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New Kumudavana, de Rukmini-Devi Dasi

Several people have written to me asking the meaning of the name given to Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha's temple - New Kumudavana.

Briefly, Kumudavana is one of the 12 forests of Vrndavana where Lord Krishna would perform some of His cowherd pastimes with His dear friends. It was once the location of many beautiful bright red lotuses called Kumuda that grew in the kund where the Lord's cows would drink and the gopas would play. This forest was located on the western side of the Yamuna and is now called Kudaravana instead of Kumudavana.

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Rukmini-Devi Dasi
Rukmini-Devi Dasi

Cc, Madhya Lila 17.194 - Sri Caitanya Mah... (Ver Mahäprabhu visited the different forests, including Madhuvana, Tälavana, Kumudavana and Bahulävana. Wherever He went, He took His bath with great ecstatic love.


The word vana means “forest.” Vrndävana is the name given to the forest where Srimati Vrndädevi (Tulasi devi) grows profusely. Actually it is not a forest as we ordinarily consider a forest, because it is very thick with green vegetation. There are twelve such vanas in Vrindävana. Some are located on the western side of the Yamunä, and others are on the eastern side. The forests situated on the eastern side are Bhadravana, Bilvavana, Lauhavana, Bhandiravana and Mahävana. On the western side are Madhuvana, Tälavana, Kumudavana, Bahulävana, Kämyavana, Khadiravana and Vrndävana. These are the twelve forests of the Vrndävana area.

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Rukmini-Devi Dasi
Rukmini-Devi Dasi

Lord Kapila, an incarnation of Krishna, performed austerity at Kumudavana in the Treta-yuga and the Varaha Purana states that whoever bathes there will be blessed to understand the purport to the Vedic literature.

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