martes, 20 de abril de 2010


Kåñëa - the original Supreme Lord, Svayam Bhagavän. He is avatäré, the source of all other avatäras. His partial manifestation is the Paramätmä and His bodily effulgence is the all-pervading brahma.

His body is composed of sac-cid-änanda – eternality, knowledge, and bliss. He is the personification of all spiritual mellows, raso vai sa. His father is Nanda Mahäräja, His mother is Yaçodä, His brother is Balaräma, and His eternal consort is Çrématé Rädhikä. He is a charming young cowherd boy with a complexion like that of a fresh monsoon raincloud. His wears a brilliant yellow dhoté, a peacock feather on His crown, and a garland of fresh forest flowers. He possesses sixty-four primary transcendental qualities, out of which four are unique to Him alone: venu-mädhurya, He attracts the entire world and especially the gopés with the melodious sound of His flute; rüpa-mädhurya, He possesses extraordinary beauty which captivates the minds of all; prema-mädhurya, He is surrounded by intimate loving associates whose prema is completely unbounded by reverence or formality; and lélä-mädhurya, He performs beautiful and enchanting pastimes, amongst which räsa-lélä is the summit.

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