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News from the Issuu Blog (09/10/2010)

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Sep 09, 2010 11:33 am | Issuu

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By Sam Lassman Watts, Editor of The Other Side Magazine

The Other Side is a magazine celebrating London's unique culture. Issuu has revolutionized the way it is run. Not only is Issuu visually stimulating for our readers, but it allows us to assess the success of a particular edition at the same time. It has also assisted us in winning clients over because they know we produce a quality publication. Best of all we can do it for next to nothing with Issuu Pro whilst giving the impression of having a hugely expensive platform to run our mag on.

The other thing Issuu has assisted The Other Side (TOS) with is the look of our website. We’re able to create flyers, media packs and more and display them as thumbnails that open in full screen–one of our favorite features. In 2007 TOS was founded as a fortnightly photocopied zine. We would then upload a PDF and email it to our followers, sending huge emails was not ideal, but it was the only way. Now we can send a simple link to the mag, or more specifically to a single page – if we need to show an advertiser their content or a contributor their article. Through the easy quick share buttons our magazine can be floating around Facebook and Twitter in no time.

You only need to look at the stats to see that Issuu is working for us. Last year we produced a festival guide which received 67,000 page views, a year on and we again produced a guide to the summers festivals which has after just one month has received 300,000 page views. Issuu works for us, it builds our following and sets us apart from some of the other magazines out there.

Read the latest edition of The Other Side magazine below (subscribers, click through to see it).

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