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Adhvaryu - Sacerdote del Sacrificio

Fotos de ISKCON Vrindavan

The Nectar Glory of Sri Vrindavan Dham ( Sataka - 1, Text - 11` ) Part - 42

Sri Vrindavana-dhama is perfect in all respects, and those who claim that there are defects in Vrindavana are blind fools who have become the laughingstock for everyone. O Lord Hari, Lord Hari, I simply pray unto You that on my deathbed I shall not have the misfortune to be holding any of them.
[ By : Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati ]
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The Nectar Glory of Sri Vrindavan Dham ( Sataka - 1, Text - 10 ) Part - 41

Manifesting the wonderful inundation of Their mutual love, and also revealing Their great expertise and the beauty of Their transcendental forms, Sri Sri Radha-Krishnaa, who are like the dancing arena for the eternally victorious and maddening cupid, perform pastimes in this landof Vrindavana, accompanied by Their many gopi-associates.
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The Nectar Glory of Sri Vrindavan Dham ( Sataka - 1, Text - 9 ) Part - 40

When we see Radharani's grove, which is known as Vrndavana, we are struck with wonder. That Vrndavana is filled with the most perfectand pure ecstatic love for Krishna. All the residents of that Vrndavana arelike madmen intoxicated by that transcendental love.
[ By : Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati ]
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The Nectar Glory of Sri Vrindavan Dham ( Sataka - 1, Text - 8 ) Part - 39

Because Krishna's Vrindavana, the shelter of the surabhi cows, is the place where the gopis performed their pastimes, it is superior to all other holy places, such as Dwaraka, Mathura (Where Lord Krsna performed His birth-pastimes), Vaikunthha, or the transcendental, subtle, expansive Brahman effulgence, which is the secondary cause of material creation.
[ By : Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati ]
En esta foto: Deena Bandhu Das (fotos)
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The Nectar Glory of Sri Vrindavan Dham ( Sataka - 1, Text - 7 ) Part - 38

Vrindavana reverberates with both the sounds of the cuckoos singing the fifth note and the sweet music of Krishna's flute. There are many blossoming creepers and trees, whose brances are the residences forsinging and dancing peacocks. Vrindavana is inhabited by many colorful birds, and many wonderful varieties of deer and other animals. It is filled with many various excellent lakes, streams, and hills, such as Govardhana Hill. Let me meditate on this land of Vrindavana.
[By : Srila Prabodhananda Saraswati ]
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Adhvaryu. One of the four classes of priests in the Vedas. The other three classes being Hotri, Udgatri, and Brahman. The duties of the Adhvaryu is to measure the ground for the sacrifice, building the altar, arranging the vessels, obtaining wood and water for the sacrifice, to light the fire, to procure the animal and offer it. The priest must repeat the hymns of the Yajurveda while he is performing the foregoing duties. (The Manurishi Foundation, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hindu Terms).

Adhvaryu. “El encargado de los actos.” Una de las cuatro clases fundamentales de los oficiantes en el sacrificio del soma, junto con el hotè, el udgâèt y el brahman. Es el sacerdote que desarrolla la mayor actividad. No se detiene un instante, manipula los utensilios para los sacrificios, cuece las oblaciones, vigila el fuego. “El adhvaryu es el ojo del sacrificio” (Bèhad Âraòyaka Upaniëad, 3, 1, 4, trad. É. Senart).

Adhvaryu. (sáns.). Sacerdote realizador del sacrificio. Véase: YAJUR VEDA. // ADHVARYU. Hist. En la religión Védica se daba este nombre al sacerdote que se encargaba de lo material del sacrificio, cuidando de la buena calidad del fuego, de la víctima, del lugar del sacrificio, etc. (pág. 919, Tomo 2º, Dicc. Esp. Calp.).

adhvaryuì. la persona que recita himnos del Yajur Veda y ejecuta ceremonias rituales (C. 9º, Cap. 7, V. 22).

adhvaryuòâ. por el sacerdote ètvik (C. 9º, Cap. 1, V. 15).

adhvaryuòâ. por el sacerdote, Bhègu (C. 4º, Cap. 4, V. 33).

adhvaryubhiì. cuando los sacerdotes expertos en los sacrificios mencionados en el Atharva Veda (C. 5º, Cap. 7, V. 6).

adhvaryuòâ. con el Yajur Veda (C. 4º, Cap. 7, V. 18).; // por el sacerdote tvik (C. 9º, Cap. 1, V. 15).; // por el sacerdote, Bhègu (C. 4º, Cap. 4, V. 33).

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