martes, 20 de abril de 2010


Yamalärjuna - the twin Arjuna trees. Formerly they were Nalakuvara and Maëigréva, the sons of Kuvera, the treasurer of the devas in the heavenly planets. Once, intoxicated with sensuous desire and accompanied by many young ladies, Nalakuvara and Maëigréva were sporting naked in the Mandäkiné river. The sage Närada Muni passed by at that moment. The ladies at once covered themselves in shame and fell at the feet of Närada to beg his forgiveness. However, Nalakuvara and Maëigréva were so intoxicated that they took no notice of Närada. Seeing them bereft of all sense, Närada blessed them by cursing them to take birth as trees. Thus they were born as twin Arjuna trees in Gokula. When Bhagavän Çré Kåñëa appeared in Dväpara-yuga, He delivered them from the state of covered consciousness by touching them with His lotus feet.

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