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2010-03-15 Pictures of parikrama to beautiful Candra-sarovara


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Caitanya - consciousness; the Universal soul or spirit.

Caitanya Mahäprabhu - Çré Kåñëa appearing in the mood of a bhakta (see Glossary of Names).

Cäëòäla - an outcaste race known to eat dogmeat; one born in such a race.

Cetana - conscious; an animate being.

Chäyä-bhakty-äbhäsa - a shadow-like semblance of bhakti. This refers to the activities of neophytes or ignorant people which resemble bhakti, but which do not have the actual characteristics of çuddha-bhakti. Because these people engage in activities of bhakti only when associating with real bhaktas, this semblance of bhakti is connected with true bhakti, but it is transient in nature and is therefore compared to a shadow.

Chäyä-nämäbhäsa - a shadow-like semblance of the pure name. This refers to a stage of chanting in which the pure name is obscured by ignorance and anarthas just as the sun, when covered by clouds, does not manifest its full brilliance.

Chäyä-çakti - Çré Bhagavän’s shadow potency known as mäyä which binds the living entities in the material world.

Cid-anubhava - direct experience or realization of spirit, one’s spiritual nature, or the spiritual dimension including Kåñëa’s name, form, qualities, pastimes, and abode.

Cid-anuräga - spiritual attachment; attachment for Çré Bhagavän, His bhaktas, and things related to Him.

Cid-anuçélana - spiritual practice or cultivation; the culture of pure spiritual reality.

Cid-vastu - transcendental or cognitive substance.

Cid-vikrama - see cit-çakti.

Cinmaya - possessing full spiritual nature and consciousness; composed of pure cognition; spiritual.

Cit - consciousness; pure thought; spirit; spiritual cognition or perception.

Citta - the heart, thoughts, mind and consciousnes.

Cit-dharma - spiritual nature or the characteristic function of a conscious being.

Cit-jagat - the spiritual world. The world of pure spiritual consciousness.

Cit-käla - spiritual time which exists eternally in the present without any intervention of past or future.

Cit-kaëa - a particle of spiritual consciousness; a conscious entity who is spiritual in nature yet minute. This refers to the individual jéva souls.

Cit-çakti - Çré Bhagavän’s internal potency by which His transcendental pastimes are accomplished (see svarüpa-çakti).

Cit-samädhi - spiritual trance or deep internal perception of spiritual reality.

Campahaööa - a place in the southwest part of Rtudvépa, also known as Cämpähäöé. It was formerly known as Campakahaööa because there was a market (haööa) there that sold the flowers of the Campaka trees that grow profusely in this area. It is considered non-different from the Khadiravana forest of Våndävana. The great poet Jayadeva Gosvämé wrote the Géta-Govinda while residing in Campahaööa.

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