagecoach Road on the right hand side of the road. Please watch for signs to help you enter the Festival Site. The Festival site is at Srila Gurudev’s New Braj Center.

Driving time is approximately four hours (260 miles) from LA airport and about five hours (320 miles) from the San Francisco airport.

Through Fresno, CA from San Francisco Bay Area or Northern California

The above set of directions through Visalia, CA is the straightest way. If you are coming from the north and don't mind a few more curves, you can go through Fresno, CA and save mileage, petro, and time.

  1. Use for directions from SFO, Bay Area, or Northern California address including Fresno Airport (FAT) to final destination: 51869 Eshom Valley Drive, Badger, CA 93603.
  2. Once on Hogback Rd. or Eshom Valley Drive, ignore the "Turn to Stay on" instructions as they are just curves in the road. You might want to still make note of the mileage.

We cannot guarantee other map services or GPS instructions.


Govardhana Puja Festival

Each year Srila Gurudeva personally oversees the worship of Sri Govardhana Hill. This year the Annakuta Maha Mahotsava Sri Giriraj Govardhana Festival will take place on Sunday June 13th, 2010This ecstatic festival is held in the same way as the Annakuta Maha Mohatsava Festival during Braja Mandala Parikrama. Last Festival over 900 preparations were offered to Girira Govardhana and this year there is enthusiasm to make 1000 different preparations!

The festival kitchens will be dedicated to cooking for the 500+ devotees and guests that will be attending and cannot spare any ingredients.

All devotees and guests are requested to please bring their own ingredients for preparing their offerings for Govardhana. Some ideas of things to bring are dried fruits, nuts, candy, ready-made pie crusts, coconut, condensed milk, sugar, flour, and spices. Cake, muffin, and cookie mixes are also great. Perishable ingredients such as milk, butter, fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased at the Badger Store (five minutes from festival site) or in Woodlake, Exeter, Three Rivers and Visalia (35 to 55 minute drive). It is wonderful for everyone to participate in this Annakuta Mahotsava and as always there are cooking facilities available in devotee’s homes. Those without transportation can give a list of ingredients to the local devotees who will go to Visalia on Friday morning, but space is limited. Planning in advance what you would like to offer to Govardhana and bringing some things with you will save yourself and the organizers time, and help the festival run smoothly. Some ingredients will be available on Saturday at a table set up by the book booth and registration area.

Sponsor a Feast Preparation

Any devotees who would like to sponsor a preparation for the Annakuta feast please contact Nilacala didi.

The average cost per preparation is $150 - $200. You may sponsor one of the regular preps such as halava, puris, or sweetrice, etc., or speak to Nilacala didi about a special request.

Contact Information This year Govindarupini Didi will be handling our correspondence and forwarding emails to the appropriate persons, if necessary. Please send your inquiries to:

Govindrupini Didi: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nilacala Didi: (559) 288-1172, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nanda Gopal dasa: (559) 337-2448 , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For ride coordination from Visalia, Fresno and other areas, please contact Brajendranandana dasa: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (a donation for gas will be appreciated for those getting picked up at the bus station).

Please remember that this is a devotional gathering.

Parents will need to have children supervised at all times.

Seminar to continue on Sunday, 4th of April, 5.00pm English time
Classes will be Mondays and Wednesdays 7.00pm English time
Sundays 5.00pm English time
Continuing from Chapter 9

B.V. Ashram Maharaja

Haribol Dear Devotees Around The World
A few weeks ago we launched a new web service to keep devotees and all bhakti lovers around the world informed about the on goings of our newly formed International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society and updates about our Gurudeva’s world tours, his health and his writing service. If you did not receive the announcement you can visit the website on
BtB News offers news articles, tour reports, seva team profiles, feature articles, and opinion pieces related to the bhakti culture, practice and philosophy.
Not only is this an invitation to visit our site; we welcome writers or guest bloggers to contribute a one-time article or to become a regular correspondent for BtB News as well. To learn more about writing for us, please contact us on:
If you want to stay informed without having to visit the website everyday to search for news, simply register once and you’ll receive updates as and when they’re posted. No updates, no email! Follow this link to register in two easy steps.
We love to hear your comments and suggestions.
Thanks as always.
Your aspiring servant,
-Raghava Pandit das

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386 462 9029

Suggested Donation For Prashad $10 Click Here To Donate

The Orlando Festival Location Has Changed

Srila BV Narayan Maharaja

New Location Directions

1903 Hontoon, (DeLand, FL 32720) Lake Beresford

May 26, 2010 4:30 -9:00 PM

Google Map Link

Directions to 1903 Hontoon from I-4:

  1. Take exit 114 off of I-4. If you're headed W on I-4, make a right at the end of the ramp onto 472 W. If you're headed E on I-4, make a left at the light at the end of the ramp onto 472 W.
  2. At the end of 472, make sure you're in the right hand lane and merge onto US 17-92 (S. Woodland Blvd) heading north.
  3. After approx. 1 mile, turn left onto SR 15A.
  4. Follow SR 15A to SR 44 (New York Avenue) and make a left
  5. Bear left at the Y-intersection approximately 1/2 mile, onto Old New York Ave.
  6. Follow Old New York Ave. approximately 2 miles, and turn left just past the gas station onto Hontoon Road (follow signs for 4110).
  7. 1903 Hontoon is on the left side of the road approximately 1.5 miles, just at the start of the sharp 90° turn to the right.
  8. Branch to the right at the entrance to the driveway and follow the tree-lined drive to the house.

386 462 9029



This year we will be having our Glorious New Braja Mandal Festival with our Beloved Srila Gurudeva from June 9-15. There will also be a 1 day program for the public at the Rose Temple on June 19th. So there will be many devotees coming through Los Angeles and the Rose Temple home of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mahaprabhu. In order to serve all of the devotees in the best manner possible we are sending you the following information about staying in Los Angeles near or at the Rose Temple.

ARRIVING: The LAX airport is 8 miles from the temple. If you wish to be picked up then please give us a one to two week advance notice of your flight information with arrival time by email. We will be glad to pick you up. The fee for a one way pick up at the airport will cost $15.00. For a round trip it is $25.00. Pickup from the bus station is the same.

STAYING AT TEMPLE: There is a men’s and women’s ashram at the temple. However there is limited space in those ashrams. When they are full then we will allow devotees to stay in the temple room and the downstairs. In order to accommodate all of the devotees we have not rented out the Main Hall upstairs which is our main source of income. Also the Temple cannot afford to feed everyone. So anyone who stays in the temple MUST donate $15.00 per day plus service, which will include 2 meals one at 10AM and one at 4PM. Those who live outside the Temple will pay $5.00 per meal. There will be no trades of service for accommodations and/or Prasad. Everyone is expected to pay and do service. We have no bedding, towels, or toiletries, in the temple for guests. Please see that you bring the appropriate paraphernalia for your personal needs. There is a CVS and 99 cent store within walking distance.

OUTSIDE ACCOMMODATIONS: The following is a list of hotels and hostels in and around the temple within walking distance. Please make your booking directly with the individual hotel. For any of the major chains, Holiday Inn, Super 8 etc which are at driving distance please look them up in the internet and make your booking directly with them. Please do not ask the temple to book you a hotel room.

Local Hotels***

Ocean Park InnAddress:

Rates per night: 75+ tax for standard room

Not true? Show all edits Not true?

2452 Lincoln Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90405
Get Directions

(310) 392-3966

Venice Beach Hotel

Rates per night: 90+ tax standard room (very basic – no amenities)

25 Windward Avenue, Venice, CA‎ - (310) 399-7649

Golden Star Motel

Rates per night: 90 inc tax for standard room

710 Rose Avenue Venice, CA 90291 (310) 399-1208

The Cadillac Hotel

Rates per night: 110+ tax for standard room 199+ tax for suites

8 Dudley Avenue, Venice, CA‎ - (310) 399-8876

Sea Shore Motel

Rates per night: 130+ tax for standard room 205+ tax for suite Address:

Not true? Show all edits Not true?

2637 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
Get Directions

(310) 392-2787

Venice on the Beach Hotel

Rates per night: 140+ tax standard room 200+ tax suite

819 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA‎ - (310) 429-0234

Venice Suites

Rates per night: 165-195+ tax for studio 195-245+ tax 1 BR 245-289+ tax ocean side

417 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA‎ - (310) 566-5224

Hotel Erwin

Rates per night: 219+ tax for standard room 269+ tax reg. suite

1697 Pacific Avenue, Los Angeles (Venice Beach), CA‎ - (800) 786-7789

*Prices are calculated per weeknight, and not including any possible special offers or promotions

**Hotels listed by lowest price, not by nearest location

BUS RIDES TO & FROM BADGER: I have received a lot of requests for rides to Badger and Back. So I did some research and I have found a Charter bus company that will give us a 47 seat bus with room for luggage and a toilet at an excellent rate. Each individual who wants to obtain a seat on the bus, no matter what age, position, (this includes Sannaysis and so called poor brahmacharies) or condition, must pay $50.00 round trip. There will be no one way tickets. The Temple cannot cover the cost of the bus or even a tiny part thereof. This amount covers the cost of the bus with a small tip for each driver there and back.

The Bus will leave LA for Badger on June 8th at around noon and it will leave Badger to return to LA on June 16th at around noon. I can make the return trip earlier in the day if necessary. If you want to take this round trip bus service I need to have your reservation and $50.00 in hand within the next week. Please send your Check or Money order made out to IGVS at the following address: 305 Rose Avenue - Venice CA 90291. Credit cards are accepted over the phone. Pay Pal info is below. There will be absolutely no one who will get a seat on the bus without payment of $50.00 in advance. If we do not have 47 seats filled in the next week we will not be able to do this.

FYI: A round trip from LA to Visalia on Greyhound Bus is $44.00 in advance and $51.00 at the station on the day. You still have to get to the station from the temple and to Badger from Visalia. This bus goes from the Temple door to Badger directly and back. There will be No Standing Allowed on the bus. I have done this as a service for all the devotees who cannot afford to rent cars. So please respect the service and contribute your $50.00 fee.

PAYING FEES BY PAY PAL & CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: To email money to pay pal go the Place the cursor over the words “send money” in the drop down box you will see the words “send money online” click on that. Then put in the box that says to and put your email address in the box that says from. Then put in the amount $50.00. Then click on the word personal in the box below and click on gift. It will then ask you to login if you are a member of pay pal and ask for your password. Or it will ask you to sign up and become a member which is free. If you are a member you send $50.00 from your account. If you are not a member when you become one you link your pay pal account to your bank account and then put the money in your pay pal account and send it. No credit/debit card required. To pay by credit card call Narasimha or Bhagavat Maharaj, the numbers are below. You can also pay for airport pick up, Temple stay, or Prasadam via credit/debit card or pay pal.

CONTACT INFO: If you are looking to coordinate staying within the temple facility please contact Bhagavat Maharaj @ 323-379-6398 or and Arjuna @ 313-645-1919 or If you are looking to coordinate airport pickups please contact Narasimha Prabhu @ 352-316-3702 or and Arjuna @ 313-645-1919 or Any questions beyond those can be addressed to either Narasimha Prabhu, Arj una Prabhu or Bhagavat Maharaj. Please keep in mind that we are very busy and it may take us a day or two to respond to emails or phone calls.

Yours In the Service of Sri Hari, Guru, and Vaishnavas,

B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja

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