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Urmila Devi Dasi

Urmila Edith Best
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Urmila Devi Dasi
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Urmila Devi Dasi
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Urmila Devi Dasi - Mes de Abril 2010

Her Grace Srimati Urmila Devi Dasi

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Gente y blogs

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Urmila Edith Best

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Deva Premal and Miten - Gayatri Mantra

PrabhuMusic 27 de marzo de 2007Deva Premal and Miten share the Gayatri Mantra. More info: http://www.devapremalmiten.com

Categoría: Música

Añadido hace más de un año
Tusta Krsna
Tusta Krsna
maha mantra would have been better
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 11:31

Tusta Krsna
Tusta Krsna
Hari naam is the recommended mantra for this age not the Gayatri mantra which is meant for the Brahmins as a suppliment
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 11:33

Matthew Mcgovern
Matthew Mcgovern
get over it Tusta,be glad for the song has no ending,just be glad people are praying,critisising peole praying different from you is not a good habit!Hare Krishna Sarvabhauma Das ANU DAS
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 11:54

Kerstin Linnartz
Kerstin Linnartz
thanx Matthew ! again- here´s a great book on all this: "The new revalations" by Neals Donald Walsh !!!
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 12:43 · Denunciar
Matthew Mcgovern
Matthew Mcgovern
read it kerstin thanks though,just saw movie invictus tonight it was wonderful,nelson mandela story,see you in goa soon
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 12:50 · Denunciar
Miranda White
Miranda White
The mantra resonates exactly what is good for the present moment............ I love it and love it
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 14:21 · Denunciar
Indu Mukhi
Indu Mukhi
so nice, thank you. hari boooooool
12 de diciembre de 2009 a las 19:58 · Denunciar
Debbie Kingston
Debbie Kingston
have a cd of theirs VG
13 de diciembre de 2009 a las 16:14 · Denunciar
Ahimsa Hummingbird
Ahimsa Hummingbird
one of my favorites.. thank you xx
13 de diciembre de 2009 a las 21:21 · Denunciar
Rich Higgins
Rich Higgins
Debbie, where can I get CD. This is great. We are trying to reach the millions of souls that have been rejected or missed by these practises that follow the vedic version. It is not impersonal. Wonderful.All Living things are alive- because-they- have- their- soul!
14 de diciembre de 2009 a las 10:00
romapada 16 de julio de 2009MUSIC: "SIKSASTAKAM" BY AS KINDRED SPIRITS http://www.gauravani.com

Some artwork courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International,Inc. http://www.krishna.com
Some artwork courtesy of Vishnu das

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